Ares appeared outside Hephaestus' forge, carefully maintaining sufficient distance to prevent disturbing the energy flows within.  He searched briefly for his sister, grimacing in annoyance.  'Now isn't this just like her.  She calls me with an urgent, 'Ares help' and then doesn't show up on time.'  He walked into the cave, moving into the forge to wait for her.

Ares walked through the forge.  It was neater than normal, tools put up, metal and scrap in neat piles against the wall, the forge banked, and all the weapons and shields hung.  He snorted. Aphrodite had obviously taken Hephaestus on *another* honeymoon.  That's the only time he cleaned the forge.  He walked towards a workbench skirting a large unfinished metal chair.  He touched it briefly, admiring the work, drawing his hand away, startled by its warmth.  He examined the workmanship more closely.  The chair had a large seat and the legs and arms were completed.  The metal felt warm and gave slightly to his touch, almost like a cushion.  A soft quilt
covered the incomplete back.  He stroked it, admiring the pattern of flames and logs, recognizing one of Hestia's designs.  He continued to the workbench to examine some of the incomplete projects.  He became engrossed in planning drawings for a new sword and began adding his comments to the drawing.

He was still doing that when his sister appeared.

He turned around carefully not smiling.  "Aphrodite."

She on the other hand grinned.  "Good evening Ares."

He took in her clothing, or rather typical lack of clothing.  A pink lace teddy with a matching feather boa and high-heeled slippers.  A single necklace and bracelet completed the ensemble.  She was clearly posing, moving one leg in front and draping the boa to emphasize the rich curves of her body.  His body started reacting to her and he brought himself under tight control.

She used the boa to stroke his face and he moved back.  "Ares don't you like my new boa?" she asked in a hurt tone.

He backed into the workbench, automatically turning to give him someplace to go.  She continued moving towards him.  " 'Dite don't try that hurt little girl stunt with me.  Just tell me what you want that's so damned urgent." He again reminded his body and particularly his cock that sex with 'Dite was on the 'bad idea' list.

She ignored the growl in his tone, again closing in on him to stroke a finger through his open vest from his sternum to the waist of his pants.  He barely stopped his shiver of anticipation. He caught her hand as it continued down. "Stop that."  He tried to keep his voice stern, but he was fairly certain a note of humor had crept in.  "Skip the seduction routine and just tell me what you want."

He saw a small look of triumph cross her face and braced himself for something outrageous.  She fell forward onto him.  He caught her to keep them from overbalancing and ending in a heap on the floor.  She leaned closer in, wriggling comfortably in his arm, pushing her breasts into his chest and wrapping her arms around him.  "But Ares the seduction routine *is* what I want."  She smiled up at his shocked look and licked his neck.

Desire raced through him as his body disagreed with his mental 'bad idea' list.  Ares pulled back with difficulty, lifting her by her shoulders and setting her down away from him.  "Oh no, we are *not* going there.  I'm out of here."  He started walking to the entrance.  She ducked around the forge to intercept him.
Ares backed away from his sister warily. He knew, he absolutely knew, she was plotting something. Aphrodite continued approaching him.

"Ares." He started shaking his head at the first note of her cajole. "I just want one night." She continued playing with her feather boa as she stalked him around the forge.

"Hephaestus might not like that one night," he replied, grimly aware just who he'd be angry at.

"Ares you're not worried about me. are you?" She smiled, shaking her head, gently continuing to approach him. "Hephy won't mind and he'd never hurt *me*."

"That's what I'm worried about." He backed into a chair and started up.  She pushed him back gently. She wasn't strong enough to force him into the chair, but her hand slipped under his vest and a nail scrapped over his nipple. He jerked, falling back into the chair with a gasp as his cock hardened.

Aphrodite climbed into his lap, gently pushing her breasts against his chest.  He clutched at the chair arms as she wriggled down wrapping her legs around him and rubbing her ass against his crotch. He clutched harder as his hips thrust up slightly, his body starting to disengage from his brain. He knew if he touched her she'd win.

"'Dite," he panted, "I really think this is a bad idea."

She leaned in nipping his lower lip. Leaning back and smiling, she suggested, "Ares do something with your mouth besides talking."

She leaned back in and took him into a deep kiss. He vaguely felt the feather boa slipping around his wrists. When she backed off and smiled he took a deep breath, braced himself to lift her off him and pulled his hands forward.

Or rather tried to.

She giggled.

He looked at his right wrist, then his left wrist. They were both tied to the chair by her boa. "Dite, do you really think this is going to hold me?"

"Yes brother I do," a deep voice growled behind him as hands sunk into his hair tilting his head back. Hephaestus leaned over the chair back, and deeply kissed him, exploring his mouth with his tongue.

He jerked away.  "Heph?!"

"Shut up and kiss Ares."  Hephaestus again took his mouth in a deep kiss as Aphrodite slid off him.

Ares opened his mouth to the kiss carefully testing the bonds.  He couldn't free himself and couldn't use his powers to manipulate matter or energy. Normally, a situation like this would concern him, but he felt certain that Heph and 'Dite wouldn't hurt him.  The only thing he needed to know was whether Heph wanted this or whether 'Dite had twisted his arm.  He could still reach out with his mind and did so, carefully checking Heph's mood.

Satisfied that his brother really wanted this, Ares returned the kiss arching his body up slightly to try for better leverage.  He vaguely felt Aphrodite removing his boots and socks.  Hephaestus leaned deeper into the kiss bringing his arms around to reach within Ares' vest and play with his nipples.  Ares gasped.  Hephaestus lifted his head moving it to Ares' ear.  "You like that?"  He licked the curve of the ear continuing to play with his
brother's nipples.

"Ohhh yes," Ares moaned rolling his head over to give Hephaestus better access.  Hephaestus trailed kisses and nips down his neck.

He felt Aphrodite's hands caressing his waist running a thumb just underneath his waistband and belt.  Her skillful fingers trailed down his leather covered hips then back up to reach for the belt buckle.  She removed the belt and slowly unbuttoned the first button on his pants.  Her mouth descending to lightly lick at the uncovered area.  She continued, slowly unbuttoning and licking until the pants were completely undone, her tongue finding sensitive areas surrounding his loincloth and avoiding his cock.

Ares was hard, moaning his pleasure.  Caught between them he kept trying to arch two ways at once.  Flexing his hips to Aphrodite while trying to stretch his head and neck into Hephaestus' mouth and his chest into his hands.

Aphrodite lifted her head away from him moving her hands to cup his hips. "Hephy, he really likes a good bite on the collarbone," Aphrodite suggested in a wicked tone.  Hephaestus bit his collarbone scraping his teeth across the sensitive surface.  Ares arched further into his mouth moaning and lifting his hips completely off the chair.  Aphrodite removed his pants skimming them down and off.

Hephaestus laughed.  "Like that 'Dite?"  He removed his hands from his brother's tender nipples.  Allowing him to settle back into the chair with a sigh.

"Yep."   She leaned back and waited for Ares to catch his breath.

Hephaestus walked from behind the chair dressed only in his kilt.  Which stuck out in front lifted by his hard-on.

"A feather boa?"  Ares half laughed his question.  "And why now?"

Heph caressed his wife's hair as he shrugged and laughed.  "Dite didn't think you'd let her chain you and..."

"...It's our birthday and we wanted you for our present."  Aphrodite finished for him.

"Then why don't you finish unwrapping me," he growled pointing his chin at his jutting loincloth.

"I have a better idea Ares."  She stood moving to him in a slow swaying saunter.  He looked and she'd already taken off her shoes.  She sat back on his lap wriggling her butt a little.  Why don't you unwrap us first."  She undulated up bringing the strap of her teddy to his mouth so he could get to the button.

Ares looked at Hephaestus who smiled slowly nodding very slightly.  He watched intently while his brother slowly leaned his head down until he could undo the button.  Ares released the button grasped the material in his teeth pulling down until her breast popped out.  He quickly licked the nipple.

"Ahhh." She shuddered leaning in.

Ares drew his head back, moving to the other side.  This button didn't come as quickly, and he struggled with it for a brief moment, then impatiently grasped it firmly in his mouth and yanked back abruptly.  The button ripped off and the teddy top fell to her waist.  Ares turned his head to spit the button out.   It clattered across the floor as Ares lowered his head to her breast and sucked fiercely on her nipple.

He teased it for several long minutes.  Licking, then blowing, sometimes biting with tender nips.  He heard Aphrodite's gasps as she curled over his head.  He stopped waiting until she leaned back.

"Enjoying the show brother?"

"Yes," Hephaestus' rough voice answered, "I think you need to finish unwrapping her."

Aphrodite slowly stood allowing the teddy to fall to her hips.  As she stood, Ares licked down until he could thrust his tongue into her belly button.  He did that then nipped slightly.  She continued standing, leaning forward until he could reach the teddy again and push it further down.  She shifted in the chair, pushing his legs apart with her feet, then bringing her feet together between his legs.  She briefly touched his groin with one
foot, gently rubbing his cock through his loincloth.  She smiled and took a deep breath, raising her arms to stretch and shimmy slightly.  It didn't take much before the teddy slid to her feet.  She quickly stepped out of it. Leaving her in panties, a small triangle of material held by two thin straps.

Ares breathed deeply, grasping one of the straps with his teeth and lightly tugging her to him.  She leaned over his head bracing herself off the chair back as he quickly tore the straps with his teeth.

His tongue went into her cunt in a strong thrust causing her to arch and push her cunt to his face.  He quickly found her pleasure points with his mouth.  Scrapping his teeth across her clit, licking her pussy and thrusting his tongue in.  Tasting her wetness.  Breathing deeply of her arousal.  She shuddered over him gasping and moaning.  He listened, pacing his mouth to her cries.  Carefully teasing waiting for her cry.

"Ares, now!"

He attacked her clit, rasping his tongue across it then scraping slightly with his teeth.  She screamed once more.


She convulsed over him, shaking as her orgasm rushed through her.

She slowly moved back down kissing him.  First on his mouth, then tracing her tongue down his neck to his nipples, quickly bringing first one then the other to moist tender points.  She slid off collapsing to the floor.

"Hephy's turn."

Ares stared at his brother as he limped over.  He smiled at the wet spot on his kilt and the heavy swaying of his cock underneath.  Ares clenched his fists trying to control his shudders as Hephaestus slowly climbed on the chair and pulled himself up.  Ares felt the heat of his hand grasping his shoulder as his hips swayed towards his face.  He ducked his head quickly working at the fastening until the kilt fell sliding off his knees to the

He leaned his check against Hephaestus' groin breathing deeply, excitement racing down his nerves at the musky scent.  He slowly licked across the shaft trying to duck under to get to the balls.  Hephaestus' fingers dug into his shoulder and he swayed slightly.  Ares continued licking the shaft then blew across the head.  Hephaestus thrust his hips forward.  The head nudged at his mouth.

"Open your mouth."

Hephaestus pushed the head just barely in.  Ares opened his mouth further, sucking strongly and brushing the tip of his tongue across the tip.  The cock thrust further in, moving deeper. Ares continued the motion of his tongue and sucked more strongly.  He heard his brother's loud moans above his head.  He opened his mouth around the cock to suck air in.  Fingers dug into his back.  Hephaestus started thrusting using a strong rhythm.  Ares sucked, reveling in the taste of cum as his brother's cock started leaking.
He continued the strong suction, his fingers clenching, longing for the feel of his brother's ass in his hands.

He heard Aphrodite move to stand behind her husband.  The moans grew louder and he pushed his cock in deeper bringing his groin to Ares' mouth.  Ares felt the cock jump and cum shot down his throat and he swallowed quickly, nearly not feeling Aphrodite rip his loincloth off, her hand on his cock. Finishing, Hephaestus slid down and off the chair.  His mouth going to Ares' cock.

Ares screamed as he felt the heat of his brother's mouth swallowing him.


He thrust his hips up, wrapping his legs around Hephaestus' back, pulling him closer.  He continued thrusting into the heat and moistness of his brother's mouth until he fell into his orgasm pulling Hephaestus tightly to him.  He completed, his seed fountaining into his brother's mouth. Hephaestus held his hip with one hand, desperately hanging on until Ares reached completion.

Slowly their breaths returned to normal.  Ares released his legs, letting them slip off his brother.  Hephaestus released him sinking down to lean against his leg.

"Now that was hot!"  Aphrodite's hands were moist with her juices and she walked over to them.  She leaned down to kiss her husband than over to kiss her brother.  "And you needn't think the evening's over."  She grinned lustfully.  "It's not."

Leaning down she kissed the tip of Ares' penis brushing a hand through Heph's hair.  They both sprang to attention.

She nodded with satisfaction.

"I still got *it.*"

She climbed onto Ares lap, lowering herself onto his cock.  She held onto his forearms bracing herself to rise and fall on his cock.  When he tried to push up she clenched her hands, driving her nails into his arms.

"Be still!"

Ares controlled himself with effort as she continued riding him.  Hephaestus stood behind her moving his arms around her so he could play with her nipples as she rode Ares. His cock brushed against her ass.  She reached the edge quickly, pushing down fiercely, holding Ares' arms so hard she left bruises.  She finished with an abrupt jerk, falling forward onto Ares' chest. She bit a nipple rapidly pulling herself off.

She swayed slightly as she conjured a bottle of oil.  Opening it she poured some into her hands and some into Hephaestus'.  They each took one side massaging Ares until he was moaning under their hands.  They played with his nipples.  Moving down his chest they caressed and massaged his hips, lifting them to give access to his entrance.  They moved his legs apart, slowly preparing him, carefully stretching and oiling him.  Aphrodite gave a last twist causing him to jerk as she caressed his prostate.  She continued caressing his chest with one hand the other lowering to her crotch.
Hephaestus moved forward spreading Ares legs further apart and lifting them.

Ares breathing became heavy, sweat dripping down his face and body as Hephaestus lifted his legs pulling them over his shoulders and pushed in. He groaned at the slight pain and fullness, took a deep breath and pushed back.  He gasped, his cries mingling with Hephaestus' as they drove together.  Blinding pleasure coursed through him as Hephaestus shifted position slightly and drove his cock deeper and harder ramming into his prostate.  He clenched his hands on the chair arms, pushing against them to move his body closer to Hephaestus.  Aphrodite continued playing with his chest lightly running her nails down.  She played with his nipples and occasionally leaning forward to lick at him.  He felt Hephaestus' fingers clenching into his ass, his cock rubbing against the tender slickened tissue within, the hair on his groin rubbing against his butt, and his shoulders under his knees.  He panted harder, quickening the rhythm, slamming his head
against the chair back.  He heard Hephaestus and Aphrodite's panting, their cries matching his own.

They stayed on the edge moving together.  Aphrodite's hand moved lower, stroking his cock with a firm touch.  Ares shuddered and pushed himself over, clenching his body on his brother's cock.  Arching into Aphrodite's hand.  His cum fell across her hand, back onto his belly and chest.  With a cry Hephaestus joined him. His cum filling Ares' ass.  Aphrodite fell over the chair arm as her husband collapsed forward allowing Ares' legs to fall off his shoulders.  They clung together, all three panting and trying to regain their breath.

Hephaestus and Aphrodite kissed gently.  They stood up. Aphrodite kissed Ares as Hephaestus removed a single feather from the boa.  The boa slid off freeing Ares.  He finished kissing Aphrodite then pulled Hephaestus into a kiss.

Leaning back in the chair he said, "Now I'd like to see you take Dite."

Hephaestus laughed.  "After that?!"

"There are a few benefits to being Gods - all night sex is one of them." Ares leaned back and started stroking his cock.

Aphrodite leaned against her husband stroking his cock as she kissed him. They moved back until she bumped against his workbench.  He quickly shoved everything out of the way ignoring the items that fell to the floor. Aphrodite fell back to the bench pulling him into her body with a gasp of pleasure.

Ares stood, retrieving the bottle of oil and silently moved behind them.  He oiled his hands.  Hephaestus shuddered when he traced an oiled finger from the base of his skull all the way down his spine till he could finger his entrance.  Ares moved a finger in, twisting deeper until Hephaestus clenched on it.  He removed it, pushing two fingers in, stretching them apart and pushing deeper.  He stopped moving them, leaving them in and his brother pushed back onto them then forward into Aphrodite.  Ares removed his fingers replacing them with his cock.  He found their rhythm and rocked to it.

Again their gasps and moans filled the forge.  Their orgasms came slowly this time the rhythm building and building.  They thrust together, caressing with hands and mouths.

Aphrodite brought her legs up hooking them around Ares' legs and pushed upwards, her hands clenching on Ares' back.  She screamed a long drawn out, "Yes!" convulsing on Hephaestus' cock.  He braced his good arm and thrust hard into her as Ares' cock pounded his prostate and his cum filled her as she finished.  Feeling them bucking beneath him triggered Ares' own orgasm and his body tightened, pushing into his brother as his orgasm overtook him. He collapsed over Hephaestus, panting for breath.

Aphrodite pushed against Hephaestus' chest.  "Next time someone else gets to be on bottom."

They collapsed, falling to the floor, and leaned against each other and the workbench.

Ares pushed sweaty hair off his face looking at his brother.  "A feather boa!  I don't believe you tied me up with a feather boa!"  He laughed.

Hephaestus chuckled.  "You recognize all my chains.  Besides 'Dite and I are thinking of designing some other..."

"Sex toys, Heph.  They're called, 'sex toys'," Aphrodite provided.  She leaned against her husband.  "And Ares won't mind the time from his weapons."

"Not if I can try them out," he promised.  "Besides I want one of those boa's for Iphicles."

Aphrodite giggled.  "See Heph I told you he'd be cool with a threesome and isn't it nice for you to fuck each other again?"

Hephaestus and Ares both stared at her.

"You knew!" Hephaestus yelped, glancing at Ares, who shrugged, shaking his head.

Aphrodite shrugged and rolled her eyes.  "Duh! I *am* the Goddess of *Love*. Of course I knew."

The End