Ares had been happy to preside at the wedding of Zeus and Aphrodite. In his job as the God of Love, he often officiated at the weddings of god and goddesses, but it wasn't every day that the King of Gods took a new queen. When Hera, Zeus' first wife, asked to be released from her marriage, Zeus had readily agreed.  From what he had told Ares, Zeus had been in love with Aphrodite for a long time.  Hera and Zeus had never really fit together well. She had wanted more time to devote to her godhood of music, so everything was hunky dory.  Hera even allowed the best of her acolytes to provide music for the wedding.

It was a day of celebration.  All the gods were here by kingly decree, Poseidon's wine was flowing freely, mini orgies were going on, left and right; everyone was having a great time.  Everyone but the God of the Sun.
Hephaestus was sitting by himself in a corner.  The bad vibes he was giving off kept everyone away.  It had been raining on Earth for days.  Ares thought he knew what the problem was.  Hephaestus had been in love with Aphrodite since he was young.  They had a fling years ago, but nothing had come of it. 'Well, nothing unless you count Cupid,' Ares thought.  It had been Aphrodite's shame that she had produced the crazy God of War.  She had never forgiven Hephaestus for his part in the procreation.

Grabbing two cups of ambrosia-laced wine, Ares went over to the corner.  The aura surrounding Hephaestus was almost black as he joined the brooding god. 'No wonder he's by himself,' Ares thought.  'This guy is depressing.'

Hephaestus looked up, saw Ares, and scowled.  'Not the God of Love,' Hephaestus thought.  'Not today of all days.'  He thought about ignoring Ares, but normally that didn't work.  Ares could be a persistent bastard when he wanted to be.

"What do you want Ares?" he asked, tiredly.  "I thought you'd be busy with the wedding?"

"The wedding's over," Ares explained.  "I'm not surprised that you didn't notice.  You've been in your own little world during the whole ceremony."  He looked up and saw Strife and Deimos going at it over on the settee.  It never ceased to amaze him what positions those two could get into.  Looking back at Hephaestus, he said, "They're up to the celebration part.  Want some wine?"

Hephaestus flinched.  Zeus and Aphrodite were married and his chance was gone.  Unless Zeus died, Aphrodite was forever out of his reach.  He didn't feel like celebrating, but took the offered wine.  Maybe he could drown out the pain.

Ares took that as permission to sit down next to the God of Sun.  Someone needed to cheer Hephaestus up soon, or the Earth was going to experience another great flood.

"Hephy, I know what you're going through," Ares said, thinking it was best to get right down to the point.  "You've been in love with Aphrodite for years."

Hephaestus looked up at Ares.  He should have known better than to think he could hide anything from the God of Love, especially his feelings about Aphrodite.

"But there's nothing I can do, is there?" he said bitterly, draining the cup of wine.  "She's married to Zeus.  He'll make her a better husband than I ever could.  Zeus is the King of the Gods?  How could I compete?  What could I ever give her besides a psychotic son?"

"I know this doesn't help much now, but the pain will get better," Ares said gently.  "You'll find someone who will love you for all the wonderful qualities you possess."

"But they won't be 'Dite," Hephaestus sighed.

'Boy, does he have it bad!' Ares sighed.  He thought about zapping him with some love dust, but that would only be a temporary fix.  He settled with giving him another cup of wine.

"Aphrodite isn't the only attractive goddess or god on Olympus.  You need to look around," Ares ordered.  "You might be surprised at who's looking back."

Hephaestus obediently looked up and around the room.  As far as he could tell, no one was looking at him.  They were all busy with their own pleasures.  All except the God of Love.  Ares was staring at him with an intent look on his face.

"Now wait just a second," Hephaestus protested.

"Why?" Ares asked, moving closer to the God of Sun.  "What would it hurt? You have a little fun.  I have a little fun."  He shrugged and smiled.


"Unless," Ares said, close to his ear.  "You want to make Aphrodite pay for choosing Zeus over you by raining on her parade.  Is that it?"  Ares nibbled on his earlobe, causing him to gasp.  "Do you want her to be unhappy on her wedding day?"

"Of...of course not," Hephaestus denied.  "I love Aphrodite.  I would never want her to be sad."

"Good, then you won't mind...?" Ares attacked Hephaestus' golden tunic and shorts and had them off before the God of Sun could object.  Ares' fingers and mouth were causing all sorts of feelings, and Hephaestus was soon lost in the sensation of being loved by the expert in love.

Hephaestus found himself lying on his back with Ares kneeling between his spread legs.  The God of Love was bending over him, sucking his cock with great finesse.  His tongue was swirling around the head, teasing the foreskin, then licking up and down.  Ares sucked the whole shaft into his mouth, moving up and down, causing Hephaestus to grab the sides of Ares' head and thrust deeply into the willing throat.

Hephaestus yelled out his orgasm as he thrust one last time into Ares mouth. Swallowing the seminal offering, Ares then licked the cock clean.  Ares gently released Hephaestus' cock, giving it one last lick that caused the Sun God to gasp.

He grinned up at Hephaestus and asked, "So how was that?"

"That was fantastic as you well know."  Hephaestus grinned back, shaking his head.  "How did you get so good at that?"

Ares grinned, licking his lips.  "Practice makes perfect."

"Would you like me to take care of that?"  Hephaestus gestured at his companion's groin.

"Only if you want to." Ares  tried to make his shrug looked unconcerned.  He looked around at the room full of full-blown orgies.  "There's enough love going around here, I'm sure I can get off somehow."

"You did for me...I can do for you," Hephaestus insisted.  "How do you want it?"

"You sure?" Ares grinned wickedly.  Hephaestus was taking the bait.

"I'm sure," Hephaestus said, looking forward to getting his hands on the God of Love.  "What do you want?"

"Actually," Ares leaned over and said in a low tone.  "It's been forever since I had a good ass fucking.  Are you up to it?"  He looked down at Hephaestus' suddenly renewed erection and laughed.  "Yes, it does look like you're up to it."

With a thought, Ares made his clothes disappear, then pulled Hephaestus up from the ground to stand beside him.  Looking at the floor, he considered for a moment, then made a pile of red satin pillows appear.  'Perfect!'  He adjusted a pillow or two, then situated himself, belly down on the pillows. His ass was up in the air and he spent a little time getting his cock positioned just right to give him maximum stimulation.  Resting his head down on crossed arms, he spread his legs apart, then wiggled his tush.

"I'm ready," he said, grinning up at Hephaestus. "What are you waiting for? Permission?"

Hephaestus just had to swat the unrepentant god's upturned ass.  Ares squealed and cried, "Oh, nice! Do it again!"

Hephaestus eyes widened.  'Ares getting off on being spanked?  It takes all kinds.'  He shrugged and swatted Ares' other cheek.  At the loud encouraging moans and cries, he continued spanking the undulating ass until it was a bright shade of pink.  Finally, he stopped, his hand tired and his cock hard as a rock.

Deciding it was time to get down to business, Hephaestus took hold of Ares' hips, pulling the ass further up in the air.  He materialized some oil on his fingers and inserted one, then two in the waiting opening.  Ares moaned in delight as Hephaestus stretched the muscles.  When he was sure that Ares was loose enough, Hephaestus place the head of his cock against Ares' anus and watched as his cock slowly dilated the opening.

If Hephaestus thought that Ares was loud when he had been spanked, he was wrong.  This time Ares literally howled.  Hephaestus stopped, sure that people would think he was killing Ares, but when he looked around, he saw that no one was paying attention to them.

"Don't stop!" Ares yelled.  "Give me more!"

Hephaestus shrugged and pushed further into Ares, trying to ignore the groans and cries, but found that he was getting even more aroused by the Love God's exclamations.

"Oh, my God!  You're so fucking big!  Keep pushing!  Give it to me!"

Hephaestus was finally all the way in.  The sensations surrounding his cock were unbelievable.  Ares' body was hot and tight and the muscles were spasming around his cock.  Hephaestus hesitated to follow his body's instinct to start thrusting.  He should wait to give Ares a chance to get used to him, but Ares had other ideas.  He bucked back against Hephaestus.

"Come on!  Fuck me!  Hard!" Ares cried, his voice hoarse.

Hephaestus decided to follow the order and began thrusting...hard.  It was so sweet, so fucking wonderful.  Even Ares' dirty talk was turning him on.  His fingers were holding onto Ares' hips so tight that if Ares were a mortal, they would have left marks.  The muscles in Ares' neck were corded with tension and he looked so fucking beautiful.

Ares, God of Love, was in his element.   He always opened himself to feel everything when he was having sex.  A god who knew how to fuck was fucking him.  The pain from his spanked ass mixed with the pleasure of the large long cock sliding in and out of his ass was incredibly erotic.  Ares reached under himself and grabbed his own cock, stroking in time to Hephaestus' thrusts. He arched back a little more to get Hephaestus' cock to brush against his prostate.

"Ahhh, there!" he cried as Hephaestus thrust in deeply.  "Keep going."  Ares increased the tempo of the strokes on his cock.  Hephaestus complied by holding on tight and thrusting faster, hitting the spot over and over.

Ares screamed as he tumbled over the brightly lit abyss.  A moment later, Hephaestus joined him, with one last fierce thrust, before convulsing in orgasm.

Hephaestus yelled out his pleasure as he came, no longer worried about drawing the attention of the other gods.  He fell on top of Ares, completely spent.  He hadn't come that hard in a long time.  After a long moment, he pulled out of Ares and collapsed next to him.  Ares was grinning like an idiot.

"What?" Hephaestus asked.  He tried not to, but couldn't help grinning back.

"What what?" Ares repeated.

"Why are you grinning like that?" the Sun God asked, still grinning.

"Oh, that," Ares said.  "I always grin when I'm happy, don't you?"

Hephaestus thought about it.  "I'm not sure.  Sometimes, I guess."

"And I'm happy because I just had some of the best sex in my life," Ares ran a finger down Hephaestus' arm, causing him to shiver.  "You sure know how to fuck."

Hephaestus blushed, and clothed himself.  "Thanks."  It was embarrassing but at the same time arousing to have the attention of the God of Love.

"Hey, you want to go back to my place?" Ares asked, following his example and clothing himself in his white leathers.

"Nah," Hephaestus said, getting up.  "Why don't we go to my temple in Greece instead?  I hear it's going to be a beautiful day.  The sun is shining. Not a cloud in sight."