By Cat
The campfire burned brightly as the group of friends sat around it, quietly eating their evening meal.

Iolaus was watching Autolycus. Autolycus was watching Iolaus. Xena was watching Gabrielle. Gabrielle was watching Hercules. Hercules was watching Joxer, and Joxer was looking deep into the flames of the fire. The smell of lust filled the air.

Joxer put down his plate and stood quickly. "I'm going for a walk." he announced as he moved purposefully into the forest.

"So am I," Hercules called as he moved gracefully after the usually clumsy warrior. Gabrielle left after him without a word and Xena chased after her.

Iolaus, noticing suddenly that they were alone, leaned over till he was touching his lover, he reached out and pulled his face up to his, kissing him passionately . The two looked at each other and slowly began to undress one another, giving themselves up to their passion, completely unaware of what was happening to their companions.

Xena was concentrating on the path ahead of her, trying to work out which of the three tracks were Gabrielle's when a flush of light almost blinded her. She stepped back, falling into a fighting stance as she found herself face to face with Strife.

"Strife!" she yelled.

The godling looked at the warrior before him, his eyes raking over her muscular form. Xena unconsciously looked at the pale god before her, fighting the desire that suddenly filled her body. She tried to turn away but the god moved faster, he grasped her around the waist and pulled her tightly against his body, his hard erection pushing invitingly against her stomach.

He kissed her passionately and felt her body melt against his body suggestively.

"Let's have some fun," he whispered.

"Yes," she moaned as he suckled on her ear.

"Yes," he replied and in a flash they were gone.

Gabrielle carefully moved through the bush, carefully stalking the son of Zeus. She watched him as he bent to check Joxer's trail. She waited until he was completely distracted and pounced on him, knocking him to the ground as she quickly straddled his chest and tearing his shirts off without haste.

"Gabrielle!" Hercules yelled as he tried to grab a hold of her squirming body to lift her off him.

"Yes lover," she replied huskily as she slid against his body and began to tongue his dark nipples.

He threw back his head , and praying to any god that Xena was nearby and would get him out of this mess, he yelled "HELP!!!"

"Yes?" a deep sexy voice replied.

Gabrielle looked up as her hand slipped under the waist band of Hercules' trousers and began caressing his cock. She found herself looking up at a very aroused Ares. She could see the desire in his eyes and pants, and she moved her body closer to Hercules'. "Don't!" she warned.

"Don't what?" he growled as his eyes remained on the hardening cock beneath the leather.

"Don't look, don't stay and Don't INTERRUPT!!" she yelled, concerned that he was going to take her before she could enjoy Hercules.

Ares narrowed his eyes and knocked her a short distance from Hercules with a well aimed kick. He then reached down and grasped Hercules' hand, pulling him on to his feet and into the safety of his embrace. He gently ran his hands over the exposed flesh and with a flick of his wrists, got rid of his remaining clothing. His hands traced the same path as Gabrielle's had. He finally took a firm hold of the erect penis as Hercules moaned in his ear. "She doesn't know how to treat you right." Ares whispered as their bodies pressed hard against one another. Hercules shook his head as his lips began nibbling on Ares neck.

Ares suddenly slapped Hercules' bare arse and the two men groaned as this action forced their engorged members to brush against each other.

Ares grabbed Hercules firmly as he began to wrap himself around the god's body. He looked at Gabrielle menacingly. "Leave Hercules alone!" he growled and the two men disappeared.

Gabrielle was fuming, she had wanted Hercules, and had been willing to settle for Ares, but they had wanted each other. She began to stand, smoothing her clothing and pondering what to do next. She was in the mood for company and Hercules was gone. Iolaus and Autolycus would be doing each other, Xena was way too dominating for her tastes. That only left Joxer, oh well beggars can't be choosers, she thought as she set off after the clumsy warrior-wanna be.

Joxer sat up in a tree, watching everything below him with a smile. He watched as Xena and Strife got together. As Iolaus and Autolycus gave into their pleasure and as Ares and Hercules finally accepted their attraction to one another. He was even watching as Gabrielle searched for him down below.

She definitely needed a few lessons on life and how to treat people, he thought to himself.

"And who should give them to her?" a soft voice whispered in his ear, sending shivers up his spine.

"Not you my love." he whispered back as he leant into the firm chest behind him, soft feathers carefully embracing him.

"Doing it in a tree is a new one, but it might be a little uncomfortable, not to mention painful, if you fall." Cupid offered as he slowly licked and nibbled on Joxer's ear.

Joxer laughed and pulled away, climbing down the tree quickly, with a confidence that few would have ever suspected from him. The god landed next to him almost instantly.

"Did you have fun with my arrows?" the God of Love asked as he began to undress the body before him.

Joxer moaned as Cupid traced a path from his throat, down to his waist and back again.

"Yes" he answered, smiling as he though about what he had done.

"You promised you'd tell me why when you were finished" Cupid reminded him, slapping him hard on his rear.

"Rewards and punishments" Joxer replied enigmatically and Cupid wondered which were which.

"Let's go home," Joxer stated, looking deeply into Cupid‘s eyes. Cupid pulled him back into his arms, still amazed that after the many months that they had been together, Joxer could still make him feel like he had that first night.

Carefully he moved so that as much of their bodies as possible was touching. Cupid spread his wings to fly but stopped suddenly. "What about Gabrielle?" he asked.

Joxer kissed Cupid as deeply as it was physically possible, only breaking apart when his lungs screamed for air. "She's fine, by now she should have found her lover for the night." Joxer answered with an evil smile on his face. At that moment the silence was broken by two women yelling, their cries clear to anyone in the area.

"Gabrielle and Discord?" Cupid whispered in awe.

Joxer just smiled as he leant over to distract his lover so completely that no more thoughts could be had that night and the forest echoed with the sounds of pleasure from all around.