Lunch Break
By Bard
"What in Tartarus is going on in here?"

Uh-oh.  I think Cupid and I just got busted in our little 'sex-at-lunch' plan.

"Hi, Unc,"  I said, trying to press my stomach more firmly against Cupid's  own, as if that would actually hide the fact that I was ass naked with the  love god in Ares temple.  Some plan.  Right.

Ares cupped his hand under my chin, pulling my gaze away from Cupid and to  himself. "You've been naughty, Strife." he purred in my ear. "Very, very  naughty."

"I know." I said, playing the 'poor, sad, caught act'. "I couldn' help it.  Sorry."

"I don't think sorry is gonna cut it." he said, grinning evilly. "I think  that you need to be punished. Cupid, any ideas?"

Cupe smiled. It was the kind of smile I'd never seen on him before. It was  the kind of smile more often seen on wolves. I felt my stomach turn into a  knot as he replied, "I think I can find a way to help you punish him fairly."

My eyes widened. "Umm, guys?  Not that I'm gonna mind gettin' teamed, or anything, but what's gotten inta ya?"

Cupid shook his head and put a finger up to my lips. "Shh. No more talking."

I nodded.

Ares turned me so that I faced him, then took a step forward so we were nose to nose. His arms slid around my waist comfortably, cupping my ass and pulling me flush against him. "This is why I like being in charge." he said, as he bucked gently into my hips. "Are you ready to be punished?"


I wondered at that moment where I managed to find my voice. I was awed. Here they were, about team me, and all I could do was wait to see how things turned out. I was excited and hard as a rock at the thought. Then, I realized Cupid was speaking to me. Well, I realized it when he tugged my hair. "Hey pretty, are you listening?"

"What? Oh, yeah, sure.."

Ares bit my nipple, hard, and I squealed in surprise.  Cupid pulled my chin around and looked me in the eyes. "That's not an answer that is acceptable. Do you understand?"

I nodded. Ares bit my nipple again, softly this time. "And I am to be given the same respect.  Or I'll beat it out of you." he growled quietly against my skin. "Do you understand?"

"Yes." I whispered, as my heart started to pound in my chest.

Cupid moved behind me, digging his nails into the cheeks of my ass. "Yes what?"

I stood on tiptoe to avoid his nails. "Yes Sir?"

He released me, then winked. "Good.  You understand our game, then."

"I understand." I said, nodding.  [Game?]  Suddenly, I felt Ares's hands move. I groaned as he slid a finger up between the cheeks of my ass, nearing my spine. From there, he caressed a path to my neck. Cupid moved to somewhere, just watching, and I closed my eyes and sighed.

"Bad mistake, Strife," Ares said, as he grabbed hold of my hair and forcibly pulled me to him. "This is punishment, not pleasure."

Cupid started to unclasp Ares vest. "You play. I'll watch."

Ares nodded. Still holding me by the hair, he paused to allow Cupe to disrobe him. Craning my neck, I glanced downwards to get an eyeful, too.

He gave one hard tug and threw me off balance. I pitched to the side with a yelp as I stumbled, landing on my knees on the floor. Ares still didn't let go of my hair. "No one gave you permission to watch him undress me."


I scrambled to my feet as he lifted his arm up, then continued trailing him to his bedroom.  Naked and sweat soaked from my play with Cupid, I could feel my body shivering at the coolness in the temple. Ares' solution was to pick up the throw blanket on his bed and rub me dry with it, then toss it aside. I shivered again, but this time it wasn't from the cold.

Every nerve in my body was on fire, his hand directing me where to go, my body racing to keep up with him. I didn't think, didn't care where he pulled me, simply struggled to match his fast stepped pace so he could punish me.

I knew deep in my heart I loved Unc, would be willing to do anything to satisfy him, to make him happy.  I wondered for a moment if they set me up, then shook my head.  Nah.  Unc, plotting with the love god?  Not a chance.  Or maybe...  The thought that this event was planned didn't affect me badly, but made me had they planned it? I mean, what, they discussed it between arguments? That's not exactly a comforting thought....And where were they discussing it?


That was the exact sound I made as I was shoved face first down onto Ares's bed. "Ouch." I muttered, under my breath.

"No one gave you permission to speak." Ares said, low.

"I'm sorry, Sir."

Laughter rang from behind us. "It seems he's picking this up rather fast."

I turned my head as much as Unc's strong grip would allow. And my jaw, had it not been already squashed in a pillow, would have dropped. "Wow." I breathed, as I got to drink in Cupid's fully nude form.  Then, I grimaced. "Oops."

Ares growled at me.  "On your hands and knees."

I hurried to comply. I rolled off the bed and knelt on the floor then dropped onto my hands so I was face down to the floor. Ares rolled off the bed and stood behind me. I closed my eyes and listened to the sounds behind me as he flashed himself fully naked as well.  Then, I felt a sting on my bare backside and I hollered in shock.

He had hit me with his recently-removed belt. "I said no talking."

"Yes, Sir. I'm sorry."

"Silence!" he snarled, striking me again. The blows weren't agonizing, but not too soft, dick didn't seem to mind, however, as I hardened like a rock. He whipped me faster, and I couldn't swallow all the moans in my throat. Finally he stopped. "Do not come."

Damn it. All I wanted to do at that point was explode, either in Cupid's mouth or in his. But, silently, I relented, and let them continue with their game.

It wasn't his turn anymore, however. Cupid came in front of me, standing so his cock was at the same level as my eyes, and it was mere inches away. "Suck me."


I leaned my head forward and took the pulsing organ deep into my throat. Then, drawing back and using a mixture of my teeth and my lips, I nipped and fondled him until I could hear him panting in my ear. Then, he lifted his leg up, nudging my balls with his toes. I groaned loudly and froze. "I didn't say stop. And remember, you cannot come."

[Like I didn't already know that.]

Again I began to massage his cock as he stroked me with his foot. With each stroke I felt myself get impossibly harder. I almost wanted to cry. Briefly I thought about flashing out and leaving the two of them there with each other, but I quickly dismissed it.  I was having way too much fun.

Suddenly, he pushed me off him. "Ares wants you."

I looked over my shoulder to see my lover standing in the doorframe, nude, holding a pair of handcuffs. "Come here."

I started to stand, but Cupid put a firm hand on my shoulder. "Crawl. On your knees."

Carefully avoiding his foot, I backed up, facing Ares and moving toward him. He grinned down at me. "Are you enjoying this, kitten?"

[Kitten?] "Yes Sir."

He leaned over and kissed my forehead. "You really are a sick bastard, Strife."

I grinned. Cupid cleared his throat. "Ares."

It was all he needed to snap back into 'bad guy' mode. Once again taking me by the hair, he pulled me to a chair he had summoned. "Sit."

I sat. With one quick motion, he brought my hands together behind the chair and snapped them in the handcuffs. "Do not move."

"No Sir." I said, biting my lip in order to control the ache in my groin.

He leaned over and kissed my mouth softly, then turned back to Cupid. He was reclining against a stone pillar, and Ares offered him his hand. "Coming?"

"Not yet." he replied, the pun sliding out of his mouth. "But soon, I hope."

Ares grinned, that boyish Unc grin I'd seen only a few times.  They were having fun!  At my expense!  The bastards had set me up!

Unc stretched out on the bed, facing sideways, so I could see every muscle on his hard body. I briefly closed my eyes until he said, "Cupid, take me."

I lurched forward in the chair, desperately wanting to join in, only to be prevented by my handcuffs. I cursed under my breath and then lost my breath altogether as I watched Cupid hover over Ares' body, then straddle his thighs. Slowly, he lowered himself onto Ares' erect penis, allowing it to disappear inside him.  Unc gave a contented sigh and thrust up slightly, filling the winged god completely. Cupid's body rocked back and forth a few times until Unc rolled over, pinning Cupe beneath him. Cupid clawed at Ares' back as he thrust into the love god furiously, drawing blood in several places. My dick was so incredibly hard, my body tugging and straining almost involuntarily against my bonds, and all I could do was watch the amazing sight before me.

Life sometimes sucks.

Ares shifted so that his hand could fit between them, his nimble fingers twisting around Cupid's cock and stroking to match each thrust until Cupid screamed and came.  Ares froze, stroking Cupid's back gently, until he calmed again. Then, Ares slipped out of Cupid's body and walked over to me. "Will you give me what I want?"

"Always, Sir."

It wasn't required, but it sent a glowing smile across his face. And that made me feel damned happy. Maybe life wasn't so bad sometimes after all.

He stepped forward a few inches until I could reach the soft mushroom head with my tongue. I tasted sweetness, like flowers, and realized it was Cupid. Then, as he pushed into my mouth, I tasted the flavor that was completely and wholly Unc, that salty male flavor that I had come to know so well. I was in heaven.

He moaned slightly as I flicked my tongue against his skin, nipping at his length gently, tenderly. My mind was a blur, my body in control, all of my senses in overdrive trying to please the beautiful god in front of me. It was working. When he made his own first thrust, I knew I had to be working some kind of mojo on him. It was a nice feeling; very powerful. Even though he was in control, I had an effect on him. My mind cheered while my dick yelled in protest. I firmly ignored the lower organ and paid attention to the one in my mouth.

The orgasm came unexpectedly, a moan escaping his lips only milliseconds before he flooded my throat with come. I choked and swallowed hard.

He withdrew, his eyes never leaving mine, and gave me a soft smile. "Wow."

"Yeah." I replied, thickly. "I tried."

"I forgive you," Unc said, softly, "for fucking Cupid in my temple."

"I don't." came a voice from the bed. "He needs to be punished by me."

Both of us raised an eyebrow, not expecting Cupid to say such a thing.  "Strife only gets punished by me." Ares growled, taking note of my ever eager hard on. "Besides, he's going to enjoy it too much if we play with him anymore."

"What?  Oh, c'mon, Unc, ya can't leave me like this!"  I took a deep breath, then asked, "What does Cupid want me ta do?  I'll do it.  Please, Unc..."

Ares turned his gaze back to me.   "And you promise not to fuck Cupid in my temple ever again?  On your word?"

"Oh yeah." I lied, giving him a mischievous wink. "Totally promise, Unc."

Suddenly, I shifted in my chair, then winced.  Unc caught it.  "Blue balls?"

I nodded. "But the end result is always awesome."

He nodded in agreement. Then, he sat down on the bed. "He's all yours," he said, gesturing to Cupid.

Wingboy got up languidly, like some kind of cat. "Does Kitten want to play nice?"

[Not really.]

"Of course, I do." I replied, as politely as I could muster. I didn't know what was coming, but I knew it would be interesting...

I didn't expect him to slap me across the face. "No daydreaming, Kitten. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Sir."

Now how'd he know I was daydreaming?

He tangled his fingers into my hair, wrapping it tightly and tugging hard. I feared for a bald spot, but luckily did not get one. Ares threw him the keys and he uncuffed me quickly, then stepped away. "On your knees."

With a grunt, I slid forward and knelt on the floor. "I want your tongue in my ass, fucking me."

I reached up to spread his legs, and Cupid nudged my balls with his foot. "No, no, no, Kitten. No hands. Tongue only."

I swallowed a sigh and leaned my head closer to his cock, nuzzling along his thickness with my tongue. Slowly he spread his legs for me until I could slip my head into his center.  I found him still damp from Unc.  With my mouth I licked the ring around the outside, then slipped my tongue into his warm heat.  Faster and faster I moved my mouth, hitting the spot just right until I could hear Cupid panting above me.  I tilted my head up so my hair brushed along his rigid shaft and he hollered, spilling in release. Slowly, he untangled his hands from my shoulders and pushed me back. I sat on my haunches, waiting for the next command.

"You have pleased me well, Kitten."

"Thank you, Cupid." I replied, desperately needing to come before I died right then and there.

"What do you want as a reward for your good behavior?"

"You." I automatically answered, before I could think first.

He smiled. "If you wish....sit back in the chair. Relax."

I did immediately. He knelt on the floor in front of me, parted my thighs with his hands, and stroked my shaft. I saw stars. Carefully, he worked in a hand over hand fashion, making me feel as though I was continually thrusting, and all I had to do was sit there. It was delicious. I was delirious. "Please...."

"Please what?"

"I want......I need......" I couldn't even formulate the rational thought. But he knew, and he moved his hands faster. It didn't take long for the room to spin. I came.

It was intense, painful, and thrilling all at the same time. I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the back of the chair, enjoying the washing sensations of ecstasy flowing over my body. It was only when I felt a mouth encircle me that I knew there was more to come.

I opened my eyes again to find Ares on the floor in front of me, his eyes shut, his mouth dancing along my semi-soft penis. It didn't take but a moment for me to be hard again, and only a thrill as I felt him clamp down on me and suck powerfully. I banged my head back repeatedly into the chair as he drew me into a second orgasm. I couldn't get over it. I didn't orgasm quickly, especially after already having one. But Unc knew just what to do to make me feel that intense bliss again within moments.

Cupid had pulled the sheets down on Unc's bed and was already under the covers. I crawled next to him on one side, and Unc crawled in on the other side. I looked at him for a moment, then whispered, "Why'd ya set me up?"

"Because we both wanted you, and decided this was a way we both could have you.  At once," Ares said, a slow, delicious smile creeping across his face.

"So I was set up!"

"Yeah,"  Unc said.  "It thrilled me no end."

"I can't plotted with Cupid!  And against me!  I never thought you and Flyboy would actually call a truce for a minute!"

"Yeah, well, it was for a good cause."

I blinked.  Was that a compliment?  "Thanks, Unc.  That means a lot to me."

He kissed me softly on the mouth.  "Love you," he growled.

"Love ya too."

A sleepy voice arose from between us. "Okay, the moment's over. Sleep, you two."

And with a semi peaceful feeling, I closed my eyes and drifted off into slumberland.  I couldn't wait for lunch tomorrow...