By Melora
Melora was in the midst of her writing when a clap of thunder sounded outside her window.  She whirled to face it, startled by its suddenness.  There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.  She turned back to her writing.  Tingles ran up her spine, as if a finger was tracing up her back.  Her writing then took on a very different twist.

The story seemed to be writing itself.  Melora was just along for the ride.  She tried to pull her hand away from her writing, but she couldn’t.  Her teeth gritted with effort as she tried to free herself.  It was futile.  She finally gave up and allowed the story to pull her where it willed.

As soon as the story finished, Melora threw her pen across the room, wanting it far away from her in case it had another story to drag her through.  She rubbed the pain from her hand and wrist, which were aching from the strain of her almost furious writing and her trying to fight it.  She then looked at the story she had written. “Yikes!” was her response.

Melora was surprised by how erotic this story had turned.  She was extremely aroused by the time she got to the end. “Holy--" Something touched her lips before she got the rest of the phrase out.  She watched as a large figure faded into view on the tabletop.

“Let’s leave my family and the bodily functions out of this.  All right?”  Ares lay on his stomach on the table before her.  He was glad she had chosen *this* particular table.  It was strong enough to support his weight, possibly more.  He could lie before her and gaze down at her work, which was exactly what he, had done, and not have to worry about the table collapsing under him.  He smiled at the story he had “helped” her write.

The God of War traced his finger down her chin.  He returned his arm to the table, lacing his fingers together.  He was raised up on his elbows so she had to look up to see his face. “Well?” he asked.  She had yet to answer his question.

“Uh…” was all she could manage to utter.

Ares lips curved in a slow, seductive smile.  The story and his presence had effected her in just the right way.  He moved the story aside, so he would have her full attention.  He laced his fingers back together.  His silently studied her with his beautiful, dark eyes.

“I want you to leave my family members and the bodily functions out of our conversations,” he said. “Is that understood?”

“Yes, but…” Melora said.  Her voice abandoned her when Ares traced a finger down her cheek.  His heavenly scent was making her mind turn to mush.  Thinking and talking weren’t foremost in her thoughts at the moment.

“But what?” he wanted to know.

Melora managed to find her voice and answered, “If we have your family and the bodily functions left out of our conversations, we’ll have a limited amount of things to speak of.”

Ares just grinned at her.  He captured a lock of her long, dark hair and played with it, curling it around his finger. “Ok, *some* of the bodily functions will be acceptable.” he relented.

“Now, how can I have a conversation with you when you are like this?” Melora asked.  She plucked her hair from his grasp and got to her feet, moving to stand at his side.

“Oh, I’m sure we can find *something* to discuss.” Ares said suggestively.  He remained on his stomach, allowing her to look over his backside.  The table was just about waist level with her so she had a very good view of his “assets” from her position.

And Melora *was* looking them over very closely.  She was quite immersed in her studying of him now.  One spot in particular.  She knew Ares felt her eyes in that spot.  He always knew when and where someone was looking at him.  Her lips turned up in a broad smile.  She kind of liked having Ares in this position.

“Oh really?” Ares asked, as he turned onto his back.  He crossed an arm under his head and laid the other loosely against his stomach.

“You enjoy having me prostrate myself before you?” he asked.

“Yes,” she smiled, meeting his gaze. “I like being able to see all of your ‘assets’.”

“I’m on the wrong side for that now, I think.”

“You’re a nut, Ares.”




Melora stared at him, deciding on a comeback.  She smiled when she thought of something better. “*I’m* a tease,” she smirked. “I’m not the one who parades around in such deliciously tight, revealing leather.”  She was now climbing onto the table, crawling up his legs. “Inviting one to peel it all off you to see just how well built you are.”

Perching on his upper thighs, she looked down at the God of War, knowing he wouldn’t allow this table to fall if it couldn’t support both of them.  She tapped a finger against the hand on his stomach.  Ares moved his hand, watching her.  He decided against peeking into her mind.  He wanted to be surprised by what she had in store for him.

“To make someone want to touch him to see how he feels,” she continued in a husky voice. “To see if he has soft, velvety skin.” She slipped her hands inside his open-fronted vest and slid her hands up his lightly furred chest. “Or if he’s as cold and hard as the sword he carries.”

Ares had closed his eyes the moment her hands had entered his vest to touch him.  He purred under her seductive attention.  He liked how she was “deciding” on how he felt to her.  It took all his restraint to not send their clothes away and take her then.  He wanted to see where this was going.

“Really,” he asked in a voice hoarse with desire. “And how do I feel?” “Hard and hot with such soft, soft skin, it feels like velvet.” she said.

“Mm.  Do continue insulting me.  I’m quite enjoying it.”  He put his hands on her thighs straddling him.  His thumbs stroked the soft skin there.

Melora tugged at his vest, letting out a yelp when he suddenly lifted his hips and her with them.  She felt his hands tighten on her just enough to keep her steady.  She pulled his vest free and slid it open to reveal his chest as he lay back down.  He sat up and kissed her lips so she could remove the heavy leather vest.

Tossing the offending garment aside, Melora pushed him away and down a little roughly back onto the table.  She smiled at the annoyed look on his handsome face.

“One does not dare push the God of War, unless they…” The remainder of his threat was lost when she leaned in and captured his lips in kiss.  He threaded his hand through her long, dark curls.  He cupped the back of her head and took full control of the kiss.  He kissed her deeply, pressing her down against him with his free hand.

Melora pushed at his shoulders when her lungs started crying for air.  Ares tortured her, paying her back for pushing him.  He waited till the very last minute, before allowing her to breathe.  She gasped in breaths as she sat up.  She smacked him in the stomach with the palm of her hand when he got a smug look on his face. “See if I ever kiss you again.” she threatened, then promptly pulled away from him and climbed down off the table.

“Melora…” Ares called.

“Now, where did that pen go?” Melora asked, ignoring him as she turned away and wandered off.

“Look at me.”

“A-ha!  There it is!”

“If you continue to ignore me, I will hide your muse.” He thought about that.  No, he couldn’t do that. “Or maybe, I’ll tell everyone I encounter exactly where every ticklish spot on you is.” He grinned when she tensed. “Perhaps I’ll even let them tickle you as well.”

“You wouldn’t dare?!”

The god chuckled at her proclamation.  He knew that threat would hit its mark.  He knew some spots where she absolutely hated being tickled. “Look at me, sweets,” he said. “And I won’t.”  Melora turned and faced the war god.  The pen dropped from her fingers as she looked at his perfect, naked body.  He was on his side now on the table with his head propped on one hand, while the other held that monster between his powerful thighs.

“Come to me.” he commanded in a low, sexy voice.

Melora went to him, unable to resist.  She couldn’t think of anyone who could resist such and offer from this gorgeous god.  She couldn’t think about much of anything at all right now.  *He* was all she could think of.

Ares got to his feet and stared down at the woman before him.  She was only about five-foot, one-and-a-half inches tall, so she always had to look up at him to meet his gaze.  He liked that. “Kneel to me.” he purred.  He watched her as she knelt before him, sending her clothes away with a thought.  He gazed down into her hazel eyes, which were darker now from her desire for him.

“Now, look what you did to me with your insults?” he scolded, pointing at his hard cock.  It twitched in response when Melora looked at it. “You should be ashamed of yourself.” he growled.

“I am,” Melora said, lowering her head. “I’m a bad, bad girl.”

“You will apologize to me.” His voice was evil and menacing, but Melora knew his anger was all an act.  She knew he liked to play with his lovers.

“Make it good,” Ares went on. “And I *may* forgive you.”

Melora raised her head and set her sights on the beautiful piece of art before her.  She ran her fingertip lightly up the sensitive underside, feeling him flinch under her light touch.  She wrapped both hands around his cock and stroked him, purposely ignoring the mushroom head.  Her tongue darted out to capture the sweet nectar seeping from the slit.

Ares sucked in a sharp breath when her hot, wet tongue touched him.  He kept his hands at his sides, resisting the urge to grab her.  He closed his eyes when she closed her lips around him, rolling her tongue over the sensitive skin she held captive.  Now, *this* was an apology!

A shudder passed through his whole body and he thrust forward, forcing more of his length into her hot mouth.  He clenched his fists at his sides, scoring his palms with his nails.  He leaned his head back as she began sliding her mouth back and forth over his cock, licking and sucking at it.  He growled in anger when she stopped just long enough to wet two fingers.  It became a groan when she went back to her attention to his cock and one of her fingers slipped inside him.

When her second finger slid into him, Ares sucked in a breath.  It left him in a moan when she rubbed both against his prostate.  He grabbed her by the hair, thrusting in and out of her mouth and throat.  He pumped his seed into her, groaning deep in his throat.

Melora almost cried out as Ares made her release his half-spent cock and remove her fingers from his sensitive anus.  She was then roughly pulled to her feet and into a hot, passionate kiss as her back was pressed against the wall behind her.  She felt his tongue trace her lips, then press into her mouth.  She offered no resistance to his desires, wanting whatever he gave her.  She needed it.  She needed him!  Ares growled when he tasted himself on her lips and in her mouth.  It only served to heighten his desire for her.  He rubbed himself against her, letting her feel him hardening.  Reaching down, he thrust two fingers into her.  He nipped at her lips as her wet channel tightened around his invading fingers.  She was more than ready for him.

“Ares…” she whispered in desperation, when he broke the kiss and stepped away from her.  She wasn’t sure how she remained standing without his support, but she did.

“Shh,” he said softly. “Patience, my sweet.” He licked her juices from his fingers and hand.  He grabbed her upper arms and lifted her, pinning her against the wall.  He flexed his hips and thrust into her, filling her with one troke.

A strangled cry escaped Melora at the pleasure and pain that caused her.  She was stretched taut to accommodate him.  It burned more than it hurt.  Her body rebelled against his size as it begged for more.  She was caught between trying to escape him as she tried to draw even more of him inside her.

Ares felt her legs encircle his waist, forcing him into her deeper.  He moved his hands to her hips.  He clamped his mouth over hers as he moved inside her.  His movement made her buttocks press against the wall at each thrust.

Melora buried her hands in his hair, moaning into his mouth as he increased the speed of hit thrusts.  The wall smacked her on the buttocks at each hard thrust.  The coarse hair at his groin scraped against her clit, making it burn as the softer hair of his chest teased and tantalized her nipples.  She broke the kiss, turning her head to the side as her hands moved to his shoulders.

Burying his face in her neck, Ares bit and sucked her tender skin. He pistoned into her, spanking her buttocks against the wall, drawing moaning cries from her.  He groaned against her neck as she tightened around him.  He knew she would feel the pain of the spanking and his bite later.  But right now, she was buried under too much pleasure to feel much of anything else.  His thrusts increased as he sensed her approaching her climax.

A cry escaped Melora when his movement increased.  She feared she would break in two from his powerful thrusts into her.  Her clit was on fire and her nipples throbbed from the touch of his hair on them.  His sweat dripped off his face onto her skin, mingling with hers.  She screamed her release as his sharp teeth drew blood in her neck.  The pain was enough to propel her over the edge.

Ares tasted her blood and felt her spasm around him.  He released his bite, letting out a roar as he joined her, searing her insides with his seed.  He collapsed against her, placing a kiss on the spot he had bit her.  The small wound had already closed, but she would be sporting his mark for awhile.

Melora sagged against Ares, completely drained.  She scarcely noticed that Ares had taken them to a bed and were now disentangled.  She moved to him and settled against him.  His voice brought her back from the brink of sleep.

“Will you share the story I helped you write?” he asked.

“No,” she said, feeling his arm slip around her. “I have a better one.” Her hand moved lazily up his chest.


“It’s all about how I’m trying to write a story.  Then I insult a certain war god.”

Ares chuckled pulling her closer to him.  He covered them in the sheet and kissed her forehead.  He and Melora slowly drifted off to sleep together.