The sign on the auditorium door read "Choir auditions - 2:00p.m." today. Melody slipped inside the dark coolness of the cavernous auditorium, and carrying the reams of the sheet music she had decided to use, walked to the front row. She nodded the pinched faces of the members of the Lame Ladies Music Appreciation Society and Knitting Circle who had commissioned her to conduct the auditions and direct the choir that they had decided to sponsor. The Lame Ladies had concluded that a choir who be the perfect way to spread the joys of virtue and morality throughout the debauched and hedonistic world that they faced every day. Everywhere, their honor was besmirched and the morals of the young were defiled by the constant references to sex that they personally found so repugnant. Nothing would save the world's honor and morals like a good old-fashioned choral group and they had hired Melody to find the individuals who could sing and lead the way to a celibate and pure rendering of such standards as "I Believe in Music" and "Tie a Yellow Ribbon Around the Old Oak Tree", and the more risque, "Muskrat Love".

Sitting to the right of the Lame Ladies, and looking very uncomfortable in their pure white choir robes, were a motley bunch of prospects for the choir. Thamiris, Kelly, Karesia, Thiel, Xenara, Rynne, Rohanna, Laurissa, Kathy, Iphenys, Atalanta, Dyevka, Marina, Miriam, Carrie, Nemetona, Michele, Shakra, and Harpalyke all squirmed in their seats and waited for their turn to  perform. "Where the hell is Arebella?" Thamiris whispered to Karesia. "She put us up to this and she didn't even show!" Karesia
shrugged her shoulders and replied, "She said something about getting us some inspiration so we can knock off the competition and take over this choir."

After several pleasant but dull renditions of "Onward Christian Soldiers" and "I Believe" from a few aspiring vocalists, Melody started asking herself why she was here. The loud snores from the rear of the auditorium confirmed her worst fears about this whole project - it was dull, and lacked any inspiration, moral or otherwise. She decided to take a risk. She walked up the steps onto the stage and pointed at the remaining applicants. "All right, everyone left I want you all up here together for your audition. I want to see if you can harmonize as a group. Come on, hurry up!" They quickly took their places on the stage risers, just as the back door exploded in a flash of blue light and smoke.

When the smoke cleared, all eyes turned to the imposing male figure, clad in skintight black leather, storming down the aisle. He was very tall, with well-defined muscles, bursting through the clothing he wore. With every stride, his rock hard thighs threatened to explode from the leather pants he wore. A chorus of oohs and aahs involuntarily left the lips of the Lame Ladies in unison, as a prayer to this sexual vision of masculinity, but he silenced their worship of him with a single steely glance. He stopped and waited for a second figure following him to make her way up the aisle and onto the stage risers to join her friends. "Arebella! Why is Ares here and  what's going on?" Thiel asked. "Just go with your feelings ladies, and watch the MAN!" She replied, grinning and catching Ares' little wink. Melody sensing the sudden change in the atmosphere, changed her plan of action. The strains of Donna Summers' "Love to Love You, Baby" filled the auditorium, to the collective horror of the Lame Ladies, who feared for Ares' honor and morals.

As if on clue, Ares sauntered in perfect rhythm up the stairs and to the front of the stage. Every member of the choir slowly sucked in her breath at the same moment, creating a vacuum that generated a wind to blow through his black, curly locks, blowing them away from his perfect face. He licked his lips seductively as he unfastened the belt at his waist and let it snake slowly down his hard stomach muscles, catching on the bulge at the front of his ready-to burst pants. His sword-callused hand slipped to the bulge, grasping it for and rubbing himself, to free the belt, which slipped down his thighs and calves until he kicked it away. Every mouth in the choir, and in the audience as well, opened in unison, emitting little involuntary groans of pleasure, in perfect alignment with the music. He began to roll his muscular shoulders to the backbeat of the sensuous music, freeing himself from the vest that slide down his arms to the floor. The stage lights glistened on the small beads of sweat that wetted his thick black mat of chest hair and  rolled down his pecs, gathering in drops hanging at the edge of his nipples. As he gyrated to the music, the droplets on his nipples flew into the choir, causing the recipients of that godly anointing to shudder and moan.

By this time, several of the Lame Ladies had fainted, but several others were moving in their seats with an animal-like motion. They had long since discarded their white cotton grandma underwear, to give their crotches better contact with the rough horsehair upholstery of their chairs. Ares' large hands cradled the straining outline of his erection through his leathers,  raising it even higher, cupping it with his palms. He suggestively undulated his hips, in a thrusting motion, whole grinning seductively at his tortured priestesses. Several had already removed most of their clothing, while the others tugged desperately at the buttons closing their choir robes. The stage began to resemble a final markdown sale at the local K-mart as the discarded clothing of the sexually ignited choir members hit the floor in piles.

When the torture was nearly complete, Ares played the final card. He lay down on his back on the piles of white choir robes, and arched his back and hips, grinding and thrusting upward. The stampede started with Thamiris, but the sight of Ares, covered with sweat, hips thrusting his still constrained pulsating cock, begging for release and satisfaction, triggered a chain reaction and within seconds, they all descended on him. Greedily, they shredded his pants, releasing him from his constraints and to their skilled attentions. A bottle of Hershy's syrup appeared in his hand, and before long, the entire group was covered in a sticky chocolate web, which they enthusiastically cleaned up, licking Ares as clean as if he had emerged from the shower. Groans of ecstasy reverberated through the hall, but the loudest of all was the roar of Ares, which cracked some of the ceiling plaster, causing the few still-living members of the Lame Ladies Society to hide under their seats to avoid the falling debris.

As the spent, entangled bodies lay on the stage, desperately trying to regain their breath, Melody rolled away from the exhausted God, and said to herself, "I think we're going to have to change the repertoire of this group!"