The Test
By Chris
The warrior stood before the altar of Ares as he lays his sword covered in blood upon it. The war is over. Corinth is once more safe. His sword is covered in the blood of fallen warriors....he offers his weapon to Ares.

He had slipped away as the others celebrated their victory, unseen by his friends. No one knew of his devotion to the god of war.

"So you came."


Ares walks to the altar, picking up the sword. "Is this what you think to offer me?"

"It`s all I have."

Ares stands behind him, placing his hands on the smaller man`s shoulders. "I think not, my warrior."

"My devotion is all you shall receive from me, Ares! Unlike the others, I will not propitiate you by laying prostrate at your feet!"

"What`s wrong little man--afraid your lover might learn your secret?'

"I`ll fight when I must, serve you in war, but I`ll never be yours!"

"You are mine already!"

With a mere movement of the god`s hand, he finds himself at the base of the Ares' feet.

"You always bring the honor of victory to my name, even now I am amazed for despite your size you`re one of my best warriors. Don`t disappoint me now!"

Ares reaches down, grabbing the smaller man by the hair and pulls him into his lap. Ares' grip about his waist is hard and unyielding.

He squirms. Ares hisses a warning and tightens his grasp around his ribs. How dare he struggle!

"Do you have any idea how many would die for the honor of my attentions?"

Ares now shifts him on his lap: his grip relaxes. Feeling more comfortable, he settles against him.

His lassitiude vanishes as he feels Ares` hand move upwards, pressing against flesh. Now his fingers search until they find a nipple. His muscles become taut as he tries to wiggle from Ares' grasp. Ares' other hand comes up to hold him still. The god toys with his nipple until warmth spreads through him.

He feels his other nipple harden as his body reacts to Ares` teasing touch. For a moment he knows the urge to lean back and enjoy the provocative sensations.

Ares' rhthym is soothing and inflaming all at once. He traces languid circles around his hard nipple till he feels aroused to the point of pain.

The unrelieved tension makes him squirm on Ares` lap. He hears Ares suck in his breath and is aware of something rigid pressing against his buttocks. He tries to remain still so as not to arouse Ares futher.

But Ares has other intentions: the god pushes him forward on one of his thighs, then he takes the man`s left hand and brings it around to touch his groin. Even through the leather he can feel the hard bulge of his shaft as Ares holds his wrist and makes him stroke.

Now that their bodies are bared, he wants to pull his hand away, but a part of him enjoys what his hand is doing. The god`s shaft feels naked, silky and hot in his hand.

As he caresses with more enthusiam, he senses Ares growing discomfort. His breathing grows harsh and quick in his ear. His grip tightens around his ribs again.

The man leans into Ares, rubbing himself against his erection, deliberately increasing the god`s torment...A mistake.
Ares moans....."Iolaus."

Ares` hand now touches skin, his skin and continues its upward path. Iolaus closes his eyes, as Ares caresses his inner thigh.

Iolaus knows he is hard and trembles as Ares presses his hand around throbbing flesh. The god smiles and now he runs his thumb about  the engorged head, making his lover moan. His whole hand grips him, his hot flesh against his hardness. Ares releases his wrist and adjusts his hips on his lap.

Ares presses his palm against his throbbing flesh, he runs a finger along the foreskin. His hand stokes him, squeezing out the first drops of wetness. Iolaus takes a deep breath, and then another. He is melting, his lower body turning into liquid fire. Strange vibrations echo through him, as though he were a harp Ares played. He wants to cry out, and bites into his lower lip, drawing blood.

Ares wets his fingers. He slips one finger in him, opening him.

Ares whispers something in his ear, and his hand moves in a way that seems to quiet the raging hunger growing within him. Iolaus surpresses a moan as he murmurs his name low and intimate. He strokes slowly, deliberately, guiding his fingers deep.

The pressure seems to sooth him, and he can not help thinking of how his shaft would feel inside him, so hot and solid. The image makes him harder.

Now Ares deepens his strokes, hard and fast, hitting upon that hidden spot. The result, a jolt of fire almost makes Iolaus leap from his lap. As he hears his low chuckle, he he so pleased to have found some magic place that, when he touhes it, lightening streaks through him? He turns to look at Ares, sees only the warmth of passion. His sensual mouth curved into a smile of pleasure.

Ares stares at the man on his lap, mesmerized. Nothing exists but Iolaus who fills his senses and makes his body act of its own accord. He cannot get enough of him. He means to have Iolaus yield to him as he has imagined in his dreams, where Iolaus is his.

Ares eases Iolaus off his lap and stands. This is the test. If Iolaus follows him willingly to the bedchamber, he will know he had made his choice.

Iolaus stumbles slightly. Ares steadies him with his arms about his waist. Iolaus takes a step and then another until they stand before the door to the bedchamber.

Ares helps him into the room and closes the door behind them. For a long time he simply stares at him--his perfect mouth, his soft golden curls, his blue eyes darkened with desire, he is spectacular. But his expression is vulnerable, uncertain. Ares feels unsure on how to begin.

Ares approaches Iolaus and leans over him. His hands glide over his shoulders down his arms. Now Ares draws his arms up around his neck and kisses him.

He has wanted to do this forever, since the first time he had seen him at Troy. To feel his soft mouth open under his, to tease his lips with his tongue, to explore the silky, honey-sweet warmth within.

Their tongues touch and mate. Ares smiles inwardly at his boldness. Iolaus is a greedy thing, eager for all the delights he can teach him.

Ares moves one hand down to cradle his bottom and lifts him up so their bodies meet. Obligingly Iolaus moves against him, his body rotating over his swollen shaft. Ares groans and groans again. The man is arousing.

Ares lets him down gently, then goes to his knees, arranging Iolaus so that nothing is hidden. He leans over him, scrutinizing every inch of his beauty. He moves his hand and fondles him, watching his face.

It gratifies him to see his eyes darken with passion, his lips part with ecstasy, his cheeks flush with heat. Iolaus body now goes rigid, pushing against his hand.

Iolaus sits up and grabs his wrist, whispering, imploring with desperate words. Ares kisses him, then moves. Iolaus reaches out his hand, closes it around his shaft. Ares moans and moves to settle in the bed next to him.

Iolaus` hand shakes as he touches Ares, arousing him even more. The god tenses his muscles, struggling for control. He won`t waste his cum this first time: he`ll spill it deep within the man. The man tenses...within the god.

Mercifully, his hand leaves his groin and Iolaus leans over him to caress the rest of his body. He twines his fingers in his hair, strokes his face and jaw, then sweeps his fingers lovingly over his chest and shoulders.

Iolaus kisses his mouth, sampling the god`s body as he had his. He shudders as warm lips move over his neck and shoulders. He pauses now and draws a nipple into his mouth. Ares feels a vague pleasure that startles him.

Iolaus hot breath sears his belly, tracing his body hair down to his groin. He moves his face and lips against the shaft the kisses it.

Ares now eases Iolaus on his back and kneels above him. He spreads his thighs, Iolaus moans, attesting to his readiness. But he does not want to hurt him: he eases a finger inside and then a second. Iolaus cries out softly, as if in pain. He withdraws his fingers, thinking they should engage in more loveplay.

But Iolaus has other ideas: he reaches for him, speaking in a breathless urgent voice he cannot deny.

Positioning himself against his opening he presses into him a bare inch. Iolaus moans, but does not cry out. He eases in deeper, gasping as the pressure of his tight passageway nearly undoes him, then thrusts in fully, driven half mad by the urge to penetrate his warmth.

Ares hears him cry out and forces himself to remain still. The primitive desire to yield to the bodies rhythm, to possess him with hard, swift strokes pound at his brain. But the feel of Iolaus beneath him, his body impaled by his strength and power, reminds him that he wants their lovemaking to last---to satisfy Iolaus as it will him.

Ares feels him relax. His rhythm is slow and deep, not so gentle as to deny his satisfaction completely.

Ares feels him tighten around him, he can feel inner muscles pulling him deeper, and now he quickens his strokes. His control is shattered. Fire eruptes into his brain and shoots down his body. He hears Iolaus' cries, feels his cum coating his body, feels his lover tremble, hear his name cried out...."ARES!"

He makes one last plunge inside and explodes with him.

Ares becomes aware again. He pulls Iolaus to his side, and the man immediately cuddles against his chest,sighing softly. Ares grasps the blanket covering them both and settles Iolaus in the hollow his body forms when he curls on his side. It feels good to have Iolaus buttocks pressed against his thighs, his body soft and warm in his embrace. He sighs: Iolaus is content, and so is he.

Ares watches Iolaus sleep, he smiles. he knows a part of his blond warrior will always belong to Hercules.......but on the battlefield he is his warrior....and here in his arms......his lover. Ares knows he alone truly sets fire to the hunter`s blood.