When Ares Got Bored
 By Nemetona
Ares sat on his throne.  He was bored.

"Strife!" he bellowed.

Within seconds Strife appeared beside him.

"What do you want now Unc?  I'm busy."

Ares backhanded him for his cheek.  "What I want, Strife, is for you to entertain me.  I'm bored, bored, bored."  Ares paused. He knew his  nephew of old. "What are you busy with?"

"Oh, just spying on some mortals ... hold on, that gives me an idea.   Wait here, I'll be right back and I think I may have the cure for your  boredom."

In a flash Strife disappeared, then moments later four very surprised people found themselves facing the God of War.

The four women looked around, stunned at their surroundings, struck speechless by the sight of Ares, lounging on his throne, overshadowing  them.

Strife gestured.  "On your knees, wenches, bow down to the God of War.  Tell him your names. The women looked at each other, then the one on the far right spoke.

"Hi, I'm Kelly,  Keeper of the Luxurious Jet-Black Locks" she gave a  little bow to Ares.

"My name is Thiel.  I am High Priestess of the Chocolate Sauce and  Keeper of the Nuts."  Thiel did not bow.  Instead she looked Ares straight in the eye, moistening her suddenly dry lips.  Ares' eyes followed the movements of her tongue.

"I am Thamiris, Ruler of Smut City!" Her voice was strong and firm as she announced herself, refusing to let him know how much she was shaking inside.

"Xenara," the fourth woman named herself.  Then bending her head shyly she continued "Keeper of the Thrusting Techniques".

"Indeed?"  Ares' eyebrows rose at her title.  He looked them over.  A smile playing on his lips: the day was starting to look up.

"So, Xenara, Thamiris, Thiel and Kelly," he nodded to each as he spoke their name, "are you prepared to worship Ares, God of War as is my due?"

"Yes!" In one voice they answered him.  Then with a cheeky grin Kelly added "Bags--I get first dibs!"

With that they descended upon him.  Busy hands removed his leathers caressing the tender flesh below.  Ares started to feel overwhelmed as hands stroked his face and hair (Kelly), hands pinched and rubbed his nipples (Thamiris), hands cupped his balls and petted his cock (Thiel) and hands stroked his back, caressed his crack and pushed inside him (Xenara).

And then mouths, lips and teeth competed with the hands, every part of his body was touched, stoked, scratched, bitten, sucked and moistened.  Ares gave up thinking and surrendered to this attack.  One after another they rode him,  sometimes on his cock, sometimes on his face, every now and them someone would find some object to thrust up his anus.  Ares felt more used than he had ever been before and he loved it.   Eventually, however, being only mortal the women fell into an exhausted slumber.

Strife reappeared at his uncle's summons.  A grin on his face as he took in Ares' appearance lying flat on his back, sated by the four warm bodies which surrounded and covered him.

"Thank you, Strife, that was just what I needed to cheer me up.  Put  them back safely for now.  But be sure to keep track of them - I may need to brighten up another day."