Black Belt
 By Lisa
I had arrived home late one night  from my Tae Kwon Do class, feeling cocky and confident after having just bested my head instructor and old friend who just happened to be a fourth degree black belt.  I couldn't believe that I had beaten him.  I walked in the door and turned on the lights.  "Too bad  Ares couldn't have seen me tonight. I think I handled myself as well as his protege Xena, if I do say so myself,"  I said  while looking in the mirror.  It was then that I heard a rumble of thunder and saw a bright white flash of light.  I froze in my spot as he appeared from that bright flash.

He was here in that black leather, and that bad attitude that I had heard about so often.  " Oh my dear Lisa, I was watching you tonight.  You're  good but you could be a whole better."

I looked at him then found the words to speak. "Ares, I'm honored that you were watching.  It's a pleasure to finally meet the God Of War,  I'm sorry if my performance tonight displeases you; that was never my intention.  I'll do better next time."

I turned around to pu my gear up in my closet when suddenly he was right beside me.  " I never said that your performance displeased me, only that you could be better."  He smiled.

I turned to face him.   "Oh really.  How can I be better?"   I asked him rather boldly.

Ares grabbed me.  "To be a warrior you must first be trained by one, and who better to teach you, my dear, than the God Of War himself?  As a Ksmithares list member is your duty or rather your obligation to serve me however and whenever I call you to come before me,"  he said as he kissed me.  When Ares broke the kiss he asked, "Do you understand what I am telling you?"

With a knowing smile  I replied "Yes, Ares, I understand.  How may I serve you ?"

Ares looked at me.  "Relax , my pretty one.  School is session, and we have all the time in the world for you to learn to properly serve the God Of War."  He laughed as he drew the curtains.