It's a Fine Day For a Battle
By Candace
The sword plunged into the screaming warrior at an upward angle, piercing his diaphragm, his lung. His screams cut short as he toppled sideways, sliding off the blood slick blade.

"Ooh yeah, just like I like it," Ares purred. He nimbly sidestepped a pair of soldiers charging one another. As he was invisible they would have simply run though him, but having mortals slide through his ectoplasm was a displeasing sensation that Ares avoided whenever he could.

A subtle displacement in the air alerted the War God to the presence of another deity. He wasn't surprised, of course. Several gods often had their roles to fulfill during a good battle.

"Thanatos, old friend. How fare you?"

The reaper's streaming black hair whipped behind him, leathery wings opening and closing slowly as he bent over the bloody, convulsing body. With tender care, he cupped his fine-boned hand around the soldier's ear and whispered. The convulsions ceased as the man gave up his ghost.

Ares tuned into the battle sounds around him when he saw Thanatos was about to speak. The reaper's voice gave him the willies.

::It's a fine day for a battle,:: Thanatos spoke in Ares' mind. Turning his head slightly, the Reaper leaned out of the way of a pair of clashing swords, then danced around the two combatants, looking eagerly from one to the other. His long, thin face darted between the blades as he looked into one grimy, sweaty, straining face, then the other.

::This one, I think,:: he sent, dragging his hand along the shoulder of the one who was suddenly on the receiving end of a blow to the great artery in his thigh.

"Oh, come on you Nancy boys! Get back here!" Ares yelled at the fleeing forms of half a dozen teenagers as they fled down the hillside. They couldn't hear him, of course, but it still felt great to yell.

There was a smoldering presence at Ares' shoulder. ::I can take them, if you like. We have archers.::

Ares licked his lips, considering the winged god's suggestion. "Nah. That doesn't make any sense. Let 'em keep shooting into the attacking soldiers."

::As you will,:: Thanatos replied, mirroring Ares' outthrust pelvis, wetting his lips with his forked tongue.

A hoarse scream erupted a few yards away from them, drawing Ares' attention. A third god hunched over the prone form, poking at the spurting stump where his hand used to be.

::Who's the weird looking blonde?:: Thanatos sent as he inserted a probing finger between Ares' chest plate and shoulder guard.

"You watch it," Ares growled. "That's my son."

::Mmm. A little father-son battle day, I take it?:: Thanatos had two fingers in the chink of Ares' armor, and was pulling them out slowly, only to plunge them back in.

"Something like that," Ares muttered as Thanatos added a third finger, pumping them deliberately in, then out. "If he's good, then he can be Pain."

::Who better than the seed of your loins?:: The long, straight hair was streaming in Ares' face. It smelled of chrysanthemums.

"My sentiments exactly." Ares eye darted around the battlefield as the slender, pale fingers slid in and out of the tiny gap in his armor.

"Ares!" the blonde godling called from across the battlefield as he flitted from screaming body to screaming body. "These soldiers aren't dying!" He giggled maniacally. "This is fucking intense!"

Ares caught the chill hand that was fucking his armor and brought it to his lips. His tongue poked out and ran a tiny circle around the pad of the white index finger. "Are we getting lax?" he purred.

Thanatos was panting, his shark teeth exposed between his parted lips. ::Just letting the lad get some practice.:: He tugged his hand out of War's grasp and trod delicately over the battlefield. Those writhing forms that he touched with the toes of his black, pointy boots grew still.

"Deimos," Ares called. "Meet Thanatos. Death Incarnate."

The blonde godling stood, brushing away the bloody grass that clung to his ridiculously bare knees. "Wow, hee hee. I thought I was gonna get to see Hades, hee hee hee." He froze as Thanatos approached him, hypnotized by the gentle sway of the Reaper's wings. "Am I gonna, like, hee hee, *die* if you touch me?"

::There's only one way to find out.::

Ares smiled indulgently as Thanatos spread his great, dark wings and grasped his son by the throat. Deimos squealed like a stuck pig, but the sound was quickly muffled as the Reaper claimed his mouth. Ares shook his head and turned to watch a troop of seasoned pikemen go at it. Thanatos was a great fuck and all, but if he could get the kissing out of his system with someone other than Ares, all the better. It was nearly impossible not to slice your lips and tongue to ribbons on those damned teeth of his.

"Aiiiieeee," Deimos screamed as he toppled into a pile of fallen soldiers, blood coursing freely down his chin. The soldiers he landed on echoed his screams.

Thanatos was frozen, a statue, only his great wings opening and closing, like those of a large, black butterfly. Blood smeared his chin, his white, bare chest. ::Well? Are you dead?::

"Aiiiieeeeeheeheeheeheehee!!!" Deimos howled, flailing about on the writhing pile of humanity, causing the screams and moans to escalate all around him. "You rock!!"

Thanatos snorted and whipped around to face Ares, grinning broadly. His black leather trousers sported a new tent in the front.

"You sick fucks," Ares said in mock disgust. "Just do your jobs. You're not supposed to be having this much fun." He pressed the tip of his finger gently into a swinging sword, allowing it to bite flesh rather than air as it arced down.

The reaper began popping in and out of various locations of the battle, soldiers falling in heaps in his wake.

"Don't rush it, now," Ares scolded. "We have all the time in the world. Just cos you wanna get your rocks off." He shivered as the air displaced nearby.

::Oh. And you don't?:: The slighter god reached between War's legs from behind and slid a nimble hand into the crease where his thighs met his balls.

Ares shuddered. "I will. I am." He stepped away from Thanatos' hand and lay his palm on a wearying soldier who began fighting vigorously again. "I just feel like a little foreplay with my sex today."

Mental laughter echoed in his wake as Thanatos skipped back across the fallen, kicking some and ending their agony, dodging among the fighting, until he was again at Deimos' side. ::This is your first battle?::

Deimos licked his bloodied lips and grinned as he chafed at a soldier's spear wound eagerly. "Yeah. Pretty cool."

Thanatos curled his lip. ::Did your father teach you these, ah, techniques?::

"Some," the blonde god replied brightly, "and some I just developed myself."

The Reaper shook his head. ::Come here, godling. Heed me well. I don't give lessons to just anybody.::

Deimos stood and gazed at the dark god with open affection and curiosity.

::It's called subtlety. Ares knows nothing about it.::

"I heard that!" Ares roared, wagging his finger at them, too engrossed in a particular melee to join the other gods and defend himself.

Thanatos looked the one who would be Pain up and down. ::You wear an awful lot of clothing, don't you? Only your knees are showing.::

Deimos giggled.

::Come here then, stripling, stand before me, yes, that's right.:: Thanatos eased himself into Deimos' back, wedging the bulge in his leather pants into the lovely valley between the boy-god's cheeks. Thanatos was a bit shorter, was able to nestle his package right where the blonde's thighs began. The Reaper stretched his bare arms to cover the godling's, first one, then the other. Deimos sighed and shivered, leaning into him.

::We fit together nicely, yes?::

Nervous laughter.

::You'd like to feel my cock, wouldn't you?::

More nervous laughter that turned into a sigh.

::Perhaps later. If you please me. For now, let our lesson begin.:: Thanatos walked Deimos like a ghastly marionette over to a pair of clashing soldiers. ::See that cut?:: The Reaper used Deimos' hand to gesture to a long gash in one soldier's arm where his shield had failed to protect him. ::Of course you could stick your fingers into it, and yes, it would hurt.:: Deimos wriggled as the forked tongue played across the inside and the outside of his ear at once. ::But this...:: he whispered mentally, bringing the godling's hand up to brush a fighter's temple.

The momentary pause the soldier made as the pain forked behind his eyes was enough to allow his opponent to bury a sword in his throat. Thanatos touched the example with his own hand, and the man's eyes turned milky. ::Do you see how a small pain can be easily as lethal as an excruciating one?::

"Yes," Deimos gasped, trembling with excitement.

::Are you certain?::

"Oh, yes," the godling whispered, grinding himself against the reaper's crotch.

::Very good,:: Thanatos sent encouragingly, walking the blonde over to another soldier, this one fallen.

::I'm not to take this one,:: the Reaper explained. ::I see the thread of his fate, and he's to live to an old age.::

"Okay," the godling breathed.

::But here, I will show you.:: Thanatos bent his legs into the back of Deimos' bare knees, causing the blonde god to kneel. ::Here, and just so.:: Thanatos manipulated his hand, touching the godling's finger to the unconscious man's jaw. The subject shifted and groaned. ::Pain in the teeth
is truly superb. It makes them crazy until they have another mortal pluck the tooth out!::

"Cool," Deimos said reverently, turning his bloodied face to gaze at his newfound mentor.

::That is enough, I think, for today.::

A ragged cheer went up as one of the sides sounded their retreat. A few soldiers gave chase, but most turned their energies to dragging their fallen comrades off the field and easing their final moments.

Ares' shadow fell across the two kneeling gods. "That was one amazing battle. Short, violent, bloody. Sweet like candy." He licked the blood off his fingertips and stared at his son appraisingly. "Are you enjoying yourself?"

"Yes, Ares," he gasped as Thanatos snaked a hand around him and twisted his nipple.

Ares nodded once. "Good. Cos if Zeus gives you this post, you'll be working hand in hand with ol' Thanatos here."

"I would like that (gasp) very much."

Ares squinted at the two gods folded together. *That's good,* he thought, *cos it coulda gone either way.*

::How was your foreplay?:: Thanatos sent, grinning a bloody grin.

Ares nodded again and smirked. "The battle was nice." He waved his hand and his metal plate armor disappeared, replaced by his supple black leathers. "Very nice." He adjusted the bulge in front of his pants absently, then seemed to warm to the presence of his hand on his crotch.

The Reaper disentangled his limbs from Deimos' and readjusted the studded leather belts around his hips. ::I'll just see to a final few, then, and the rest I can take during the night.::

Ares ran his fingers through his long dark curls and watched his son stare at the winged god in fascination. They had chemistry, no doubt. This was working out much better than the time he'd brought in his sister Eris for the job. How was he to know that Thanatos had a thing against women, when half the time the other god ran around in a long, white dress calling himself Celesta?

The Reaper bent over his charges, leaving a touch here, a whisper there. Ares suspected he was using his duties as an excuse to show off his leather clad ass. Deimos was absolutely enraptured. Ares expected his cock to split out of his tight leather shorts any moment. The War God had been debating whether or not to ask his son if this was what he really wanted, but the evidence before Ares' eyes required no verbal acquiescence.

Thanatos paused at the apex of the hill, fanning his wings slowly up and down. He stared at Ares and Deimos, wet his gory lips, and leisurely began unfastening one of his studded belts. It fell with a soft thud into the bloody, churned grass.

"Ares?" the godling whispered, panting. "You'll show me what to do, right?"

The God of War smiled indulgently. "It looks like you're figuring that out well enough yourself."

Deimos giggled nervously. "But what if I do something wrong?"

Ares gave the Deimos a little push. "He'll tell you what he likes and doesn't like. No problem."

A second belt fell around Thanatos' feet.

Deimos picked up speed and ran toward the winged god, treading on screaming, fallen soldiers and silent corpses on the way. He slid in the mud and the blood, staggered, then righted himself, grinning.

Thanatos' third belt hit the ground.

Deimos stared stupidly at the lacings of the Reaper's pants.

::What is it, little god? You want to help?::

Deimos nodded vigorously and attacked the laces with trembling fingers.



Thanatos turned eyes with irises the color of whey and pinprick pupils to meet Ares' liquid brown ones. ::Would you mind?:: His wings swayed. ::You know what I like.::

*Whew. I thought he wanted a kiss.* Ares stepped behind the smaller god, between the majestic, leathery wings. Dragon wings, Ares always thought. If Ares had wings, that would be how he'd want them to look. He scooped a handful of the slippery, straight hair out of his way, throwing it forward over the Reaper's shoulder. The fine expanse of ivory back was exposed to Ares, narrow, like a woman's. He ran a calloused thumb down the other god's spine, eliciting a lovely shiver. He would think that flapping those huge wings would have given the Reaper a bit more muscle, but then again, god physiology never made much logical sense.

::Are you frustrated, little god?:: the Reaper purred to Ares' son. Ares peeked over Thanatos' shoulder and grinned. Deimos was clawing at the unresponsive lacings in the Reaper's pants and breaking into a sweat. ::You can be more aggressive. It's only clothing, after all.::

Ares lay his lips on the back of Thanatos' neck, allowing his hot breath to play over the god's porcelain skin. He placed a firm hand on each shoulder, feeling the winged god tremble slightly. Deimos made a strange noise in his throat as he tore the lacings free from their grommets.

Thanatos arched his back, reaching up over his head with both hands to twine his fingers into Ares' hair. ::Ares, your baby is so submissive. He's just sitting there, drooling for my cock, and he won't take it.::

Ares pressed his beard into the reaper's delicate skin, chafing it slightly, then dropped his hands down to the rigid base of his wings. "That's 'cos he is a baby. Tell him what you want."

Thanatos' breath hissed in sharply as Ares' strong thumbs worked around the sensitive spots in his wing bases. ::Deimos, how old are you?::

"Ten days old. Hee hee."

::Ares? Is this true?::

"Mmf," Ares grunted in agreement, tonguing behind the pale god's ear as he jerked off the sensitive wings. Hermes had grown up just as fast. Again, no accounting for a god's physiology.

Thanatos arched against Ares ecstatically. ::Oh, War, why did you bring me such a treasure?::

"If he gets to be Pain, I figured it couldn't hurt for him to have someone to look out for him. Someone in high places." *And that way he will NOT end up like Strife.*

::Deimos, touch my cock. Go ahead, pull it out. That's it.::

"It's wet," the godling whispered.

::Yes, Deimos, that's my desire for you. Taste it.::

Ares dropped his hands down to the newly loosened waistband of the Reaper's trousers and thrust his thumbs into the top of the crack between his cheeks. He stopped tasting the winged god to keep an eye on Deimos' progress.

The godling knelt earnestly in the mud, one hand grasping at the ruined leather pants, the other circling the base of the Reaper's cock. He lapped tentatively at the shiny, crimson head, then smacked his lips. "Salty."

::Yes, godling.::

"Like blood."

Thanatos' mindspeak took on an amused air. ::Truly, you are War's son.::

"War likes it bloody," Ares growled, jerking down the back of Thanatos' trousers. He inserted his thicksoled, ass-kickin' boot between the Reaper's pointy fairy shoes and shoved his legs apart. "Death likes it bloody." He undid his own leather pants with a thought and yanked out his heavy, engorged cock. "Why shouldn't Pain like it bloody?" Ares lay his weight on his hand that pressed against the crook of Thanatos' wing while he spat in his other hand and rubbed the saliva quickly over his cock. With that as his only preamble, he set his thick cock head against the Reapers ass and pushed.

Thanatos sagged before him, breaking his fall with Deimos' shoulders. That had to hurt. He likely would have screamed, if doing so wouldn't have killed every mortal in a mile's radius. Ares grunted. He wasn't in. Perhaps a bit of preparation was in order. "Turn around, flyboy," he growled, jerking on the wing he grasped to get the Reaper in motion. The small god staggered about ungracefully, pants around his knees, boots sliding unchecked on the slick ground. "Touch my cock with those teeth and I'm outta here."

Pale eyes dancing with amusement met Ares' through tousled streamers of hair. ::Only my tongue, War.::

Ares grunted. The Reaper would push until you stopped him, that was just his nature. Only the tongue? Yeah, right. Still, it *was* a damn fine tongue he had on him. Thanatos braced himself with a hand on each of Ares' powerful hips and tickled the forked tip of his tongue over the War God's length.

Ares calmly brought his fist down on the back of the winged god's head. Thanatos gasped and staggered, but held himself up with the War God's hips. "Don't be a tease, bitch," Ares barked. "You know how to do me."

Thanatos grasped the mammoth cock that bobbed in front of his face and slid one fork of his tongue into the tender slit. The other fork played delicately along the edge of the hole.

Ares grasped a handful of the silken hair and rubbed it against the exposed flesh of his thigh. "Good. All right then." What he really wanted was to have his cock *inside* the other god's mouth while that was happening, but Ares also preferred to leave his cock attached to his body.

"Now you gotta spread your asscheeks." Ares swatted Thanatos' hand away from the base of his cock. "I'll hold my prick up for you, you spread your ass for my boy."

Thanatos obediently grasped his white asscheeks and spread them for Deimos.

Sweat began to roll down Ares' temples, down his back. He was breathing rapidly. The hellish god looked too sweet, all spread and subservient like that. He bit his lower lip. And he was getting his slit fucked with that bestial tongue. Yeah.

"Tell 'im what you want, fucker, tell 'im what you like. He don't know."

::Lick me, Deimos. Get me wet with your beautiful, bleeding tongue.::

The godling dove in eagerly, slurping loudly on the Reaper's hole, giggling to himself occasionally. The sounds of his exuberant sucking were making Ares twice as hard. "Like that, Thanatos?"

::Your boy's tongue is divine.::

"Stick it in, Deimos. Loosen up that tight hole so I can fuck it."

::I thought he was to do what *I* wanted.::

Ares cuffed the Reaper in the ear. "Shut up, bitch. I *know* what you want."

Thanatos shuddered and began caressing Ares' cock head with his lips, breathing his hot breath across the sensitive skin.

"Any teeth, any at all, and I'm outta here."

A diabolical mental chuckle.

"And I'm taking my boy."

::Deimos, slide a finger in now, your little finger. Lick it for me first.::

Ares watched the godling wet his fingers happily with his pink spittle. His lips were swollen from from his introductory kiss with the Reaper, beginning to scab over where they'd been sliced. "Like this?" he whispered reverently as he inserted his pinkie.

::Just beautiful.:: Thanatos ground his ass back onto the blonde god's finger. ::Now pump it in and out, slowly. Yes, you have it. Mmmm. And while you're down there, you can start licking my balls.::

The overloud (and very hot) sucking and licking sounds began anew as Ares caressed his own balls with a handful of the Reaper's hair. "You love this, slut, don't ya. Getting used by two big men, yeah. Used like the little whore you are."

::Use a larger finger now, Deimos. And run your tongue along that strip of skin between my balls and my ass. Yes, right there. Do you have a free hand?::


::Put your hand down your pants and touch yourself there, right where your tongue is on me. Don't touch your cock, not yet.::


"Stick two fingers in!" Ares boomed. "I wanna fuck my slut." He grasped Thanatos roughly by the hair and jerked his face up so he could look into his pale eyes. "Don't even think about complaining."

Thanatos smiled, wincing as Deimos added a finger.

::But it HURTS when he does it.::

Ares smiled proudly. "Yes, everything he touches hurts."

::How sublime.::

"I knew you'd like it." Ares released his hair and peered past his wings at Deimos. "Okay, enough of that. I'm ready. Strip."

"Me?? Hee hee hee hee hee hee..."

"Who do you think? Bitch here only got a pair of pants around her ankles!
Yes, you!"

Deimos fell back on his ass in the mud, one hand down his tight leather shorts, the other working frantically at his buckles and lacings.

"Turn around and look at my boy!" Ares bellowed, giving Thanatos a head start by wrenching a fistful of his hair. "Who's weird looking now, huh?"

::My mistake, War. He's beautiful.::

A slap rang across the battlefield as a ripe, red handprint blossomed on the reaper's white ass. "That's right. Don't forget it."

Deimos giggled insanely, seemingly strapping himself more tightly within his restrictive, brown leathers.

::Come here, Deimos. Let me help you.::

Ares spat on his middle finger and pumped in roughly into the winged god as Thanatos bent over his son. Deimos' hands emerged from either side of the Reaper's head, scrabbling for purchase as if unsure whether or not he should touch the wings. There was a strange rending sound as of flesh, then Ares caught sight of flying shreds of brown leather and laughed at his own concern.

Deimos lost his grip on the narrow shoulders and fell backward into the mud. A trail of tattered leather was blazed where the front of his shirt and shorts used to be, and a few bleeding cuts where the Reaper's teeth nicked flesh.

"Take him," Ares growled as he added a second finger and twisted them brutally in. Just as roughly he removed them, shoving the Reaper forward atop the giggling godling.

Though Thanatos spread his wings, the distance was too short for that to slow his fall any. Deimos splayed comically as the other god landed on him. ::Are you having fun, little god?::

"Oh yeah," Deimos cried, wrapping his arms around the Reaper's neck and claiming more painful kisses from his hazardous mouth. They kissed and drank of each others' blood and saliva until Deimos pushed the other god away, gasping for air. His face was splattered with fresh blood.

::Deimos, :: Thanatos sent as he tenderly peeled the remains of blonde god's leathers away, ::do you know how to summon items?::

"Yeah," he panted, staring at his own virgin cock as it stood straight up from its nest of golden curls.

::Summon a flask of sweet oil, and anoint my cock with it.::

A tiny cruet appeared, and the young god poured a pool of oil into his shaking hand.

::Go ahead,:: Thanatos encouraged.

Deimos took it upon himself to taste the salty head again, drawing a sigh from the winged god before him. He then slathered the long, flushed cock with a generous coating of oil.

Thanatos smiled redly and held up a cupped hand. ::Give me some and turn over, on you hands and knees.::

Deimos complied, trembling, quivering with anticipation.

::Would you like to know what it feels like to have a tongue in your ass?::

"Yes, please," Deimos whimpered.

Thanatos held his palmful of oil in reserve and spread the tender cheeks with the forefinger and thumb of his other hand.

::I've been told I have a rather unique tongue.::

Ares towered above the waxen pair mucking about in the churned earth. "Bitch knows her tongue is hot. Get on with it." He pulled his heavy cock in long, slow strokes, staring appreciatively at the tangle of limbs and blood and wing

"Aiiiiieeeyeahhh," Deimos howled as the quivering, forked tongue plumbed his intimate recesses. "Oh yeah god yeah so fucking good yeah do my ass yeah oh yeah..."

Ares chuckled aloud at the godling's uninhibited rapture.

Once Deimos was quaking uncontrollably, the Reaper pulled his face back and drizzled the palmful of oil into the crack of his ass. Deimos panted coarsely at the new sensation. ::You are SO ready for me,:: the Reaper sent in his sultriest mental purr.

He poised the head of his cock at the eager hole and thrust it firmly in.

"Owie owie yes hurts more fuckme oh gods..."

::Yessss, little virgin. You feel so good.:: Thanatos eased his length gently in, then pulled out until only his cock head remained inside.

Deimos slammed his face into the ground, sobbing ecstatically.

Thanatos sheathed himself again inside the blonde, running his fingers down the young god's spine. He then slid completely out, grasping his cock and swirling the shining tip around Deimos' puckered hole.

"Nononono more more fuck me more please please please hee hee..."

::My, but you do beg prettily,:: Thanatos sent, burying himself again in Deimos' warmth.

"Fuck! Yes! Yes! Fuck!" the godling screamed into the earth, breathing bloody dirt.

Ares sighed and floated the cruet over to his hand, emptying the last drops of oil onto his rock hard cock. It wasn't enough lubricant to make things comfortable, thankfully, but it would be enough to get his breadth in. "You call that fucking, bitch? You're barely moving."

::Such a lovely virgin ass. All mine.::

"I'll show you how to fuck, you faggot slut." The ground shook as Ares fell to his knees behind Thanatos, cuffing him in the back of the head for good measure before grasping his ankles and wrenching them apart, tearing the leather trousers around them like a flimsy sheet of parchment. Still fully clothed, the War God's hot black leather slapped the back of the Reaper's thighs as he crammed his length mercilessly home.

Thanatos' breath left his lungs in a great gust, but he held his voice. He grappled the pale godling beneath him urgently.

"Aiiiieeee," Deimos howled, the shove from Ares pounding the Reaper's cock into his very core.

::Hold me up, babygod,:: Thanatos sent, folding his bloody chest against Deimos' sweat slick back, wrapping his wiry arms around the godling's chest. His teeth found purchase in the godling's shoulder blade.

Ares wrapped his hands around the leathery wingstalks a bit up from the base, and spread them painfully open. Thanatos hissed as he extended the appendages to their fullest. Ares pounded in again. Thanatos hissed, Deimos screamed. "C'mon, slut." Pound. "Take my cock." Pound. "You love my cock." Pound. "Little girl." Pound.

Ares felt the Reaper's wings begin to tremble under his brutal ministrations. Good. He was close, too, fucking that tight ass, fucking his son with momentum of his thrusts. He grasped a handful of the sleek black hair and wound it twice around his hand. After all these centuries, he knew how to get the Reaper off.

"I'm riding you, bitch," he growled, yanking the handful of hair. Thanatos' head jerked back, a fountain of bloody spittle arcing through the air where his ministrations to Deimos' shoulder were interrupted. "Tell me how you like that, little slut."

::Oh, yes.::

"Who's my girl?" Pound.


"Who's my sweet girl?" Pound.

::I am.::

"What are you?" Pound.


"Don't you dare come yet, bitch. I'm not done with you yet. What are you?" Pound.

::Your. Sweet. Girl.::

"And what does my sweet girl want?" Pound.

::Your hot cock in her ass.::

"Ohyeah. You like that?" Pound. "That feel good?" Pound.

::Plunder me, War.::

Thanatos snaked his greased hand down from the godling's chest and grasped his neglected cock, squeezing it hard. Deimos was going hoarse from his screaming.

::Fuck my hand, baby.::

"Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Yes! Fuck! Me! Ow! Yes!"

Ares plunged harder, biting his lip, breaking the skin accidentally. The iron tang of blood pushed him to the brink. "Come, you fucking hot bitch!" he roared, releasing his hair and wrenching his trembling wings almost to their breaking point. The pale god beneath him squirmed and flailed, the only limb held still being the hand that Deimos fucked. The Reaper's mental screams ripped though Ares' skull. The War God closed his eyes as the tight ass pulsated around him, milking the orgasm from his raging cock.

"Uhn, yeahhhh," he breathed, shooting his seed, stilling his body as the gods beneath him bucked and writhed uncontrollably. "Fuck, you're hot."

Thanatos slid off Ares' semen drenched cock as Deimos collapsed beneath him, keening softly. The Reaper folded his wings around himself and the godling, buying a few moments to bask in their afterglow.

Ares stood and gazed at the two gods fondly: The powerful, ancient god and the delicate fledgling. Definite chemistry.

Ares looked at the darkening sky and decided his playmates had cuddled together long enough. "Bitch," he said pleasantly, "come over here."

Thanatos raised a charcoal gray wing and glared at Ares from beneath it. The God of War knew he was treading on thin ice by continuing the dominant banter after the Reaper was spent, but he just couldn't resist.

"Look at this mess you've made," he smiled, gesturing toward his sticky cock. "Bitch really must be more diligent about cleaning up after herself."

Thanatos stared blankly for a moment, then smiled and got to his knees.

"You watch her, Deimos. She's such a sweet little cocksucker." Technically that wasn't true, of course, due to the teeth, but the Reaper made do with his tongue and his hands, dragging his chin sensually along the length of the wet shaft. "That's it, little girl. Clean me good. You taste yourself on me, huh?"


"You like that?"

::Oh, yes.::

"Dry me off like I like it."

Thanatos obediently dried the stiffening member with his silky hair.

"Now put your toys away."

Reverently, Thanatos cupped Ares' heavy balls, sliding them into place inside his pants. He laced the leather partway shut then delicately tucked the stiff warcock into place, resumed the lacing and tied the thongs shut.

"Very good, my sweet. Very good."

The Reaper gazed up at Ares in awe. Ares looked down at the god who was prone before him on his hands and knees, covered in mud and blood, one wing hanging at an odd angle. The ruins of his leather trousers clung to one ankle. *Maybe I was a little rough.*

Thanatos' eyes shone with lust.

Ares shrugged. *He'll get over it.* The war god bent at the waist and grasped the Reaper's chin firmly, kissing the battered lips. The hot snake tongue flicked out to taste him, but the teeth were kept easily at bay by War's solid grasp. Ares suckled the full lower lip, relishing the flavor of his semen and his son's blood. He spoke into the Reaper's mouth. "Well, my work here's done. Battle's over. You two better get yourselves together though. You've got a long night's work still ahead of you."

At the last moment before he winked out, Ares added, "Oh, and take good care of my boy."