Play Date with the God
 By Oshun Anat
Iphicles sat on his throne room listening to his subjects bicker on such petty things as to which cow belongs to whom...the fact that they wouldn't listen to the three other people before him that were allowed to give rulings about that matter wasn't an encouraging sign.

 <<Whine, whine whine. That's all these people *ever* do. Never do I get any thanks, just more people whining about how unfair their life is, the Gods are to them..that they couldn't stop their loved one from dying...Wait a minute...why does that sound familiar??>>

He dismissed the thought and told the original owner that the next time the animal escapes into his neighbor's yard, the cow was his. He then stood up, signaling the end of the audiences.

 "But your majesty, there are still 2 hours left..."

 "Forget it. I've have had it up to here. Their complaints can wait until tomorrow. If anyone is so daft to complain about my leaving, give them an excuse...better yet, warn them about Treason...yeah..that sounds good....I'm going to my chambers."

 Before the astonished advisor could say anything, Iphicles took his leave, ignoring the look of "Poor man. Stress must be getting to him" on his advisor's face.

 *   *   *
 Cupid wandered around his temple, looking at the various offerings. Flowers, candy, statues, jewelry...<<Yawn. Same old stuff. Why can't anybody give me anything cool...>> His thoughts were cut off by the sight of a gift concealed in the corner.

 "What is this?" he pondered aloud.

 Walking over to the object, he realized that it was a Life Size Doll of Ares Dripping in Chocolate!! (tm).

 "How kewl is this?! I've been wanting one for months, but they are impossible to find..I could have sworn that Ares had destroyed all of them..."

 He noticed a small card attached to the doll on the arm. It read:   "Cupid, oh Great God of Love: I have noticed that you have been bored with traditional offerings as of late...I hope this is more to your liking. I want nothing in return, only for you to enjoy it. Remember, not only is it covered in chocolate, it is fully functional!

 A devoted follower"

 "How weird..a gift this precious, left by an anonymous person? It is obviously already has an erection... Something can not be right...still...whom am I to refuse a gift from a follower? I need someone to share this with..."

He left the temple, doll firmly in hand.

* * *
 Iphicles was brooding. He didn't really have a good reason to, but since he had been alone the better part of two hours he couldn't find a reason to bitch. <<Man I need to find *something* to do.>> He winced at the piles of scrolls in front of him. <<Something that *isn't* work...>>

 He heard a voice call out to him "Yo! Iphicles!"


 At that second Cupid appeared with the Life-Size Ares Doll Dripping in Chocolate (tm).

 "Cupid! I wasn't expecting you for another few know that Ares will get pissed if he catches us together...remember last time?"

 At the same time they shared a shudder.

 "Well that was then. Besides. My *mom* narced on us. Jealous that you picked me and Ares over her. She doesn't know about this, and besides. He is off fighting a war. He won't be back anytime soon."

 At that moment Iphicles noticed the doll...

 "Is that...are my eyes deceiving me?"

 Cupid grinned. "Nope. It is *the* doll."

 "All right! Ares found mine and destroyed it. Something about not wanting his reputation to get sullied by having a bunch of people worshiping him in hopes of getting in his pants. "What would the war lords say? I can't lose their support" Or some other nonsense..besides, followers are followers, right?"

 Cupid nodded.  "Actually. I came here to see if you wanted to play with my new toy." He smiled mischievously.

 Iphicles grinned back and the moved the doll onto the bed...

 The next several hours passed, each minute the doll becoming increasingly less covered in chocolate. Iphicles had just gotten to the cum-flavored cream filling of the doll, when he sat up and said, "As much as I like chocolate...I really need a change..."

 Cupid looked up, face covered with chocolate.

 "What were you thinking of."

 "Something a bit"

 "That can definitely be arranged...."

Minutes later Cupid's moans could be heard down the hall as Iphicles sucked the Love God's cock, revealing in the contrast of flavors between the doll, and the God. Knowing that Cupid was close, Iphicles deep throated the cock, and had Cupid cumming in seconds.

 When Cupid recovered from his stupor, he heard applause. Looking up at the visitor he exclaimed "Strife!"

 "I see you got my present."

 "Thanks, man, I really appreciated it...what are you doing here?"

 "Well, I noticed that the king here is still unsatisfied." He nodded at the king's cock, which was oozing pre-cum. "I thought that I should help you satisfy the king..."

 Iphicles just stared at the two gods conversing. He was too busy jerking himself off to here the next part.

 "I think we should both fuck him.." Strife was continuing.

 "Sounds good to me."

 The two gods moved over to the king, and Cupid his arm on the King's shoulder.

 "Uh-uh. We'll take care of you..."

 With that Cupid pushed the King down to his knees, and with a thought, prepared the king. He slowly entered the King's tight ass, hissing as the hot flesh enveloped it. A few thrusts later the King came screaming...

 "That's a good start" said Strife "But only a start..." With a thought the king ended up on the bed, wrists tied to the bed-posts. "Now it is time for some real fun..." he said as he made the Cheeze Whiz appear...
 *  *  *
 Iphicles woke up hours later. "Shit I forgot to appear at dinner. Oh well, no one that I couldn't ignore was going to be there...besides a play date like that is *definitely* worth skipping a meal or two..."

The King then dozed back off into sleep, dreaming of the next time Cupid and Strife would come to play with the Life-Sized Ares Doll Dripping in Chocolate. (tm)