Some Enchanted Evening and its Parody
 Heat isn't just a word indicating Not Cold.  It goes far beyond temperature.

Heat is a living thing.  It's life, but it can be death.  Heat moves, in undulating patterns across the Earth, across our lives, across the soul. You can see heat, little anomalous waves of nothing, coming off a hot tar road in midsummer, or out the back of the VCR if the light's right on a hot day.  Heat is intimately tied in with sex.  You look hot.  You feel hot. His eyes were hot with passion.  It indicates anger -- heated words were exchanged.  Her eyes were hot with rage.  Heat is passionate.  Until it gets too hot.  Then you burn, and you die.  And in between?  Heat is simply stultifying.  It saps the strength, saps the will, makes you feel grubby and unpleasant, but too sapped to do anything about it.  And it was this in-between state the women of the list found themselves in one hot summer day...

Thamiris sighed, raking the hair out of her eyes.  "I hate to say it but... I'm bored."

Carrie raised an eyebrow.  "Bored?  At the first annual gathering of the women of the Ares list?  Tham!"

"It's this heat.  Even with the air conditioning I can feel it."

"You sure it's not the subject matter?" Arebella grinned.

"It's not that kind of heat!"  Thamiris mimed firing an arrow at her  listsib.  "I feel all... uck."

"I know what you mean," Rynne sighed.  "This isn't a good sort of hot.  It's  so bad I couldn't even imagine taking on Ares in this."

"And THAT is the proof!" Thamiris got momentarily more animated.  "Though all this talking about Ares is just making me horny."  She slumped back into her original position on the couch, looking disgruntled.

Laurissa laughed, but her heart wasn't in it.  "You know, it's winter back home right now," she murmured to no one in particular.  "When I pictured summer in the States I didn't exactly picture this..."

"We could make some sundaes..?"  Iphenys suggested hopefully.

A few women looked up with a degree of interest, but the heat had even  sapped their will to construct cheerful concoctions of syrup-covered ice cream.

A heat-sodden silence descended on the room, so dense that no one noticed the slight coppery tang in the air just before a blue-white flash startled them all.

The women jumped at the unexpected phenomenon, a few starting to suggest that lightning had hit before their eyes were drawn to the source of the disturbance.

Resplendent in cool, leather-clad glory, Ares stood in the nimbus of the spectacular release of energy.  He looked his heat-sapped acolytes over and smiled, his eyes seeming to meet and reach to the very soul of every woman in the room, then spoke, his voice low and cheerfully sexy, "Why all the long faces, girls?"

"Ares..." Artemis breathed.  Abruptly everyone in the room became more animated, some simply trying to move closer to the god while others tried to surreptitiously fluff their hair or adopt sultry poses, wishing desperately
that they hadn't opted for jeans and t-shirts today.  Trying to sound casual, KitKat said, "What are you doing here?  Not that we aren't thrilled..."  she smiled coquettishly.

Ares gave them a sultry look.  "I just got a... feeling... that I should drop in."

"So nice of you to come," Thiel purred.

Dyveka snickered.

"Well," Ares cast an appraising eye over the plethora of stunning femininity before him.  "Let's make this place a bit more comfortable, shall we?"  He waved a hand lazily before him, and suddenly the room was transformed.
Where before had been institutional couches matching the colour of the institutional paint and Sad Clown paintings on the walls, there was now a veritable sea of pillows and furs from one end of the room to the other. The lighting had changed from Motel 6 harsh to a soft, red-amber glow with no apparent source, the edges of the oddly larger-looking space skirted in cerulean blue.  The furniture - and thankfully, the clown paintings - had disappeared.

"...Wow," Ro spoke for them all as the women gazed around in wonder.  "This is more like it!"

"Sweet," Xenara agreed with an anticipatory grin.

The dark god gave a proprietory smirk as the women looked over the new decor.

The bolder of them were already investigating the intriguing nooks and crannies of the new suite.  "Hey!" Nemetona turned with a wicked grin.  "I found the whip!"  She gave the whip a few experimental tries, eyes lighting at the sharp CRACK each flick of the wrist produced.

Ares smirked and winked.

"And I-" Karesia turned with a triumphant smile, "found the Hersheys!"

As enthusiastic members gathered around the Hersheys cabinet, Lis poked around the unsearched areas of the room, muttering, "You didn't stash Methos around here, did you?" then started as Ares breathed in her ear.  "He had a previous commitment, but he wanted to be here.  Will I do?"

"Oyeah!"  Lis grinned at the dark god's wink and soft words, "After all, us AntiHeroes have to stick together..."

Clearing his throat to get the women's attention, Ares struck a pose and said, "So what is it you desire, ladies?"

The answer was wordless but clear as they descended on him en masse, and in less than a moment the god was stripped to his streamlined, muscular glory, reveling under the attention of his ardent followers.  "Well if that's how you want it... Take me, ladies..."

He gave himself over to them utterly, and what followed defies mere words, as garments flew from bodies in a malestrom of fabric, propriety but a thought now in the face of this offering.

Marina stepped forward, eyes challenging as she brushed against Ares perfect, smooth skin.  "So who goes first?"

Ares grinned slow and sultry, body striking a pose as a hand brushed feather-light across Marina's face.  "Why wait?"  his voice his that trademark 'fuck me' register, "After all, I *am* a god..."

And heat took on a whole new meaning, consuming the women in a glorious white-hot glow of arousal... They descended on Ares, lust and beauty incarnate, driving their willing victim deep into the soft pillows beneath him.

Sweat, come, lust, Hersheys syrup, love... they were swept into a maelstrom where all was indistigishable, and all was beauty, and all was perfection as skin met skin, eyes met eyes, Ares' dark eyes meshing with every woman's in turn, everything from the least caress to that godly cock pounding inside deep and sweet feeling like heaven... or the Elysian fields as it were.

And god that he was, he kept going, pleasuring every one of his ecstatic acolytes in turn, and loving every one of them in turn.  Lisa and Atalanta were among the first served, and among the first too feel the need to rest,
lying back on the copious pillows to watch as their dark-haired god and lover moved with catlike grace, teasing a nipple to exquisite hardness here, tonguing a sweet arch of neck there, accepting the blows from his two-headed whip with soft groans of pleasure and teasing glances to the wielder, all the while filling one willing follower after another with his hot, achingly throbbing manhood, letting each in turn know just how perfect she was, finally coming explosively as the last three tortured his throat and nipples whilst he drove into such heat... heat he'd rarely felt before, that fired his veins and his life and his soul and he *knew* just how special these women were...

And after gods know how long, he looked over the room to see nothing but a stunning array of women reclining on cushions, smiling in exhausted satisfation.

Making a circuit of the room purely to give them all a last appreciative caress, he stood before them again, magically clad in tight black leather and free of the evidence of his considerable exertions.  His voice uncharacteristically warm, he said, "Thank you, ladies.  It - and you - have been wonderful.  With people like you, I'll live forever..."

And with another flash of cyan light, he disappeared.

Slowly, the women of the list got up, every one of them wondering if this were some heat-induced dream. But the room hadn't changed since Ares' so-lovely intrusion.

"That was... wow," someone said, prompting noises of agreement from the others.

"But we still need to clean this place.  Where do you think he hid the furniture?  I'd hate to have to explain this to Motel 6..."

And we'll leave them as they sort everything out... but at least they were no longer bored...



One day just the other day all the woman of the list wer sitting around with nothing much to do.  They were bored.

"I'm board" complayned Tham.  And all this talking about Ares is just making me horney."

Laurissa laughed but you culd tell her heart wasnt in it.

'We could make some sundays?" Iphenys sed hopfully.

This drew a few inerested looks but no one had the energy to get up an do it.

Then FLASH Ares appered in a flashing blue light.  "Why all the long faces grrls? he smiled sexly.

"AREAS!"  Evryone suddenly loked much less bored as they stood up all animated and surreptitiously trying to fluff there hair etc trying to look like they weren't slouching around bored a scant few minuets ago.  "What are
you doing here, not that we arnt thrilled?"

Aries gave them a sultry look.  "I just got a... feeling.... that I should drop in"

"So nice of you to come" Thiel purred.

Dyevka snikered.

"Well..." Ares cast an appraising I over the plethora of stunning femininity before him "Lets make this place a bit more comftorble, shall we?  He waved a hand lazyly and suddenly the room was transfarmed, coverd from one end to the other with pillows and furs and appropriate mood lighting, with the furniture no longer to be scene.

The women loked around in wonder.  "Wow." Ro spoke for them all.  "this is more like it!"

"Suite," Xenara agreed.

The god gave a proprietory smirk as the women looked over the new decor. "Hey!" Nemetona turned witha wicked grin.  "I found the whip!"

'And I-" Karesia turned with a triumphant smile "found the Hersheys!"

"You din't stash Methos around here by any chance, did you?" Lis muttered.

Arees looked at them all indulgently.  so What is your desire, ladees?

They desended on him on mass, and in less than a moment the god was striipped to his glisening, muscular glory and reveling under the attention of his most ardint followers.

What followed next deifies description as everyone followed soot, with cloths flying everywhere.  "so who goes first," demanded Marina.

"Why wait?"  Ares grined and struck a pose.  "After all, I AM a god..."

And that was all the egging on the women needed, descending on him in lustful glory.

Soon everyone was all gooshy and wet from all the swet and come and syrup and other intresting fluids, but sense Ares was a god he could just keep going, pleasing all the fantasical beauties he carowsed with equally, till some like Lisa and Atalanta wer forced to give in and rest due to sheer exhaustion, tho at lest they could lay back on all the pillows and evrything and watch as Aeries  moved with catlike grace, tessing a nipple to hardness here, tonging a sweet arch of neck there, filling one after another with his miraculous pulsing shaft of love until at  long last every last one of them lay exhosted and smiling with identical smiles of complete sadistfaction.

Ares stood up and gave them all a apprciative smirk as he was suddenly clothed from head to foot in tight black leather again, all sign of his exertions miraculously gone.  "Thank you, laddies, iss been wonderful" and
excited in another flash of blue light.

At least they were no longer board.