A drop of sea water, sliding down his cheek, woke him.  Before he could move, a voice, tender as summer rain, whispered in his ear.

 “Come with me.  Down beneath the waves where I dwell with corals and dolphins and marvels.”

Erotic as the pull of the tides, something in that deep voice spoke to him.  Flinging aside the covers, he sat up in his bed.  Gems and shells glowing with mysterious light littered his pillows.  He bent to examine one jewel of deep aquamarine.

“Iphicles.  Just come with me.  Know that all the endless secrets of the deep could be yours.  Let me show you wonders beyond measure, passion beyond knowing.”

Mesmerized, Iphicles looked around his chamber.  No one could be seen.  On his tiled floor, droplets of water led a path to nowhere. Pulling on a robe of deep blue silk, he rose to investigate.

Questions led to more questions.  Remembering the voice and its promises, he shivered.  Starlight spilled in through the open windows, transforming his green-tiled room into an undersea grotto.

“Teasing and tempting you is such fun, little king.  Unlike Ares, though, I would never treat you cruelly.  Violating you is a crime. When will you understand your worth and come to me?”

Exercising his divine powers, the god allowed the mortal a vision of his mysterious seducer, scaled arms open, cock erect and wet.

Yearning, for love, for completion, flooded the king’s soul.  Zeroed out by need, he longed to be filled.

Alone in the hour before dawn, a man slips quietly into the sea. Becalmed, the waves welcome him.