The Sovereign was relaxing in his own bed, after a satisfying bout of sex.  He looked down at the battered body lying huddled in his bed, and shrugged.  They just didn't make them as tough as they used to.  He kicked the blond out of the bed.  The jester crawled away, painfully murmuring a plea under his breath as he did so.

* * *

"That's it!" the normally placid God of Love roared from his temple.  "I've had it with that overbearing, dictatorial, domineering...bully!"

"What is wrong, my lord?" one of his acolytes asked.

"The Sovereign!" Ares spit out.  "This time he's gone too far.  One of my subjects was badly hurt by his so-called passion.  How dare he pervert my profession by his cruelty?  I really think he needs a lesson."

"What kind of lesson, my lord?" the acolyte asked.

Ares grinned wickedly.  He thought of just the thing.

"A Lesson in Love."

* * *

The Sovereign was standing judgement over several criminals in his throne room.  Each subject received the same sentence.  Death by torture.  *The executioner will be busy today.*

Just as he was about to pass sentence on a petty thief, he felt a momentary sense of disorientation.  He shook his head then focused on his surroundings.  Instead of his throne room, he saw a room he didn't recognize.  *What in Tartarus?*

"Where am I?" he asked out loud.

A chuckle answered him.  He whirled around to see the white clad god.  *Oh, no, not him!  Not the sickening sweet God of Love!*

"What do you want?  And where am I?" the Sovereign asked belligerently.  Ares laughed at him.

"You're in the temple of Mnemosyne," Ares said holding a bowl of liquid.

"The temple of lost memories?  Why did you bring me here?" he demanded.

"You're here because I feel that you need to learn a lesson."

"Lesson!" he roared.  "I'll teach you a lesson!"  The demi-god lowered his head and rushed at Ares.  Right before he was about to barrel into him, Ares sidestepped, some of the water sloshing out of the bowl.  The Sovereign ran headfirst into the wall.  *Owww, that hurt!*  He shook his head, trying to clear his vision.  Suddenly, he couldn't remember anything.

"Oops," a man in white said, setting down the bowl on the altar, next to the candelabra.

"Where am I? And who are you?" the confused man asked.

"You're in a temple," the man in white said.  "And I am the God of Love, but you may call me Ares."

"You're a god?" he breathed.  He looked over Ares carefully.  He did look god-like with all those wonderfully displayed muscles.  His hair was long and flowing and he had a finely sculptured face.  He decided Ares looked exactly what he expected a God of Love to look like.  He had a sudden fear.  Gods only visited someone when they were demanding vengeance.

"Why am I here?  Who am I?  Did I do something wrong?"  His voice shook as he asked the questions.

The God of Love came closer and patted him on the shoulder.

"There's no reason to fear," Ares said.  "Your given name is Hercules.  We won't worry about the past.  It's much better just to forget.  As for why you're here, you're here to learn about love."

The words made Hercules shiver.  Love was something he knew nothing about, he was sure.  Love scared him.

"Hercules," Ares said, stepping closer and putting an arm around the man's shoulder to prevent his flight.  "Stop worrying.  This lesson won't hurt...well not much."

That didn't make Hercules any happier.  But the strong arm around his shoulder kept him in place.  He dare not fight a god.  He nodded, his demeanor one of surrender.

"I'll do whatever you command," he said.

Ares smiled approval and Hercules felt his heart flutter.  He decided that it must be something godly about the man that made him so attractive.

"The first thing I want you to do, is open yourself to me.  Physically and emotionally.  Take off all of your clothes."

The words were firm, not to be disobeyed.  With shaky hands, Hercules undid the fasteners on the leather outfit he wore.

"I could, of course, simply remove them with a thought, but I find the actually stripping of one defenses helps with the process."  Ares smiled in encouragement as Hercules removed his vest and started with his pants.

"You might want to take your boots off first," the God of Love said, then moved to sit on the throne, watching every moment like a cat.  Hercules thought he saw brief flash of lust in Ares eyes.  *Did the god find him attractive?*  As Hercules bent down to shuck off the shoes one at a time he could almost feel the god's eyes on his butt.

"You need to understand what it means surrendering yourself to a man before you expect him to surrender himself to you," Ares said in a low silky voice.

The words brought a shiver of anticipation to Hercules.  His cock was hard inside of the leather pants.  The idea of surrendering himself to the God should be frightening, but he found himself looking forward to it with eagerness.

"One more layer left," Ares said, huskily.  "Remove the pants...slowly, feel each inch as the removal of leather reveals your inner most secrets."

Hercules put his hands in the opening of the pants and slowly pulled them down.  The sensation as the leather slowly scrapped against his cock was enough to make him moan.  He felt the cool air against his skin as his buttocks were exposed.  He bent down to slowly peel away the leather until the pants were on the ground.  He stepped out of them and stood naked before his god.

"Very good," Ares complimented, slowly walking around Hercules examining every inch of his body.

Hercules looked down at his cock and saw the pre-cum glistening at the opening.  He wanted to relieve some of the pressure growing, but he didn't dare.  He hadn't been given permission.

"Very good," Ares repeated.  "Now, on to the lesson."  Ares came up and stroked a hand down one of Hercules massive biceps.  "Gentle strokes can be as arousing as rougher touches.  You must learn to judge what is needed when."

He stood in front of Hercules and placed his lips against his, gently stroking Hercules' lips with his tongue, asking permission for entry.  Hercules opened his mouth and Ares sneaked in, his tongue dueling with its mate.

Hercules legs went weak and Ares supported him as they sank to the floor.  The marble of the floor was cold against his knees, but Hercules didn't mind.  He couldn't believe the sensations that the God of Love was giving him just by a kiss.  When the god added his hands to the equation, Hercules thought he had died and went to the Elysian fields.  Ares seemed to know what touch would arouse him the most.  A tender bite on the lobe of his ear, his nipples licked, then pinched with pressure just short of pain, his balls massaged with gentleness enough to make him moan.

When the god went behind him, Hercules fell forward, his outstretched arms taking his weight so that he was positioned on his hands and knees.  He felt extremely vulnerable, especially when Ares guided his knees farther apart.  He craved something, but he wasn't quite sure what.

"The next lesson is the importance of preparation.  You must make sure your partner is ready for you.  Relaxation is key."  Hercules smelled olive oil as he felt something wet and warm touch the skin on his buttocks.  Strong hands massaged the oil into his skin, finding tense muscles and working them out.  The touch on his anus was not totally unexpected, but Hercules flinched none the less.

"Relax," the deep voice said.  "I'm just preparing you."  The touch returned and Hercules forced himself not to tighten those muscles.  His arms shook from the strain.  The finger gently rubbed the opening to his body, making sure the oil was spread evenly, then slipped inside.  Hercules automatically squeezed the invader, then forced himself to relax.  Ares spread the oil inside, gently stretching the muscles, allowing Hercules time to adjust to the sensations.

When Ares slipped another finger in, Hercules moaned and tensed again.  Ares removed both of his fingers.

"What?  You're not going to stop?" Hercules protested, but Ares shushed him with a word.


Hercules watched Ares walk over to the candelabra and take one of the thick tapered candles.  It had been burned down until it was about 8 inches long.  He blew out the flame and molded the end until it was smooth.

*He isn't going to put that in me?*  Hercules was horrified at the same time stimulated by the idea.

"There are times in lovemaking that you need to be inventive.  If one way doesn't work, try another," Ares said in explanation.

Hercules watched in anticipation as Ares pour oil over the candle and spread it around, making sure the whole surface was covered.

"Spread your legs more," the God of Love ordered.  Hercules was quick to obey.  He lowered his head as the god moved out of sight behind him and tried not to tense his body.  But again, when the hand touched his body, he flinched.

"Shhh, it's all right," Ares soothed, as he massaged his buttocks.  "Just loosen up."

Hercules took a deep breath and relaxed.  He felt the oil finger at his anus again, stretching him, then the firm warm touch of the candle.  He felt pressure against the opening to his body.

"Take another deep breath," the resonant voice behind him said.  "Push out."

Hercules set his knees better and took his weight on his shaking arms.  Taking a deep breath, he pushed out as ordered and was surprised as the candle slipped partway into his body without pain.

"That's good," Ares reward him with a pat on his buttocks.  "Now again."

Hercules repeated the action and another portion of the candle slid into him, stretching him wider.  He gasped at the incredible sensation as the candle brushed against his prostate.

"That's it, isn't it?" Ares asked.

"Oh god, yes," Hercules moaned.  "Please more?"

"Patience, my love," the God of Love said, massaging his buttocks.  "Give yourself a chance to stretch."

After a few minutes, Hercules was begging.

"Please, Ares, I need more."

"I supposed you're stretched by now," the god agreed, taking the candle and slipping it out.

Hercules moaned in disappointment.

"It's all right, it's just time for your next lesson," Ares said, blanketing himself over Hercules back.  "Patience.  Some things are better slow."  Somehow the god had become naked and Hercules felt disappointment that he hadn't been able to see it happen.

Hercules felt a warm larger probe at his anus and knew it was the god's cock and he didn't care anymore.

"Remember what you learned," Ares said.

Hercules took a deep breath and pushed back against the cock.  He gasped at the painful stretching sensation as the head of the penis pushed into his body.  *It burns!*  He could feel his cock soften at the pain.  He fought against the panic telling him to get away from the pain, but again the hands were there again, gentling him.  He took several deep breaths, waiting for the sensation to pass.

After a few long moments, the cock pushed forward a few more inches, again waiting for Hercules to adjust to the godly proportions, before thrusting the rest of the way in.  Hercules felt the god's soft balls against him with a sense of accomplishment.  He had taken Ares' cock completely in his body!  As the cock slid back out of his body, it brushed against that hidden place again.  His cock stiffened in pleasure.

"Next lesson," Ares said in his ear.  "And I think you'll like this one.  Always make sure your partner is enjoying himself as much as you are."

"Oh, god!" Hercules cried, again and again as Ares began thrusting, each time hitting his prostate.  A strong warm hand came around his body and found his penis and began stroking and squeezing it in time with the thrusts.  He couldn't stand much more of this!

"Most of the time," Ares whispered in his ear. "I'd prolong this, but seeing that it's your first time, you can come."

The words acted like a cathartic.  Hercules roared as his muscles tensed in ecstasy.  His cock spurted out cum over the god's hands.  The cock in him thrust a few more times and then the love god moaned his own satisfaction.

Hercules arms lost their strength and he collapsed on the ground with Ares on top of him.  The love god extracted himself from Hercules body and lay next to him on the temple floor.  Hercules looked at the love god and wondered why, if gods were all powerful, was Ares laying there with his eyes closed, breathing hard?

When he looked at Ares again, he saw the god sitting back on his elbow, looking back at him.  The god brought up his hand and licked the semen off like an offering.  Hercules found it extremely erotic.

"I really need to send you back soon," Ares said, sighing.

The words sent a sense of disappointment in Hercules.  *Not yet.*

"So do you think you've learned your lessons?" Ares asked.

"I'm not sure," Hercules said, wanting to prolong his departure.  "I may need some more practice first."

"I guess it wouldn't hurt to be thorough," Ares purred, gathering the man to him.  "And you still need to pass the final exam."