The Question
By Cat
"Dammit Ares, where are they?" a voice called out demandingly.

Ares stretched out on the bed grinning evilly. "I don't know what you're talking about?"

"Yes you do, now where are they?" the voice becoming more insistent, followed by the sound of items crashing about as the search became more desperate.

"No I don't" Ares replied teasingly, laughter clearly evident in his answer.

"Fuck!" the voice said softly, though Ares still heard it. "Ares, you know I love you and I would love to stay here with you, but I've got to go! I thought we sorted this out already."

"We did" Ares replied gently, "And I'm not stopping you, am I?"

"So where are they?" the voice pleaded.

"Where are what?" Ares replied quizzically.

"MY CLOTHES!" Hercules almost yelled as he stood gloriously naked in the doorway to the temple bed chamber.

Ares' eyes hungrily raked over his lover's form, desire written all over his handsome features.

"Aren't they where we threw them when you arrived?" Ares said as he motioned the demigod to his side.

"I can't find them anywhere in this mess we've created" Hercules replied rather distractedly as Ares fingers began tracing patterns around his still sensitive nipples. "And I promised I'd meet up with Xena in town this morning. I'm already late," he tried to complain but the effort was only halfhearted as his mind was clearly on the god's talented hands that were moving lower and lower. As Ares' finger ran lightly up Hercules' cock, all thoughts but Ares and the pleasure he was giving him were driven from the demigod's mind.

In a torrent of passion, he felt Ares enter his still lubricated anus and drove them both beyond mere passion, beyond mere pleasure, even beyond ecstasy to a climax that even gods rarely achieve.

A while later as their breathing began to return to normal, Hercules reminded Ares of his problem. "My clothes?"  Ares pointed outside the bed chamber and Hercules shook his head. "Between the mess we made when we did it in the hallway, the main room and I think every other room in this temple, I can't find anything. I', so late now I don't even know how I'm gonna explain it Xena so she'll believed me."

"Alright." Ares soothed his clearly agitated lover, and with a wave of his hand, Hercules was dressed in skin tight black leather pants and boots, similar to Ares' own. He was wearing a thin white shirt that revealed his tanned chest, and had slits in the sleeves to show off the well muscled arms underneath. In one ear now was an earring with a small dagger hanging from it, clearly marking him the property of the God of War.

Ares ran his eyes appreciatively over his handiwork and had to fight the urge to throw Hercules back on the bed and fuck him until they were both exhausted, the picture was too tempting. He decided to exercise some restraint instead, knowing that the waiting would make their union tonight so much more exciting.

"I can't go there like this" Hercules growled at Ares, though secretly approving of the change. "What are they going to think?"

"Easy," Ares whispered as he pulled Hercules' head down and plundered his mouth. "They will know that you are mine, and that they can look all they like but they better not touch." He ran his hands possessively over his sides to emphasis the point.

"You owe me," Hercules growled into Ares' ear as he pulled away. He bent down to grab his bag, teasing Ares with his tightly leather covered arse, and with a wink headed out the door.

"And tonight, you're going to pay," he called over his shoulder as he made his way out of the temple to rendezvous with Xena, his mind trying to figure out how to explain both his lateness and this new outfit.

Inside the temple, Ares was standing at the temple doors, watching his lover go, with a flick of his hand, he found Hercules' clothes and turned them to ashes. "I told you I'd get rid of those awful clothes," he told the departing figure, "And make you mine completely." The thought brought a slight smile to the god's lips as he contemplated what surprises his lover was planning for the night.

The End