Beautiful Release
By Claire
‘Meet me by the river at noon.’

Iphicles ran a finger over the flowing script on the note. The folded piece of paper had been on his pillow when he had woken, but when he had questioned the palace guards about it they had insisted that he was the only person who had entered his bedroom. The note was unsigned, and there was no indication as to who could have sent it, and so he had placed it in a pocket and tried to forget about it. Which is why when he found himself riding to the river just before noon, having dismissed his personal guards, he kept telling himself that the note had nothing to do with it.

Dismounting his horse and tying her to a tree the king walked down tothe riverbank, stopping in surprise when he saw the blanket spread out on the ground. Bowls of fruit, several he recognised and many he didn’t, were scattered around. Iphicles’ eyes narrowed as he looked at the intertwined lengths of curled green sitting next to a bowl of pears.


Picking one of them up he ran his fingers along the smooth surface.

“They’re vines from the Palace vineyards. They’re surprisingly soft, aren’t they?”

Iphicles jumped as the words were whispered into his ear and he started to stand, a hand on his shoulder stopping him.

“Don’t. Stay where you are.”

“Who are you?” Iphicles demanded.

Soft laughter came from behind him. “Your greatest desire.”

The redhead couldn’t stop the shiver that ran through his body at the husky tone.

“Put your wrists together.”

Not even pausing to wonder why he was obeying this anonymous voice, Iphicles held out his wrists. The heat from the body behind him increased as the other man pressed closer to him. Arms reached around him and a hand took the vine that Iphicles still held, wrapping it around his wrists and binding them together.

“The King of Corinth, on his knees, wrists bound and looking thoroughly fuckable.” There was a brief pause and Iphicles could almost hear the smile that spread across the stranger’s face. “Just as it should be.” His breath quickened at the murmured words, hot breath brushing across his neck as lips began to nuzzle at his skin. “Close your eyes,” the voice broke into Iphicles’ haze.

“I still don’t know who you are,” the king protested softly, realising how late the words were considering he was already on his knees with his wrists tied together.

“Does it matter?” A hand snaked up his shirt and started to trace patterns on his back.

Iphicles groaned as fingers danced across his skin. “Yes,” he breathed. “I want to know.”

“And you will, just not yet. Now, close your eyes. Trust me and close your eyes.”

Nodding, Iphicles let his eyes close.

“Good, now don’t open them. If you do, this ends and I’m gone.”

Iphicles licked at his suddenly dry lips. He didn’t know who this man was, but he also knew he didn’t want him to leave. There was a rustling behind him as the stranger moved and the cool wind brushed across his back as the body heat from the other man was removed. Listening intently, Iphicles tried to track the movements around him, falling back on the lessons Chieron had given at the Academy about using *all* his senses, instead of just some. Soft footfalls worked their way around him and the king heard his anonymous suitor kneel in front of him. Resisting the urge to open his eyes and find out who was there, Iphicles waited, jumping slightly as something cool nudged at his lips.

“Open your mouth.”

Obediently parting his lips, Iphicles allowed the other man to slip whatever it was he was holding into his mouth.

“Now bite.”

Biting down, Iphicles gasped as his teeth broke through the skin of the fruit and the taste of strawberry flooded into his mouth. Swallowing the pulp, Iphicles moaned as he felt tiny licks at his lips, the stranger gently lapping at the juice that had dribbled down his chin when he had bitten into the strawberry.

“Another one,” came the words as a second strawberry was held between his teeth.

Eating the proffered fruit, Iphicles arched forward as the cool flesh of the fruit slid down his throat, prompting low laughter from the other man.

“So hungry. Here, I have something else for you.”

Iphicles parted his lips expectantly, when he heard the stranger stand and a heady scent hit him. Inhaling the musky smell, Iphicles smiled as something hard and hot was placed between his lips. Opening his mouth wider, the king sucked greedily on the head of the cock as it was pushed into him. A low groan reaching his ears, Iphicles swirled his tongue around the cock, lapping at the pre-come that dribbled steadily into his mouth. The cock thrusting further and further into his mouth, Iphicles relaxed, allowing it to slip down his throat. Swallowing, he caressed the hard shaft with his throat muscles, licking the base. Fingers tangled in his hair and a sharp gasp signalled the rush of come that spurted down his throat. Giving the softening cock a final lick as it was removed, Iphicles sat back and waited for the ragged breathing he could hear to calm. His own cock was hard and pulsing within the confines of his clothes, but he ignored it. The breathing above him slowed and the blanket shifted slightly as the other man knelt back down.

“You look so beautiful.”

He felt hands on his trousers as his cock was released from his confines, cool air blowing across the overheated flesh. Jerking his hips up sharply, Iphicles gasped loudly as heat engulfed him and a tongue swept across his cock. The stimulation too much, Iphicles came almost immediately, his come rushing down the throat of the stranger. Panting heavily, he mewled as the mouth was removed and his cock was tucked back into his clothes.

“And you taste delicious.”

Trying to calm his ragged breathing, the king didn’t register that his hands had been untied until his arms dropped to his sides. A hand was placed on his shoulder and he realised the other man had moved behind him again. A gentle nip was placed on his neck and he felt the weight of a cheek pressed against his hair.

“You can open your eyes now.”

Opening his eyes, Iphicles blinked as they adjusted back to the light. Looking around, he found himself alone, with no indication that there had ever been anyone else there, except for two strawberry stalks that had been placed in a previously empty bowl. Pushing himself to his feet, he staggered over to where his horse was tied. Pulling her reins away from the tree, he noticed a small arrow sticking out of the trunk, a piece of paper wrapped around it. Leaving the arrow where it was, he removed the paper and opened it, reading the words that were written.

‘Same time tomorrow.’

Folding the note up, Iphicles slipped it into his pocket, and smiled.