KSA Fiction:  B-C
Lunch Break
Strife and Cupid have some lunchtime fun, and then Ares gets involved. Slash. 18k

Forever Brothers
(7/29/00) Some bonds are never broken.  7k
Deer Afroditie
(12/29/00) Iolaus and Iphicles try to come up with a description for Aphrodite's gift. Implied slash. 6k
From the Mouths of Gods
(7/23/00) Aphrodite bets Ares he can't abstain from swearing and charges Iolaus with keeping him honest. Ongoing. Slash. 7k
Man, I Feel Like a Woman Tonight
(8/19/00) Young Hercules and Iolaus take matters into their own hands. 5k

The Chancellor
Iphicles, the Sovereignís brother, brings a traitor to justice. AU. Warning for Character death. Slash. 32k
Dead Again
Response to Tham's "quickie" Murder Mystery challenge.  Hermes and Deimos try to find out who killed Iolaus. Warning for Character death. Slash. 46k
Strife and Iphicles breach the boundaries between the Underworld & Corinth. Slash. 52k
Great Expectations
(3/11/01) Aphrodite has found a perfect lover for Ares. All he has to do is figure out who it is. Slash and implied het. 31k
It's a Fine Day For a Battle
Ares, Deimos and Thanatos share some tender moments on the battlefield. Slash. 34k
No Man is an Island
Sequel to Thick as Thieves, Silent as Death. Autolycus takes up residence in Crete while Apollo explores the underworld.  Slash. 122k
Sequel to "It's a Fine Day for a Battle." Deimos and Thanatos reunite. Slash. 27k
(08/13/00)  Jett offers up a prayer to Ares in the wake of Joxer's death.  Spoilers: Motherhood.  Language, implicit violence.  Gen.  12k.
(02/12/01) Three word challenge story, with the words dance, naked, grotesquely. A young Iphicles joins the Corinthian army and finds that a deity has noticed him.  Slash. 40k.
Silent as Death
Hades vies for power on Olympus. Sequel to "Thick as Thieves."  Slash and het. 73k
Thick as Thieves
Autolycus undertakes a dangerous mission. Slash. 120k

Revenge Can Be Such a Hoot
Ares doesn't take rejection very well. Het. 28k
Lessons in Love
The Sovereign's been a naughty boy and Ares decided to teach him a lesson. 5P challenge, slash. 49k

Brothers Once More
Hercules helps Iphicles. Drama. Slash. 21k
The Final Choice
Hercules confronts the death of his friends. Slash. Character death. 18k
Xenaverse characters leave a campfire for some fun. Comedy.  Slash, het.9k
A Funny Thing Happened One Day in a Temple
Herc makes an interesting discovery. Slash. 9k
The Game
Sequel to The Question. Slash. 8k
Lessons from a Father
Zeus decides to teach Hercules a lesson.  Slash.  N/C.28k
The Question
Ares and Hercules are lovers. Slash. 6k

Crossover with BtVS. Wesley summons the God of War out of desperation.  Slash. 23k

Gabrielle's Dreams
Gabrielle dreams of Ares and others.  Het. 13k

The Forsaken
Ares visits a dead Iolaus.  Slash. 7k
The Het Series
Ares and Tham, Iphicles and Tham. Het. 11k
Lovers by Firelight
Erotic encounter between Talaus and Ares.  Slash. 9k
The Test
A warrior shows his devotion to the war god.  Slash. 12k
The Times They Be A Changing
Ares confronts his loneliness. Slash. 6k

A Very Silly Bet
Strife makes a very stupid mistake.  Slash. 8k

Hurrying Down the Dark Road
(2/15/01) Ares and a young Ilainus.  Het and slash. Ongoing. 79k

Apologise? Who's Apologising?
Sequel to No Apologies. An orgy involving the listsibs.  Het, slash. 58k
Beautiful Release
(8/19/00) Iphicles receives a note. Slash. 11k
Ares meditates. Slash. 5k
Parody of the movie "Grease" starring Joxer and Ares.  Comedy. Slash.  209k
Happy Holiday
Claire plans a surprise for the listsibs. Comedy. Het. 25k
No Apologies Necessary (Or: Don't Fuck with the Listsibs)
Ares offers support to the members of Ksmithares.  Comedy. Het. 15k
Olympian Nights
Parody of "Summer Nights" from Grease. Adventure, comedy.  Het, slash. 6k
One Morning On Mount Olympus
Ares leaves a meeting to be with Joxer. Slash. 13k
Revelation 6:17
Kronos seeks Ares' aid for Methos. Slash. Character Death. 26k
The Party
Ares saves Claire from a boring party.Het. 15k
War and Order
(2/12/01) A mystery throws New York detective Mike Logan and Ares together with devastating results. Ongoing. Slash. 158k

Dark Entries
Vampires, Ares and Iolaus. Slash. 29k
In the Flat Field
Ares speaks of war. 20k
Little Red Riding Tham
Revision of a fairy tale. Comedy. 19k
The Passenger
In modern-day, Ares takes a ride.13k
Some Enchanted Evening and its Parody
Slash writer takes revenge. Comedy. 17k
Wargames 1-6 Wargames 7-12 Wargames 13-18 Wargames 19-22
Ares and Iphicles investigate war crimes.  Adventure. Slash. Ongoing. 280k
Darkly erotic encounter with Ares.  Slash. 8k

(1/21/01) Caesar and Ares power play. Slash. 12k
A God's Best Friend
(1/21/01) Graegus needs a new sitter. Slash. 13k
(1/21/01) Iphicles on his way to Golgoth; a missing scene from the HtLJ. Gen. 5k
(1/21/01) Iphicles comes to the aid of a mortal Ares.Implied slash. 18k
(1/21/01) A view of the Trojan War from Ares' perspective. Gen. 11k
(1/21/01) Fairies infest Olympus. Implied slash. 9k
(1/21/01) Iphicles receives a late night visitor. Implied slash. 10k
Moments in Transience
(4/9/01) A perspective on Ares/Iphicles. Slash, implied het. 16k
Morning After
(3/14/01) Apollo gets his revenge on Ares. Slash, implied het and bestiality. 12k
(1/21/01) Strife and Discord plot to escape Ares' wrath. Gen. 7k


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