Happy Holiday
By Claire
Claire dropped the bags she was carrying and slumped into the couch. "I *HATE* Christmas shopping!" She yelled, to no one in particular. "The shops are full of dithering adults and whinging kids. Oh Gods, I need a drink."

"Your wish is my command."

Claire jumped as the words were whispered in her ear, and a glass appeared in front of her face. "Fuck, Ares, don't *do* that. You scared the life out of me."

"Sorry," said Ares softly, kissing her on the cheek.

Claire's eyes narrowed. "What do you want?"

Ares pulled back and looked at her. "What do you mean?"

"You're after something. I just know it."

"I just wanted to come and see you."

Claire sighed. "Ares. Babe. It's been a *looonnnnggg* day. I've been shopping since this morning, the shops were packed, I still haven't got half the things I need, and to top it off, I *still* haven't bought Suzy's birthday present, and that was over two weeks ago!"

"She'll forgive you, she *is* your best friend."

"That's not the point, Ar," Claire said, unable to keep a smile off her face at the pout the War God was giving her. "Come on, out with it. Whadda ya want?"

"It's getting near the holiday season," started Ares, ignoring Claire's muttered ‘No shit, Sherlock', "and I want to do something for my people."

"So you need suggestions?"

Ares shook his head, sable curls brushing his cheeks. "No, I already have an idea, I just need some help with it."

"Okay, what did you have in mind?"

"I was watching Millennium last night and during the break, there was an advert for a movie..." Ares' voice trailed off slightly.


"Well, here, see for yourself." Ares pointed a finger towards the corner of the room, and the TV and video sprang to life.

Claire watched the advert, her jaw dropping. "Oh, you have *got* to be kidding me," she said. When it was finished, Ares flicked the TV off with a click of his fingers.

"So? What do you think?"

Claire stared at him for long seconds. "Are you being serious?"

"Absolutely. So, are you in?"

A grin spread across her face. "Oh, I wouldn't miss this for the world." She paused slightly. "However, I think we're gonna need some help."


"KARESIA!" There was no answer to Claire's shout.

"She's in the shower," Ares said.

Claire closed her eyes and listened. She could just make out the noise of the shower, and the murmur of a radio.

"I'll go and... get her." A smile sprung to the God's lips.

Claire raised an eyebrow. "I'LL wait in the kitchen," she told him.

Ares watched as the young woman walked through to the kitchen, before his smile widened and he disappeared in a flash of light.


"Her name is Lola, she was a showgirl. But that was 30 years ago, when they used to have a show!" Karesia's voice drifted out from under the sound of the water. "Yeah, sing it, Barry!" Swinging her hips, she sang loudly into the loofah, giving in to the shower singing tradition that she indulged in every time the house was empty. She was so caught up in the song, that the bright flash took her totally by surprise. "Fuck!" Karesia yelled, as Ares appeared in front of her.

"Well, thanks, don't mind if I do," grinned Ares.

Karesia smiled as Ares placed his hands around her hips and lifted her up. Karesia automatically wrapped her legs around the god's waist as his hard cock slid into her cunt.

Keeping his arms wrapped around the woman impaled on his erection, Ares turned and pressed Karesia against the wall of the shower, giving him leverage to thrust his cock in and out of her body.

Karesia shuddered as the War God's cock pulsed inside of her. "Oh God!" She gasped, as Ares' fingers deftly snaked their way into her wetness to manipulate her clit. After only a few seconds, Karesia came, her body clenching Ares cock, triggering the God's own climax.

Ares panted as he emptied himself into Karesia, before slipping out of her, and allowing her to put her feet back on the floor of the shower. Turning off the water and stepping out of the shower, Ares dried and clothed them both in a flash of light. "Come on," he said, taking Karesia's hand and leading her out of the bathroom.


Karesia walked into the kitchen, and stopped dead as she saw the young woman sitting on the kitchen counter holding out a cup of coffee. "Claire. I didn't realise you'd come with Ares."

"Well, after that scream that came from the shower, I'd say the whole street realised *you* did," grinned Claire. "I figured you could use a coffee. Replacing fluids and all that."

Karesia smiled as she took the coffee. "So why are the two of you here?"

Ares looked from Karesia to Claire. "We need your help," he said.

"Ares has an idea," Claire elaborated.

A look of horror passed over Karesia's face. "Please tell me this one doesn't involve elephants and 170 kilos of cheddar."

"Not this time," Claire assured her.

Karesia let out the breath she'd been holding. "Thank the Gods," she breathed. "I couldn't handle it. Not after that last debacle." She spun to face Ares. "Do you know I'm *still* known at ‘That Cheese Woman' in certain shops. And every so often Laurissa still gets phone calls from journalists asking how she managed to find two elephants in the Australian outback."

"I told her what to say to them." Ares tried to defend himself.

"I don't think the explanation that they escape as babies from a circus and were raised by wild kangaroos would have cut much ice," Karesia pointed out.

"Well it worked for Romulus and Remus," muttered Ares.

"Yeah, but Romulus and Remus weren't raised by wild kangaroos," commented Claire, trying not to laugh.

Ares glared at her. "You *know* what I mean."

Raising her hands in supplication, Claire gave in to the laughter. "Okay, okay."

"So what's this idea?" Karesia asked.

Claire gave the other woman a wicked grin. "Oh, you're gonna *like* this."


Karesia stared at the two people in front of her for long seconds before grinning. "We're going to need a couple of others."

"I know," agreed Claire. "We're also going to need to go shopping."

The two women turned to Ares and smiled. Sighing, the God of War held out his hand. A flash of light and two credit cards appeared in his palm. Claire took the Olympian Express cards and handed one to Karesia.

"And show some restraint this time, Claire," said Ares. "Zeus nearly had a heart attack when he saw the bill from that little trip you and Tham decided to take."

Claire smiled innocently. "Moi? Ares, I'll have you know ‘restraint' in my middle name."

"I thought it was Louise," commented Karesia.

"Restraint. Louise. Let's not get bogged down with semantics," replied Claire. "We need to shop."


A few hours later, Karesia, Claire and Ares were in the God's temple, surrounded by bags.

"Did you get them?" Karesia asked.

"Oh yeah," replied Claire, pulling a red bag out from under the pile, and throwing it to the other woman.

Karesia opened the bag and immediately started laughing. "I thought you were going to get the plain black ones?"

"I was, but I saw those and couldn't resist. Did you get the CD?"

"Yep, and the music system. But we still need a couple more listsibs to help."

"So, who do you want?" Ares asked.


"Oof! Erk! Blurgle! Ephiny, will ya get off me." Claire pushed ineffectually at the massive rottweiler sitting on her chest and licking her. "Yes, I love you too, sweetie, but a dog tongue up my nose is *not* what I asked Santa for this Christmas."

"EPHINY!" Molli yelled at her dog. "Will you let her up."

"Thanks, Molli," smiled Claire, getting up off the floor. "I thought I'D be stuck there until the millennium."

Molli smiled. "I got your message, so, what can I do for you?"

"Well, you see, it's like this."


Thiel jumped at the tongue running around her ear. "Bloody hell, Ares, warn a girl before you do that."

"But if I warn you, it's less fun," the God pouted.

"True," admitted Thiel, pulling Ares down and kissing him.

Ares pulled away, and gently started kissing her neck. "I have," {lick} "a favour," {suck} "to ask," {blow} "you."

"Ask away," moaned Thiel softly, as Ares hand worked it's way into her shirt and began toying with a nipple.

"I need some posters done, and since you're our resident artist, I was hoping you could do them for me."

"What kind of... Oh Gods, do that again... posters were you thinking of?"

Ares grinned as he pulled his hand out of Thiel's shirt and pushed it into her trousers. Sinking his fingers into her cunt, he immediately found her clit and began working it until Thiel cried out and came. Pulling his hand out of her trousers, Ares delicately licked Thiel's juices off his fingers before waving a hand. An image appeared in front of them. "We were thinking something like that."

Thiel consciously focused her dazed eyes on the image and nodded. "I can do that," she said breathily.

"Wonderful," smiled Ares, before disappearing in a flash of light.


Karesia sighed. She'd been standing outside the house for about 10 minutes, and there was still no answer. Bending down, she opened the letterbox and shouted through the gap. "LAURISSA! I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE! ANSWER THE DOOR, WOMAN!"

"Actually, she's not," came the sultry voice from behind her.

Karesia stood back up and stared at Ares. "What do you mean she's not there?"

"I checked into a scrying pool on my way back from Thiel's, who said yes, she will do the posters, by the way, and found out that Laurissa is in New Zealand closing a deal for her company."

"So what are we waiting for?" Karesia asked.

"Nothing," replied the God, as the two of them vanished.


"And so, in closing, I have to say that this merger can only mean better business for the company." Laurissa closed the file in front of her and sat down.

"Thank you," smiled the CEO of the Hayes Corporation. He turned to the rest of the people sitting around the massive table. "Our answer to the merger is expected within the week. I'D like everyone back here in three days with opinions." As everyone else was walking out, he stopped next to Laurissa, who was still tiding away her files. "I must say, your presentation was most informative."

"Thank you, Mr Hayes," Laurissa smiled.

"Please, I told you, call me Lawrence."

"Thank you... Lawrence."

"I'LL leave you to sort out all your papers." Lawrence walked out of the room.

"I can see why you find him attractive. He sort of reminds me of me."

Laurissa spun at the sound of the voice. "Ares! What are you doing here?"

"Now, is that any way to speak to your favourite God of War? And it's *we*, actually."


"He's talking about me. Hey, Laurissa."

For the first time, Laurissa noticed the women standing just outside her field of vision. "Karesia!" Stepping up to her, Laurissa hugged Karesia. "It's good to see you."

"You too, babe. We went to your house, but you weren't there."

"Yeah, I got a phone call a couple of days ago telling me they wanted me over here, so, here I am," explained Laurissa.

"And here *we* are, coming to get you," Ares commented.

"Coming to get me for what?"

"I'VE had an idea," explained the God.

"It's not another cheese and elephants thing, is it. I don't think I could handle it. Not again." Laurissa looked over at Karesia in despair.

Karesia smiled and laid a hand on Laurissa's arm. "We've already been over this, and, no, it's nothing to do with elephants or cheese."

"Thank the Gods," murmured Laurissa. "So, what *is* it about?"



Iphicles stared at the man next to him. "I don't know *why* we agreed to do this," he muttered.

"Because it'll be fun," replied Autolycus.

"The only one I'm worried about is Joxer," said Iolaus quietly, glancing over to where the clumsy warrior had just dropped a sword he picked off the wall.

"True," Auto agreed. "After all, is he can't even *walk* without tripping himself up, what's he going to be like with this?"

A fluttering of wings disturbed the trio as Cupid landed next to them. "Where is he? Ares said he's be here an hour ago."

"Keep your pants on, Cupid." The voice came from the other end of the temple. "We're here."

The one god and four mortals in the temple all turned to face the direction the voice was coming from. Standing there was Ares, Karesia, Laurissa, Molli and Claire.

"Hey Ephiny!" Joxer smiled, as the rottweiler trotted up to him, wagging her tail.

"Okay,' started Ares, "we only have a few days to get this done, so let's get started."



Thamiris shook her head, clearing the slight dizziness she always felt whenever Ares transported her somewhere.


Turning, Tham saw the woman who shouted her name. "Sura!"

Jogging up to Tham, Sura smiled. "Do you have any idea why We've been called here?"

Tham shook her head. "Nope. I just got the e-mail telling me to be ready to leave, and here I am."

"Oh Gods, I *hate* that!"

Both Tham and Sura turned in the direction of the new voice, to see Dee holding her nose and blowing for all she was worth.


"Gib me a minib," came the reply.

Sura and Tham looked at each other and shrugged.

Within a few seconds, Dee was smiling and walking over to them. "Sorry about that, but whenever I get zipped from one place to another it makes my ears go funny and I can't hear properly until I'VE popped them. So, have you seen anyone else here?"

"Melissa and Artemis went in a few seconds before," answered Sura. "Do either of you have any idea what this is about?"

Dee shook her head. "Nope."

"Well," said Tham, "I guess there's only one way to find out."

The three women started to walk over to the temple, when Sura suddenly snorted, and pointed out a poster attached to the outside wall.

"‘One Night Only - The Men Of Olympus'," read Dee. "Sounds interesting."

"Oh, it is. Well, from what I'VE heard anyway."

The women spun to face the man who was talking. "*Herc?!?*" A trio of voices all exclaimed.

"Hi,' smiled Hercules.

"What are you doing here?" Sura asked. "Are you part of the ‘Men Of Olympus'?"

"Ah, no." Hercules fidgeted slightly. "Ares asked if I could possibly spare the night and do him a favour, and since I'm trying to get on with my brother, I agreed."

"So what are you doing?" Dee repeated Sura's question, "I'm here to stop anyone who shouldn't be here getting in."

"You're the doorman," said Tham.

"Yes," admitted Hercules sheepishly.

"I'm sure you'll do a positively wonderful job," Sura assured him.

Hercules flashed a blinding smile and opened the temple doors. "Enjoy your night, ladies."

Sura, Tham and Dee walked into the temple, trying not to grin at Hercules' muffled comments about being a demi-god not a bouncer.

Heading through into the main area of the temple, the three of them stopped in amazement. A stage had been erected at one end of the temple, and a curtain was dropped, hiding whatever lay on it.


The three in question turned to see Sophia and Iphenys waving at them frantically. Waving back to indicate that they'd heard the other two, they started to walk over.

"Hey," smiled Tham when they reached them.

"We save some seats for you," explained Iphenys.

"Thanks," said Sura, sinking down into the plush velvet softness of the seat. "Oh wow, I wish my cinema had seats like this."

"What's going on?" Dee asked.

Sophia and Iphenys looked at each other and shrugged.

"You've got me," replied Sophia.

"Does *anyone* know what's going on?" Tham questioned.

"We saw Karesia and Claire running around before, so we're pretty sure they're involved somehow," answered Iphenys.

"And I think Laurissa and Molli are in on it, because they were all whispering before," added Sophia.

"Thiel's got be know what it is, too," said Tham. "Those posters were definitely her work."

Suddenly, the temple was plunged into darkness and a soft light lit up the stage.

"Well,ö commented Dee, "whatever's going on, it looks like we're about to find out."

Tham watched as the curtain raised, and six spotlights highlighted the men standing on the stage with their backs to the audience. Each of them was wearing a trenchcoat and a fedora hat. Music started blasting through the temple, and, one by one, the men each turned around. Tham's eyes widened as she recognised each man in turn. Ares. Then Iphicles.  Autolycus was next. Then the one she's already identified; the white wings giving away Cupid, even with his face hidden. Iolaus turned and face them. And then finally Joxer.

Baby take off your coat
Real slow
Take off your shoes
Oh, take off your shoes
Baby take off your dress
Yes, yes oh yes
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on
You can leave your hat on

Tham's jaw dropped as she watched the six of them slowly gyrate, popping open the buttons on their coats and shrugging them off to reveal tuxedos underneath.

"Whoa!" Sura whispered. "Who the hell would have thought Joxer could move like that?!"

Tham could only nod as the dance went on.

Kicking off their shoes, each of the men strutted to the back of the stage and grabbed a chair. Returning to their original positions, they stood on the chairs, before jumping off and straddling them.

The jackets came off next, followed by the bow-ties, until each of them was standing there in just a shirt, trousers and a fedora.

Go over there
Turn on the light
All on the lights
Come over here
Stand on that chair
Yeah, that's so right
Raise your arms up in the air
Shake em
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live
You give me reason to live

Turning their backs to the audience, they slowly removed their shirts, each of them spinning the material in the air and then tossing out off the stage.


Tham quickly turned to see Sim triumphantly holding the shirt one of them had thrown. She quickly turned back to the stage just in time to see the six dancers, in perfect synchronicity, run their hands down their chests, teasing their nipples into hardness.

Sura moaned softly, biting her low lip as Ares hissed in pleasure.

Each of the six ran their hands down their chests and gripped at the waistband of their trousers.

Sweet, sweet darlin'
(You can leave your hat on)
You can leave your hat on
Oh baby

Without missing a beat, each of them ripped the trousers away from their bodies, the side seams effortlessly tearing.

Tham nearly burst out in laughter as she saw the G-strings they were wearing. Each of them were in the shape of an elephant, with the wearers' cocks forming the trunks.

(You can leave your hat on)
You can leave your hat on
Oh baby
(You can leave your hat on)
All you need is just a hat sweet darlin'
(You can leave your hat on)

Slowly, each of the men and Gods on the stage grasped their cocks, stroking them to hardness. As soon as they were hard, each of them undid the clasps at the sides of the G-strings and pulled them off. An appreciative ripple ran through the audience as the six of them sat back down on the chairs and spread their legs, continuing to stroke their hard cocks.

Suspicious minds keep talking
They try to tear us apart
They don't believe in this love of ours
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
They don't know what love is
I know what love is

Squirming in her seat, Tham felt a flare of arousal shoot through her as she watched the six beautiful men on stage pleasure themselves. All that could be heard in the temple was the music and the sound of rapid breathing.

On the second last beat of the song, joint gasps could be heard from the stage as each of the men came, their climax arcing into the air, as the last beat saw the curtain drop and the lights come back on in the temple.

Absolute silence reigned for a long seconds, until rapturous applause broke out.


Picking up her wine glass, Tham looked over at the stage where Karesia, Laurissa, Molli and Claire were standing laughing. She was joined on her way over by Kelly and Bella, and the three of them headed over.

"I have a feeling you lot were involved in this," commented Tham when they reached the small group.

"Guilty as charged," smiled Laurissa.

"Although, I don't know if I ever want to go through it again," added Karesia.

"Oh, I don't know, it was fun," laughed Claire.

Molli snorted. "Yeah, in a ‘in a few years we'll look back on this and laugh' kind of way."

"It must have been a hassle," commented Kelly, "getting Joxer to remember all of the moves."

The four co-conspirators looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Are you kidding?" Laurissa gasped out between breaths. "He was the only one who got it right first time."

"Yeah, it was Ares he had the problems with," added Claire. "For someone who was trained, he doesn't know his left foot from his right."


Claire grimaced and glanced over at Karesia. "He's standing right behind me, isn't he?"

"Yes, he is," came Ares' sultry voice, as a pair of arms wrapped around Claire's waist, and the god, dressed in his customary leather, stepped up behind her. "But he'll forgive you. Even if you did buy elephant G-strings."

"But they looked so cute," smiled Bella.

"Cute?" The God looked unconvinced.

"Oh, most definitely cute," agreed Laurissa.

"That's all right, then," grinned Ares. "Because I'll have you know, I do ‘cute' amazingly well."

"So, what do we do now?" Molli asked.

"Now?" Ares looked at her as he aimed a finger at the music system set up in the corner, and music started to blast out of it. "Now, we party. What else is there?"

"Nothing,"admitted Tham, as Iphicles came up and dragged her to the middle of the temple to dance.

Ares watched as the King of Corinth spun Tham around. Leaning down, he whispered in Claire's ear. "When this is over, I'm going to fuck each and every person here."

Claire smiled. "I can't wait, but how about we dance first?"

"Dancing sounds good to me," replied Ares as they headed out to join Tham and Iphicles, the music blaring into the night.

The End