A Funny Thing Happened
     One Day in a Temple
By Cat
He stormed into the busy temple, anger boiling over inside of him.  He roughly pushed aside anyone in his way as he entered the main temple. The sight before him made his blood boil even more. At the centre altar were two men tied firmly, while neither seemed to be injured, they did appear extremely embarrassed, it was most probably the complete lack of clothes that did that, Hercules thought.

"Iolaus!" the demigod roared as he moved towards his friends, "What the hell is going on here and how the hell did you get yourself in to this mess?" he demanded.

Iolaus looked down, his embarrassment obvious. "It wasn't my fault really," he began but was cut off by the thunderous look on his friend's face. "It was his idea!" he added lamely as he pointed to his partner in crime.

"Autolycus?" Hercules growled menacingly.

"Herc," the thief began cautiously, "I can explain. You see, it was just a little idea that has seemed to backfired a little." Iolaus coughed in disbelief at that statement.  Even Hercules had to fight the smile that threatened to come to lips.

"What was the idea?" he demanded.

The two naked men looked at each other thoughtfully. "Really it was your fault," Autolycus began explaining.

"MY FAULT!!" the demigod yelled at the top of his lungs causing both men to cringe and everyone else to rush out of the temple in fear, leaving the three men alone.

"Calm down Big Fella. No need to get that riled up about it, but it is the truth." Autolycus tried to pacify the demigod, only to met his angry glare. The thief couldn't help but notice that his companion was quietly laughing at the mess that he had gotten himself into with Hercules. As the demigod began to pace the temple floor, Autolycus kicked his partner and motioned for him to do something.

"Herc,"  Iolaus tried to coax the demigod back, "You know that we could explain all of this a lot better if we were untied, dressed and far away from this place."

"No!" the demigod yelled.

"Okay" Iolaus responded gently.

"The idea" the demigod prompted again.

"Well, you see Iolaus and I have been together a while now, since you were a pig actually, but we had a small problem that stopped us being together, you!" Autolycus stated calmly.

"Me?" Hercules asked.

"Well Herc, you're such a, what's the word I'm looking for?" Iolaus asked.

"Strait laced, goody two shoes?" Autolycus offered and swore he could hear deep laughter quietly filling the hall. "We didn't think you would ever understand, let alone approve of us, so we kept having to keep our meetings secret."

"The problem was that lately you've been going off on your own and we've been able to spend a lot more time together."

"And that's a problem?" Herc asked incredulously.

"Well the thrill was wearing off!" Autolycus explained.

"So you decided to do something risky to get it back," Herc stated.

"Iolaus came up with this," Autolycus whined.

"We were travelling past this temple, it was dark and empty, so I thought why not," Iolaus explained sheepishly.

"So you came in here and got down to business on the altar of the God of War's favourite temple and you thought that nothing would happened to you?" Hercules demanded unbelievingly.

"It was going fine. We came in here and started messing around a little. You know, kissing, caressing, but we kept our clothes on. Nothing happened so we figured it was okay and we went a bit further, clothes started flying, bodies started touching, and one thing led to another and it was some of the best sex we have ever had, I mean it was mind blowing, Herc! A  few hours later we were exhausted and fell asleep, when we woke up, well..." Iolaus looked down at the ropes.

"You were tied naked to the altar and people were coming in to lay their tributes to the god of war, yes?" Herc stated.

"Yes" both men answered in unison. "So now will you let us loose?" Autolycus begged.

Hercules walked around them, his hand gently caressing his best friend's body as he looked at the two men carefully. "I don't know, I just don't know."

"Why not?" Autolycus demanded.

"Because" a deep voice that suddenly appeared behind him whispered, "you two interrupted something very important by your antics." the God of War answered as he moved towards the demigod, "And he hates being interrupted when he's having fun."  He was now standing by Hercules' side, and found his head forced upward for a searing kiss that left the two tied men both shocked and aroused.

"Do we untie them?" Hercules growled huskily to the God of War as his hands began roaming over the well muscled body before him, his actions causing all three of the other men to moan.

"I have a better idea," the god gasped as his vest was pushed off his shoulders and dropped to the floor. "The same as mine?" Herc offered with a smile and Ares grinned in reply, moving in to attack his lover's body with gusto.

Hands caressed sweat slicked skin as the two men rediscovered every contour of the bodies before them while Iolaus and Autolycus could only watch and grow more aroused with each moan.

Hercules moaned loudly as Ares bit his sensitive nipple, drawing blood, he looked up to see the other two men, heads thrown back with desire and their cocks hard and begging for release.

The demigod pulled away from his godly lover and pulled him up for a kiss. "I have another idea, I was wondering if you're up for a little competition," he suggested with a laugh, his eyes hungrily gazing at the other two men.

"What's the prize?" Ares demanded.

"Anything!" Herc offered.

Ares nodded and they moved to stand before the two friends. Hercules gently kissed Iolaus before kneeling down before he gently kissed the erect organ before him. Iolaus groaned as Hercules began to lick and nip his way along his friend's erect penis and testicles.

Autolycus watched the demigod and his lover kiss, jealously passed through him like lightning but this  quickly turned to desire as he saw Hercules began to make a meal of Iolaus. Suddenly he couldn't think anymore as Ares began to do the same to him.

Hercules and Ares sucked and licked Iolaus and Autolycus while their hands reached out to caress each others bodies, finally reaching their goal. In a rhythm as old as time, the two men sucked and caressed each other until all four men exploded in an earth shattering climax that left all weak from passion.

"I guess this explains your new outfit," a hoarse Iolaus stated, and Ares laughed softly.

Hercules reached up and broke the ropes that held the two men, "You're free now," he began to say but was interrupted by the rough feel of Autolycus' mouth on his. "I thought the fun had just begun," he said.

Ares and Hercules looked at each other in excitement, "I told you that this would work," Ares muttered into Hercules' mouth as they kissed. "Let the fun begin!" Hercules replied.