Lovers by Firelight
By Chris
Talaus gripped the sides of the tub as Ares brings him to sit upon his lap. There Ares catches his lips with his own.

There is a hunger, brutal and bruising, demanding, his cries are lost against the fierce intensity of the kiss. Talaus can not breath, can not escape the breathless sensation of burning excitement that sweeps through him. Ares kiss is like a shaft of hot steel that soars and pierces deeply into him, low into his belly where it throbs and pulses. Talaus grips Ares shoulders, not knowing if he fights his touch or to hold him closer.

Ares mouth parts from his, and his eyes are alive and softly glimmering a silver are upon him. Ares speaks, "the act of touching you is lightening that courses through and tears at my body and tears at my soul."

Talaus flesh now responds to Ares touch, a nipple hardens under the caress of Ares palm. Where Ares touches he burns. Ares mouth crushes his, "I always knew you were beautiful," whispers Ares.

Then his hand moves down upon him in a trial of practiced seduction, it is all too easy for Talaus to forget anger and pain and thrill to this quivering sensation.

Ares lips touch his playing upon them, leaves them, returns to them. The kiss alone is plunder and rape, savage and sweet, then with a shudder he returns it twofold. He catches Ares lip between his teeth, his mouth molds to Ares. he can taste Ares fully with the sweep of his tongue, and the feel of the fierce shudder of Ares.

Ares hand wanders and roams boldly over his thigh, Ares now strokes with bold command and tender finesse and the heat that comes to Talaus swirls in a searing liquid fire. Ares murmurs low against his lips and catches the gasp that escapes, and touches him freely, touching him deeply.

Ares sets up a rhythm that sears him, he strokes tender flesh that leaves Talaus gasping again and again and weak and pushing himself against Ares because the sensation is such sweet honeyed agony.

Talaus does not realize that Ares has ceased to touch him. He opens his eyes to meet Ares and sees that they are nearly black with passion. His eyes fall.

"Nay! Look at me!" Ares commands him hoarsely. Talaus tries to slip away from Ares touch but in doing so arches against him and the feelings sweep him run deep and he cries out softly. Ares catches his lovers eyes  with his own and smiles a triumphant male pleasure. Talaus returns Ares gaze and swears softly.

Ares rises bearing him and steps out of the tub and lays him on the fur before the fire. Ares speaks, "I will lick the bathwater from your skin...all over."

The firelight plays over their bodies, laps of flames rising to cast them in gold. Talaus longs to touch and press his hands against the hard muscled, living wall of Ares chest, he looks down upon the hardness of his waist and the long sinewed power of his legs. Down upon an arousal grown , hard and swift and sure.

Ares leans down and spreads Talaus hair out on the rug, Talaus cannot move, he cannot protest or cry out. Talaus lays still and feels the blaze near him as it dries his body.

Then Are lips find his and drink passionately. But his mouth does not remain upon his. Ares lips trial away and move over his flesh like a searing tongue of flame. Over his throat over his chest, pausing to suckle and savor tease and arouse.

Ares touch is light, so light Talaus longs to crush him to him. Now it is fierce, so fierce that Ares suckles his nipple deep, deep, into his mouth and slowly releases it.

Talaus twines his fingers in Ares hair. The very pulse and blaze of the fire seems to be a part of him now. Talaus murmurs things- he knows not what. Talaus twists and writhes as Ares tongue touches another droplet of water and laps in swirls around his abdomen.

Suddenly Ares is gone, and Talaus is left to cry out. Ares grips his ankles, parting them wide. Talaus sees Ares eyes, and the burning shaft of him and his moistens his lips. Ares stretches out above him, there with the firelight playing upon his golden muscled shoulders and the passion in his face. Ares stares at him, not releasing his gaze. Talaus closes his eyes in sweet agony.

"All over," Ares whispers the words against his flesh. Ares slides his hands beneath his buttocks and buries his head against him. Talaus cries out, jerking in spasm as Ares teases him. Talaus hears Ares throaty laughter, Ares eyes are on his face watching his response. A moaning begins in his throat as he writhes and twists and then arches into Ares. He begins to toss in wild abandonment. He tries to fight even as his body surges against Ares. there was no escape for despite the flames in Ares eyes and the raging passion, Ares is determined to seduce him at leisure, Ares is determined to have all of him.

Ares thrusts ever deeper into Talaus, and the fire is the stroke of his cock. Everything within him pulses and throbs, and he cries out, begging Ares to cease praying for release.

Then it bursts as if a star has shattered. Hot and wet like burning oil he flames and bursts and shatters, and the sweet feeling of absolute pleasure shakes through him with a blinding volatility.

Talaus cries out for Ares weight is still upon him and he was laughing in ultimate triumph. Talaus surges against Ares, Ares fills him holding him tight his weight remaining between his legs, his laugher fades and the tension returns to his face
Ares catches his hands lacing his fingers with his own, he can feel the huge hot shaft of Ares probing hard against him.

Talaus swallows hard and gasps out softly-for though he had been sated to near exhaustion a quiver shoots through him as Ares fills him.....and now begins to move with hot and swift power. There is nothing slow or leisurely in his movements now, just burning, demanding passion that thunders pure and pagan!

The quivering grows and blossoms inside him and he thrusts against Talaus in his driving method. Talaus moans and meets his thrusts, and does not protest when Ares whispers hoarsely that he should lock his limbs around him.

It comes, he arches his back deeply and presses himself against Ares, burning heat as it fills him, his seed released. Ares rises above him taut and hard he thrusts hard and holds. It seems to scald him and sear him, to swamp him with a potent elixir burning that place within him, along his thighs and the entire length of his limbs and even to his heart and mind.

They lay panting, the firelight still burns over their bodies, which are slick and wet once more. He stares at Ares, his shoulders and arms, so adept with a sword. Talaus swallows and looks at Ares' hands and thinks of the tender way they have touched him. His gaze falls lower to whipcord leanness of his waist and hips and the long bulging muscles of his thighs and now he sees Ares' male sex, sated now but still long and proud.

Ares hand rests against his chest, Idly Ares strokes his flesh and teases at a nipple., "Truly you are exquisite my dark lover!"

The End