KSA Fiction:  A
Acca Larentia
Sticky Business
Hercules, Ares, Iolaus. Maple syrup.  Slash. 7k
Primal Need
Iphicles submits to Ares.  BDSM.  Slash.  14k.

Ares Reflects
Ares reflects on his relationships with Hercules and Xena.  Gen.  5k
Dealing With the Unexpected
(11/12/00)  Our heroes and villains make a surprising discovery.  Comedy.  Gen.  6k
A Thread, Severed
(12/5/00)  Ares regards Fates' tangle.  Gen.  Spoilers: God Fearing Child.  3k
(7/22/00) For one sliver of time, Discord and Ares share something other than antagonism.  Het. 18k

Cheering Up
Cupid comforts Adri.  Het. 16k
Death to AOL
Ares takes revenge on AOL. 5k
Extra Credit
Adri gets a lesson from the god of war.  Het. 6k

According to his Needs
Ares approaches AU Iphicles for a favor.  Slash. 38k
Ares on Ares
Ares GOW and Ares GOL play, with Cupid GOL's help. Slash. 12k
Ashes in his mouth
(10/15/00) The end of the Greek gods. Gen. 11k
Call Out
Ares comes to fix a phone. Comedy. Het. 7k
Joxer/Ares. Slash. 7k
Ares/Cupid. Sequel to Ares on Ares and Render Unto Cupid. BDSM.  Slash. 17k
The Fall of Corinth
Iphicles is at the mercy of Caesar. Slash. 46k
I Will Repay
Ares toys with Iphicles.  Slash. 59k
Leather Night
Queer as Folk / H:TLJ crossover.  Slash. 12k
Like Father
(8/20/00) Ares tests his parenting skills with young Cupid. Three word challenge response. Words: tumultuous, irascible, mesmerizing.  Slash. 13k
Nobody Can Hear You
A young Iphicles comes face to face with his 'owner.'  Slash. BDSM. 10k
Render Unto Cupid
Cupid GOL meets Cupid GOW.  Sequel to Ares on Ares. Slash.  N/C elements. 24k
Ares comforts Iphicles after a reoccurring nightmare.  N/C sex. Slash. Incest. 12k
The sequel to "Reprieve" where Ares forces Hercules to confront Iphicles. Slash. Incest. 12k
A different perspective of the relationship of our favourite god and king.  Het and slash. 23k

Deep Desires
Ares is the one to bring Iphicles out of his depression--with plans for vengeance against Hercules. Slash. 122k
Lead Me Not Into Temptation
Ares takes a young woman with amnesia  under his care.  Het. 97k
Lead Me Not Into Temptation 2- When Worlds Collide
Ares from the future comes to reclaim his daughter and finds things have not worked out the way he had planned. The two incarnations of Ares finally come face to face. Het.  178k
A Letter From Ares
Hercules receives letter explaining his brother's recent actions.28k
Sex on the Beach
Ares/Apollo on a beach.  Prompted by the infamous 'Apollo' pic. PWP. Slash. 7k

All in a Day's Work
(11/22/00) Even the God of War has bad days. Implied slash 20k
Because I'm Your Mother
(2/12/01) Ares does a favor for his mother. Implied slash 20k
The Difference Between Me and Thee
(1/3/01) JIolaus and Ares chat about the other Ares. Three word challenge. Slash. 31k
Mourning Becomes Ares 
(3/20/01) After the death of his son, Kyknos, at the hand of Hercules, Ares mourns. Slash, implied het. 36k
Natural Born God
(1/10/01) Ares and his eldest son have a heart to heart talk. Gen. 39k

A Lesson for Ares
Ares finds looking after the Underworld for Hades to be less a burden than a pleasure. Slash. 10k

(08/13/00)  Ares and Hephaestus come to an uneasy understanding.  PWP. NC-17 slash.  18k.
Blind Faith
(08/21/00) Three word challenge. Words: column, beach, tongue. Slash. 18k.
World Enough and Time
(11/12/00)  AU, Crossover, Ares at the End of Time.   R, het, slash.

And Nothing Beats Three
Follows "How do I Thank Thee."  Slash. 21k
No Vengeance for the Wicked
Follows "And Nothing..." Slash. 13k
Desperate Remedies Revisited
What really happened between Lawrence and Fraser.  PWP.  Slash. 12k
How Do I Thank Thee
Sequel to "Revenge is Sweet."  Ares/Iphicles. Slash. 7k
Hades/Borias/Ares.  Devious plans ensue.  Slash.  Ongoing. 13k
Render Unto Pompey
Pompey makes a deal with a certain Greek War God, and it doesn't bode well for Caesar.  Slash. 34k
Revenge Is Sweet
Ares/Caesar.  Slash. 10k
Thievery and Punishment
(11/12/00)  Ares catches Autolycus stealing the Ruby of Carnasium.   Slash, violence.
Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
Ares, Iphicles and Caesar are captured...Or are they? Slash. 14k

And Now...A Word From Our Sponsors...
A critique of the new Herc season.  Comedy. 26k
Choir Auditions
Ares sings and shakes his thing for a list audience.  Comedy. 9k
The Lost Chord
Ares watches over a lover in the late 20th century. Het. 25k

Bring Back Strife
The goddess Enyo plans vengeance after Strife's death.  Adventure. Het. 25k
Drover's Run
A sequel to the NZ movie "McLeod's Daughters." Romance. Het. 88k
Goddess Games
Enyo goes to the Underworld for help against Iphicles. Adventure. Ongoing. Het, slash. 61k
Means to an End Prequel to 'Bring Back Strife." Adventure. Het. 19k
Tickle My Fancy  Ares seduces YIolaus. Slash. 27k

A princess becomes a sailor under Nebula, and meets Hercules, Iolaus and Iphicles. Adventure, romance. Het, slash.  Ongoing. 171k
A Midsummer's Nightmare
Artemis makes a bet with Aphrodite about Ares. Het. 18k

Good Vibrations
Let's just say "I Touch Myself" is the theme song.  Het. 6k
Love is a Battlefield
Serial. Ares approaches a healer.  Slash. Ongoing. 7k
Iphicles and a singer. Adventure.  Het. Ongoing. 11k
Poetry:Sestina and Acrostic
Erotic poetry on the war god.  Het. 6k
1.The Polished Bronze Rat Gets Religion
Jasne spars, often naked, with the men, gods and occasionally goddesses of theHercuverse. Comedy. Het. 20k
2.The Polished Bronze Rat Scrambles for a Thesaurus
More Jasne. Het, BDSM, f/f. 27k
3.The Polished Bronze Rat in Deep Shit
More adventures of Jasne.  Het, BSDM.  Ongoing. 55k
Quality Control?
A dream, a talking bird, a Spice girl...Comedy. 3k

Ateh Pavic
Proof Through the Night
Iphicles watches the war god during a battle. Slash. 12k

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