Gabrielle's Dreams
By Catwoman
1:  Beach Vacation

"Ares!" yelled Gabrielle.  "What are you doing here?"

"I came to see you in your time of need, oh perky one," replied Ares sarcastically.  "I hear that you are traveling on your own, now."

"I'm going to see my sister," replied Gabrielle.

Ares took her hand, and they were suddenly standing in a beautiful beach with waves breaking over the sand near their feet.

 "Ares, where are we?"

"Well, Gabby, I thought that we were both in need of a vacation."

"That's why I'm on my way to see my sister."

"Gabby, that isn't the sort of vacation that I am talking about.  Don't you miss the intimacy of being with a man, of waking up in the morning and making love?"
Gabrielle looked at Ares with suspicion in her eyes.  "What are you talking about, Ares?"

"Gabby, remember, that I saw you naked when you went to discover through you dreams what was keeping you awake at night.  It is something I have never forgotten.  You even asked me to get you to Chin in time to prevent Zena from committing murder."

Gabrielle looked at him with renewed interest.  She watched him as he nibbled on his lower lip as he did often while thinking.  "Ok, Ares, what do you have in mind for this vacation?"

"Why don't you let me show you Gabrielle."

Ares reached out with his hand and Gabrielle took it.  They waded into the surf laughing and splashing as if they were children.  Then they sat on a blanket, thoughtfully provided by Ares, and watched as the sun set over the water. "That is a truly beautiful site," sighed Gabrielle.

"Not as beautiful as you are right now sitting beside me." Ares leaned down and kissed Gabrielle. "By the Gods, Ares, you nearly stole my breath away."  Gabrielle laced her fingers through Ares hair and pulled him back for another kiss.  She moaned into his mouth as her nails scored down his back.  The smell of her arousal teased his senses and made him more impatient.  So, with a snap of his fingers, their clothes disappeared.  Ares began to trail kisses down Gabrielle's neck and attached himself to her left nipple.  Gabrielle arched up to meet his mouth as he slowly tortured her.  Then his mouth traveled lower and dipped quickly into her navel to tease her. His hand slowly parted her legs and he gently parted her lips with his tongue. He dipped into her honeyed sweetness and then latched onto her clit and sucked strongly alternating with quick laps of his tongue.  As Gabrielle's hips rose to meet his mouth, he held her down.  She quickly came screaming his name.  He slowly licked his way up her body as she was coming down.  She wrapped her legs around his lean hips and pleaded, "Now, Ares, now!"  He slowly plunged into her silky warm depths.

"Gabrielle, you feel so wonderful," he moaned into her neck.

She arched up to meet his thrusts, yelling, "harder, Ares, harder." She leaned up to lick his neck and nip on his earlobes.  They screamed each other's names as they climaxed together.

Gabrielle awoke wondering, "why in Hades did I just have a dream  about Ares and, where in the Tartus did these bruises come from?"

2:  Iphicles

Gabrielle awoke to lips nipping and kissing along her jaw. "Hmmm, that feels wonderful."  She slowly opened her eyes and gasped when she saw Iphicles gazing down at her with adoration.  She looked around her in amazement.  "Iphicles, where am I, and what am I doing here?" Gabrielle asked.

Iphicles looked down at her with what could only be called amazement.  "Gabrielle, you were here in my room when I came to go to bed."

"What?" yelled Gabrielle as sheet sat up in bed, suddenly realizing that she was naked beneath those soft, luxurious sheets.

"You don't remember coming here?"

"No I don't, Iphicles.  What in Tartus is going on?"

"I don't know, Gabrielle, but I'm not going to waste anytime talking when I have an absolutely beautiful woman laying in my bed, naked."  With that said, Iphicles took up where he had left off, nibbling his way down her neck and along her collarbone.  "You taste wonderful, my love."

"Iphicles, please, I need you now."

Iphicles took one tender breast and began biting hard enough not to break her beautiful skin. The other breast he kept kneading with his other hand and then began slowly smoothing that hand down her body.  His fingers slowly began to tangle into her nest of curls at the apex of her thighs.

"Iphicles!" Gabrielle shouted.  "I need you now. NOW!"

Iphicles smiled while latched onto her nipple.  "What do you need, my lovely?"

"I need you deep inside me, Iphicles."

"In time, Gabrielle, in time."

Iphicles smiled as his mouth traveled down her body.  He licked and suckled as he traveled South.  Soon his mouth attacker her clit.  He sucked and nibbled as he dipped two fingers into her dripping heat.  He could tell that she was close.  Then her inner muscles started clenching his fingers and she climaxed, screaming his name. He started to crawl up her body and slowly entered her body as she  opened her eyes to look at him. "Gabrielle, please look into my eyes while we make love.  I love the way  that your eyes darken when you are so passionate."

Gabrielle looked deeply into his eyes, and smiled.  She arched her hips to meet his gentle thrusts.  She needed more.  Much more. "Iphicles, harder, faster, deeper.  Please."

Iphicles began thrusting harder and was gripping Gabrielle's hips hard  enough to bruise.  Sweat was glistening on both of their bodies.  They  screamed each other's name as they reached fulfilment together.

Gabrielle woke sweating and trembling.  She looked over at Xena where  she lay still asleep in the room that Iphicles had put them in for the duration of their stay.  "What in Tartus is going on with me?" Gabrielle wondered.

3.  Hercules

Gabby stretched and purred like a cat.  Oh, wow, another hard body was beside her. She wondered who it would be?

"Gabrielle?!" yelled the person beside her.

"Hercules, I'm glad to see you."

"What are we doing here?" asked Herc.

Gabby's eye's gleamed as she said, "Isn't it obvious, Herc?"  She threw back the bedsheets and stared at Herc's muscular body and his hair that she wanted to thread her fingers through. Not a bad thought, Gabby mused, as she raised her hands to sift her fingers through Herc's glorious mane of hair.  Ares and Iphicles aren't the only ones that have glorious hair in this family of gorgeous men..

"Gabrielle!" exclaimed Hercules.

"Herc, you are ruining my concentration." murmured Gabby as she lowered her lips to suckle and nip at his adam's apple.

"Just what are you concentrating on, Gabrielle?"

"You."  Gabby went back to nibbling down Herc's neck.  "You taste so delicious."  She moved down to his nipples and began lapping and nipping at them.  Moving from one to another.  She was lapping at his navel, when she felt his steely length against her stomach.  "Wow" she thought, he may have a bit more to offer than Ares and Iphicles had.  "I'm going to be more of an aggressor this time," thought Gabby.  She moved lower and licked around the head of Herc's turgid length.

"Any more questions about what I'm concentrating on Herc?" murmured Gabby, as she took the entire length of him down her throat and started swallowing, massaging the head of his cock with her throat."By the Gods, Gabrielle!"

Gabby lifted her head and looked into the eyes that were heavy-lidded. "Do you want me to stop?" she purred.  Meowrrrr

"No, please don't stop.  Please!"

Gabrielle lapped at the perineum of skin, that she knew would put him under her spell once and for all.  His hips came off the bed as he screamed her name and climaxed.  She started to creep up his body with the stealth of a sleek cat.  She began to kiss her way up his body and felt him becoming rigid under belly again.  "Thank the Gods, that he's half mortal.  We will be able to play for quite some time and I'm going to make the most of it." she thought.

All of a sudden, she was on her back.

"Gabrielle, I think that it's time that I return the favor." Herc whispered against her neck.  He started lapping at her lips, teasing her.  Smiling down at her, he began to plunder her lips savagely.  "By the Gods, she tastes good," thought Herc.  He lifted his lips from hers and they both gasped.  He started to nibble around her jawline and then lower down to her throat.  "I'm going to make her cum as hard as she did me."  He nipped at her nipple just hard enough not to break the skin.

"Herc, I need you, in me, NOW," screamed Gabby.

Herc smiled and murmured, "Not quite yet, Gabrielle."  He slowly dipped in and out of her navel, but was directed farther south by the smell of her arousal.  Gently he parted her lips and began lapping at her essence.  Then suddenly, he latched on to her clit and flicked his tongue quickly over it.

"Hercules" Gabby screamed as she climaxed.

Hercules quickly positioned himself at her entrance.  "Gabrielle, are you ready for me?" Hercules questioned softly, as if he expected her to turn him away now.

"Yes," she screamed as she wrapped her legs around his hips and lifted up to meet his thrust. Hercules thrust into Gabrielle and then became still to let her adjust to his size.

Gabby began to squirm underneath Herc.  "By the Gods, Herc, please fuck me, now."

Herc slowly withdrew and then thrust back into her body.  She is so tight, he thought to himself.  So tight, so tight.  "Ah, you feel so good.  Gabrielle, I'm not going to last too much longer."

"You don't have to, Herc," Gabby gasped.They screamed each others names as the reached that incredible pinnacle together.

Gabby woke up again, sweaty, sore and very satisfied.  She smiled as she looked up and thanked the Gods.

The End