Goddess Games
By Aresvixen
The sun crept slowly up into the sky and through Ares’ bedroom window. Birds and crickets chirped their cheery  spring morning song much to Enyo’s dismay. Arm and a leg draped over the side of Ares’ bed, the Goddess of War groaned. Beside her, the God of War snored. Never in her life did she think someone could snore louder than Strife used to. Ares came very close though.

Tossing the covers aside, Enyo pulled herself from the bed. Instantly, she was dressed and looking like a goddess. She walked to the window and stared across the lush Greek landscape. On days like this she really missed Strife. He was her partner in crime. Granted Ares was fun but Strife played more recklessly than Ares and usually came up with some great ideas. She needed one of his ideas today.

She’d been back at Ares’ side for about six months, ever since finding out about Strife’s death and swearing revenge against Xena. That had been yet another plan that had failed. Maybe it was time to find a different torture object. But who? Someone that Ares wouldn’t care about of course. She didn’t need to start another rift between her and the war god. So it had to be someone Ares had no feelings towards, well no good feelings towards. In fact, if it were someone he truly despised, that would be even better. There was only one person who fit that description.

Oh yes, the goddess grinned. And what better way to get at Hercules than to torture those he loved. There weren’t many of those left though. Iolaus was gone. Hercules’ mother died some time ago. Jason was too old. Wait! The goddess snapped her fingers. The new king of Corinth was Hercules’ brother!

She started to pace. If rumors were true, Hercules should be escorting King Vargas of Ornathia to Corinth to work out a peace treaty with Iphicles. Now, how could she use that to cause grief for Iphicles and Hercules?

“You’re plotting something.”

Ares’ voice startled Enyo. She froze in her tracks, jerking her head towards the still naked god. “Who, me?”

Ares folded his massive arms across his chest. “Yes you, unless you’ve got a mouse in your pocket or there’s someone else in the room.”

Enyo gazed down at her leather shirt and bodice. “I don’t have any pockets, Ares.”

In an instant, Ares stood in front of her; his tanned skin reflecting the early morning light. “Don’t play with me, Enyo. At least not like that. What are you planning?”

She reached down, stroking his long shaft. “Is this the kind of playing you prefer?”

“Oh, yes,” Ares growled. “But I still want an answer to my question.”

Enyo continued to stroke him with one hand. She ran the other up his stomach, across his chest to the back of his head. She pulled his face close to hers. “I plan on torturing your brother Hercules.”

“Half… brother,” Ares corrected. “And you have no idea how that excites me.”

Enyo felt the god’s cock grow in her hand. “I think I do.” She eased Ares back across the room until his legs hit the bed and they fell onto it. Her clothes vanished as she straddled him. Easing herself over his swollen head, she abruptly stopped when Ares reached for her. “No, no.” She nodded and Ares was chained, hands and feet, to the bed. “You just lie there and take it like a god.”

“Just remember, my sweet Enyo,” he said, a wicked grin spreading across his face. “Paybacks are a bitch!”

“I wouldn’t have it any other way.” She swiftly drove Ares into her in one smooth stroke. The god let out a sound that defied description. Not a moan, groan or growl, it was like the sound of a wild animal.

The bed creaked as Ares strained against the bonds. Enyo was so good, so damn good at teasing him. She rode him fast and hard then suddenly slowed to an agonizing pace. She did that again and again until he couldn’t take it any more. He didn’t bother to make the chains disappear until after he had ripped through them.

Before she knew what had happened, Enyo was on her back strapped firmly to the bed. Ares never did give up control for long. It frustrated Enyo. But, she quickly forgot the frustration as he pounded furiously into her. She screamed in pleasure. He was a most fantastic love maker when teased to such extremes. Her body quivered, her back arched as she and Ares came together.

Panting and sweaty, Ares lowered himself across his goddess and released her from the bonds. “You like to play games, don’t you? ” he said softly in her ear.

She nuzzled his ear. “Any self respecting goddess plays games.”

“Mmm…” Ares rolled off her allowing her to lie in his arms. “So what kind of games do you plan on playing with Hercules?”

“Mind games, actually.” Enyo drew small circles on his chest with her finger. “Torture his family a bit.”

“And how do you plan on doing that?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” She kissed his chest and disappeared.


Heat and stench engulfed Enyo the moment she appeared in the depths of Tartarus. She hated coming down here. Since Hades rarely made the journey to the land of the living, or Mt. Olympus for that matter, she had to go to him. She glared as a group of mangled warlords whistled at her. If that hadn’t already been dead, she would have killed them on the spot. Of course if she knew exactly where Hades was, she wouldn’t have to traipse around the Underworld looking for him.

“Hades!” She stepped around a body part. “Damn it, Hades, where are you?!”

“Try his castle,” replied a grizzly voice.

Enyo glanced to her left. Charon was ambling over to her. “Oh. Yeah. I guess that would be a good place to try.”

“He’s in there moping ‘cause Persephone just left.”

“Oh!” Enyo realized she sounded a bit too pleased about that fact. “I mean, oh. Poor Hades.”

“Poor Hades. Poor Hades. Why doesn’t anyone ever say ‘Poor Charon’? I’m down here alone twelve months a year. He’s only lonely for six if you don’t count the women he has when Persephone’s gone.”

The goddess chuckled as Charon walked away still muttering to himself. So Hades has women down here when wifey’s not around, she thought. She didn’t think he had it in him. Maybe this won’t be as difficult as the goddess originally figured.

But then another, totally different thought struck her. “Charon!” she raced back to the grizzly boatman.

“What now?” he grumbled and stopped walking.

“Where’s Strife?”

Charon shrugged. “Don’t know. He’s not here.”

“What?” Enyo’s heart sank like a stone.

“He’s not here? You want me to spell it out for you? Or if he is here, Hades has kept it quiet.”

“You’re sure?”

“Of course I’m sure! Dead gods don’t go here.”

“Then where were did he go?” She kicked at the ground.

“Don’t know. Never had a true god die before.”

“Then who would know?!”

“Zeus probably. What do I look like, a scroll of answers?” He walked away, grumbling again.

Enyo stood motionless, staring after him. How could Strife not be here? She believed Charon that the godling didn’t come here. The boatman had no reason to lie to her. Where else could he have gone? All she wanted to do was see him, for just a minute.

“I miss you, Strife,” she sighed, hoping wherever he was he could hear her thoughts. If Zeus did know where he had gone, Enyo vowed she would find out no matter what it took. But right now, she had something else to attend to.

She vanished and reappeared in Hades’ office, a room which held only a large, solid desk and chair. The god stared silently out a window, apparently not noticing she had arrived. He wasn’t wearing his cape today so Enyo could easily admire the form fitting black leather. Not quite as well built as Ares, he was still very pleasing to the eye.

“Are you going to say something or just stand there staring at my ass?”

“But it’s such a nice ass, Hades.” She joined him at the window.

Glancing sideways at her, he asked, “What do you want?”

“Why so grumpy? Persephone not enough for you?”

“Six months with her is not enough for me. That’s what’s wrong.”

"Aww...well isn't that sickeningly sweet? A god in love. The little play things you keep when she's gone wouldn't be happy to hear that."

Hades faced the Goddess of War. He took a step forward, but Enyo did not move, leaving a scant amount of space between them. "Had anyone else said that to me, they'd suffer for it. But you..." He trailed off, not really knowing how to finish that sentence.

"You know I say it just because it'll get a rise out of you." She tapped him lightly on the nose with her finger.

Hades half smiled. That wasn't what was getting the rise out of him. It was Enyo's hand caressing his ass that did the deed. "So is a good fondling the only thing you came down here for?"

"No." She walked around him, running her hand across his crotch.  "I've done that already today."

The pants became steadily tighter as she breathed down the back of his neck. "So you're not interested in that? Could've fooled me."

"I didn't say I wasn't interested." She licked his earlobe. "I just said it wasn't the only thing I came down here for." She gripped his cock firmly through the leather, and Hades tensed. "I need a favor."

"What kind of favor?" The question was more moaned than asked. He closed his eyes, trying to control his heavy breathing.

"I need Borias."

Hades grunted. Her stroking was making him so hard and making concentrating so difficult. "I can't. Against the rules."

"Okay. Fine." Enyo released him and headed toward the door.

"Wait!" Hades called out. His body trembled with the need for release.

Enyo stopped but did not turn. She didn't want him to see the huge grin on her face. She knew she had him, well, by the balls. Living women weren't easy to come by in the Underworld.

Taking several shaky steps to his desk, Hades leaned against the chair for support. "Why do you need him?"

"I just need do. You don't really have to know anything else."

"There are rules--"

Enyo now turned to face him. "Rules are for the weak, Hades." She went to the desk, sat on it and pulled him between her legs. "You give me what I need, I'll give you what you need." She pressed herself against his rock hard cock.

"For how long?" The God of the Underworld bent down and caressed Enyo's bare neck and shoulder.

She threw her head back as Hades' lips nuzzled the sensitive nape of her neck. "I don't know." Her tone was hushed, full of desire. "A week, maybe two."

He felt her legs wrap around him, drawing him impossibly closer. Her fingers played through his hair. "Two weeks. That's it."

"I want the option for more time if I need it." She pulled him into a rough, frenzied kiss. Their tongues darted around each other and deep into each other's mouths.

Hades broke off the kiss, using his teeth to undo the ties holding Enyo's bodice in place. "Fine. Whatever." His hand pulled the leather away and cupped her breasts. Then he paused. "Does Ares know you're down here seducing me like this?"

Enyo chuckled. "Get real, Hades. Monogamy isn't in our vocabulary."

In a flash, their remaining clothes vanished. Hades pushed her back on the desk, suckling her breasts. Enyo left out a soft cry as he bit at her nipples. She could feel his cock pressing teasingly against her. She wanted him. Now and hard. She drew Hades closer with the legs that were still wrapped around his waist.

"Oh no," Hades grinned, staring deep into her eyes. "We play this game my way." He untangled her legs from around his waist, flipping her onto her stomach. His desk had been made to his specifications just for this reason. It matched his height perfectly. He pressed the head of his cock just past Enyo's lips. The heat and wetness that emanated from her made him want more. But not yet. He wanted her to beg for it.

Enyo whimpered when Hades stopped. She tried to push back, forcing him into her. But his strong hands resisted the movement. If he didn't take her soon, she'd go crazy.

He lay across her back for a moment, putting a finger at her lips. "Suck it," he demanded. She drew not just the one, but three of his fingers into her mouth. Her tongue skillfully wet the length of each. Instead of rewarding her for her obedience, Hades pulled the head of his cock from her so just the tip touched her. Her jaw clenched around his fingers. "Be nice." His hot breath enveloped her ear. When a small moan escaped from her mouth, he pulled out his fingers and stood up straight.

"Hades," she cried.

"Are you ready to beg me for it, Enyo?" He spread her ass, stroking a wet finger up and down the crack. He heard her whimper. "All you have to do is beg I'm all yours."

Enyo's knuckles turned white as she gripped the tabled tighter. "Please, Hades! Take me! Fuck me now!"

A triumphant smile spread across Hades' face. He plunged his cock into her cunt and a finger into her ass. Enyo pumped as hard against him as he did against her. Their passion so great and their thrusts so hard, the desk scraped several inches across the floor before each one cried out in release.

Their rhythm slowed then stopped. Hades draped himself across Enyo's back, kissing her shoulders. "Persephone never lets me do that."

Enyo signed. The god was hopeless. "So, I can have Borias for as long as I need?"

Reluctantly, he pushed himself off of her. "Yes, for as long as you need." He waved his hand and she vanished.

Enyo reappeared, fully clothed, just outside the entrance to the Underworld. Borias stood with his back to her, looking around, very confused. Gods, she forgot how beautiful he was. It had been over eleven years since they last saw each other. Would he still remember her?

Borias squinted against the bright daylight. It was plainly obvious he wasn't in Tartarus any more. But where was he? Turning around, he stumbled back a step.  This must be a dream. "Enyo."  He paused. "Where am I?"

"Back in the world of the living. For now."

Borias scanned the landscape again. "Things look--different."

Enyo approached her wary warlord. "It's been over eleven years, Borias. What did you expect?" She massaged his tense shoulders.

"What do you want from me? Why am I here?"

"Hades was kind enough to grant you a reprieve so that you can help me with something."

"Another one of your *plans*?" the warlord ridiculed.

"Oh, my dear Borias." Enyo smiled, running her finger across his cheek to his lips. The she grabbed his face. "It's a good thing you're already dead. I have killed others for such insolence."

He pulled her hand from his face and kissed the back of it. "It's nice too see some things have not changed."

"First things first." Enyo took her hand back. "You remember Prince Vargas and the kingdom of Ornathia?"

"Yes, I--I mean we conquered their army."

"And you killed his father, the King of Ornathia."


"Well, Vargas is now king and he'll be arriving in Corinth to sign a treaty with King Iphicles."

Borias nodded. "A treaty you don't want."

"The treaty's merely a useful tool. I want King Iphicles."

"And how do I fit in?"

"If Vargas were to find out Iphicles was with someone he considers an enemy, all truces will be off and Vargas will send an assassin to kill him."

"What do you mean by with someone?" Borias eyed the goddess suspiciously.

"You are going to be Iphicles' lover. And just as the treaty is called off and Corinth is attacked, the whole kingdom will know just what and who their king does behind closed doors. Iphicles will be disgraced and Corinth will fall."

The warrior folded his arms across his chest. "And what if the king doesn't like me?"

"How could anyone not like such a beautiful face?" Enyo rubbed her hands over his chest. "Or such a gorgeous body? But in case he needs a little encouragement, I have friends in that department."

"And how am I supposed to get close to this king?"

"You'll be a diplomat with me traveling as your slave." She saw the delight in his eyes. "I thought you might like that but don't let it go to your head. At least the one on your shoulders."

"And if I refuse?" Borias grabbed the goddess about the waist and tugged her close.

"You won't."

Borias knew Enyo was right. He couldn't refuse her. He never could. Plus he hated the idea of going back to Tartarus. He didn't bother to reply verbally. Instead, he knelt on one knee and kissed her stomach. One hand slowly slid up her leg and under her skirt.

"Not just yet," Enyo stepped back. "Make camp here. We'll start for Corinth in the morning. We should get there by mid-day."

"We're walking?" Borias stood.

"Actually, were riding." She snapped her fingers and a magnificent black stallion appeared. "A diplomat has to arrive in style."

"Very nice. But I think a slave should walk," he said with a sly smile.

Enyo shook her head. "Stay here. I'll be back before too long."

Borias watched as the goddess disappeared. He wasn't too keen on her plan. Well, at least the part that involved sleeping with the King of Corinth. He didn't sleep with just anybody. In fact the last man he had slept with before being killed was Ares. He wondered what the God of War thought of Enyo's plan and if he even knew. In the grand scheme of things, it didn't really matter. He was already dead. What more could happen to him?

Chapter 3

“Let’s go over it one more time.” Enyo kicked dirt on top of the smoldering fire as she as Borias readied to leave for Corinth. Her clothing was no longer that of a goddess, instead she wore a simple dark green linen skirt, off-white blouse and a brown cloak and boots. She’d dressed Borias in blue flowing pants and white shirt made of the finest silk. The vest was fashioned in dark blues and blacks from the best leather along with his black boots.

Borias groaned, tightening the girth on his horse’s saddle. They’d gone over this a dozen times since they woke in the early morning hours. But, to keep her happy, he ran through the details again. “I am from the kingdom of Aigina on a small island of the coast of Attica. You are my servant Erin. I come on behalf of King Theron seeking allies in both trade and war. I have a necklace with the seal of the King to prove that I come in his name and if anyone recognizes me from before, I tell them that I remember passing out in battle. When I woke, I was in King Theron’s castle. I was never told how I got there.”

“Very good. Now, let’s get moving. Iphicles will be returning from his morning inspection of the troops at mid-day and we have to be at the castle by then.”

Borias swung into the saddle, pulling Enyo up behind him. He tried to ignore the feeling of her body pressed against his, her arms wrapped tightly around his chest, and her breath against his ear.

“You’ve done well, Borias. I’m very pleased.” She kissed his ear. “Now, just concentrate on the task ahead; seducing the King of Corinth.”

“Whatever you say.” He urged the horse forward at a brisk walk.

“You seem to have doubts.”

“Only about myself. What if I don’t find him…” He wasn’t even sure how to say it. His attraction towards men wasn’t a subject he discussed.

“Desirable? Alluring? You’ll have to find something about him that makes you want him. I can’t risk putting you under Cupid’s spell too. Remember, I’ve seen him and I know what you like. Once you lay eyes on him you’ll want him almost as much as you want me right now.” Her hand slid down to his crotch, stroking it. “And if nothing else, you’ll want him just because he’ll make you cum. You’ll get no release from me and you’ll give none to yourself. I’ll see to that. By the time we reach Cornith, you’ll want it bad enough you’ll almost be willing to fuck the horse you rode in on.”

He moaned as her hands worked their magic on him. “This isn’t fair, Enyo.”

“Trust me, lover,” she whispered gently in his ear. “It will ultimately be worth every agonizing minute.”

Borias never thought those agonizing minutes would pass. Enyo fondled and caressed and toyed with him in every possible way. She would get him harder than a rock, let him go soft then do it all over again. She stopped only when they were over a hill and could see the city.

“Our destination,” Enyo nodded, gazing at the city over Borias’ shoulder.

“Finally,” he sighed.

The goddess chuckled. “You poor thing. Just think how much more you’ll want him now.”

“And what if all I can think about is you when I’m with him?”

Enyo allowed him to nuzzle her ear. “As long as you can perform, that’s all that matters.” After a moment, she pulled away. “Now, master, we must hurry if we’re to meet the king.”

He took the cue and trotted the horse down the hill to Corinth. Once inside its walls, he guided the horse through the bustling streets to the steps of the castle. He reined the animal to a stop, helping Enyo off. Then he slid down, landing on his feet with a soft thud. His legs protested for a moment, tight from not only riding for almost four hours straight but also from the teasing Enyo gave him. “Are we too late?” He scanned the area.

“I don’t think so, my lord. The King’s advisor said he wouldn’t be back before mid-day.”

“We’ll wait.” He handed the reins to Enyo. “Take the horse and stay here.”

Enyo watched as he strolled away and into the marketplace. She tapped her foot impatiently, knowing Iphicles could show up at anytime while Borias was on his shopping spree.

In a moment or so, he returned carrying several pieces of fruit. Handing the apple to Enyo, he took a large bite from the pear. Borias realized that Enyo was just holding the apple. She was taking this slave-servant thing a little too far but he’d play along. “Eat.” Polishing off the pear, he tossed the core onto the ground.

“Sire,” Enyo pointed to the entourage that approached the castle.

Borias turned. A group of men on horseback rode up to the far end of the castle and stopped. The leader, wearing a crown, dismounted from his horse. Though too far away to get a good look, Borias could tell he was strong and well built.

The warrior made his way up the King, whose back was still to him. His eyes scanned the King’s brown leather pants, over his tight ass, to his broad back, covered in a light shirt and breastplate.  The curls of his golden red hair draped lazily onto his broad shoulders. Borias definitely liked what he saw. “Your Highness.”  His heart nearly stopped beating when the King turned around. If he didn’t know any better, he would have sworn he was looking  into the face of the God of War. Only these eyes were much softer and gentler.

Enyo watched patiently as Borias approached King Iphicles.  Under her cloak, she readied the invisible arrow of Cupid’s. She saw the King turn to see who spoke to him. As he did, Borias  took a step back and to the side, just as planned. Enyo let the arrow go. It hit its target.

When the King twitched slightly, Borias knew the arrow found its  mark. He bowed slightly, his eyes never leaving those of the King.

“May..” Iphicles swallowed as an intense desire ran through his body. “May I help you?”

“Yes, King Iphicles.” He straightened. “My name is Borias and I come on behalf of King Theron of Aigina.”

“Aigina,” Iphicles nodded. “I’ve heard of the kingdom. It’s on an island off the coast, correct?”

“Yes, that’s correct. I come seeking an alliance with you and your people so that we both may benefit from trade and military cooperation.”

“You’ve come a long way by yourself to ask for such things. They must be of great importance to your King.”

“Yes, they are,” Borias nodded. “I’ve traveled with my servant at his request.” He gestured to Enyo.

“Please, both of you, join me for lunch so that we may discuss this alliance in detail.” Iphicles turned to one of his men. “Take his horse to the stable. See that it is fed and watered.”

Borias motioned for Enyo to come forward. “Your Highness, this is my servant, Erin.”

Iphicles gave a nod as the young woman bowed. She was simply dressed, but very pretty. An equal match for the beauty of her master. “You’ll be my guest as well. My servants will see to whatever your needs may be. This way, please.”

Borias followed the King, as protocol required, with Enyo at his heels. He still couldn’t get over the resemblance between Iphicles and his former lover. Whenever the King opened his mouth to speak to his staff inside the castle, Borias expected to hear the harsh, booming voice of Ares. The voice that spoke was always soft and kind yet firm and commanding. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from the gorgeous body that guided him through the castle and into the dining hall either.

The dining hall, as with the rest of the castle, was simply and tastefully decorated. Tapestries and paintings hung from the walls. In several corners, some on pedestals were vases depicting various gods and goddess and their worshippers. In the corner furthest from the door was a bed of pillows and thin cushions for after meal talks. There were even flowers near some of the windows. It was not at all what Borias was expecting, again comparing the King to the God of War.

“Have a seat.” Iphicles motioned to the two chairs next to his at the head of the banquet table.

Boris immediately took a seat as Enyo picked up a pitcher of water from the table and began pouring drinks. She’d watched servants for long enough to know what was expected of them.

Iphicles immediately stopped her. “Please, Erin. You’re my guest here. Sit.”

“My lord?” she asked Borias.

“As the King wishes.” He inclined his head.

Enyo took the seat next to him. As she did, the King’s servants began bringing in food and drink.

“So, tell me more of what your King’s plans are for this alliance.” Iphicles took the mug of ale that was handed to him.

Borias glanced quickly at Enyo. The plan they talked about hadn’t included details of the alliance. She merely arched her eyebrows at him as if to tell him to do what he thought best. Picking up a piece of bread, he turned back to Iphicles. “He’s given me the authority to offer you whatever I feel is necessary to make the alliance. This is very important to him. He’s willing to do most anything to secure a firm agreement.”

Iphicles locked gazes with the man next to him. If he offered himself, Iphicles would give the kingdom of Aigina anything it wanted. He wondered if he should make his intentions known to this stranger and why this stranger affected him so. Realizing he was staring, he quickly looked away. “I’m sure we can work out something that will be mutually beneficial.”

Enyo frowned. Borias must have seen the way Iphicles looked at him, yet he did nothing. Cupid’s arrow wasn’t working like it should be. She’d have to talk with the God of Love about that when this was all finished.  Reaching under the table, she inconspicuously stroked Borias’ inner thigh. He tensed and shot her an icy glare. She pulled her hand away as a messenger approached the King.

Iphicles nodded as the messenger spoke and then waved him off.   “As much as I hate to,” he rose from his chair, “I must leave. Something urgent has come up with the counsel regarding another treaty.”

Borias started to stand but Iphicles stopped him. “No, please. Finish your lunch. We can talk more at dinner. I’ll send one of the maids in to show you to your rooms. I’m sure you must be tired from your travels.”

“Thank you, King Iphicles. You are most generous.” The warrior’s eyes followed the King as he strolled purposely out of the dining hall. The muscles in his thighs and ass rippled with each step. And each ripple sent a wave of excitement through him.  Such a firm body, just like… His thought was cut off by a sound smack on the arm. “What are you doing?” he hissed in a low voice.

A maid entering the room cut short Enyo’s reply. “May I show you to your rooms?”

“Yes, thank you.” Borias pulled Enyo from her seat as he rose and practically dragged her up the stairs to the room the maid had set up.

“Your things are in the chest. If you have need of anything further, I’ll be at the end of the hall.”

Borias shut the door. Before he could turn around, he found himself pinned against it, one arm brought up behind his back. He hissed as Enyo wrenched it up further.

“Don’t you forget who’s really in control here, Borias!” Her hand went down his ass and between his legs. “I want you to let the king know you are interested in more than just talk at dinner tonight. I don’t care if you have to fondle him at the table to do it, understand?”

“Yes.” Borias closed his eyes, trying to concentrate more on the pain than the pleasure. Both sensations were making him hard again.

“And,” she added seductively in his ear, “You’re not to do anything with him unless I’m in the room.”

“I didn’t think you liked to watch.”

“Who says I’ll be watching?” She let go of Borias and turned, sprawling across the large four-poster bed complete with shear curtains. “Does he remind you of anyone we both know?”

Borias massaged his sore arm and shoulder. “Ares.” He knew Enyo’s stretching and rolling about the bed was to encourage him to join her. Instead, he turned away to stare out the window. “You should have told me before hand, Enyo.”

“And spoil the surprise? If anything you should be glad he looks like Ares. It will make performing easier for you I’m sure.” She rolled on her stomach and studied the man at the window. He’d changed some, since she’d last been with him. She’d never know him to hesitate at sex. But then, that was usually sex with her, Ares or Xena. Perhaps the warlord had more than just a passing interest with the God of War. “You feel like you’re… betraying Ares by being with another man? One that looks like him?”

“I made a vow when I joined with Ares. There would be no other men in my life as long as we were together.” He had never broken that vow either for Ares would surely punish him if he did.

“Well this is a fine time for you to get all moralistic on me. When you died, that released you from all your vows to Ares and anyone else.”

“Including you?” he asked over his shoulder.

“Up until the point I brought you back, yes.” When Borias made no reply, Enyo scowled. Time for a different tactic. “Tell me something, Borias.” She sat on the edge of the bed. “Do you think Ares, being a god, was faithful to you during that time? Do you think he really cared about you or just cared about having a good fuck?”

Borias whirled around, his eyes dark with anger and hurt.  Hurt because he knew the words were true. Ares could never have cared for him the way he loved the God, and anger because now, thanks to Enyo, he would finally have to face the truth. “Is that all I am to you too? A good fuck?”

Enyo’s eyes widened, shocked but pleased by this sudden change of attitude. “What answer can I give you that would make sleeping with the King easier?”

“No answer will make it easier. But there is something else I want for doing this.” He walked up to her. He pressed his body against hers, forcing her down on the bed.

Enyo smiled. She licked his lips and then kissed him once. “And what would that be?”

“I want to see Xena when this over.”

The goddess snarled and shoved Borias off her, crawling from the bed. Couldn’t she ever escape that warrior bitch? “What do want to see her for? You think she has feelings for you? It’s because of her you died!”

“Something which you did nothing about!”

Enyo threw her hands up in frustration. This was getting them nowhere. “By the time I found out what happened, it was too late. Hades refused to bring you back.”

“But he didn’t refuse this time. Why is that, Enyo?”

“Because I have to take you back once my plan is finished, whether it works or not. The last time I wanted him to bring you back for good, to make you immortal!” She let the words sink in. “Does that answer your question about whether you were just a good fuck?” While Borias was a good fuck, Enyo did care for him. But it was more than that. Borias had a brilliant military mind. His plans and strategies were nearly flawless. With him by her side as an immortal, they would’ve been unstoppable. He could’ve done the one thing Strife never could’ve; overthrown Ares.

“Fine. So I was more than just a good fuck for you. But I still want to see Xena.”

“Okay. You want to see your little warrior princess, I’ll arrange it.” She walked up, standing toe to toe with him. She almost reminded him that it was Xena who let his son die. But those were harsher words than telling him Ares cared nothing for him.  “She’s changed though. And you might not find the new Xena as… desirable.”

They stared into each other’s eyes for a moment. They needed no words to seal their agreement.

A knock at the door broke their silence. Enyo immediate lowered her head, hunching over in a more submissive pose.

“Come,” Borias called.

One of the maids entered. “Would either of you care to wash? I can draw a bath for each of you.”

“One bath for us will be fine.”

Enyo looked up with a smile as the maid nodded and left. “I told you, the only way you’ll get to relieve your tension is to fuck the king.”

“And that is the only way you’ll get to relieve yours.” Borias tossed her on the bed. He pushed her skirt up out of his way, tearing away the undergarments. Shoving her legs apart, he went straight for her cunt. Enyo writhed on the bed as his tongue and fingers quickly went in and out, making her hot and wet in a matter of moments.

Another knock on the door signaled the maid’s return. Climbing off the bed, Borias and Enyo straightened their clothing and stepped into the hall. The maid took them to the waiting bath and Borias ordered her to stay. Not because he wanted an audience, but because he knew with someone else in the room, Enyo would remain submissive to him. Though he didn’t have a lot of time to return the torturing she had given him, he made the best of it.

By the time the bath water was cold, both goddess and mortal were in dire need.

Enyo didn’t even have time to scold him for his actions. They had barely finished dressing when a servant guided them downstairs for dinner. Following Borias, she grumbled to herself, vowing to get him back.


Iphicles stood next to the table, smiling as his guests were brought in. Borias was dressed in loose dark blue pants and a mid thigh, long sleeved dark blue shirt trimmed in gold and opened, very widely, at the chest. “By the gods,” the King said to himself. “He looks incredible.” His desire began burning in his crotch once more.

Borias couldn’t help but notice how handsome Iphicles looked.  The King had changed into dark maroon pants with a fairly snug black shirt. His golden red hair, still slightly damp, hung in curls down his neck. He wore no crown this time, making his resemblance to Ares even more striking. Borias didn’t realize he’d stopped walking until Enyo nudged him forward.

“Borias, thank you for joining me.” Iphicles offered his hand and the two clasped wrists. “I’ve had my servants bring the food in and leave so that we may talk freely.” He glanced over to the man who had brought Enyo and Borias down. “Leave and shut and lock the door as you do.”

“That works well for me. Erin can serve us, if it pleases the King.” He bowed his head.

“Does it please you?” He took a tentative step forward.

Borias looked up. He felt Enyo once again urge him forward.  “This… would please me.” Borias closed the short distance between him and the King. Wrapping his fingers in the golden blond hair, he pulled Iphicles into a deep, passion-filled kiss.

The King of Corinth eagerly returned the kiss. He grabbed Borias’ ass, pulling him closer and tighter. Their cocks pressed against each other through the thin fabric of their pants, driving them into a more desperate kiss.

Like an over anxious teenager, Borias yanked Iphicles’ shirt from his pants. He didn’t want to stop kissing the King, so he grabbed the shirt at the opening of the collar and ripped it. His hands roamed across the incredible chest taking in every muscular ripple as Iphicles shrugged the shirt off and dropped it to the floor.

Borias finally broke the kiss, leaving Iphicles panting for air. Then he lowered his mouth to a taut nipple. The King tilted his head back and moaned. Rough lips caressed their way down his chest to the top of his pants, covering his skin in goose bumps. Grasping the drawstring in his teeth, Borias pulled the bow-knot loose.  Something tugged at the corner of the warrior’s mind as he went to pull Iphicles’ pants down. He stopped and looked back to Enyo.

She had just been standing there, watching. The last time she’d seen Borias go after anyone with such enthusiasm was Ares.  Either he decided he liked Iphicles and could deal with the likeness to the god or he really wanted to see Xena. The goddess hoped it was the former. In either case, she didn’t like being left out of the fun.

Iphicles opened his eyes when the caresses stopped. The gaze between Borias and his servant was unmistakable. They both wanted her to join in. That suited the King just fine, just as long as Borias continued with his actions. He looked down at the man who knelt at his groin and nodded.

“Over there,” Borias ordered his servant, nodding to the corner of pillows, and she meekly obeyed. He took the King’s hand leading him to the corner as well. He pulled off his boots and pants, shoving him down on the pillows. “Down.”

Iphicles landed with a soft thud on his back. He tensed slightly, a combination of the cold fabric touching his hot flesh and of being given orders. He always controlled his sexual encounters with women and the few boys he had taken. Maybe because they didn’t dare tell a king what to do. The ones who stood before him now were different. Borias was definitely not a boy and no doubt more experienced with men. That frightened Iphicles a little but excited him more. Erin simply confused him. Something about her told him she didn’t fit her role. Perhaps she hadn’t always been a servant but was at one time a master. Her soft hand brushed his cheek and all concerns melted away.

“Take off her clothes.” Borias began stripping off his own.  His eyes never left the scene as Iphicles pulled Enyo’s top over her head and the skirt off her hips. He slipped off his own shirt, pants and shoes then settled himself between Iphicles’ legs. The warrior ran a finger up the shaft of the impressively large cock. A muffled moan escaped from the King and Borias looked up. Enyo lay across his chest as Iphicles sucked and fondled her breasts. The cock in front of him twitched demanding Borias’ attention. He happily obliged.

Iphicles inhaled sharply, squeezing Enyo’s breast in his hand, as a wet and warm tongue slid lightly across the tip of his cock. His hips thrust instinctively up, seeking more. A firm bite to the inner thigh was all he got.

“Patience, my King.” Once Iphicles had relaxed, Borias trailed kisses down his shaft to his balls. He licked one spot then kissed it and licked it again. Slowly, methodically, Borias continued this centimeter by centimeter over the King’s balls. He knew this slow erotic experience would drive Iphicles mad with desire because Enyo had done it many times to him.

The King of Corinth whimpered, his body screaming for more.  Every time he tried to urge Borias on, the warrior bit his inner thigh. But this only served to excite him more. Wrapping his arms around Enyo’s waist, he pulled her forward and she immediately understood what he wanted. Using the wall for support, she got up on her knees, her cunt right in his face. He buried his face in her, trying anything to distract himself from Borias’ pleasuring torture. Spreading her lips with his fingers, Iphicles licked and sucked at Enyo’s clit. His tongue dipped inside her, tasting her sweet, erotic juices.

Enyo pressed herself down on the king’s face. She wanted him deeper inside to quench the burning flames that Borias had ignited earlier. She threw her head back, gasping and crying out as first one finger then two, thrust into her. Her hips rocked back and forth, faster and faster until her body started to quiver. Suddenly, an arm went around her and pulled her off. A sharp smack on her ass followed.

Borias dropped her onto the pillows. “You know the rules. You come when I say you do. Now just sit there and do nothing.” He wasn’t going to make things easy on either of these two. He looked back to Iphicles.

Panting and wide-eyed at the sudden cease in pleasuring, the King sat up. “I’m sorry. I…”

“Silence!” Borias fought to conceal the grin at the look of shock on the King’s face. Kneeling down, the warrior ran a hand through the locks of Iphicles’ hair. He could smell her on him. The mingling scents caused his cock to twitch. If he wanted to prolong their torture, he would have to satisfy himself first.

Borias leaned down, nose to nose with Iphicles. The goddess’ juices gleamed on his face. Running his tongue across one smooth cheek, Borias caressed the King’s upper lip and trailed across to the other cheek. He did the same to Iphicles’ lower lip. Borias eased back a little, licking his own lips and staring into his soon to be lover’s eyes. So different from Ares’, he though, yet so much the same.

Iphicles cautiously reached up, hoping this wasn’t against the rules. His hand found the back of Borias’ neck, underneath the long gorgeous black hair, and pulled the man’s lips down to his. They kissed, desperate and hungry for each other. The need for air finally broke them apart.

Borias sat back oh his heels, gasping, his eyes locked with those of the King. “Erin, bring the pitcher of water and the oil from the table.”

The goddess jumped to her feet, her legs shaky from her arousal. Borias would pay for this before he went back to Tartarus, she thought, grabbing the requested items from the table. She set them in front of him and returned to her place.

“On your hands and knees.” When Iphicles didn’t move, he slapped him on the leg.  “Now!”

The king quickly scrambled into the requested position. He knew what the oil was for. It was the water that worried him a bit. He soon found out when Borias dunked the Corinthian’s hard and hot cock into the pitcher of cold water. He gasped, whipping his head around to stare at the man behind him.

Borias smiled seductively. “You’ll thank me for this later.” And he’d have to remember to thank Enyo for teaching him these wonderfully torturous tricks. “Erin, come here.” He handed her the pitcher when she was by his side. “He starts to get hard, do it again.”

Taking the vial of oil, Borias positioned himself, on his knees, behind Iphicles. He removed the plug and poured a few drops on the small of his back. The King’s entire body shuddered. Borias then poured a generous amount of the liquid down the crack of Iphicles’ ass, letting it run down his balls. The King moaned and Borias motioned to Enyo to dunk his cock once more. She complied as his yelp echoed in the room.

Before tossing the vial of oil aside, Borias quickly and thoroughly covered his own cock. He wanted to come but not so fast that he wouldn’t enjoy the sensation of being inside a king.

Iphicles closed his eyes, letting his head drop, as a pair of expert hands spread his ass. One finger pushed its way inside him. He let out a breath of air, feeling himself getting hard again. A second finger joined the first, going in and out and stretching him wider. The fingers found the sensitive spot inside him and stroked it. His cock jumped at the sensation. The king thought for sure that he would collapse to the floor at any moment. Never had he experienced such pleasure. The boys had in the past all fumbled about, not providing him with any real pleasure. Borias knew what he was doing. When the third finger slipped in, Iphicles reached down to stroke his yearning cock. How badly it needed to be touched. A harsh bite on the king’s shoulder stopped him.

 “Don’t do it,” the warrior whispered firmly. Kissing his way down Iphicles’ back, Borias straightened up. He took his cock, stroking it up and down the crack of the firm ass yielding in front of him. Pressing the swollen head against the King, he pulled Enyo to him and kissed her. “Have the water ready when I tell you,” he said quietly.

Enyo nodded, whimpering a bit as he turned his attentions back to the King.

“Do you want it?” the warrior asked, pressing himself just a little further inside.

“Oh gods… yes!” Iphicles cried. His body trembled. Borias felt bigger than anyone he’d ever had before. The king trembled in fearful desire.

Borias looked at Enyo and pointed to the King’s cock, making a stroking motion. The goddess grasped the hard cock and stroked it quickly.

Iphicles gasped and bucked. Borias used that motion and his own to thrust himself inside. They both cried out.

Iphicles’ body shook even harder as the cock filled him and stretched him. It hurt but it felt so incredible as Borias took several long and slow strokes inside of him. “Oh Borias!” The King began pumping back against his new lover.

With the King’s added motions, Borias lost control. He thrust harder and faster, not caring about anything but coming. He felt his balls tighten and hissed at Enyo. “Now!” As she dunked the King’s cock in the cold water, his ass muscles grabbed Borias’ cock and the warrior exploded inside of him. A few last thrusts and the King was filled with his hot seed. Borias pulled out and Iphicles collapsed on his stomach.

Enyo pulled a cloth from a nearby table and dunked it in the water. Facing Borias on her knees, she began to clean him off. As he leaned down to nibble on her ear, she whispered to him, “Don’t make me wait much longer, Borias. Please.”

Borias looked into her eyes. That wasn’t an order. It was a plea from the goddess. Something she did very rarely. “I will make it up to you. I promise.”

Iphicles could hear their hushed voices. He wanted see what they were doing. His body had no strength though, still trembling from denial of release and the pleasure of being loved. So he lay there amidst the pillows, catching his breath until he finally rolled onto his side. Borias and Erin were on their knees, kissing and caressing each other.

Borias saw the King move. “His Majesty has recovered.” He crawled up behind Iphicles, his body matching the King’s position, pressing firmly against him. “Just in time for…” Brushing Iphicles’ hair from his neck, Borias nibbled on the warm skin. “…Dinner.”

“What?!” Iphicles pulled away. Sitting up, he looked down at the man. “You’ve got to be kidding? I want you. I *need* you.” He paused. “Or I’ll just do it myself.” The King reached down to stroke himself.

Borias grabbed his hand. “I don’t think so. I’ll tie you up if I have to. But trust me, it’ll be worth the wait… and the torture.” Bringing, the hand to his lips, he sucked the tip of each finger. “Erin, bring us food.”

Iphicles stared, open-mouthed. Why did this man have so much control over him? Despite what he had said, he’d wait an eternity to come at Borias’ hands, inside his mouth or inside his ass. His fingers brushed his lover’s face. “I’m yours… completely.”

Enyo settled on the other side of Iphicles with a plate full of food. Pulling a piece of meat off the small hen, she leaned across the King, her breasts seductively in his face. She placed the meat in Borias’ open mouth and his teeth and lips clamped down her index finger. Pulling back, his teeth raked across her finger followed by the soft caress of his lips.

Borias smiled as Enyo’s finger popped from his mouth. His tongue moved slowly across his lips before he set about chewing the food. His eyes followed the goddess’ every movement as she tore another piece of rabbit off and placed it in Iphicles’ mouth. Watching the way the King sucked on Enyo’s fingers, Borias had to feel it.

He plucked a grape from the plate. With his thumb and index finger, he slipped it into Iphicles’ mouth. Their eyes locked while the King’s tongue danced around the warrior’s fingers. Borias slowly pulled his fingers from Iphicles’ mouth, staring intently as the man chewed then swallowed the grape.

Iphicles felt the other man’s cock pressing against his leg, making his own grow harder. Borias leaned down and before their lips met, the King’s cock stood fully erect. He grabbed the back of Borias’ neck, pulling him into a needful kiss.

“Patience,” the warrior said, backing away. “Besides, we’re neglecting someone.” He turned to Enyo, who sat on her heels with the plate of food in her lap. He took the plate. “Lie down.” Once she was settled on the mat, he fed her a piece of meat in the same fashion she had done to him. Then, taking a strawberry and grape, he spread her legs and tucked the fruit between her lips.

Enyo gasped. Already hot and wet from the earlier excitement and watching the men fuck, the coolness of the fruit and Borias’ gentle teasing of her clit set her nerves on fire.

“Take it,” he ordered the King. “But don’t use your hands.”

Iphicles moved swiftly between her legs. His cock throbbed as he inhaled the sweet scent of Erin and the fruit. Reaching out to part her lips with his finger, he stopped, feeling a sharp sting of leather on his ass.

Borias knelt beside him with a leather cord. “I said no hands. Put them behind your back.” He secured the King’s hands with the cord. “Go on.” As Iphicles returned to Enyo’s cunt, Borias lay next her, lavishing kisses and caresses on the rest of her body.

Enyo writhed beneath the touches of her two lovers. The King’s touch was soft and gentle, contrasting the hard and demanding attention from Borias. She didn’t know which turned her on more. She felt Iphicles’ tongue lap at her clit, working the grape slowly and teasingly from between the swollen and tender lips. Crying out, her hands clawed at warriors’ arms as the king pushed his tongue into her, curling it around the strawberry.

Instead of pulling it out, the King shifted the fruit and pushed it deeper inside. Covering her lips with his mouth, he sucked hard, drawing the fruit out. He did this again and again, as she moaned and arched her back demanding more from him. One last time, Iphicles pulled the fruit out and ate it, savoring the mixture of sweet juices.

“Please, Borias,” Enyo begged as the warrior nipped at her ear. “I want you. Make me cum.”

“You want me, not him?” He gave her a questioning glance, surprised yet pleased she would choose him over a new conquest.

Her answer was slow and deliberate. “Yes. I want you.” Though the King was indeed attractive, all she could think about as he sucked and licked at her was having Borias deep and hard inside of her.

“As you wish.” He untied Iphicles’ hands. “Let her taste you.”

The King did as told and straddled the servant’s chest. Grabbing hold of a column for support, a deep moan escaped form his lips as her hand wrapped around his cock.

“Don’t let him cum,” Borias added. “I want that pleasure.”

Iphicles almost whimpered. How much more of this delicious torture must he endure? He’d been ready to explode for quite sometime and she might not be able to stop him. Behind him, he felt Erin’s hips being lifted off the mat. He knew the moment Borias had entered her. She cried out and Borias growled, low and animal-like, sending a chill down the King’s spine and right into his cock.

Enyo took the cock fully into her mouth as Borias thrust into her. She started to mimic the warrior’s movements inside her cunt with the King’s cock in her mouth. That ceased when a finger stroked across her clit. She bucked, nearly sending Iphicles tumbling backwards.

Borias pushed the King off his goddess. “Watch and learn,” he grinned. Picking up Enyo’s legs, he threw them over his shoulders. He drove himself deeper and harder into with no gentleness at all.

Enyo screamed in ecstasy. The more aggressive the warrior became the more it excited her. He pounded into her again and again until her muscles contracted around his cock and her whole body was rocked with an orgasm. Then he too came, groaning and pumping until the last drop of seed was inside her. He let her down and stretched across her body. “Was that worth the wait?” He licked the salty beads of sweat from her chin.

“Oh yes,” she purred. “And I think it’s time for someone else now.”

Borias nodded. “Help him. Show him what I like.”

Enyo slipped out from underneath Borias, kissing his shoulders. She raked her fingernails lightly across his back as she crawled over him to the vial of oil and the King. “Are you ready, Your Highness?” she asked taking his hand.

“Almost.” Iphicles pulled the servant onto his lap. His mouth covered hers, engaging into a heated kiss. He eased her back, allowing the tip of his throbbing cock to press against her lips.

“No, Majesty.” Enyo reluctantly pushed away. “My Lord will be very displeased if you do that.” Kissing his neck lightly, she added, “I promise you’ll enjoy this just as much.” Guiding him behind Borias, she took the cork from the oil. “Hold out your hands.”

Iphicles did as told. The oil was cool against his skin, but not unpleasant. Erin then guided his hands down to his cock, wrapping them around it.

“Stroke yourself slowly. You want to cover yourself, not make yourself cum.”

Borias looked over his shoulder, watching Enyo instruct the King. His cock grew hard as the King slowly stroke his shaft with his oil-covered hands. The King was big, just like Borias liked them. A nice tight fuck was always the best.

“Now,” Enyo continued, “spread his legs and kneel between them.” When he was settled, she crouched next to him. “Take the oil and pour some between his cheeks then use your hands to spread it all over him.”

Taking the oil, the King tilted the bottle, watching as the slick fruity smelling liquid oozed slowly down between the warrior’s cheeks. His cock twitched as the muscles in Borias’ ass flexed. So tight and firm. He could just feel them clenching around him while he was inside.

“Reach under him, now. Get him onto his knees.”

Borias closed his eyes, moaning when Iphicles’ strong hand encircled his cock. The King stroked him, urging him to his knees so that the strokes could be longer and faster.

This time Enyo spoke no instructions. She took two fingers of his free hand. Starting at her warrior’s balls, she slowly glided the King’s fingers up the crack of his ass to his back and then down again. The next time she guided them up, she stopped at the tight ring of muscle. With one of his fingers and one her own, she pressed into the warrior.

Clutching at the pillow which his forehead rested on, Borias felt a shudder move through his body. Together, the goddess’ and the King’s fingers stroked him inside. They pressed against that sweet spot each time they pulled out and pushed in, following the same rhythm with which the King stroked his cock. He groaned when two more fingers enter him, stretching and filling him. The combined sensations to his cock and ass made his mind reel. Just when he thought he was going to come, the sensations stopped.  He jerked his head up, looking behind him. Enyo just smiled sweetly, guiding the King’s cock so that it pressed against his tight muscle. “I want you,” the warrior gasped.

“Yes, my lord.” Enyo picked up the vial of oil and gave Iphicles a few last instructions. “It’s going to feel tight and hot inside him. You’ll want to come right away. But keep your strokes slow and steady for as long as you can. And don’t enter him until he says so.”

All Iphicles could do was nod. His cock throbbed so hard now, he didn’t think he could last more than one or two strokes before he lost control.

Enyo picked up a piece of the leather cord from the clothing. She tied it tightly around the king’s hard shaft. Iphicles gasped at the tightness. “Don’t worry. It will just help you last longer.” She kissed his stomach and then gave the oil to Borias.

With one hand, the warlord poured the oil over Enyo’s ass. He bit and nipped at her round cheeks as his fingers worked their way into her, getting her ready for him. He finished and Enyo crawled underneath him.

Her ass up in the air, the goddess stretched out her upper body. Borias settled down on his elbows, taking Enyo’s hands in his. “Guide me, Iphicles, so that I’m against her like you are me.” He shuddered again, the tip of his cock feeling the heat and lubricating oil. He kissed Enyo’s hands gently. “Now, enter me. Slowly.”

The King grabbed Borias’ hips and pushed. His swollen head slipped past the tight muscle, crying out cried out as the incredible feeling nearly collapsed him.

Enyo cried out as well, when Borias began pushing into her. She loved how tight he made her feel. She did her best to relax; knowing that clutching her muscles around him would make him come too soon.

Borias growled, as the king’s cock pushed in until it was buried to the hilt. He did the same to Enyo. The warrior struggled to concentrate only on keeping the same rhythm of strokes as Iphicles did. Anytime he started thinking about how absolutely incredible this feeling was, of being filled and filling someone, Borias felt as though he would come. And he didn’t want to. He wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible. Stroking slowly in and out of Enyo, Iphicles stroked in and out of him. By the gods, nothing else could feel like this, he thought. Enyo’s hands tightened around his as her ass tightened around his cock. She was ready. “Faster. Harder!” he bellowed.

Iphicles obeyed. He thrust himself into Borias with as much force and speed as he could manage. Borias did the same to Enyo. Before long all three cried and moaned and screamed. Bodies writhed as orgasms shook them with tremendous force. As the orgasms subsided, they fell onto each other in exhaustion.