Ares, Ares, Cupid, Iolaus and a Cat
By Nemetona

Cupid stood in the corner facing the wall. "I've been a bad boy" he drawled in a throaty voice. "I need to be punished."

Ares, God of Love, minced up behind him. He draped his head over Cupid's shoulder enjoying the sensations of the feathers tickling his chest. He caught Cupid's earlobe between his teeth, biting it gently. "And so you shall be. Do you want to know what I do to bad little boys?"

"What?" Cupid leant back into the warm embrace, tilting his head to give Ares better access to his vulnerable throat. He was rewarded by the other man planting kisses all the way down his neck before biting into the tender flesh.

"Well, first I administer a little corporal punishment," Ares matched his words by running his hands down Cupid's sides and tugging aside the indecently short loincloth which was the god's only covering. He paused for a moment allowing himself to cup the other's asscheeks.

//They fill my hands beautifully, as if they've been specially tailored.// He allowed himself to become distracted from his purpose for a few moments while he enjoyed the feel of the muscular flesh covered with downy fur.

Cupid flexed his ass, loving the feel of the fingernails embedded in his flesh. The movement reminded Ares of his purpose and the other God of Love stopped caressing the sublime flesh and instead administered several hard slaps to one side of the ass.

"1-2-3-4-5." Ares counted each spank in turn and then paused to admire the warm red glow on one of Cupid's buttocks. He moved his weight and using his other hand counted out another five spanks. Well pleased he stood back to admire the matching welts.

"And then" Ares continued "I kiss it better." Matching action to word he knelt down behind Cupid and let his tongue taste the hot flesh. He could feel the raised areas where his hand had caused bruising. He kissed each one he found, letting his tongue linger enjoying the salty taste of the sweat. Ares let one of his fingers trail between the crack of Cupid's ass and at the encouraging moan from Cupid used both his hands to spread the other's butt cheeks and let his tongue run down the revealed flesh. Cupid's moans were becoming louder the closer Ares got to his target area. He stared, fascinated at the tight rosebud before darting his tongue out and tasting it. Cupid's intermittent sounds had become one long wail as the sensations piled up threatening to overwhelm him.

Ares flicked his tongue back and forth, in and out, using his thumb to open the Winged God up.

He moved his free hand round to grasp the erect flesh displacing Cupid's own hand. He matched the rhythm of his strokes with that of his tongue drilling inside the other.

Cupid gave up all pretence of Kewl and started to beg " please, hurry, oh gods, yes" It was as if the tongue flicking into him was sending a trail of lightening into him, flowing round his entire body before erupting in a stream of white fluid from his cock.

Before either of them had a chance to recover a new, darker presence materialised beside the two Gods of Love.

The menacing figure took in the condition of the gods and anger burning in his eyes spoke.

"I warned you about the consequences of playing on my patch last time." The God of War reached his fist into the Alt. God of Love's hair and drew him to his feet, shaking him like a rag doll. "Well, now it's time to pay...."

"Now get out of those leathers" Ares commanded.

With a defiant look the God of Love postponed the inevitable by choosing to manually undress. He took his time. Slowly easing his broad shoulders out of the leather, letting his fingers trail down his own chest all the time his hips gyrating to the beat of an unheard tune. So caught up was he in the sensuous pleasure evoked by the feel of sliding out of his clothing that he missed the expression in the God of War face.

Ares watched the floorshow put on by the man wearing his own face (and nothing else now) and was aware of his own overdressed state. Not to be beaten at any game he also forsook the blinking off of his own tight leathers and very deliberately stripped away each piece of fabric flinging them aside as he strode toward the other god.

Cupid watched fascinated as the pair of Ares' locked in an embrace. The same perfect body entwined with the other, hands freely roaming up and down the other's flesh, stroking, touching all the time their lips locked and tongues battling for position. Their hard cocks duelling, poking against the other's warm flesh.

The God of War broke the kiss and manhandled the Love God lengthways onto a low table on all fours. He captured the others head and thrust his cock against the open lips.

"Suck Me"

The Lover willingly acceded and sucked greedily on the flesh . His tongue licking and playing with the head slowly swirling. Ares, growing impatient grabbed his tormentors by his ears and pulled him forward, lodging his cock deep in the others throat, grunting his pleasure as he thrust back and forth feeling the hot wet mouth surrounding him.

Cupid watched the lovers before realising that the War God had opened his eyes and was staring straight at him.

"Ah, I think I'll go and leave you two to....."

"Not so fast, Cupid, don't think I've forgotten your part in this transgression. Now get over here and prepare his ass for me."

The man displayed on the table though deeply engrossed in sucking his twin's cock heard those words and moved his legs further apart to permit Cupid greater access.

Cupid plucked a feather from his wing and used it to stroke the broad back in front of him. He let it trail down the spine before dragging it between the hidden crack. The enthusiastic wiggling of the ass in front of him transmitted the man's delight in his action. Cupid continued to use his feather to stroke the other. He materialised a bottle of sweet smelling oil and dipped the now bedraggled feather in it coating it in oil. Now he began to center his attention on the puckered hole. He saw it gradually relax as he continued to gently caress it. Oiling his finger he gently thrust it inside the other and when that was accepted another and another finger joined it.

Loath to give up on this game but knowing better than to cross Ares when he was in this type of mood he spoke to the War God.

"He's ready" he offered.

Ares pulled his hard cock from the other Ares' throat. It looked about a foot long, hard, thick and covered in saliva. Ares strode round to where Cupid had stood, his cock waving in the air like a snake looking for a burrow.

Positioning the head of his cock against the loosened hole he thrust into the man below him in one movement causing the impaled man to gasp in surprise.

The God of Love spoke "You know your trouble Ares?"

Ares withdrew all but the tip of his cock and then thrust deeply inside him again.

"Too much aggression and tension."


"You should get someone to give you a back rub every day."


"It works wonders."


"Look how relaxed I am"


"I have my Jester massage me every day."


"That's what you need"

Ares bellowed his annoyance "Cupid - shut his mouth up. I can't concentrate when he's babbling on like that"

Cupid obeyed and shut the other Love God mouth by dint of thrusting his cock inside it.

The Love God, now being fucked at both ends gave a mental command. A very startled Iolaus appeared in the room, a black cat that he had been stroking still in his arms. Iolaus took in the tableau that the three gods humping made and asked the obvious question.

"Can anyone join in?"

Ares was wrapped up in the sensations he was experiencing as he glided in and out of the God of Love's tight ass. He paused his movements for a moment and brought the flat of his hand down on the round buttocks he was buried in. A satisfying slap resounded round the room and the GOL bucked forward taking Cupid's cock deeper into his throat. Cupid growled his pleasure. Ares smiled and administered another sharp slap starting the chain reaction again.

Iolaus realised that the threesome were too caught up in themselves to pay him any attention. He'd be damned if he was going to pass up this opportunity - there was something he had wanted to do for a long time. Putting the cat down on the floor he crossed behind Ares stripping himself as he moved. He reached up and put his hands onto Ares' shoulders and dug his fingers into the muscles there. Ares shuddered but did not protest so Iolaus continued. He quickly discovered that the height difference was going to be a problem for what he intended and casting his eye round the room discovered a small footstool. Breaking contact with Ares' he quickly retrieved the object and placed it behind Ares stepping up onto it. It was the perfect height to allow him to knead away at the god's shoulders as well as allowing his cock to nudge Ares' crack.

Ares turned his head slightly and captured Iolaus's mouth, letting his tongue probe the recesses. Iolaus returned the favour by capturing Ares's plump lower lip in his teeth and biting. Blood flowed and was licked away.

As Ares pumped back and forth Iolaus' cock poked against him, slipping deeper and deeper into the crack.

"What the fuck are you waiting for?" Ares growled, "an engraved invitation."

Iolaus used one of his hands to guide his cock, now gleaming with oil courtesy of a thought from Ares, into the tight opening. He pushed inside past the muscular barrier and sunk deep into the god. Pausing for a moment to absorb the sensations he began to move in counterpoint to the beat that Ares was using to screw his twin. Soon all four men moved in the rhythm as they performed this ancient dance.

Grunts, moans, slurps and slaps peppered the air.

"I need someone in my ass, NOW!" Cupid demanded.

Ares ignored him, the other God of Love too busy concentrating on the double fucking he was receiving to pay attention.

"Don't look at me" Iolaus panted "I'm busy."

"I said, I need..." Cupid started again.

"I heard you... can't you do anything for yourself, kid?" Ares sounded disgusted but sent a bolt of power at the forgotten cat.

A blue haze surrounded the startled creature and it grew in size, it's limbs flowing and changing shape. When the blue light faded there stood the Cat, it's fur, tail and facial features still those of a feline but now standing upright and humanoid in form.

A strange Yowl of discontent issued from it and its tail lashed madly from side to side but it moved across the room assuming a position behind Cupid. CatMan bent his head and grabbed Cupid's neck in his mouth. He curved his arms under the Gods armpits and grasped his shoulders pulling him back onto his erect penis. Cupid's yelp of pain echoed around the room and his eyes watered at the movements.

"Oh, did I forget to mention that tom cats have a barbed penis?" Ares asked innocently.

"You bastard" Cupid grunted closing his eyes at the wild speed the CatMan was fucking him.

Eventually, something had to give in the long chain of bodies.

It started with Cupid spurting his load into the God of Love's mouth while at the same time CatMan's face took on a strange expression and he stopped moving, purring issuing from his throat.

Ares reached forward to grasp his twin's rigid cock and give it a few hard strokes - which was all it took to cause it to spurt. The tightening of the muscles set of Ares' own orgasm closely followed by that of Iolaus. Each man was lost in their own world of pleasure.

Shortly afterward a freshly clad Iolaus moved to pick up the cat now restored to it's feline form.

"Leave him" Cupid instructed. "I'll see him home." Cupid blushed at the raised eyebrows this caused but refused to say anything else.

Ioulas shrugged his shoulders. "Could one of you...." In a blink he was gone.

Ares turned to the other two. "It's been real. Now go back to your own Universe and don't stray here again." He also disappeared.

"Looks like I've outstayed my welcome... I'd best be getting back" He was gone.

Cupid glanced down at the purring cat cuddled in his arms.

"Guess it's just you and me then...."

The End