5P Challenge Response: Person:  Young Jason
Place:  Ares' Temple    Prop:   Shackles
Piece:  Leather pants Position:  On knees
Part 1

Jason woke up abruptly, terror pulling him from his nightmare.  He sat up still gasping for breath and crying.  Adrenaline still ran through his body. Automatically, he pulled his sword down from the pegs attaching it to the wall above his bunk and searched for a threat. Gradually, awareness crept over him.  He recognized his bed, his blanket, and felt familiar weight of his sword.  Jason stared at it a moment before quietly placing it back on it's peg.  He shook the fading image of Iolaus' broken body out of his head. Finally, he plucked at the light linen of his sweat-dampened nightshirt pulling it off.  Slowly, his gasps for breath calmed, he softly whispered, "A dream... just a dream."  But, even so, his shudders continued as he checked to see whether he had disturbed any of the other cadets in the barracks.

Glancing up, he saw Hercules sleeping soundly in the bunk above.  The barracks remained quiet, a near silence broken only by an occasional snore or sleeping murmur.  He slowly stood, stretched and out of a habit born from too many experiences with Iolaus sneaking out, checked his lover's bunk.  As he came out of his stretch he cursed, "Damn it, Iolaus!" Frustration swept through him, followed closely by images from his nightmare - his terror-filled run through the night and arriving at dawn - too late.  He grabbed his sword and hurriedly attached it to his belt.  Fury warred with terror while he pulled his leather vest on letting it flap against his chest unfastened and tossing his sword belt over one shoulder for now.  He quickly gathered the rest of his clothes and still cursing under his breath he walked through the barracks.  Pausing by the door he quietly dropped his boots and pulled his leather pants on while he scanned the courtyard for Iolaus.  Not seeing him he picked up his boots and strode out fastening his pants.

Halfway across the courtyard he finally spied Iolaus ... climbing over the wall.

Running silently across the rest of the yard he intercepted Iolaus, grabbed his leg and pulled.  As Iolaus lost his grip, Jason dropped his boots, roughly grabbed his lover around the waist and spun him.  Jason took advantage of Iolaus' surprise to throw him against the wall and pin him, using his greater size and weight to control the struggling youth.

Jason's relief that he had caught Iolaus was quickly replaced by anger. "Where do you think you're going?" he furiously hissed, pushing back on Iolaus' shoulders and moving forward to pin him more securely.

"Jase?"  Iolaus' wary, uncertain voice cut through the haze of Jason' anger and he relaxed his grip, but didn't move back.

The prince's senses filled with Iolaus, the smell and feel of him traveled to his groin.  "Yeah, Iolaus, it's me," Jason grated out, his cock hardening as Iolaus squirmed against him.  Jason's cock slipped out off his partially fastened pants as his friend continued struggling against him.  Pushing him firmly against the wall, Jason ordered, "Now, answer my question!"  Iolaus stopped struggling and stared at him blankly a moment, causing Jason to tighten his grip on his shoulders.

"Ow, Jason, you're hurting me," Iolaus complained, twisting again until he felt Jason's cock pressing into his hip.  He stopped twisting immediately; instead with a wicked grin he rocked rhythmically against his friend pushing his hip against the hard cock.

Lust took over.  Jason thrust back breathing hard and letting his body fall into Iolaus' rhythm.  He moaned when Iolaus stopped and whispered, "Do you like that Jason? Come on, Jase, I can't reach ... I want to touch you."  He rocked again then stopped.  "Please Jase, let me..."

Jason's hands loosened for a second, then tightened as he recognized the manipulative undertones in Iolaus' voice.  Keeping his lover pinned, Jason whispered back, "Let you go? I don't think so ... you manipulative little tease."

"Jason, I'm hurt," Iolaus cajoled, "How can you think that I'd..."

Ignoring his friend's attempt to wheedle, Jason leaned in to capture Iolaus' mouth in a rough kiss.  As the kiss deepened, the prince silently reminded himself, "Keep it under control."  Exploring the heat of his friend's mouth Jason resumed up their rhythm, rubbing his body along Iolaus'.  Their groins rubbed together, hard cocks pressing against the constricting leather keeping them apart.  Iolaus groaned, the sound almost inaudible around Jason's tongue.  Then he arched, his breath coming in small hitched gasps. Recognizing how close his friend was to orgasm, Jason shoved him to the wall firmly, moved back to put some room between them, and turned the tables on his friend.

Iolaus tried to pull him back and he responded by nipping Iolaus' ear, eliciting a ragged gasp.  "Ready to answer my question?"

"Question?" Iolaus responded vaguely, still trying to pull Jason to him.

"Where did you think you were going?" Jason insisted.

"Ja... Jason ... I ... Oh..."

"Where?" "Timor ... I was going to check on him," Iolaus finally managed to get out.

"Good idea," Jason replied, right before moving a hand to Iolaus' groin. Quickly loosening the ties, he moved his hand in and grasped the hard damp cock.  He brushed his thumb along the head and down until he could massage Iolaus' balls.  Almost immediately, Iolaus jerked beneath him cuming with a chocked gasp.

With a firm push Jason guided him to his knees and brought his head to his groin.  A tentative lick flickered against the head.  Iolaus' next few licks tasted the moisture seeping from the slit, until finally he ran his tongue beneath spreading the salty precum along the shaft.  Impatient, Jason tangled his hand into his friend's hair pulling the head forward to latch on his cock.  He let the sensation of Iolaus' tongue and mouth sweep through him and thrust deeply, sending his cock to the back of Iolaus' throat before pulling back.  Iolaus' hand crept down and Jason watched his lover jerk-off to the rhythm of his thrusts.  Quickening the pace, Jason continued watching.  He felt his balls and ass tighten and held Iolaus to him.

Minutes later he finished and felt Iolaus' seed spatter his bare feet.  He licked a trace of blood off his lip, where he'd bitten it to keep from crying out and pulled Iolaus up into a hard kiss.  He tasted his cum on Iolaus' lips and licked his seed off Iolaus' face.  Still gasping, he leaned against the wall holding Iolaus.

After a few minutes of gasping he heard Iolaus ask, "You planning to let go of my hair anytime soon?"

Jason softly chuckled.  "You still planning on heading over the wall without me?"

"You're coming?"

"Already came, but yeah, I'm coming ..." he paused for Iolaus' giggles, "I've been having nightmares..."

"About Timor?"  Iolaus looked up.

"Not exactly," Jason answered quietly; his memory again flashed back to his nightmares of Iolaus' bloody and broken body chained to Ares' altar.  At Iolaus' inquisitive glance he said, "Let's just say that you're not going anywhere alone for a while.  And what made you decide that you need to check on Timor?"

Jason finished dressing while he waited for Iolaus' answer.  Finally dressed he stared at Iolaus until finally his friend ruefully admitted, "Guilt gut."

"Guilt gut?"

Iolaus turned to the wall carefully climbing.  Speaking very quickly, he explained, "When I feel guilty, my stomach hurts.  And it's been hurting, 'cause I talked you all and Timor into playing Ares, and now I'm worried about him.  I don't think Ares is going to like having a double.  And I know that Strife and Discord aren't going to forget about us tricking them into all that work.  His uncle treats him shitty and I gotta make things right. Since he likes growing things, I figured that I can take him to Demeter's Orchard, and they'll take him in." Iolaus paused at the top.  "I thought you were coming and toss up that torch," he said, his tone plainly shutting off further discussion of his 'guilt gut.'

Jason shook his head not sure whether to be more amazed at the fact that Iolaus suffered from guilt gut or that he had actually halfway thought through a plan.  He tossed the torch up to Iolaus and asked, "Do you want to wake up Hercules?"

Iolaus caught the torch.  "Not if you want to get laid on the way back."  He grinned dropping to the other side.

Jason muttered, "Forget Herc," as he climbed the wall.  Seconds later he dropped over the other side of the wall.


They moved quickly, heading east towards Timor's farm.  The moon with only the barest sliver left provided nearly no light and clouds frequently obscured what little light it shed.  Instead they moved through the night relying on memory and dim torchlight. As they neared the farm a dull red glowed with bright flares of red, orange, and yellow breaking through the clouds and night.  At first they thought dawn approached and continued, finally they topped the last rise and froze.

Fire burned below, devouring everything in its path.  The crops already lay in ashes; flames concealed the house and barn allowing only brief glimpses of the burning structures.

"Oh gods," Jason's shocked whisper broke their paralysis.

Iolaus tore down the hill followed by Jason.  At the bottom heat rolled off the fire forcing them back.  Sparks and ash rained down; cautiously skirting the fire they made their way towards the house. A great crash signaled the barn's collapse sending another rain of ash and sparks down.  Jason stopped knowing the house didn't have much time left.  Stubbornly, Iolaus continued.

Jason screamed over the roar of the blaze, "Iolaus! It's too late!" Ignoring him, his friend tried to make his way into the burning house. "No!" Jason screamed and grabbed his friend by the waist pulling him away from the flames.  Iolaus elbowed him in the gut, still trying to get to the house.  "Iolaus!  Stop it!  We're too late..." Jason dragged him away from the fire ignoring Iolaus' kicks and blows.

Iolaus stopped struggling when the house collapsed.  "Why?  Why them and not me?" Iolaus screamed to the heavens, "Damn you!"  He strained in Jason's arms breaking free to turn on his friend.  "Damn you, Jason, I could have..."

"No.  Iolaus, it was too late before we left.  Ares..." Iolaus dropped to his knees and Jason's voice trailed off.

"... damn, damn..." Iolaus cursed in a silent litany, not noticing the tears of sorrow and anger streaming from his eyes.

"Actually, it's not too late..." Ares' sardonic voice cut through the fire and their grief-stricken rage, "...yet," the god drawled.

Iolaus stood spinning to face the god who'd appeared behind them.  He roared, "Damn you!" and rushed the god.

Jason reacted a beat too late, his lunge not quite intercepting Iolaus' charge. "Iolaus!" Jason picked himself off the ground and spun in time to watch Iolaus' charge end in a dive.  Ares easily sidestepped and plucked Iolaus out of the air pulling him against his muscular chest.

Jason froze, cutting off his instinctive rescue attempt when Strife and Discord appeared on either side of Ares.  Both of Ares' lieutenants looked battered and worse for wear, sporting an assortment of bruises and scrapes. Jason controlled a shudder at the realization that only Ares could have caused those injuries.

The war god controlled Iolaus easily, simply keeping one arm wrapped around his waist, trapping his arms and holding him off the ground.  "You didn't really think that you could get away with having that mortal impersonate me?" The air in front of them shifted nauseatingly and a window seemed to open.  Suddenly, they saw through the window to Ares' temple in Thebes. Timor lay chained to the altar, weeping.  The window closed as abruptly as it opened.

Jason stood silent and still, waiting to learn what Ares wanted.  More impetuous, Iolaus squirmed until he could look in Ares' eyes and plead, "Please ... please don't hurt him.  Not for my plan..."

Strife let out a nervous high-pitched laugh.  "Oh, Unc just plans to kill him," he paused rubbing his crotch, "it's you we get to play with."

"Ares," Iolaus begged, "you can send him away ... to someplace where he couldn't be used again."

Jason listened to Iolaus' desperate attempts to bargain with only a small part of his attention.  Instead he searched for any opportunity to free Iolaus.  "Ares, you don't want Timor..."  Jason spent a brief wasted moment wishing that he'd woken Hercules.  "Look, we used the guy, besides Timor could go to Demeter..."

"Demeter?" scoffed Ares.

Iolaus continued his bargaining trying to convince the god to send Timor to Demeter. "Yeah, she'd keep him out of trouble and he likes growing stuff." Jason noticed that Strife wasn't paying attention to him anymore and edged forward, but stopped at Discord's hiss.  Jason briefly caught Iolaus' eyes and signaled him to continue.  "Come on Ares, wouldn't you really rather have me?"  The prince winced, anticipating Ares' response.

"I've already got you," Ares gave the exact answer Jason expected.  But it seemed to distract Discord. The prince started slowly edging forward, planning a desperate attempt to pull Ares' arm of Iolaus. Jason saw the goddess glance back at him and her casual gesture sent a ball of energy at him. He dove a second too late; the energy poured over him throwing him backwards to the ground.

He lay on his back stunned, his eyes blinked, and he slowly started to rise. A second bolt of energy split into four lightening forks that wrapped around his wrists and ankles and bound him spread-eagled to the ground.

"Jason!" Iolaus screamed and twisted in a convulsive move that almost freed him.

Ares squeezed, laughing softly at Iolaus' groan of pain.  His free hand shot up and pulled his captive's head back by his hair.  Leaning his head down he sucked Iolaus' ear into his mouth, running his tongue along the young man's earring.  Jason pulled futilely against the energy binding him to the ground.  He winced as small sharp arcs of power flickered from the bindings and pain shot through his wrists and ankles.

Ares released the ear with a sharp bite.  "Nice," he purred releasing Iolaus' hair and running the hand into his vest to tweak a nipple.  He arched an eyebrow when Iolaus' nipple hardened in his fingers.  He looked at Jason, allowing a slow sensual smile to show.  "I like how well you've trained him, Prince," he said and simultaneously brought his hand down to cover his captive's groin.  Jason watched Iolaus take a single shuddering breath before Ares started rubbing his groin, rocking him forwards and back against his leather covered cock. Iolaus attempted to arch away, but that only sent him harder into Ares' rubbing hand.

Jason again struggled against the energy binding him, nearly crying as Discord walked over to run her nails along Iolaus' chest and stomach.  He watched Iolaus' slow, involuntary arousal with rising terror for his friend. A sudden weight dropped on his stomach tearing his attention from Iolaus. "Strife," he gasped.  The god straddled him, his hard cock outlined under his leather pants.

"Ya know, Princey," he joked, "ya really ought to pay attention."  He wriggled, rubbing his ass into Jason's stomach.  "Of course, Blondie ... has a really ... hot ... bod." He arched slightly bring the outline of his cock into greater prominence.  "Nice mouth."  He made an 'O' with his mouth, ran his tongue along the lips, and then flicked it in and out.  "And you trained it so well," he drawled, then paused and brought his thumb to his mouth.  He sucked it pushing it in and out several times before rolling his tongue and slowly pulling it out.  "Not everyone can roll their tongue like that."

Jason's body responded, heat flowing to his groin, ignoring his struggles to ignore the god's teasing.  He took a breath, pushed his body's reaction back, and listened for his lover.  Iolaus' low moan caught his attention and he tried to look around Strife.  Hands at his belt forced his attention back to Strife, just as the god removed Jason's belt and held it up.  "I really," he rubbed the belt buckle along the inside of his own thigh, along his cock, and then down his other thigh.  "really liked that time you tied him with his belt and teased him with this buckle."  He brought the leather to his face, sniffed deeply.  "Oh yeah, you can still smell his cum."

Understanding poured through Jason.  "You watched?" his question came out as a pained gasp, the knowledge that they had watched his and Iolaus' most private moments cutting through him.

Strife smiled and slowly opened Jason's vest exposing his well-muscled chest.  "And watched."  He ran his hands along Jason's chest tweaking the nipples, bringing them to tender peaks.  The prince tried to twist away furious at his body's response.  "And watched."  Strife fell forward bringing their chests together.  His face hovered over Jason's close enough for the prince to feel the god's breath against his face and see, in the fire's harsh light, the various shades of fading bruises. Heat poured from the god through his body forcing it to react, to desire.  Then feral eyes caught his until Iolaus' sharp cry of pain pulled him back.  He jerked his head to the side breaking eye contact and managing a brief glimpse of Ares' legs.

He felt Strife's hands on his upper arms and ignored them, still trying to twist around and see Iolaus.  Sudden sharp pain ran through both biceps forcing a harsh yell from his throat.  "Jason! What's ... aaah," Iolaus' worried voice broke with pained gasp.

Strife's hands squeezed again and the pain increased, however expecting something, Jason bit his lip and kept from crying out.  He momentarily ignored the god's hissed warning, "Pay attention."

Iolaus' gasp ended in a long moan, then, "Jason! Are you all right?"

"I'm fine, Iolaus."

Strife squeezed again. "I said, 'Pay attention.' I'll break them if you don't."  The pressure increased until Jason looked back at the god.  "That's better."  Strife relaxed his grip.  "Where were we ... oh yeah, watching. Ya know, in all that watching, I never saw you fuck him."  Strife lay flat on him, bringing his head down to rest by Jason's. He continued in a low whisper, "Actually, I never saw you so much as put a finger up his ass."  He put his mouth against Jason's ear.  "Is he a ... virgin?"

The prince jerked his head away, visions from his nightmare flickered through his mind.  "Don't ..." he started in a warning tone.

He felt it first; Strife's chest rumbled with it, before the high-pitched, gleeful giggle poured into his ear.  "Don't?  Don't ... what?  Fuck him?" The laughter resumed.  Finally, his voice returned, a soft sneering jeer. "Can you feel me?" he asked, pressing his groin down hard.  "Can you feel how hard I am?  How big?  How long?"  He rotated his hips making Jason feel the heavy length and girth of his cock.  "Can you imagine that in his tight, sweet, and oh so, virgin ass?"  He continued the slow rotation and the prince felt the cock grow even larger.  "I can.  He's going to take all of us; normally, Ares gets first dibs, but I think he's in a mood to watch. So, I'll get to fuck him first.  He'll flinch, when he sees me ... when he sees how big, how much I have to go into that tight ass."

Jason shuddered and swallowed back the terror, rage, and sorrow raging through him.  "I never heard you were a rapist.  And I know Ares isn't."

"That's the glory of it.  He'll say yes, so he can save Timor."

"It's still rape," Jason whispered.

Shaking his head, Strife sat up and looked down at Jason.  "There's that first shock, when a cock enters your ass ... pain, fear ... then it burns ... but then it hits that special little place ... and the pleasure ... I'm going to do that to him.  He won't know what hit him.  The pleasure will take over and he'll be tight and hot around me.  Ya know those sounds he makes ... when he's ready to come.  That little hitched gasp..." Strife mimicked Iolaus' small hitched gasps of pleasure perfectly.  He stopped, smiling as the same hitched gasps echoed from behind them.  He quickly flipped over Jason's head and landed in a squat behind him.

"Those sounds," he said lifting Jason's head up by his hair.  The tableau in front of them stole Jason's breath and hardened his cock.  Ares still held Iolaus; only now Iolaus' hands clung desperately to the strong forearm holding him up.  At some point while Strife had toyed with Jason, Ares had opened Iolaus' pants, freeing his cock.  Now Jason watched his lover's hips lunge urgently, driving the hard weeping cock into the War God's pumping hand.  Discord stood by Ares, one hand roughly toying with Iolaus' nipple, nails biting into the surrounding flesh.  Small bloody marks from her nails marred his tanned chest, vividly showing Jason the reasons for his earlier cries of pain.  He watched, noticing small signs of Iolaus' struggle to not react to Ares and Discord's handling.

Jason suddenly noticed his hard cock, the tightness of the muscles in his groin, and the small automatic thrust of his hips and shut his eyes.  His attempt to cool his lust failed ... he couldn't shut his ears.  And no matter how hard he tried to not listen, he couldn't help but hear Iolaus' small breathy gasps of need.  His memory supplied all the vision the prince needed.  Behind closed eyelids he vividly saw Iolaus' eyes blazing with passion, hard muscles flexing and bunching under sweat-damp skin, the twist and thrust of his hips as he sped to orgasm.  His eyes flew open at a ragged sob.

Discord's nails dug into the flesh surrounding Iolaus' nipple.  With a sudden convulsive effort Jason pulled against the binding energy.  Fire ran through his wrists and ankles, he continued pulling against the bonds until he grew dizzy with pain.  Finally, his muscles rebelled and he involuntarily surrendered.  As his orgasm neared Iolaus' back arched slightly and his head dropped back onto Ares' chest.  The War God and his lieutenant examined his face intently, watching the mix of emotions chase across his features. Defensively, Iolaus turned his head away from the gods' inspection. Discord's free hand shot out to seize Iolaus' hair and viciously pull his head back.

Ares' hand moved faster, forcing him to completion.  With a howl of mingled lust, rage, and disgust Iolaus succumbed.  His back bowed, his hands clenched on Ares' forearm until his knuckles turned white, and his body convulsed in orgasm.  His seed arced into the sky and as the last fountain shot out Ares and Discord released him to drop exhaustedly to all fours.

Iolaus stayed there for long minutes, his head hung between his arms and he struggled for breath.  His hard pants carried above the sounds of the dying fire.  Jason's lust finally died as he observed Iolaus' fight for composure. Unable to help, Jason settled for focusing on his lover's tightly clenched fists.  Finally, after what the prince knew was not enough time, Iolaus unclenched his fists and lifted his head.

Their eyes met.

Jason whispered, "No," at the emotions that raced through Iolaus' eyes. Anger.  Sorrow.  Guilt.  Shame.  Love.  Regret.  He shook his head and whispered, "No," a second time at Iolaus' mouthed, "I'm sorry."

Strife's hand covered Jason's mouth shutting off any possible argument.

Iolaus stood, closed his pants, and turned to face Ares.  "If I go with you willingly, you'll release Timor."

Ares smiled, reached out a hand still wet with Iolaus' seed and caressed the bloody marks by his nipple.  Ares brought his hand up to his mouth and slowly licked off Iolaus' blood and seed from one finger.  Finally he answered, "You come with us willingly, do as we order, and tomorrow at dawn I release Timor to Demeter's custody and Jason can take you from my temple."

Jason bit into the hand covering his mouth, Strife giggled in his ear. "He's gonna say yes, Prince."  He willed his lover to answer no, praying to any god who would listen for aid, but instead he heard Iolaus' calm response.

"I agree."

Jason's bonds, Strife, Discord, and Iolaus vanished.

"No!" Jason's wail split the air. 

Part 2

Jason leapt to his feet spinning at the laugh behind him.

"Ares!  Why are you still here?"  The war god looked at him reflectively and walked up to him.

"I thought you might like one last taste of your lover."  He held out his hand, still damp with Iolaus' cum.

Jason stepped back.  "Damn you!" he snarled, reaching for his sword, even as he acknowledged the futility of the gesture.

Ares' other hand shot out grabbing him by the neck.  Pain shot down his back and quickly radiated through his limbs.  Jason's hands dropped to his sides and stood very still.  The pain passed leaving a warning tingle that ran from Ares' hand through the prince's spine.  "Don't be hasty," the god warned, then his tone changed to a verbal caress.  "I just thought you'd like a ... taste to remember him by."  Jason flinched, unable to control his reaction in time.  "Oh, did that hit a sore spot?" Ares' voice oozed with false sympathy, "I'm so sorry, I forgot, you've been having nightmares.  Bad ones."  His hand tightened on Jason's neck as the prince tried to step back. "Running and running and running.  Always knowing that you'd never get there in time. Arriving too late ... night, after night, after night," Ares crooned.  "And now it's going to come true.  And tomorrow morning you'll arrive at my temple ... too late ... and collect your lover's broken body."

Jason tried to tune Ares' vicious croon out, to concentrate on why.  He knew Ares was doing this for a reason, and while he couldn't rule out general meanness, it didn't ring true.  He tried to consider everything that had happened, but Ares' implacable voice pulled him back.

"Strife and Discord were really disappointed when I pointed out that the protection order protected Hercules and that Athena just adored you. However, I convinced them that Iolaus made a great consolation prize; after all, what god would protect a miserable ex-thief.  Athena wouldn't have him in her service, Hermes ... well he protects thieves, but Iolaus isn't one anymore, and Zeus doesn't have ... the balls to protect everyone in Hercules' life."  Ares' matter-of-fact summary of Iolaus' vulnerability tore through Jason like a sword thrust.

He stared at the hand in front of him.  "Why?" he finally managed.

"Why? After your little stunt, vengeance is absolutely mandatory.  Besides, you trained him to submit so beautifully."

Jason flinched. "It's not submission," he whispered.

Ares quirked an eyebrow up.  "Isn't it?  Did you know that he gets hard when your hand goes to his hair?  Literally, gets hard just from your hand.  He stays on the edge of anticipation, waiting for you to control him.  You ... seduced ... him."  He brought his damp hand close enough for Jason to smell Iolaus' cum.  Jason struggled to turn his head and winced at Ares' rough squeeze.  The soft, implacable voice went on, "You ... taught ... him, and you still do - you're the one who initiates - not him.  Even last night, at the wall, it was your hard cock he responded to and you decided what would happen, you were the one who stayed in control.  He would give you everything ... anything, even the one thing you refuse to ask.  Do you remember teaching him to suck you?  How hesitant he was? How nervous?  Do you remember ... how ... you taught him?"

Heat rushed through the prince's body.  He remembered the slow, sweet teaching; moving from one step to the other, teasing Iolaus past his trepidation.  "Yeah ... you remember.  I hadn't seen the potential until then ... how truly beautiful he is when he cums."

The blood drained from Jason's face as Ares' words hit home.  "You watched us," he forced out past overwhelming guilt, "that's why you're interested now.  You watched..." His voice trailed off and he remembered Strife's earlier statement, 'he's in a mood to watch.'  He breathed a soft sigh. "Watching ... what do you want to watch, Ares?"

Ares answered with a soft sexy chuckle.  "Very good, Prince.  You're right I do want to watch.  Strife and Discord play rough, which I enjoy, but sometimes I like ... more subtle games.  Besides the shelf life of their ... pets ... is fairly short."

Jason nodded, finally understanding.  "You want to watch us ... don't you?"

"You taught him to submit."  Ares released his neck.  "But can you?"

Jason stifled his urge to step back.  Instead he inclined his head and licked Iolaus' essence from Ares' hand.  He worked his tongue slowly, rasping it across every centimeter of skin, cleaning all of his lover's seed from the god's hand.  His heart skipped a beat at the familiar taste.  He continued licking until Ares lowered his hand.  "Terms?" he demanded quietly.

"Pretty much what Iolaus already agreed to.  You stay until dawn tomorrow, do as your told, and I let Timor go to Demeter and you can take Iolaus from my temple.  Oh, and no talking, I don't want to listen to you two argue about what our orders mean ... you just do what we tell you to."

"I have to explain to Io..."

Ares cut him off.  "No you don't."

"Strife and Discord don't touch us," Jason clarified, trying to close any loopholes.

Ares laughed and shook his head.  "That depends on how interesting you keep the floor show.  If I get bored, then I turn Strife and Discord loose.  Like I said, I enjoy rough.  And you don't really have much choice ... your alternative ..." Ares shrugged not needing to finish.

Jason flinched as he remembered his nightmares.  "I agree."

As Ares reached for him Jason glanced at the sky; dawn had come during the long minutes of the gods' play.  He controlled his shivers of apprehension ... a day ... a full damn day ... to get and keep the interest of a god notorious for his impatience, and even more notorious for his violence. Then he swayed, collapsing against Ares, he lifted his head and saw Ares' satisfied smirk before darkness overcame him.

*** Everything spun. Nausea nearly overwhelmed him, but some instinct made him swallow his bile and control his heaving stomach.  Memory returned, swift images breaking through his vertigo and nausea ... Iolaus!  He stood - too abruptly and set the room spinning again.  He felt his lover's arms around him and turned stopping Iolaus' instinctive outcry with a kiss.

He felt Iolaus', "Why?" under his lips and held him tightly continuing their kiss.  He brought a hand up and covered Iolaus' mouth when their kiss ended. He shifted his head slightly to bring it against his friend's ear, "Don't talk," he whispered.  Iolaus convulsed in his arms, moaning.

Jason's body bunched to charge Ares, who shrugged.  "That was your warning, Prince."  Jason unclenched his muscles holding his shaking lover and leading him to the bed.  He searched the room for exits as they walked.  There weren't any, they would have to leave the way they came, via a god's power. The room was a large square with sloping sides and with a square hole at top open to the sky.  Jason figured they were at the top of Ares' temple pyramid, but he couldn't figure out how he kept the rain or the other elements out with the open top.  He vaguely heard the Strife and Discord whining at Ares about not getting to play with Iolaus.  The two cadets backed away from the arguing gods, still making their way to the bed, centered under the open roof.  Looking up Jason decided he didn't care how Ares kept the rain out; at least he would be able to keep track of time.

The gods' arguing escalated, Discord screamed, "They made us shovel shit!"

Jason briefly glared at Iolaus and mouthed, "Shit?"  Iolaus shrugged bringing his hands up in an 'it seemed like a good idea at the time' gesture that Jason had seen from him frequently.  They sat on the unmade bed silently searching the room and trying to avoid the arguing gods' attention. Iolaus' bare feet stuck out below his pants and his vest was gone.  His friend shivered and the prince pulled one of the blankets up over his shoulders.  As he did so, Jason noticed more bruises than he'd seen before Strife and Discord had disappeared with Iolaus.  One flowered on his check, others tracked down his arms, and a set that looked like bite marks showed underneath his vest over the nipple Discord hadn't played with.  Deep scratches, bruises and gouges surrounded the one she had played with.

He looked at a deep cut on Iolaus' left triceps and frowned.  Iolaus noticed his attention on the cut and looked over at the bedposts, strong poles of twisted metal, and their attached chains.  Jason lightly touched the twisted metal, and quickly drew his hand back, bringing it to his mouth to suck at the cut.  The twisted post design continued in the head and footboards, smaller twisted posts running between curved toppers.  A careful touch showed that those smaller posts cut as deeply as the main four.  A chest stood open at the foot of the bed, Jason noticed Iolaus' refusal to look at it and craned his head to check it.  He winced.  Whips, knives, and other implements whose use he didn't even want to consider filled it.

"Unc, you promised ..." Strife's whine was cut off by a surge of energy that sent him and Discord across the room to strike the walls.  Ares' furious voice filled the room.  "You two couldn't even tell that the fake was a mortal ... don't whine about how I choose to use the mortals that tricked you.  Or you'll be the next floorshow."  He turned to glare at the mortals on his bed.  "And shouldn't you be trying to entertain me?" he snarled.

Iolaus' head whirled and he stared at Jason.  Incredulousness, anger, and panic chased across his face and eyes, as he finally understood Jason's agreement with the god.  When he saw the panic Jason tried to reassure Iolaus, meeting his eyes and nodding slightly.  He held out his hand, Iolaus tentatively took it and a look of guarded acceptance replaced his earlier momentary panic.  They leaned toward one another.

A crackle of energy and the thud of two boots hitting the bed pulled them apart.  Ares now slouched in a large chair facing the side of the bed, he spread his legs pulling his leather pants tight across his crotch, and propped his feet wide apart on the bed.  His vest hung open displaying his muscular chest and stomach, his hands rested lightly behind his head as he stared at the two mortals on his bed.  Discord knelt by the bed, between her twin's spread legs.  She propped her elbows on the bed and rested her head on her clasped hands.  The bed bounced and they looked at the footboard. Strife sat cross-legged against the footboard and played with one of the shackles.  As they turned to look at him he lifted a hand and ran it against the sharp edges one of the twisted bedposts.  Blood trickled along the cut and he lifted his hand and licked the blood off.  He continued playing with the shackle running it along his inner thigh and over his groin.  He licked the last drop of blood off his hand, ran his tongue along his lips, and smiled at Iolaus.

Iolaus recoiled, colliding with Jason.  He looked at his friend, he eyes sending his message as loudly as a shout, "We're supposed to keep these three entertained - for a whole day!"

"Told you they'd be boring." Discord's mocking statement cut through their awkwardness.

Jason's hand shot out to bring Iolaus into a deep kiss.  Iolaus opened his mouth to Jason's tongue gradually relaxing against his body.  Jason felt Iolaus' hands at his belt and grabbed them pulling them away.  He pushed Iolaus back.  His lover panted slightly, but quickly regained his breath. He knelt back on his heels watching Jason.  Keeping things going as slowly as he dared Jason drew out each movement.  He took Iolaus' hands and moved them to the top of one boot.  Iolaus slowly removed Jason's boots letting them drop off the bed.  He moved his hands up to remove Jason's vest, but Jason caught his right wrist.  He brought the gauntleted wrist to his mouth to carefully work the lacings with his teeth.  When it finally fell he scraped his teeth against the sensitive skin and felt Iolaus shiver with passion.  Iolaus offered his other wrist, but instead Jason lifted to Iolaus' mouth.  He watched his lover's teeth work, slowly unlacing the gauntlet to let if fall.

Iolaus leaned forward and crawled over to Jason.  He nuzzled at Jason's gauntlet, slowly picking at the laces with his teeth.  The prince shifted his wrist to give his lover a better angle.  That close he noticed areas where Iolaus' hair had knotted and snarled in his earlier struggles and gently worked his fingers through the knots untangling the worst of them. He found the familiar task soothing and continued, switching hands when the first gauntlet fell.  He glanced up, Discord sat pouting and Ares looked dangerously close to bored.  He tightened his hand in Iolaus' hair to let him know to hurry, the gauntlet dropped and he laid back pulling Iolaus up. Working a little faster Iolaus worked the fastenings on Jason's vest with his teeth then nudged it open.  His lips brushed the first one then the other nipple, giving each a light kiss.  He returned to the first and lapped at it until Jason hissed clenching his fists in the bedspread.  Iolaus kissed it again before moving his mouth to the other nipple and repeating the treatment.  Jason felt him slide slowly down his body, kissing a trail to his belt.  Iolaus tried to fumble it open with his mouth, but at Strife's hiss of impatience used his hands.  The belt gone, Jason expected Iolaus to use his hands to undo his pants.

So, he arched at the unexpected sensation of Iolaus' hair brushing his belly and his mouth on the lacings.  The first two fastenings gave easily, but as Iolaus' mouth brushed right above and over his crotch Jason hardened.  The already tight leather pants lost their little give and the laces tightened impossibly over his cock.  With a frustrated mutter Iolaus finally used his hands to finish the job and leaned down.  Jason clenched his hands in the bedspread and waited for Iolaus' mouth to touch his cock.

"I want to see his ass," Strife demanded.  Iolaus froze.  "Take off the belt and lower your pants," the god ordered.  Iolaus remained frozen.

"Ares," Discord complained, "you said they would do what we told them."

Jason willed Iolaus to do it and his lover's hands finally moved to his belt and removed it.  With shaking fingers he undid his laces and Jason watched him lower his pants.  When they got about halfway down his thighs, Strife said, "Stop.  You have a great looking ass Iolaus.  Now - suck him - but keep your ass up."

Iolaus brought his head down balancing on his hands.  "No!"  Discord interrupted and picked a belt.  "I want to tie his hands behind his back."

"I said, 'no touching,' Discord."  Ares stopped her incipient pout with a different order.  "Iolaus, put your hands behind your back and leave them there."  After Iolaus complied, he asked sarcastically, "Now can he suck the damn cock?"

"Yes, Ares," Discord and Strife both responded meekly.

Jason's cock had lost some of its lift during the interruption, but the first touch of Iolaus' tongue caused it to stiffen, and it quickly stood upright.  His tongue worked its way down the cock, caressed the base, and moved back to lick at the balls.  Jason thrust his hips up, trying to work his pants down and give Iolaus more room.

"Stay still," Ares said.  "Not you Iolaus - Jason - I want you to swallow his cock."  Iolaus made a couple of attempts before getting his mouth around the head before it moved.  Jason clenched his body to keep from meeting his lover's descending mouth.  Iolaus' lips, tongue and throat relaxed allowing him to swallow Jason almost to the root.  The prince felt the sweat beading his body, battled to follow Ares' order when his body wanted to move to Iolaus' rhythmic sucking.  His lover's mouth moved up and down his cock, pushing Jason closer to climax.

"Now Jason, take his hair and pull him down."  His hands shot out to obey, wrapping into Iolaus' hair and pulling.  Ares' voice crooned approval. "That's right, take over Jason, move him to your rhythm, just keep your hips still."  Jason moved Iolaus' mouth over his cock, speeding the rhythm. Moaning, Jason continued responding to Ares' commands.  "Pull him all the way down - now stop."  Jason held Iolaus' head down his lips brushing the curls.  "Relax, Iolaus.  You can breathe around him, that's right, like that.  Can you feel how deep in his throat you are, Jason?"  The prince nodded nodded, desperate to cum. "Do you want to cum?"  He nodded again. "Make Iolaus do the work.  Strife, tell Iolaus what to do."

"Lick the base of his cock, slip your tongue down, and lick it good," Strife explained to Iolaus, panting.  "And tighten your throat, loosen it - keep doing that and lick hard, make him want to cum..."

Jason groaned as Iolaus followed Strife's directions.  His tongue caressed him and his throat tightened and relaxed around his cock.  Jason felt his balls tighten and tried to hold on, but he bucked up cumming with a loud moan.  His hands tightened in Iolaus' hair holding him down.  When his orgasm ended he realized that Iolaus had put his hands down to brace himself.  As they separated their eyes met and they both glanced upward. Still early morning, Jason estimated gloomily.

"He disobeyed," Discord turned to look at Ares, "You said we could play with him if ..."

Ares looked at Discord impatiently.  "Go suck Strife."  Iolaus choked down a snigger, turning it to a cough.  Ares looked at him and threw his belt to Jason. "Tie his hands."  Jason caught the heavy studded belt.  Feeling the rough metal, he winced imagining the damage the studs would do to Iolaus' wrists.  Looking at the belt, Jason decided that Ares hadn't said how to tie him and quickly grabbed a pillow and ripped two long, soft pieces of cloth off.  Iolaus faced him trustingly offered his wrists.  Jason quickly wrapped the long clothes around his lover's and started tying them in front.

"Ares," Discord whined the War God's name, "That's not how I wanted him tied," she complained.

"Behind his back."  Ares ordered.

Iolaus turned stretching back his arms.  Jason reluctantly secured them, carefully wrapping the belt around the protective cloth, and pulling the lip through the buckle to leave a long trailing end.

"He shouldn't have the cloths," Discord groused.

"Better chill," Strife warned.

Ares shrugged, bored with Discord's bellyaching.  "He's tied.  And didn't I tell you to suck Strife?"  He looked at the two young men.  "Get your pants off."

Jason scrambled to obey, while Discord clambered onto the bed.  Still disgruntled she struck her fists into the bedding, and crawled over to Strife.  "They make me shovel shit and he gets cloths to protect his tender little wrists," she muttered angrily.  Her voice rising she continued, "What kind of vengeance is this?  I want blood! I want pain!  I want screaming!" She snatched the belt end pulling Iolaus down.  Leaning over his sprawled body she finished, "I want you begging for the mercies of Tartarus!"

"Yeah, Ma, we know."  The God of Mischief made his clothes vanish, displaying his marble-pale body.  Muscles sculpted the slender form and his cock jutted up.  Jason looked and blanched, remembering Strife's earlier threats to take Iolaus.  The pale god winked at Jason then slowly scanned Iolaus, finally licking his lips and brushing a thumb across the head of his cock.  "Hold it."  He stopped Discord with a look and they smiled.  He caught Jason's eye.  "You sit over there," and he pointed to the far corner of the bed.  Jason reluctantly moved to the corner, carefully avoiding the bedpost.  Strife crooked his finger at Iolaus.  The prince clenched his fists and bit his lower lip to avoid crying out when Iolaus awkwardly crawled towards Strife.  Finally, Iolaus stopped, next to the footboard. The trailing end of the belt wrapped through and around the posts making up the footboard pulling him to it.  Iolaus cautiously inched away from the sharp metal.  "Kneel up.  Spread your knees apart."  Each command was followed by Iolaus' subdued obedience.  Finished posing Iolaus, Strife smiled.  "Now don't move. "

The pale god stood, his legs well apart, putting his cock level with Iolaus' head.  Discord knelt behind him and lathed his ass and balls with her tongue.  As she continued bathing his ass and balls, Strife moved closer to Iolaus, but carefully didn't touch him.  Jason watched Iolaus back away, nudge the sharp posts behind him, and jerk forward causing his hair to brush the god's cock.

Strife moaned and thrust his hips forward.  "Oh, I like your hair," he shifted blocking Jason's view.  "I would love to bend you backward over something and watch Unc take your ass.  I'd watch and wrap my cock in your hair and..." Discord reached between his legs and pulled his cock back.  She mouthed the head while her hand caressed its length.  "Oh, Mama, that's so nice."  He continued rocking his hips and resumed talking between gasps and moans of pleasure.  "Where was I?  Oh yeah, Ares pounding your ass and my cock in your hair.  Unc likes to start slow, so at first you'd barely move. Your hair would just brush my cock a little, but when he gets going he's fast and hard, and he lasts forever.  He likes to make you cum over and over again, until you're wet with your seed, and none of your muscles work and you think you'll never cum again.  Then he likes to make you cum one more time, only that time he pours into you... ahhh...ohh," he broke off with a gasp when Discord worked her finger into his ass.

Jason watched and listened, reminding himself over and over that Strife was only talking, not touching.  But the words still cut him, still enraged him. He glanced up repeatedly trying to will the sun to move faster, but it seemed to hang there, unmoving.

"I want to watch while Unc makes you cum ... watch your seed cover your body ... have your hair move over my cock until I can't stand it and cum, too. Would you like that?  My seed in your hair.  I think it would be ... ahhh ... beautiful.  I want to cum in your hair ... in your mouth ... in your ass."  He pulled away from Discord's mouth and hands.  His hands moved to lift and display his staff to Iolaus.  Jason saw the god's hands move as Strife pleasured himself.  "Do you like my cock, Iolaus?  No ... don't turn away.  It likes ...ahhh... you.  It likes you ... a lot.  Look at it." His hands moved faster and his hips tightened.  "Look ... ahh ... at how big ... how hard ..." his hips moved with his hands, moving faster, until he jerked-off at a furious pace.  "Look Iolaus ... imagine this up your ass. And pounding you until ... you scream in pleasure ... pounding ... pounding ... until you cum!"  With a hoarse cry Strife came.  His seed poured out over Iolaus, streaming down his hair and face, drops spattering his shoulders and chest.

Strife flopped on the bed beside Iolaus, finally letting Jason see his friend and lover.  Iolaus still knelt legs apart, his body so rigid that Jason knew that he controlling a desperate need to tremble.  Iolaus' head hung, making it hard for Jason to met his eyes.  Finally, he glanced up and their eyes met.  For a brief second the prince saw panic and terror, he straightened matching Iolaus' pose and took a slow deliberate breath, beginning a breathing pattern that Chiron taught all cadets during their first few months of training.  He took another deep breath, then another, on the fourth Iolaus joined him and bit by bit the panic and terror receded.

They ignored Strife's giggles and barbed comments, continuing their slow deep breaths.  "Iolaus, you're not hard, don't you like my cock?" Strife asked.  When the boy didn't reply he looked at Jason.  "Come over here and play with him, I want him hard."  Jason swung his legs over the bed to get off and walk over.

"No," Discord's order stopped him, "Crawl."  Jason pulled his legs back up, dropped to all fours, made sure he had Strife and Discord's attention, and sinuously crawled to over to Iolaus.  When he reached his lover he saw small drops of blood on the bedding beneath him and carefully reached around pulling his lover forward by his hips.  Leaving his hands cupped protectively around Iolaus' buttocks he knelt up and pulled Iolaus into a gentle kiss.  He pulled one of he sheets up to wipe Strife's seed from his lover.  Jason dabbed tenderly around the bruised and scratched nipples, before toweling as much as he could out of his hair.  When his lover was as clean as he could manage without water, he lovingly kissed his eyes shut.

Finally, Jason lowered his head to nuzzle the crook between neck and shoulder.  That began his leisurely exploration of his lover's body.  He moved down Iolaus' shoulder and side with gentle kisses, licks, and the occasional scrape of his teeth.  As he moved down he shifted his hands always making sure to pull Iolaus away from the sharp posts of the footboard.  When he reached Iolaus hip he continued trailing lightly down his leg the sharp musk of his lover's arousal making him harden.  He moved to the other leg shifting to move between Iolaus and Strife.  He noticed the god fondling Discord's clit and continued arousing Iolaus.  By the time he reached Iolaus' waist his lover was panting, his cock full and weeping. Playing for time, Jason ignored the tempting cock and instead started licking at Iolaus' belly and chest.  He slowly worked his way up tasting the salt of his and Strife's cum mingled with Iolaus' sweat.

A single gentle brush of tongue across a bruised nipple sent Iolaus arching backward with a passionate moan.  Only Jason's hands kept him away from the footboard.  The prince continued upward to scrap his teeth across his lover's collarbone and shoulder blade.  He felt the bed move to Discord's orgasm and moved his head up to kiss Iolaus again.  When he pulled out of the kiss he glanced up to see the enough sun to estimate the time to be past the midday meal.  He leaned down and resumed kissing Iolaus.  He crept closer to his lover bringing their hips together, his hands moved to cup Iolaus' ass and pull him closer.  Their bodies rocked together and their cocks left small dribbles of precum on their bellies and thighs.  Jason moved from Iolaus' mouth to neck.

He moaned when suddenly Iolaus was pulled away from him.  A small cry escaped him when he saw Ares standing behind them.  The War God had finally striped and his cock stood rampant amidst a thick nest of curls.  The hair continued both up and down delineating the hard muscles of his body.  The god's hand twisted in Iolaus' hair finally forced Jason to recognize the loophole he'd left; Ares had never said he wouldn't touch Iolaus.  The god pulled Iolaus up and forced his bond hands against the sharp metal posts of the footboard.

Blood ran down Iolaus' arms as Ares continued pulling him closer.  He stopped when the give in the belt gave out and he had Iolaus' buttocks and hamstrings pressed against the footboard.  Jason winced at the blood dripping onto the bedding.  The War God held out his other hand, a small light chain dangled from it.  Grudgingly, Jason held out his hand.  The chain dropped into it and as it did he recognized it - nipple clamps.  He noted the hard edges and shuddered.

"Put them on Iolaus."   He pulled Iolaus' hair.  "Open your eyes."

Jason shuddered, considered refusing, and remembered the broken body of his dream.  He slowly stood on the bed and walked to Iolaus.  His friend's nipples and gone flat and the prince leaned over letting his lips gently close on one nipple.  He quickly teased it to arousal and shifted to bite Iolaus' collarbone.  He couldn't tell if his lover's shrill hiss was from his biting him, or the nipple clamp biting into his nipple.  The second nipple took longer to arouse and Iolaus flinched when Jason's hand moved towards it with the nipple clamp.  His recoil pushed him against the footboard and caused even more damage.

"Now suck his nipples, and don't stop till I tell you." Ares' implacable demand made Jason nauseous.  During his brief pause before he obeyed, Ares' hand shot down and ruthlessly squeezed one nipple driving the clamp's teeth in deeper.   Jason's mouth quickly latched onto the other one.  Iolaus' chest quivered under his mouth and his moans filled the room.  Jason felt Strife cum against his legs and ass.  "Use your hand to stroke his cock." The prince dropped a hand down to obey, found Iolaus' cock and started masturbating his lover.  When Ares' hand moved from Iolaus' nipple, Jason switched to that one, gagging slightly at the taste of his lover's blood.

"Suck him."  Relieved Jason knelt to obey then winced at his lover's harsh sob of pain.  He looked up to see Strife pulling on the chain running between the clamps with one hand and flicking and pinching Iolaus' nipples with the other.

"Suck him." The impatient tone of the order cut through Jason's distress and he quickly lowered his head to Iolaus' groin.  He teased his lover back to arousal sucking in the hardening cock.  As his mouth and tongue worked he tasted Iolaus' essence, and heard his pants of passion broken by occasional sharp cries of pain.  He increased his pace, hoping that they would stop when Iolaus came.  The familiar hitching moan signaled that his lover's climax was imminent and Jason pulled him back as far as he could into his throat.  With a moan Iolaus completed in Jason's mouth.  The prince swallowed what he could finally releasing his lover's cock.

Iolaus collapsed forward when the two gods abruptly released him and the belt unwrapped from the posts.  Jason eased him down to the bed allowing him to curl as much as he could with his arms secured behind his back.  Ares and Strife's cum coated him mingling with his blood.  Jason's concern increased at his uncontrolled shivers.

"You can untie him now."  Ares said quietly, as he sat on the bed next to the two cadets.  Jason fumbled with the belt in his eagerness, but finally managed to get it undone.  He unwound the cloths, grimacing at the bruises that uncovered, but thankful that they weren't broken or sliced to ribbons by the belt studs.  He silently massaged the hands helping Iolaus cope with the returning circulation.

Ares stroked Iolaus hair, pushing it off his forehead, with an odd gentleness.  "He really is beautiful when he cums."  Jason didn't respond continuing his massage, but now working the tense muscles of his lover's arms and shoulders.  "His face just lights up and his body ..." the god's voice trailed.  "I think that you deserve a small reward for a good start." Jason met his eyes.  "Just a small one," he emphasized.

Jason discarded any idea of asking that they be release early, he knew that was impossible.  And Ares was too interested in the blood to consider healing Iolaus.  So Jason considered the two things they needed that he thought he might get, food and a bath.  Sorting out exactly how to ask, he took a risk of losing both, and said, "I think we would like to eat our lunch as we bathed."  Ares chuckled, fortunately amused rather than angered.

"Very well."  Ares stood.