More Feathers
By Lorraine
Iphicles shifted in bed slowly becoming aware of an odd tickling sensation
around his wrists.  Still mostly asleep, he tried to bring his arms and
wrists away from the tickling.  It didn't work.  He shifted again, gradually
waking as something gently tickled his cheek and nose.  He reluctantly
opened his eyes.

'Pink feathers.'

Shaking his head he examined the feathers.   Following them around his
wrists across his pillows and up to the bedpost, which they circled.

'I'm tied to my bed with a pink feather boa.'

He tugged experimentally a couple of times.  The boa held tight.

He turned, sitting up abruptly, glaring at the empty chair by his dresser.

"Ares!"  He continued glaring at the chair, his eyes narrowing.  "Ares, I
know you did this.  And I know you're here."  His eyes searched the room.
"Someplace," he muttered in frustration.

He turned, still certain that Ares watched him, and became uncomfortably
aware of his nakedness.  He grasped the boa in both hands, leaned back, and
pulled hard. It held to the bedpost.  He tried moving his wrists apart...but
he couldn't move them.  He continued struggling with the boa for a few
minutes, finally trying to unknot the end tying his wrists with his teeth.

He spat out a couple feathers and glared at the boa.  His struggles had made
him sweaty and frustrated.  They hadn't loosened the boa though.  He spat
out a curse to go with the feathers, crawled backwards down the bed until
he'd reached the boa's full extension and pulled as hard as he could.

He fell forward from a hard slap on his butt.  The sound of hand striking
ass ricocheted through the room.

"Damn you Ares."  Iphicles flipped over to his back glaring at his fully
dressed lover.  "You son of bitch."

Ares laughed, climbing onto the bed, and straddling him.  "Now we both know
you really don't want me to go to Tartarus and Hades wouldn't take me
anyway."  He leaned up kissing Iphicles.  Iphicles moaned shutting his eyes
as the kiss deepened.

Then he bit Ares' lower lip.

Ares yanked his head back.

"You're still a son of a bitch!"  Iphicles glared at his lover.  'I don't
believe him - he's got me tied naked to a bed with a boa and he sat there
watching my ass waving in the air.'

Ares traced his finger along his lower lip covering it with blood, then
traced it along Iphicles' lips. Iphicles shuddered.

"True, but Hera's personality isn't my fault." Ares pulled Iphicles down on
the bed until his arms were fully extended above his head.  Tracing his
thumbs around Iphicles' nipples he continued.  "And you have a lovely ass."

Iphicles forced his desire down stifling a moan as Ares' pinched his
nipples.  Ignoring his hardening cock he pushed himself backwards and away
from Ares' hands.  "Untie me!"

Ares pulled him back down, this time resting more of his weight onto
Iphicles' hips, preventing him from moving.  His hands returned to teasing
his lover's nipples.

"Actually that might be a problem."

Iphicles lowered his eyebrows wondering what he was up to.  "What kind of

"Hephaestus made the boa and it can't be broken or untied."  He continued to
play with the nipples slowly arousing Iphicles.

The king tried to control his growing arousal futilely trying to slow down
his speeding heart and panting breath.  And trying to ignore his erect
nipples and his rapidly filling cock.  Ares continued playing with his
nipples while Iphicles lost his battle for control.

"Ares," Iphicles moaned his name, arching into his hands, rocking his hips
up slightly.  He took a deep breath struggling for control.  His emotions
raced between desire, anger, and arousal.  He lowered his body back to the

"How exactly do we get this off me!" He brought his arms up.

"I just have to pull out the right feather."

"Then pull..." Iphicles broke off with a moan as Ares' mouth replaced one

"...pull it."  Fire raced in his veins.  "Ares," he moaned his lover's name,
giving a harsh gasped cry as teeth scraped across a nipple.

Ares lifted up slightly. "Hmm, that's the problem.  I was a ... little
..distracted when Hephaestus and Aphrodite demonstrated.  I didn't really
notice which feather."  His mouth returned to worrying the nipple, which
caused Iphicles to arch.  He lifted his mouth again.  "So I guess you'll
just have to be patient while I try and find the right one."  His mouth
returned to the nipple.

Iphicles groaned in response, pushing his hard cock against Ares' leather.
He knew that when Ares said 'patient' in that tone of voice he planned to
tease.  And tease.  And tease.

Ares continued playing with his nipples, rolling one between his thumb and a
finger and mouthing the other.  Iphicles gasped for breath, pushing his cock
hard against Ares' hips, humping against the leather.  Precum dampened the
leather as Iphicles rocked harder against Ares. As his balls tightened, Ares
quickly lifted off him pushing his hips down and giving a tight squeeze to
the base of his cock.

"Patience Iphicles, patience."

"Tease," Iphicles moaned trying to rock up again.

At his moaned response, Ares reached a hand up pulling a feather.  He smiled
when the boa held fast and stroked the feather lightly down the inside of
his lover's arm.  He smiled again at the shuddering gasping response and
lowered his head to take Iphicles' mouth in another kiss.  He dropped the
first feather to the floor pulling another one out and stroking it lightly
alongside his lover's collarbone.

This time Iphicles jerked under him violently trying again to hump against

Ares pushed him down with his hip forcing him back to the bed.  He dropped
the second feather whispering, "No, not that one either."  It drifted down
to join the first on the floor as he pulled a third feather stroking that
one down the center of his lover's chest.  He followed the feather with his
mouth licking his way down and stopping at Iphicles' belly button.

The next feather he used on Iphicles' arm then dropped it pulling another to
glide along his foot.  Ares continued slowly pulling feathers from the boa
using each one to caress another part of Iphicles' body then following with
his mouth.  He shifted himself and Iphicles as needed so he could reach his
sensitive targets.  Slowly drifting each feather over his body, caressing
his arms, his waist, and his stomach.  Then he followed with his mouth,
licking and nibbling the same areas.  He continued again, slowly moving down
with more feathers to caress his legs, the sensitive area behind his knees.
Once more following with his mouth, his tongue, his teeth.

Slowly and patiently arousing Iphicles to a fever pitch, pulling him to the
edge until Iphicles writhed.  His moaning cries of arousal filling the room
while Ares patiently pulled the feathers from the boa and continued
caressing him, discarding the feathers one by one.  A small pile of feathers
grew by the bed.  Iphicles' writhing increased until Ares firmly settled on
his legs holding them apart with his knees.

The warm leather rubbed against his legs where Ares' knees pressed against
him.  The heat and grain of the leather and the pressure against his legs
contrasted with the light tickle of feathers, the barely perceptible brushes
of his lover's hand as it glided the feathers across his body, and the cool
air against sweat damp skin.

"Please."  Iphicles jerked on the boa as Ares reached up and pulled another
feather out.  The feather gently coursed his inside thigh.  He moaned in
response, "Ares, please, oh please, I..." He broke of with a sharp cry as he
felt the feather circling his buttocks.

The mouth followed.  Moist wet kisses, small sharp nips, cool air across
heated skin.

Ares' realized that his lover was ready to cum and stopped taking mental
control of his arousal and keeping him on the precipice.  He moved his knees
and discarded his last feather.  He firmly pushed Iphicles' legs up until
his feet lay flat on the bed and his knees stood spread in the air.

Iphicles trembled, his body on fire from the feathers, the mouth.  The light
tickle followed by moist heat driving him mad.  He took a deep breath,
preparing himself as Ares pulled another feather.  Ares softly chuckled, the
light sound sending blazes of electricity through him.

He let Iphicles wait.

Then he moved the feather down, caressing the crack of his ass and slowly
bringing it up to his entrance.  With a slow gentle push he moved the tip
in, twisting it.  Iphicles jerked with a sharp gasping cry. Ares pushed the
feather in a little deeper holding it tightly with two fingers.  He twisted
it around: once, twice, a third time, each time causing his lover to jerk
and cry.

He stopped again.  Iphicles shuddered, feeling the feather moving inside him
as his body trembled.  Ares left the feather in his body, slowly running his
hands along Iphicles' body, fingers lightly gliding up until he could pluck
another feather.  This one he ran back over Iphicles' chest circling his
nipples, lightly tickling their erect points.  His lover convulsed, moaning
his need for release in wordless cries of passion.  Ares ignored his own
engorged cock under his leathers.

Discarded the feather.

Kissed each nipple.

Slowly reached up and plucked yet another feather out of the boa.

He glided the feather down, beginning at Iphicles' chin, following the line
from the neck to the chest.  He briefly circled each nipple with the tip
causing Iphicles to arch and moan.  Then he continued, lightly moving the
feather down his chest to his stomach, stopping briefly at his bellybutton
to trace
a light-tickling circle around it, before dipping the tip into the slight
indentation.  He noticed Iphicles' buttocks clenching, pulling the feather
in his ass in deeper.  Ares gently grabbed it between two fingers stopping
the movement and continued tracing the other feather down further, stroking
it tenderly through his pubic hair.

Then continued down even further, lovingly caressing the feather along
Iphicles' cock.   His lover's body clenched and his broken voice cried out
for completion between his panting gasps and moans.

"Please ... Ares, oh gods... please."

He writhed.  All he could feel were feathers; the boa's brushing against his
bound wrists, the one inside moving against his rectum, and the one stroking
his cock and his body's memory of the ones Ares' had used and discarded.
The feathers stroked him, caressed him.

"Let me cum," he begged, "please let me..."

He broke off with a scream as Ares twisted the feather in his rectum up and
around while sliding the other feather through the slit of his cock.  The
dual sensation sent his teetering body over the edge.  He convulsed, every
muscle clenching.  His body arched, leaving only the souls of his feet and
his hands touching the bed as he bowed.  Screaming his ecstasy he came. Ares
watched the fountain of cum, admiring the arch and play of his clenched
muscles as Iphicles' orgasm continued.  Cum sprayed his body, Ares, the bed,
and the feather boa leaving dripping pools.  After long moments suspended in
his ecstasy, Iphicles collapsed back to the bed curling onto his side,
overcome as aftershocks of his orgasm coursed through his trembling body.

Ares allowed him to lay curled like that until his trembling stopped then he
firmly gripped his ankles and turned him to lie on his stomach and pulled
the feather out of his ass.  He again laid on top of him this time pressing
his hips down to grind his erection into Iphicles' ass.

Iphicles moaned as he felt the hard cock through Ares' leather pants.  "It's
too much Ares, too intense ... I can't..."

Ares moved his hair off his neck gently kissing him at the base then biting.
"But I still haven't found the right feather."  He reached up plucking
another one from the boa stroking it down his cheek before letting it drift
to the floor.  "You do want me to find the right one, don't you Iphicles?"

He plucked another feather, and, moving back to sit on Iphicles' legs,
traced it down his spine.

"Yes," Iphicles whispered his response trying to steady himself for the next

Ares slowly leaned forward and kissed him on the spine before pulling yet
another feather.  He took his time teasing and arousing him more slowly,
drawing out each feather until every centimeter of Iphicles' skin was
sensitized.  Iphicles could no longer cry or moan his pleasure.  He no
longer even panted his breath coming now in small hitched gasps.  He lived
from second to second, each one controlled by the movement of a feather as
Ares glided them across his skin.  He trembled, his eyes closed, his hands
wrapped around the boa.  His cock grew, filling more slowly this time.   He
tried to rock into the bed only to be stopped by Ares' knees and legs.

"No Iphicles," Ares ordered him.  At his sob he gentled his voice slightly,
"There are only a few more feathers left."  He stroked another one down his
back.  "Soon," he reassured Iphicles discarding that feather and pulling
another one.

He twisted this one around a finger and entered his lover's ass pushing
deeper until the finger was buried to the hilt and the tip of the feather
brushed his prostrate.  Iphicles' body jumped at the sensation as he gave a
sharp inarticulate cry.

Ares pulled the feather back out and plucked another one.  This time he
circled the feather along his buttocks while he pushed two fingers into his
ass and stretched him.  He discarded the feather and pushed a third finger
in.  As he continued to stretch Iphicles he used and discarded two more
feathers teasing them along his hips.  He pulled his fingers out, moving
Iphicles into position on his hands and knees.

Kneeling up he finally removed his pants using a whisper of power.  Reaching
forward he leaned his erection against the crack of Iphicles' ass.  "You
have to let go Iphicles," he whispered gently untwisting his lover's fingers
from the boa.  "All the rest of the feathers are there."  Slowly Iphicles
let go, moving his hands to grip the sweat and cum soaked bedsheets instead.

"Good," Ares purred, plucking two of the remaining feathers and stroking
them down Iphicles' sides.  He dropped them and pushed the tip of his cock
into Iphicles' hole.  Reaching forward he sank deeper into Iphicles and
pulled out two more feathers, this time gliding them around his nipples and
down his chest as he pulled almost all the way out.  He continued that way,
pushing deeper with every reach forward to pluck feathers and pulling nearly
out as he caressed Iphicles' body with the feathers.  Iphicles tried to move
with him only to have Ares stop when he moved.  After that Iphicles remained
determinedly still focusing on Ares' cock in his ass and the feathers'
caress.  Finally, only a handful of feathers were left.

Ares reached forward pulling all but one.  Iphicles trembled his body once
again on the precipice.  All he knew was the cock within and the feathers
tickling down his chest, caressing his nipples, his stomach, and then his
cock as Ares wrapped his feather filled hands around it.

Ares hammered back in finding a hard fast rhythm and matching it with his
stroking hands.  This time when Iphicles rocked back he let him and they
moved together to a final explosion.  They pounded together until Iphicles
tightened on Ares cock and they came.  Ares cum shot into Iphicles' ass
while his own orgasm covered Ares' hands and the feathers.

They fell still joined to the bed.  Ares panted for breath while Iphicles
trembled gasping.  Gently Ares separated from him and held him letting him
slowly recover.

Nearly half an hour later Iphicles opened his eyes and saw the last
remaining feather.  With a weak laugh he held it up to Ares.

"So that's the one."  Ares plucked it and let it drift to join the pile on
the floor.

The feather denuded boa slid off Iphicles' wrists and unwrapped from the
bedpost.  It slipped to the floor and the feathers swiftly whirled around it
reattaching themselves.  Still shaking with reaction Iphicles' reached down
and picked up the boa.

He carefully examined the feather finally seeing the small rose-shaped mark
on the key feather.

He turned to Ares.


"Can I borrow this?"

"You don't think I'll let you use it on me do you?" Ares asked wryly.

He shook his head.  "Iolaus is coming for dinner tonight."  He grinned
pausing to stroke the boa.  "I think he'd look good in pink feathers."