By Melissa
"Shhh, here comes the good part."

The actor on the television set kneeled down before the flame as I groaned aloud at the erotic sight of Ares in a submissive kneeling position.  Then the groan turned to a shout as I threw a sofa pillow at the TV screen and yelled at the top of my voice, "You idiot, Dahok is just using your pretty ass and then he's going to fry you.  What are you THINKING?"

"Hmm, Melissa, it's a TV show.  He can't hear you."

Turning to my roommate sitting at the other end of the couch, I made a face.  "Oh, no you don't.  You know the rules.  You don't comment on Xena and Babylon 5 and I don't make gagging noises during 902-whatever and Melrose."

Carla rolled her eyes and gave one final parting shot.  "Fine but at least I watch adult programming."

"I get all the adult content I need off the list."

"You spend too much time on that list.  It's going to warp your brain."

Turning in Carla's direction I flashed my best evil grin, "Too late."

Carla laughed.  "Weirdo."  Shaking her head she climbed to her feet. "Enjoy the rest of your show.  I'm off to finish my lesson plan and then "I'm going to bed.  Go to bed at a decent hour will ya?"

"Sure, mom"

With the living room finally silent I settled in watch the remainder of the episode.  Watching Gabby fall down that bottomless pit again I felt a faint niggling of a story idea.  "You know, Greta, there is something appealing to me about the whole idea of Ares and Gabrielle.  She's so good and bright and happy and he's so . . . so . . .  big and dark and bad.  I might have to write another Gabs/Ares story."  Greta, who had perked up her ears at the sound of her name, agreed with her silence.  It was one of the joys of owning a dog.  They listened.  "Come on girl.  Let's go check the perv list and then I'm going to bed.  Sleep would be a good thing since I'm suppose to help find out why all those cards are declining.  Yuck."

Getting up I headed into the other room to log onto Ksmithares, Greta padding along behind.


An hour later the vow of bed was completely forgotten as I got sucked into reading one of sumyco girl's exceeding hot tales and had totally forgotten about the time.  The screen on the PC seemed to waver for a moment and slowly the story I'd been reading faded away to be replaced by a totally black screen.

"Shit!  This is just great.  First the modem died, then the harddrive crashed and now my monitor has gone dead.  What did I ever do to piss off the computer gods?"

Sighing my frustration I stabbed at the button that turned off the monitor, waited a few moments and turned it back on, fingers crossed that some small miracle would happen and the screen would be back to normal.

No such luck.


Giving in the urge to thump the monitor I leaned forward but before I actually hit the side of the monitor I noticed that there seemed to be a small reddish orange glow in one corner of the monitor.  "What the hell is that?"

I tapped at the screen.  The small orange glow remained.

Rubbing at contacts that'd been in my eyes waaay to long, I peered at the screen.

"You know, that almost looks like a campfire."  Leaning in to get a closer look at the screen.  "I'd say that definitely looks like a campfire.  Too weird."

But by this time curiosity was running rampant and I set about fiddling with the monitor controls to see if that would bring help bring the small "fire" into focus.  When it finally did, my jaw dropped.

There on my computer screen were Hercules and Iolaus.  No text, no menus, no Windows 95.  It was like looking through a window.  Hercules and Iolaus were *there.*  And they were not rescuing a fair damsel.  They weren't righting wrongs and Hercules wasn't doing any lecturing.  Hercules was moaning.  Hercules was shuddering.  Hercules was begging.

There, in 32 bit, 800 x 600 true color, Iolaus was fucking Hercules.  And if the moans and sighs coming out of the computer speakers were any indication, he was fucking him hard, the timing of his thrusts in sync with the pumping of his hand on Hercules thick cock.

I tore my eyes away from the screen and looked down at the dog curled up next to my chair.  She looked normal.  I looked around the room.  Ok, good.  Normal there too.  I looked back at the screen.  Iolaus was still thrusting and pumping Hercules.  Oh shit.

And then I saw him.  Ares.

He was kneeling there in the dirt on the other side of the fire, black leather pants pushed down low around his hips and legs spread wide.  His hand was wrapped firmly around his cock.  His cock.  Wow.  Even with the slightly distorted view from the monitor I could tell that there was cock to fall down and worship.  And he was definitely doing some self worship, his hand sliding smoothly along the length of his shaft, his thumb caressing over the head each time he got to the tip.  Unable to resist I put my hand up to the monitor screen but only touched warm glass.  Damn.

The sound of Hercules moans changed pitch slightly and I blinked and refocused on him and Iolaus.  My contacts felt dry.  I was sure that I'd forgotten to blink when I was staring at the God of War.   I realized then that Iolaus and Herc didn't know Ares was there and Ares. . .  oh, gods, Ares was timing his strokes along with Iolaus, all three of them keeping the same steady, relentless rhythm.

Hercules arched suddenly into Iolaus tight fingers and moaned, his semen spurting up to coat Iolaus' fingers.  Hercules clenching body obviously set Iolaus off because with a shudder that rocked his whole body he too came with a moan.  That only left Ares.  He came, as I knew he would, with a roar that sent shivers through my own body.

I was breathing hard and from the way the dog was looking at me I wasn't sure that I hadn't moaned aloud too.

Then I think I went completely nuts because I could swear that Ares looked directly up at me.  Or at least I think he looked up me.  No, I know he looked out at me from the screen and he grinned -- that sexy, evil, fuck-me, grin.

And then the screen went black again.

I screamed.

This time I did hit the monitor, for good measure I hit it again.  It flickered.  I held my breath.  The story I was reading slowly faded back into view on the screen like the Cheshire cat materializing.

I think I cried.