The Het Series: Ares
By Chris

Tham looked upon the god of war as he lounged on his throne; she was looking forward to making love with him again, to experience the pleasure he promised.

She was beginning to feel a tingling inside.  Was it desire then when Ares gave her that certain look, his lips turned up just so? Or when her pulse leapt at just the touch of his hand?

Tham`s heart was now pounding in anticipation, but he made no move towards her, instead he opens a bottle of wine pouring two glasses.  Picking up a stem of grapes Ares tears off one with his teeth.  He glances at her as he slowly chews.

"Would you like some wine my love...come take the glass from my hand."

Tham takes the glass and swallows it quickly. "Would you like some more?"

"No, I would rather have you kiss me."

Tham cannot believe she has spoken those words or where the boldness has come to speak them, but his delight is apparent if Ares' expression is any indication. Ares now sets the glasses down as well as the grapes.

"So much for savoring the was killing me anyway."

Ares takes her in his arms, her legs buckle, but she did not need her legs for support as he was holding onto her tightly. Tham put her arms around his neck because it felt good to hold him so.

Their mouths come together as her tongue now touches his, it produces a groan from him and encourages her to further boldness. she now thrusts her tongue deeply to make a foray with his tongue as he is doing...she feels him tremble.

A bed now appears conveniently next to them. Ares kneels on it as he lays her down so gently, she knows her clothing is gone when she feels the warmth of his hands as they caress her from neck to thigh. His lips move on her branding a trail across her cheek to her neck. His tongue flicks into her ear as she trembles with pleasure.

Down his lips move, over her shoulder along the side of her breast, under it, then up to capture the hard nipple and draw it deeply into the heat of his mouth.

Sensations now spiral down to her belly, still further to her loins, where it is gathers and coils into a nearly unbearable tension. Tham arches her body towards his with a silent demand, he pulls her close, belly to belly, but he won`t relinquish her breast yet.

Ares now lets go of one nipple only to capture the other, now even more heat shoots down that invisible cord to her belly and loins.  She is going up in smoke, and he is the inferno himself.

Ares slides a hand between her thighs and Tham cries out, it is to much, too intense, but he is kissing her again, deeply, ravenously, his body settles over hers slowly pressing her down.

And then that hard, heated part of him is pushing for entrance, finding it easily, sliding smoothly to her depths.

Tham cries out as pleasure courses through her, shooting outward, reaching even her toes.

And it is repeated with his second slow thrust, then his third until a new tension begins to build, it is more powerful as it races towards a pinnacle that suddenly bursts on her in a wave of pure sensation, purest ecstasy holds her in its grip for long blissful moments.

Ares feels her cum..feels her tighten around him...he cums hard and deep..filling her with all he has.

Ares sees Tham`s smile. "Better," he asks softly already knowing the answer.

"An understatement," Tham`s replies with a long, languorous sigh.

Ares' smile get wider..."yes and the nicest part is, we`ve only just began. Now Ares goes on to prove his remark to Tham`s complete satisfaction.

 The Het Series: Iphicles
The moon hung low and skimmed the treetops, stars rose blanketing the sky with a sense of safety and security.

Iphicles' mind wandered until it touched on the scene of their first kiss.  He had awakened to watch Tham sleep her hair spreading in soft cascades across his chest. Her lips puckered into a sigh as she stretched, igniting a flame deep within his already fevered body. The burning inside Iphicles grew hot at the memory until it spewed out her name in a fevered rush, "Tham....."

He went to her.....he must have her.....

Tham hears a voice and opens her eyes, with a laugh of joy she embraces him.

Encircling his neck with her arms she glories in the strength of his embrace, her fingers tangle softly in the thick hair strands. "So soft, like silk," she sighs.

The sound of pleasure purring in her throat sends a faint shudder through Iphicles. He leans forward, brushing his lips across hers..."you taste like honey."

Tham shivers in anticipation as he teeth close on her lower lip in a caress that is both sensuous demand and ardent plea. The slow gentle thrust and parry of his tongue entices her, but her own hunger needs sating. Tham counters savoring the sweet intoxicant that is only Iphicles.

Tham breaks the embrace and stares at him with raw hunger...."Sweet gods...I need you so!"

Iphicles closes his eyes against the picture she makes, her lips are moistened by the kiss, her hair is soft, and her breasts are peeking beneath her bodice. "A man could drown in you."

With sweet anticipation Tham begins her own exploration. Tracing his brow and the slope of his nose, softly caressing each hooded eye, she follows the tantalizing trail of her fingers with a kiss. "A woman could worship you."

He groans as her lips part in invitation.

"Let me down." Iphicles now carries Tham but a short distance away from the house.  He lowers her onto a soft mattress of sweet grass and flowers. Like a warrior he stands over her, his stance wide and imprinted with arousal.

Slowly he stretches he full length hovering over her, bearing his weight on both elbows.

Tham beckons him to her drawing his heart closer until she feels it hammering with a rhythm to match her own. Her lips rain kisses on his brows, earlobes the curve of his neck. His lips pout yearning for her return.

With a groan Tham pulls Iphicles closer, she kisses him, nails rack his back as pleasure purrs in her throat.

Threads of passion weave throughout them as he pulls her shirt off, he caresses the velvet ivory of one shoulder then the other. Her hands delve into his hair, and he thinks he will scream as the movement bring  the arch of her back, thrusting the rose crested nipples closer to his lips.

Tham brings his head down and Iphicles tugs on one perfectly pebbled nipple allowing his tongue to taste the erotic essence of Tham.

Salvos of passion sizzle through him and strikes with such blinding force, white hot desire sends his world carening, his need quickens, demanding fulfillment.

Her world spins...her desire grows to poscess the man with her...she reaches out for him.

Tham gasps as her fingers seek to bring him closer, reaching for the ties that keep him from her boldest touch.

The pants prove difficult, but the anticipation of filling her hands with rough velvet was too intense to let the moment pass. His breath hisses between his teeth.

"Did I hurt you?" she asked. With a deep exhale of air Iphicles attempts to still the currents bolting through his body. "I ache in other places."

"Then show me where you hurt." Her hands rest on his hip. "Here?" She smiles.

"No." Iphicles voice is thick with desire.

Tham's eyes widen in playful sensuality as her hand cups the hard reality of his male flesh.

"There." Iphicles legs tighten as his breath draws in raggedly. A wave of insane pleasure crashes against mindless ecstasy felt beneath her touch. Her name becomes a prayer. "Tham......."

With a anguished sound she arches her hips and presses her aching flesh against him. She now guides a granite-hard shaft of hot velvet...letting it sink deep into her.

Passion transforms his face as the power of his thrusts move in her, increasing the tempo of their desire. His name tears from her throat as their gazes meet and lock while long slow strokes carry him deeper bringing him back only to delve in again.

Tham whisks Iphicles off to a place beyond consciousness, beyond awareness. Crying for release, they soar up, up, up, until the pressure within mounts and coils, stretching to a point of near bursting. A shuddering spasm unravels the slim thread of sanity left. In ecstasy she cries out his name over and over, weeping as their release comes hard and he silences his own weeping with a desperate kiss.

Iphicles holds Tham relishing the feel of her beneath him, letting his heart slow to a normal rhythm. Tham`s skin seems to glow, she kisses his shoulder, tasting of the essense their lovemaking evoked. She cannot resist and cups him gently in her hands.

Iphicles urges her to move atop him and marvels at the lush beauty pressing wantonly against him.

Tham wiggles for a better postion, kissing his throat, nibbling at his ear.

Once again she guides him inside her, their bodies meld into one. Needing no further encouragement, he nourishes his movements until she arches to meet Iphicles thrusts. Now she reaps the rapture of his touch, he now surrenders to her touch...a scream is torn from their throats.

Iphicles captures their cries with his lips, but not before she experiences his shuddering cataclysm...for upon her lips she tastes the words..."I love you."