One Morning on
Mount Olypmus
By Claire
Joxer stretched out on the large bed, feeling the smooth softness of the satin on his skin. Zeus had called a meeting of the Gods, and Ares had gone, leaving Joxer alone. Joxer shifted as he thought of his lover. *His* lover. Who would have thought that one day he'd end up the consort of a god? And not just any god, either. Ares. God of War. And who said the Fates didn't have a sense of humour? Joxer's cock stirred as images of Ares danced through his mind. Ares standing. Ares sitting. Ares glowering. Ares laughing. Ares glowering again. Ares sweating as he pounded into Joxer's body. Slowly, Joxer ran his hand down his now hard cock, groaning at the feather-light touches. He curled his fingers around his hard shaft, and began to gently thrust into his fist. "Oh, Ares," he moaned, sweeping his thumb over the head of his now leaking erection.

"You called?"

Joxer's eyes snapped open as he felt his own hand removed and another taking its place.

"Ares!" Joxer arched up into the dark god's touch. "I thought you were meant to be with the other Gods."

"I was," replied Ares. "But throughout the meeting I kept tapping into your arousal. So I decided to mentally check on you, and when I do, I find you writhing on the bed." Ares leant down and licked Joxer's ear. "I got hard so fast," he said softly, his voice sending jolts of fire through Joxer's body and straight to his cock. "I had to leave before I came in front of the other Gods." With a thought, Ares removed his clothes, and pressed himself against Joxer's body. "Do you know how difficult it is to try and pay attention to what's going on when you've got a raging erection that's demanding release?" Ares' voice was soft and hypnotic.

"What?" Joxer heard the words, but couldn't understand them. All he knew was that Ares' voice was weaving it's way into him and searing his soul.

"I guess you do," said Ares seductively, amusement and arousal warring for dominance in his tone.

"Please, Ares," begged Joxer. He could feel the god's hot cock poking into his hip.

Ares bent down and caught Joxer's bottom lip between his teeth, licking it once before releasing it. "What do you want?"

"Anything," came the ragged reply.

Ares grinned, and began to work his way down Joxer's body, alternating between bites and kisses. After a few minutes, the god found himself straddling Joxer's legs, admiring the flushed skin of his lover.

Joxer felt Ares staring at him and slowly opened his eyes. Immediately, his gaze locked with Ares', as, without warning, the War God swiftly bent down and engulfed Joxer's cock in his mouth. "OH GODS!" Joxer screamed, as his hot flesh was surrounded by the warm, moist cavern. Reaching out indiscriminately, he grabbed hold of Ares' hair, trying to quicken the rhythm.

Ares growled around Joxer's flesh as he felt his hair being pulled. Without breaking his rhythm of licking and sucking, the god grabbed Joxer's hands and held them on the bed. Ares stopped his ministrations on Joxer's erection as he realised that this now meant *he* couldn't use his hands either.

"*Ares!*" Joxer wailed. "Don't stop."

Grinning, Ares took both of Joxer's hands and pulled them up to the top of the bed. In an instant, a black silk scarf appeared around them, binding Joxer's wrists to the bed. "Much better," he said, as he leant down and began kissing Joxer.

Joxer moaned as Ares' tongue slipped into his mouth, and began to mate with his own. "Nooo," he whimpered, feeling suddenly empty as the War God moved his lips, trying in vain to pull his hands down to grab Ares' head and bring him back. He gasped suddenly, as Ares began to suck on his neck.

Lifting his head, Ares grinned at the mark of ownership he'd left on Joxer's pale skin. Slowly, Ares worked his way down to Joxer's nipples. Taking one in his mouth, he rolled it between his teeth, until the crinkled flesh hardened. After giving both nipples the same attention, the god moved down to Joxer's stomach. Rolling his tongue, he worked it into the warrior's navel, tasting the sweat that had collected there.

Joxer arched off the bed as he felt the rough rasp of Ares' beard against his thigh. "Please," he begged, trying to manoeuvre his cock nearer to Ares' face.

Purposefully ignoring the column of jutting flesh, Ares started to lick Joxer's thighs, feeling the shiver run through his lover as he blew on the area he had just licked, sending cold chills up Joxer's spine.

"Oh Gods, Ares," panted Joxer. "*Please*, just *take* me."

"Not yet," whispered the god, his mouth suddenly right next to Joxer's ear. "You still haven't been punished for making me miss my father's meeting."

Joxer wailed in need, and tried to pull on the silk binding holding his wrists, but he was too firmly secured.

"Turn over," Ares commanded, after checking to see if there was enough movement in the silk for Joxer to carry out the demand without pulling the ties on his wrists too tight.

With Ares' hands on his waist helping him, Joxer managed to roll over on to his stomach, shuddering as his sensitised cock scraped against the satin beneath him.

"Now," Joxer could feel Ares' hot breath against his skin as the god murmured in his ear, "what do you think is suitable punishment for making me so hot I had to run out on a very important meeting?"

Ares smiled, neglecting to tell Joxer that most of the meetings his father called were usually so boring that he had to fight to stay awake during them.

"Don't know," panted Joxer, as he felt the light touch of a fingertip trace swirling patterns on his shoulder blade. "Anything."

"Anything?" Ares repeated, his caresses working their way down Joxer's back. As his fingers danced over Joxer's pale flesh, an idea came to him. "To be honest," he commented, drawing his hand back slightly, "I've always wondered what you'd look like with some colour."

With that, Ares brought his hand down.

Joxer gasped loudly as Ares' hand connected with one of his buttocks. The pain, while bringing tears to his eyes, also sent a jolt of white hot pleasure straight to his cock.

Bringing his hand back, Ares smiled at the white outline left of Joxer. Red rushed in to fill the white, and within a second the hand print was crimson in colour. He smacked the other buttock, giving both smooth cheeks matching marks. Ares brought his hand down again and again, slapping each buttock in turn.

Joxer moaned in anticipation. Once the initial pain of the slaps had faded, he was left with a glowing sensation that radiated out through his entire body. Without realising what he was doing, Joxer lifted his backside to meet the smacks, rubbing his cock along the sheet beneath him, trying desperately to get enough stimulation to be able to come.  "Take me, I need you." His voice sounded rough.    Ares heard the ragged whisper, and stopped the spanking, watching as the ruddy glow of Joxer's cheeks began to dull. Moving Joxer's legs apart, Ares knelt between his lover's thighs. With a small flash of light, a container of lubricant appeared on the bed next to him. Gathering some of the substance up, he snaked a finger into Joxer's cleft and carefully pushed the slick digit into Joxer's tight passage, smiling at the gasping breath he heard the mortal give at the invasion.

Pulling his finger out, he covered his fingers in more of the lubricant.  Knitting two fingers together he pushed them into Joxer. When he was inside, he separated the fingers and began moving them about, stretching the muscle. He pulled his fingers out to the tips, and added another before pushing them back inside of the warrior. Soon, Joxer was lifting his hips, trying to keep the connection with Ares' hand. As soon as the god felt this, he stopped stretching the muscle and removed his fingers, eliciting a whimper of loss from the man beneath him. Taking his erect cock in his hand, he ran it down the cleft of Joxer's backside. Pushing his hardness between his cheeks, Ares rested the head of his shaft against the entrance to the warrior's body.

Joxer felt the head of Ares' cock resting just outside his body. "Please," he whispered, pushing his body back, trying to get Ares inside him.

Hearing the plea, Ares pushed slightly, trying to reign in the need to slam into Joxer all the way to the root of his cock.

Joxer heard a sharp intake of breath as the entrance to his body succumbed to the pressure and admitted the head of Ares' erection.

Slowly, the god buried his hardness deeper into Joxer's tight velvet tunnel; nudging himself further and further into him. Half inch by half inch, the hard shaft entered the young warrior. Joxer pulled at the binding on his wrists as the sensations swept through him. After a few moments, Joxer felt the coolness of Ares' stomach resting against his
hot skin. Joxer's breath came in shallow gasps and he began to move his hips, falling into the perfect rhythm he and Ares had when they were together.

Withdrawing himself to the rim, Ares plunged his cock back into Joxer with forceful vigour, the head of his shaft scraping Joxer's prostate.

Joxer yelled in unashamed pleasure, as red hot ecstasy shot through him.

Ares grinned, and angled each of his thrusts to hit Joxer's prostate.

Hot tremors ran through Joxer each time Ares pushed back into his body. As the speed and intensity of Ares' thrusts increased, Joxer felt the god's hands on him, urging him to his knees. Pulling himself to his knees, Joxer held tightly to the head of the bed and locked his arms, providing resistance to Ares' thrusts.

Sliding an arm around Joxer, Ares grasped the young man's erection, and began to pump it in time with his thrusts. Feeling Joxer tense and his breath quicken, the god tightened his hold on Joxer's cock and thrust harder into the willing body.

Joxer's panted in breathy gasps as he felt heat spread out from his groin. With a shout, his climax swept down on him, as he exploded in pleasure.

Ares roared as Joxer's orgasm made the warrior's internal muscles clench around his cock. The tight heat forced his own orgasm, and he shot his essence deep into Joxer. The rippling tremors running through Joxer's body milked Ares' cock, until the god felt as though all that he was now resided in Joxer. Breathing heavily, Ares pulled out of Joxer and lay next to him, removing the silk binding's around the young warrior's wrists with a thought.

Still shaking with the force of his orgasm, Joxer lay an arm across Ares' chest. "Remind me to pull you out of meetings more often," he said softly, sleep swiftly overtaking him.

 Ares' last thought, as he felt sleep overcome him, was one of resounding agreement.