The Game
By Cat
Xena marched into the temple of the God of War, causing destruction and mayhem wherever she could. She kicked all the offerings off the altar, pulled down the tapestries and smashed the statues. She was angry and dying to get her hands on the god of war.

Gabrielle was still trying to calm her friend, trying to get her to think this through rationally but one look at the wildness in Xena's eyes had her slowly backing away.

Hercules, in his new outfit of black leather pants and exposing white shirt followed slowly behind. He still didn't get what Xena was so upset about, it wasn't like they were lovers, and Ares had sworn that he had given up on any action with her ages ago.

Herc stood in the hallway, far enough away to be safe from any stray debris that Xena was sending flying.

"This is what happen when you tell the truth" a deep voice whispered in his ear, the beard softly tickling Hercules's skin.

"Ares" Hercules moaned as he leaned back into the warm body behind him, luxuriating in the strong arms that were tantalising his skin.

"Do you have any other lovers?" Ares demanded as he pulled hard on Hercules's nipples, eliciting a moan almost loud enough for Xena to hear.

"No, only you Ares, gods only you." Hercules whimpered as Ares nibbled on his ear lobe, every sensation going directly to his cock.

Ares smiled evilly as he bit into the tender skin where the shoulder and neck meet. "Good, now let's play a little game, shall we?"  Hercules nodded, too caught up in his own desire to be capable of thought.

"You're going to stand here quietly while I have some fun," he explained as moved to stand in front of the demigod, kissing him hard, forcing his tongue into his mouth.

"Where's the fun in that for me?" Hercules demanded breathlessly as he pulled away.

Ares moved back, disappearing their clothes as he pondered this. "If you are quiet enough not to attract Xena's attention then I'll let you do anything you want with me." Ares offered.

"Let the games begin" Hercules answered with a grin.

Ares ran his fingers lightly over the hard body, torturing Hercules with his gentleness, yet he made no sound, well not yet. The hands began the same route again, but this time the touch was harder as he kneaded into the muscle beneath the satiny skin.

Hercules bit down on his bottom lip, determined not to make a sound.

Ares smiled, he enjoyed a challenge and Hercules was making this more of one than he had ever expected.

Ares began to gently rub the demigods nipples between his fingers, hearing Hercules' breathing become more erratic and saw his cock jump to attention. Without warning Ares twisted them tightly, laughing to himself as Hercules almost yelled out in surprise.

He looked up into the scowl on his lovers face and Ares gently kissed him as he released his nipples, his moan caught within their kiss.

Ares pulled away and knelt down in front of the demigod. Looking once into Hercules' eyes and seeing only deviance, Ares deep throated the hard cock in one movement. A definite moan escaping this time, but Xena was still too busy smashing things to hear.

Ares traced every vein and every ridge of that proud organ with his tongue. Every time he sucked it back in, he hummed. Each time he brought Hercules to the edge, waiting for that inevitable shout of pleasure, those demands for release, the begging for satisfaction, but there was only silence.

Ares gave the unsatisfied organ a final kiss as he looked once more at his lover.

A thin trail of blood was falling from Hercules' lip, he had bitten down so hard on his lip to remain quiet.

The defiance was still easily visible, but his desire was also very evident. Ares felt himself being more turned on at that moment than he had been in centuries. He stood, slowly licking  the blood up, before he roughly claimed Hercules' mouth in a searing kiss.

Ares could wait no longer and moved behind his lover. He moved Hercules slightly so that they could both see Xena and if she looked up, she could easily see them, but Xena was still rampaging through the temple, now calling out his name in vain.

Ares used his godly powers to prepare Hercules's body, he was too far gone for that and in one swift thrust entered his lover's body.

Grunting and groaning, the two lover's rocked and grinded their way to completion. Ares pounded unreservedly into the demigod's body as his hand roughly pumped Hercules's cock.

Within minutes they both climaxed, neither making a sound, Ares biting down hard on Herc's shoulder and Hercules bit down on his lip again.

They stood there joined for a few moments before pulling apart and Ares returned their clothes after cleaning them up. Once more they kissed hungrily, greedily, and not once did Xena notice them.

"So my love," Ares said huskily, "What would you like for a prize?"

Hercules grabbed both his arms and pulled them hard behind his back. "You, Me, a big soft bed, all the time in the world and ...."

"And?" Ares demanded forcefully.

"And a few of our little toys" Hercules growled into his ear, moving to meet his eyes forcefully. Ares' cock jumped at the promise in those eyes.

By the gods was he glad he had given up Xena and turned his attentions to Hercules. There were hidden depths to him and Ares was definitely enjoying exploring them.

With a flash the two men disappeared and Gabrielle breathed a sigh of relief as she moved out the cramped hole she had been hiding in. She hadn't meant to watch them, but wow was all she could think. She had been barely been able to contain the sound of her own climax as she had watched them.

She was only annoyed that she wouldn't be able to see Hercules' little game, maybe she should travel with him more often, who knows what she might get to see, now she had to deal with Xena. Gabrielle headed into the main temple but her thoughts were in a corner of a room watching two men playing Hercules' game.