By Candace
Pain, a long, burning pain, torturous and exquisite, racked the mortal's
body. A red  hot sensation, so like arousal that it caused the same groans,
the same undulating squirms, cascaded over the bronze, muscular body in one
turgid wave after another.

Deimos licked his lips and leered at the ragged sword wound on the warrior's
side. Though it had been stitched and dressed neatly, Deimos could see
beneath the blanket, through the dressing, to the pulsing edges of the great
wound itself. It called to him eagerly, wantonly, desiring his caresses.

His cock filled quickly, rendering him lightheaded. He giggled softly to
himself. The mortal couldn't see or hear him, of course, but the huge room
was so shrouded and muffled that the godling felt as if a modicum of
restraint was called for. Deimos tried to stuff his hand down the front of
his shorts, but the brown leather garment was simply too snug to allow the
necessary freedom of movement to stroke himself. He settled for a slight
repositioning of his hard on, then began rubbing the solid protrusion eagerly
from the outside of the skin tight knickers.

The mortal moaned as Deimos pressed his face against the linen dressing,
inhaling with a loud *sniff.* The size and shape of the wound were quite
reminiscent of a naked cunt, Deimos surmised, poking his pointed tongue
tentatively through the dressing.

The bronze warrior turned ashen and shrieked. Deimos' giggling erupted again,
louder now, though inaudible to mortal ears. He could make this puppet scream
like wanton slut getting her pussy licked clean. The line of stitching was
obstructing his fun, though, and ruining his vaginal imagery. One by one,
Deimos plucked out the stitches with his sharp, white teeth. With each
stitch, the warrior bucked his hips up from the bed.

"Yes," Deimos hissed. "Cum for me, my sweet." He scrubbed at the rock in his
pants as if to bring out its luster.

He supposed he could continue to poke his tongue through the dressing, but
passing his body parts through matter was so distracting. He grasped the
warrior's hand and guided it to the wad of linen, shoving the cloth down and

Deimos put his mouth to the wound. "Oh yes," he breathed into the swollen
gash, "look how wet I've made you."

The warrior whimpered and tossed his head back and forth on his sweat soaked

The God of Pain lovingly ran his tongue around the wound's full length,
savoring the taste of the groaning mortal. Once Deimos made several languid
circuits, he began to flick his tongue within the cut, causing an escalation
in the frenzy of his "lover."

The moans began to crescendo as Deimos rubbed himself into a state of
transcendence, flickering his tongue mercilessly over the wound, when the
doors to the grand bedchamber burst open and several other mortals rushed in.

Deimos cringed as one of the warrior's attendants passed through him, the
mortal shuddering as he did so. Reluctantly, the godling stepped back,
attempting to locate one of his nipples through the spiky textured cuirass he
donned. He observed the two mortal attendants as they swarmed over their
fallen monarch, resewing the sutures, replacing the dressing, and forcing an
infusion of calming herbs down his gullet.

The God of Pain growled. Close, he was so close. Damn. So focused was he on
the disappointing repair of the lovely wound that he was startled by the
figure that stepped from shadows.

The second god spread his leathery wings and thrust his hips out tartly.

"Thanatos," Deimos gasped, grasping at his crotch frantically. "It's you."
The young god's eyes went round as his hands slowed and he gaped, enraptured.

<<It is I>> The Reaper replied mentally as he pursed his lips and strode
toward the godling, passing with ease through the broad bed and the attendant
that held down the struggling patient.

"He he, hehe, hehe, It's been, heh, so long, hehe..."

Thanatos stopped before Deimos, spreading his great wings, limiting the
godling's world to him, only him. <<It's been but a week, my pet>> The Reaper
leaned in and tilted his fine-boned face up, pale eyes boring into pale eyes
as his breath mingled with the newly spawned god's.

"Yeah," Deimos sighed, leaning down and setting his trembling lips, wet with
the mortal's blood, against his lover's. "It's been forever."

Leather squeaked against leather as Thanatos wedged his thigh between the
young gods' legs. Deimos shuddered and pressed himself closer still to his
ghastly lover, running his hands down the winged god's bare arms as if to
prove him real.

Thanatos' forked tongue slid from between his lips to sample the blood of the
fallen warrior, catching Deimos with a slender arm as the godling's knees
buckled. <<Precious child. I see that Zeus has capitulated to Ares and
officially named you the God of Pain>>

"Yes," Deimos whispered, sliding his tongue between Thanatos' lips and
running it ever so gently over the points of the ancient god's teeth,
exploring carefully so as not to draw blood yet. His full cock throbbed
against the smaller god's hard thigh, and his hips seemed determined to jerk
spasmodically of their own accord.

"Than," he whispered urgently, "Than, why'd you wait so long?" Deimos suckled
the Death God's lower lip hungrily. His shaking hands slid up Thanatos' bare
arms, then drew together over his smooth, white chest, tracing urgent circles
around his taut nipples. "I can't think about anything but you. All the time.
Ever. Uhhhn. So good, sooo gooood..." In his barely controlled urgency,
Deimos nicked his lip on the elder god's teeth and tasted his own blood
mingling with the mortal's.

Thanatos' eyes softened as he watched the trembling godling sample his lips,
his bare shoulders, his collarbone and throat. As Deimos worshipped him
longingly with his lips, Thanatos held himself quite still, occasionally
stretching or retracting a great wing for balance. <<It is -- wonderful to
see you again, as well>>

"Thanatos," Deimos whispered into his chest, leaving a wet trail on his
marble flesh. The moisture could easily have registered as blood or saliva,
but the elder god's senses were too finely attuned to overlook the vibration
of the wetness.

<<You're crying??>>

"It's you," Deimos whispered as his nimble fingers made light work of the
buckles on the Reaper's three heavy belts. As the belts clattered to the
floor, the lacings on Thanatos' pants were pulled half open and a questing
hand thrust inside. "You came back." Deimos wrapped his hand around the
Reaper's burgeoning cock and arranged it so that it pointed at his slim
belly. "I'm just -- happy, is all."

Thanatos' breath hissed out as the eager fingers played over his cock, and he
nicked his own tongue in his distraction, mingling his own blood with Deimos'
and the mortal's. <<I don't understand>> The mental words were hesitant,
soft, so unlike the usual succinct archness of the Reaper.

Deimos nudged Thanatos' leg from between his with a leathery squeak and sank
to his knees, grasping the slender god's bony pelvis for support. "You're
here. You. Thanatos. Yesss..."

The door to the great chamber opened and shut quietly as the wounded
warrior's attendants left him to his fitful rest. Thanatos turned to watch
them exit, then cleared a low, carved, oaken table of its tinctures and
tonics with a sweep of his wing, laying back upon its richly textured surface
with his legs open. <<You seem most excited to see me. Just because we've
been intimate does not mean we're exclusive to each other>>

Deimos glanced up from the lacings of Thanatos' trousers which he'd been
working at with his teeth, grinning when he caught the elder god's eye. "I
know. Ares explained it to me. That's for mortals, monogamy," he giggled,
sending a puff of air inside the Death God's pants, "um, oh, and weirdoes
like Hades. I know.

<<Ah. So once you're a bit older, more comfortable within yourself, I'm
certain you'll have many an opportunity to have sex with some of the other

Deimos stopped working the lacings and cocked his head quizzically. "I do. I
have." He shrugged, sensing Thanatos' confusion. The Reaper looked so
adorable with his eyebrows twisted up that way, the bit of red in the corner
of his lips. Deimos dipped his tongue into the partially open fly, lapping it
happily over Thanatos' slightly salty flesh. "They're ok to practice on, an'
all," he mumbled into the half open leather pants. "But they're not YOU."

Still staring at the blond head between his legs, Thanatos lifted his hips to
allow his form fitting trousers to be slid down around his thighs. <<I'm sure
they're glad of that>> he sent with mild amusement.

Deimos thrust his face into the crook of Thanatos' thigh and inhaled
languidly. "Don't know. Didn't ask." He tittered to himself as his tongue
snaked out and tickled Death's alabaster thigh. "Hey, can I try something
that Hermes showed me? It's this weird little bite, not like we do, not with
any power behind it. Like this." Deimos demonstrated a series of gentle nips
to the elder god, who was still staring at him curiously.

<<That feels good>>

"Hehe, strange, I thought, but different, huh? Hehe, didn't turn me on all
that much -- ‘cept doin' it to you, that does." Deimos nuzzled the base of
Thanatos' filling cock, brushing his lips along the black curls that
surrounded it. "I think you like it," he whispered, his breath hot in the
Reaper's pubic hair. "It makes you hard."

<<YOU make me hard>> The thought was so faint, Deimos wasn't sure if he'd
been meant to hear it, but it sent fire coursing through his veins
nonetheless. Grinning, he continued showering Thanatos' thighs and balls with
relentlessly gentle bites, over and over, building upon one another until the
pale god was gasping and twitching his wings.

"You like it a LOT," Deimos smiled, lapping up the glistening bead at the tip
of his lover's now rock hard cock.

Thanatos' hips bucked at the contact of Deimos' tongue with is cock. Deimos
grinned and swallowed the lengthening organ, covering it with wetness, his
teeth scraping along its length as he pulled his mouth away.

 <<You have a sweet mouth>>

"Think so?" Deimos laughed gently. "Everyone else I've done says it hurts."

Thanatos flashed a bloody, sharky grin. Deimos figured he'd caught his lips
or the insides of his cheeks on his teeth in the excitement of the moment.
<<I share a similar reputation>>

Deimos released the cock he'd been squeezing ungently and climbed upon
Thanatos on the low bedside table. His knobby boots crushed broken glass into
the fine, mosaic floor of the bedchamber as he propelled himself atop the
Reaper. His grasping fingers left scratches and bruises on Thanatos' white
skin as Deimos clawed his way eagerly to the elder god's face. "It's a
justified reputation," he grinned, lowering his mouth to Thanatos'. "It hurts
like a bitch to kiss you." With that, Deimos crushed his lips against the
Reaper's, both of their lips bursting open against the razors of Thanatos'

Hot, salt blood filled Deimos' mouth as he thrust his tongue between the keen
edges of his lover's teeth, searching for the quivering serpent tongue that
lay within. He shivered with delight as Thanatos' flexible tongue wound
around his, stroking it, sliding up and down, slick with saliva and blood.
Blood oozed from their mouths, trailing down Thanatos' cheeks, seeping into
his long, black hair.

Reluctantly, Deimos drew back for a breath. "Nothing else feels like that,"
he whispered, the blood in his throat coarsening his words. Thanatos, all
white and black and red and pointy, simply stared in return.

The blond god bent his head to Thanatos' throat, nipping and sucking. "Missed
you, missed you so bad, uhh, so bad." Thanatos hissed as Deimos' teeth,
nowhere near as sharp as his own, broke through his flesh, bruising and
tearing as much as they cut. The broken glass on the floor tinkled and
crunched as Deimos levered for position on the awkward little table.

<<Why don't we join your charge?>> Thanatos suggested. <<His bed is quite

Deimos jumped up, grinning redly. "Okay. That works."

Thanatos sat up, bloody and elegant. <<Take off your clothes. I want to see
you, touch you>>

The blond godling willed his garments away immediately, standing brazenly
nude before the Death God, hard angled and golden. He winced as the shattered
vials cut into his feet, but waited patiently for further instructions.

<<So pretty>> Thanatos sent, low and sultry. <<Show me how you touch your

Deimos' eyes gleamed as he slid his hands first over his nipples, circling
them, pinching them, then pulled the palms of his hands down over his sides.
He stroked his hips, his thighs, staring all the while into Thanatos'
parchment-colored eyes. The godling's eyes closed as he grasped himself, one
hand on his cock and the other reaching down to cup his balls, the look on
the elder god's face too sublime to stare at, as if he was staring directly
into the sun.

<<Look at me, Pretty>> Thanatos insisted.

Deimos broke into a contagious grin as he trained his eyes on his lover,
panting lightly. The hand on his cock made a tight, bloody fist that he
pumped into, while the other hand pinched and pulled at his scrotum. A light
sheen of sweat broke out on him, causing his planes and angles to glow softly
in the muted lantern light.

Thanatos flicked his thumb idly over one of his own nipples, grinning
wantonly. <<What would Pretty like to do today?>>

"Than!" Deimos rasped, a harsh whisper. "You, I want you! I want you to touch
me! I want you to kiss me! I want you to fuck me! I want you so bad I can't
think of anything else!" Deimos pulled and twisted at his sack in his
intensity, squirming under his own harsh grasp.

<<Very well>> Thanatos stood, his black leather trousers shoved down around
his thighs, his cock pointing stiffly forward. A small clay pot that had been
caught in the fold of his wing hit the mosaic floor with dull clatter. <<I
shan't tease you overmuch. It has been, after all, a whole week>>

"Now you're talkin'," Deimos breathed, still plucking at his balls, but
extending the hand that had held his cock to Thanatos. The ancient god
accepted his hand and stepped delicately over the shattered glass and pottery
to the fallen warrior's sickbed.

Their lips met again in a searing, bloody kiss as Thanatos eased Demos'
pliant body back onto the bed at the groaning warrior-king's feet. Thanatos'
slender fingers found Deimos nipples and rolled them slowly while the gods'
tongues twined together. Deimos began shaking, the touch that stole the life
from mortals sending cold worms of arousal through his chest and down through
his loins. Snaking a hand between them, Deimos grasped the two stiff cocks
together harshly, his hips jerking as he did so.

Tongues coiled and uncoiled. The wounded mortal rustled and moaned softly.
Cocks and pelvises ground roughly together as the huge bed rocked and creaked.

Breathless, Thanatos pushed himself up to stare down at the godling beneath
him. The blood that had flowed from their mouths earlier when the Reaper was
lying on his back had dried to his cheeks in a ghoulish parody of a grin that
stretched from ear to ear. Deimos' cock leapt at the sight of him.

"I love to kiss you. I love to look at you." Deimos panted as he spoke, his
groin beginning to tighten at the feel of his cock sliding against Thanatos'.
The Death God preened a bit under the adoring gaze, grinning redly and
spreading his beautiful, terrible wings as much as the bedcurtains would
allow. Deimos stared, his bloody mouth gaping open, his hips twisting and
bucking madly.

"I love -- you."

The gods stilled and stared at one another, stunned.

Moving slowly now, as if in a dream, Thanatos slid back and stood, his eyes
fixed upon the godling's. He bent gracefully and retrieved a small urn,
mostly intact, containing an infusion of bitter healing herbs steeped in
olive oil, holding Deimos' strange, pale gaze even as he moved.

Thanatos upended the urn, amber-green oil cascading over his cock, this
thighs, his hand, his half-undone trousers and the bedclothes. Deimos stared
back, entranced, wriggling in anticipation yet savoring the moment.

Still moving deliberately, Thanatos approached the bed, his eyes boring into
Deimos' while the godling squirmed, grinning.

<<My treasure>>

He raised his palmful of medicinal oil and drizzled it over the young god's
balls, his thighs. Deimos angled his hips up to encourage the last few drops
to run toward the cleft of his ass, releasing his cock, smoothing the oil
down behind his balls while Thanatos gazed at him, rapt.

"Want you so bad, Than," Deimos panted as he thrust a hastily oiled finger
inside himself, biting his tender, shredded lip.

Thanatos tore his gaze away from Deimos' eyes and took in the writhing body
that readied itself for him. <<So beautiful>>

Deimos pulled his sack up roughly, removed his finger and swirled his shaking
hand along his thighs, catching the gleaming rivulets of oil there, before
thrusting back inside himself with a pair of fingers.

"Need you," he panted. "Need you with me, in me, on me."

Thanatos stepped between Deimos' spread legs, running his fingertips over the
godling's oily thighs, staring.

"Come on, Than. Please. Need you now, need you BAD."

Moving as if in a daze, Thanatos took Deimos' fingers from his ass and kissed
them gently before kneeling between his spread legs, tilting the godling's
pelvis upward, raising his wings to allow Deimos' legs to wrap around his
waist, and pushing his cock tenderly home.

Deimos let out a guttural moan as he was penetrated with excruciating
slowness. "Uhnnnn... Than... Stay here, stay in me, don't ever go."

Thanatos continued to stare, rapt, as he rotated his hips in a sultry gyration.

"Missed you so bad, missed you, uhn, yeah, Than, right there, so good."

The Reaper rocked himself gently in and out, setting an unhurried rhythm.
Occasionally he shook his head as if he'd been about to say something, but
thought better of it.

Veins bulged on Deimos' forehead as his face twisted upon itself, tight with
sensation. Thanatos increased his pace, pounding his bony hips against
Deimos' scantly-padded rump with each thrust. <<Aren't you going to jerk
yourself off?>> Thanatos asked, pounding hard now, shaking the bed.

Deimos pried his eyes open and smiled, giddy and red. "I wanna feel it all,"
he gasped. "I feel every bit of bark and twig in that lousy oil scraping in
and out of my ass, and it feels amazing."

Thanatos flexed his wings and pounded harder.

"Oh, fuck, I feel your hipbones. They're leaving bruises, oh yeah." Blood
bubbled in the corners of the godling's mouth as he smiled. "I feel the
crushed glass in my feet."

Thanatos raised an eyebrow, pausing briefly, then shrugged and fucked Deimos
harder still.

"Than, I feel like you're ripping through my guts! Yes! Yes!" Deimos threw
his arms wide and clutched at the sheets, shredding them in his ardor.

Thanatos clenched his teeth, sending a fresh rivulet of blood from the corner
of his lips to his chin, and held Deimos' hips down bruisingly hard. <<Feel
me tearing through your body, then>>


The Reaper paused to behold the godling he was fucking to a bloody pulp,
looking at the junction of their bodies. <<You're bleeding from my cock>>

Deimos craned his neck to see. "Fuck. Aw, fuck. That is the fucking hottest
thing I've ever seen."

Thanatos released a breath he'd been holding and grinned, shoving Deimos'
head back roughly. <<Suddenly, you got so hot and wet>>

"Oh, Hera's tits! Tell me!"

<<So wet, yet it's not slippery>> Pound. <<It grasps at me>> Pound. <<I feel
-- it on -- my thighs -- oh...>>

The Death God stiffened grotesquely, to the delight of his lover. His wings
twitched in a macabre fashion like those a half-crushed wasp.

"Fuck, I feel your cum in me! Oh, fuck it burns!"

Thanatos shuddered and clutched a heavy bedpost.

Deimos gazed at the Reaper reverently, making small sounds in his throat.
Thanatos stared at him, still shaking his head. The Death God pulled out,
capturing the blood and semen and oil from his cock and his lover's body,
coating his hand with the wetness. With a swift, lunging motion, he grabbed
the Pain God's cock and began pumping it furiously. <<Don't just lay there,
you little bitch. Cum for me>>

Deimos threw back his head and screamed, pounding his heels into Thanatos'
back, tearing open his lover's forearm with his nails. Several rough pulls
brought the godling to a howling, arching orgasm, his semen jetting over his
shoulder, landing somewhere in the sickbed.

"Than, Than," he crooned as the bony, bloody winged god eased his body atop
Deimos', "That was the best I've ever been done, the very absolute best!"

The Reaper sent a wordless hum as he pressed their sticky chests together.
His hair clung to both him and Deimos as he lay his head on the Pain God's
bare, sweaty shoulder.

"I meant that. What I said. I lo..."

<<Shh. We've all eternity to speak of that>>

"All eternity. I like that."

Deimos' brow furrowed as Thanatos placed soft kisses on his shoulder with his
lips only. *Weird, feels like Cupid.*

<<Perhaps we should finish up here, then we can go exploring a bit. I'll show
you my cave, take you through my daily routine>>

"Ooh, I like. But what's to do here, other than zap some clothes on?"

Thanatos smiled toothily, peeling his body off Deimos' and crawling higher on
the bed. <<Nothing, really>> He gestured to the warrior. <<I just need to
take this one>>

"Take? Like in, take to Tartarus?"

<<Something like that. I don't decide where he's put>>

Deimos grabbed Death roughly by the wings and pulled him back toward the foot
of the bed. "Wait, wait. You can't kill this one."

Thanatos ran his fingertips over one of Deimos' nipples. <<But I won't have
killed him. You did>>

The color drained from the godling's face. "Oh no, nono, I didn't kill him.
Look, he's still alive."

<<For the moment. You simply distracted me, the way you were touching
yourself. That was your plan, was it not? To summon me by killing the mortal,
to seduce me with your sensual ways?>>

"Well, um, ah, no, not exactly."

Thanatos began to crawl back toward the mortal, but Deimos held him fast.
<<It is cruel to leave him so>> Thanatos sent, his words tinged with annoyance.

"See, uh, I was actually here to, uh, watch him for someone."

Thanatos arched a fine, black brow. <<I've let him endure far more pain than
any mortal can while still keeping his mind intact. >>

"Well, what do you mean, exactly, by intact? If he was to live, I mean."

<<He would be a haunted man. Paranoid. Anguished. It is best to let me take

"Uh, you see, I really can't."

Thanatos stared coldly.

"He's my dad's lover."

The Death God's brows shot up.

"And I am in SO much trouble if he dies because of something I did."

<<Ares is fucking the King of Corinth? Bravo>>

"Yeah. I guess he's a big deal around here or something." Deimos glanced from
the fitfully sleeping monarch to Death, and back again. "Please, Than, can
you please let him live? I didn't know I was killing him, honest."

<<I have never done this for anyone else>>

Deimos held Thanatos' eyes, his own brimming with tears.

<<You shall have to be more careful in the future>>

"Oh, Than!" Deimos' face crinkled with delight as he threw his arms around
the Reaper's neck. "I love you so much! You're the best!"

<<Hush, godling>> Thanatos clothed them both and cleaned the sheets with a
thought, though the bedding remained torn and the medicine jars shattered.
<<Leave this one be and come fly with me>>