Part 1

Silence is golden; at one time, Iphicles had thought so.  Oh, how he had longed for it in those days.  Today, only the silence remained.  It followed him everywhere, torturing his soul as he dreamed of noise, any noise to break the silence that had enveloped his life.

How can one man endure such events as he had to in the past year, and still be expected to rule and go forward as though everything was still the same?

But it wasn't the same.  The hand the Fates had dealt him was about to irrevocably change the course of his life.  Running a kingdom required him to be sharp and to be constantly on top of things.  Corinth couldn't just run itself and being the king meant he had no time to wallow in self-pity.  There were border skirmishes and affairs of state that had to be dealt with and these duties fell under the king's direct responsibility.

Iphicles sat alone playing with his noonday meal.  His knife methodically pushing the small green peas from one side of the plate to the other, forming little straight rows.  Every so often the knife would screech against the plate, sending shivers charging up his spine.  Finally, having run out of peas to push around; he gave up.  He upended the plate sending the peas flying smack into the face of his servant who had unwisely chosen that precise moment to enter the dining hall.

Without even acknowledging the servant's presence Iphicles rose and quickly left the room.  After all, he was the King, he didn't have to explain his actions to anyone ... any longer.  The only two people whom he had ever wanted or had to explain his actions to were both dead now.  Rena, his beloved wife died over a year ago, and Alcmene, his mother, only a couple of months later, totally shattering Iphicles in the process.

Wandering aimlessly through the castle he began stomping his feet ever so slightly as he walked; wanting to hear the noise.  One step caused squeaking, the next, the sound of leather hitting stone; thwack, thwack, each step generating a different sound.  He reached his destination and threw open the immense door to his bedchamber.  Taking hold of the heavy wooden door, he pulled it closed behind him; the door squeaking on its hinges and banging as it closed. Noise, glorious noise.

There were royal duties he had to attend to, but they would have to wait.  Iphicles needed to lose himself in the midst of the ongoing dream he had been having.  In it he was happy, fulfilled and running his kingdom better than ever.  It always left him feeling so good. 'If only it wasn't a dream,' he thought to himself.

He was never alone in his dream either.  There was always someone with him.  Someone strong who took control and showed him the way. He longed to escape into his dream; for these days, it was much more satisfying than reality.

Easing himself onto his bed he lay down and closed his eyes, shutting out reality.

Invisible across the room, leaning casually against the wall stood the God of War.  There was no explaining the feelings that this mortal brought forth in the God.  Ares had been around for generations and there had never been another, mortal or God, who had affected him this way before. Oh sure, he had had his share of encounters, but none had made him feel the way he did about the King.  He wanted him and he wanted him now.  Ares had been watching over the King of Corinth for months, seeing him slowly withdrawing into himself a little more with each day that passed.  The darkly handsome God decided that now was the time to make his move; to save Iphicles from the path of self-destruction he was on.

Ares appeared at the foot of the King's bed.  Iphicles, sensing another presence in the room opened his eyes to discover the God of War standing by his bed.   Stunned by the sudden and unexpected appearance of the God in his bedchamber he sat bolt upright.

"What do you want?" he asked accusingly.  Having known the problems this God had caused his brother all these years, Iphicles naturally assumed he was here to cause some kind of trouble.

"Take it easy, I only want to talk" Ares said as he sat down on the edge of the King's bed.

"What could we possibly have to talk about?"  Iphicles asked, shifting uncomfortably.

"How about our pain-in-the-ass mutual half brother."  Ares said with his trademark grin.

The King, nearly afraid to move with the God so close to him, looked at Ares wondering what he was really doing there.  What possible motive could he have?

"Think about it.  Think about your dreams."  Ares told him.

Iphicles thought for a moment and soon understood.  "You!" he answered. "It was you. Why?  What could you possibly want with me?"  Ares had caught him off guard.  He had never thought that the mysterious stranger he longed to be with from his dream was the God of War.

Ares reached out his hand and in a comforting motion began to rub it over the king's well-muscled, firm thigh.

"I've been watching you.  I'd seen you before, as you well know.  You struck a chord in me.  You always came second to HIM, I know how that feels.  You need to discover what it's like to get out from under his shadow.  I can help you accomplish that.  With me, you'll grow stronger, become more self-assured.  Come to me Iphicles.  Come, and together we'll discover what joys life has to offer those willing to seek them out.  Come to me and you'll never have to look back.  Come and savor the sweetness that I promise will rain down upon you.  Open yourself to me now Iphicles.  Don't deny yourself the chance to live your greatest dream. Come to me now."  Ares opened his arms and waited.

Iphicles slowly moved toward the outstretched arms of the captivatingly handsome God before him.

Ares drew him into his powerful embrace and held the King tight against him.  Pulling away slightly, the God tenderly brushed his lips against those of the man in his arms.

Iphicles leaned his face closer to the God's and looking directly into the dark eyes that were enchanting him, kissed Ares.  When their lips met he became lost in the passion this God evoked in him.  He parted his full lips to let the God's tongue into his fiery hot mouth.  The taste of cloves and cinnamon passed from God to King as they shared this; their first deep, passion-filled kiss.

Ares pressed his cock against the king's thigh feeling the sweet agony that ran through him with first contact.  He groaned as the leather of his pants became tighter and tighter, his cock pulsing at the thought of fucking the king, and soon.

Iphicles swore he could feel it growing bigger and bigger and wanted to touch it, feel it, taste it,  without the leather between them.  His own cock, responding to each thought, grew in unison with the God's.

Ares reached down and placed his hand over the growing bulge in the Kings crotch; unlacing Iphicles' pants he helped him remove them.   Suddenly his own tight, black leather pants disappeared, giving Iphicles exactly what he knew he desired the most, the feel of naked throbbing flesh against naked throbbing flesh.

He pushed the King back until he was resting against the pillows, the bed squeaking beneath them as they got comfortable.  Ares grasped the king's thick, hard cock and leisurely ran the tip of his tongue over the head, flicking it ever so lightly, back and forth across the glistening tip.  Animal sounds emanated from him, pure unadulterated lust, his need for the King growing by leaps and bounds with every passing moment.

Iphicles softly moaned as the God took his cock into his exquisitely talented mouth.  Slowly, Ares began to suck, with his free hand he massaged Iphicles' balls.  Groaning loudly the King spread his legs a bit more as Ares brought his mouth up and slid the monarch's cock out over his teeth and past his lips.  Taking his tongue he began to lick up from the base of Iphicles' shaft, moving ever so slowly, stopping to savor the moment every so often, until he reached the head.  Opening his mouth, Ares again took the king's beautiful cock between his lips and sucked hard on the tip.  Iphicles thrust his hips and his cock slid easily down deeper into the God's throat.  Moaning, he thrust his engorged cock as deeply as he could.

Ares' own cock was demanding attention so he moved the king's hand down to touch it.  His lust overpowering him, Ares moved them into a sixty-nine position allowing them the freedom to go down on each other.  The War God let loose with a deep moan as Iphicles began to suck hard on his cock.

Ares moved his hand and lightly fingered the small tight opening in Iphicles' ass, gently spreading it wider, slowly inserting his finger.  Groaning the King takes Ares' cock deeper into his throat.

The God applies a bit of pressure as he runs his hand up and down the king's thick cock.   Ares thrust his finger inside Iphicles' ass and started to finger fuck him.

"Deeper Ares, faster, please."   Iphicles begged.

Ares thrust his finger faster and deeper inside the King's ass as he cums.

"Oh my gods, harder, ooh, umm, hmm, YES, YES, YES!" Iphicles screamed in ecstasy.   Fuck Ares, where'd you learn to do that?"  Iphicles said as he breathed a sigh of relief.  "I've died and gone to the Elysian fields haven't I.  This is too good to be real, I must be dead or dreaming."

Helping Iphicles to his knees, the War God rubbed his still engorged cock against his ass.  A jar of fragrant oil materializes beside them and Ares applies it to his huge cock and to the king's opening.  Pushing Iphicles over, Ares plunged his cock deeply into the hot tight ass before him.  Both God and King moan in unison as Ares thrust his cock faster and harder into the king's passage; the bed's headboard being pounded repeatedly into the wall by the force of the War God's lust.

"Oh, by the Gods, you are so tight," Ares moaned.  "I've never felt anything so exquisite in all my immortal life."

Iphicles bucked his hips in time with Ares deep penetrating thrusts and soon the God groans in a deep guttural voice as he shoots his divine seed deep within the King's ass.

"I take it that's a yes."  Ares said to the King, smiling, as they lay together afterwards.

Part 2

Iphicles slept soundly, his lover still sprawled on the bed beside him, ebony locks still passion tousled from last night's fucking, their limbs intertwined.

Out in the main hall the king's advisor was explaining to Hercules why they summoned him.

"Thank you for getting here so quickly.  Things have not been going well for your brother, I'm afraid he's been slipping into a deep depression.  He seemed to be coping with the Queen's untimely demise, but when he learned of your mother's death, well he just hasn't been the same since.  He blames himself and his duties as King for keeping him away from home in their time of need.  He spends most of the day in his rooms, other times he's seen wandering aimlessly throughout the castle.  We had hoped that you might be able to reach him and pull him out of it.

Iphicles' recent behavior worried Hercules.  He had become distant, moody and particularly harrowing; he was not easy to be around.

"Where is he now?"  he asked.

"In his room.  He spends most of his time there these days."

"OK.  Let me see what I can do."  Hercules headed to his brother's room.

Iphicles awoke to the sound of knocking.  He turned over to discover Ares still in his bed, sitting up he barked, "What is it?"

"Iph, it's me, Hercules."  Iphicles was reaching for his robe when Hercules opened the door and walked right in.  Looking straight at Iphicles he soon noticed the second large, masculine form lounging on the bed face down.  "Sorry Iph, I didn't know you weren't alone."

Iphicles' face was turning bright red and he quickly grabbed the sheet to cover the prone form of the God beside him.  "Yeah, well you could have waited before just barging in here like that,"  he angrily informed his brother.

Ares, still lying on his stomach, was listening to this conversation with great enthusiasm.  Turning slightly he reached up and touched the king's face, smiling seductively at him.

Iphicles knew then that the God planned to make his presence known to Hercules.  The King placed his hand on the God's arm and glared at him, daring him to show his face.

Ares, never one to pass on a dare, turned over and slowly sat up. As he rose, he came eye-to-eye with his half-brother.

Hercules was speechless.  He couldn't believe his eyes.  Just what in Hades was going on here?

"Ares, I wasn't expecting to see," he thought for a moment, "so much of you."

"Isn't life just full of pleasant little surprises."  Ares smirked at the demi-god.

"Iphicles, what in Tartarus were you thinking?  What ever possessed you?"  Hercules threw his arms up in the air, exasperated with his brother.  Shaking his head, he looked directly at the God of War and continued, "and you.  I should have known you'd somehow be involved.  Why can't you just leave my family alone?"

"Well little brother, I think we'll let Iphicles decide if I stay or go."  Ares said smugly.

Both God and demi-god looked over at the King, waiting for his response.

"Hercules, I'm not asking him to leave.  In fact, I'm going to ask him to stay.  If you don't like that, then maybe you should be the one to leave."  Iphicles reached for Ares' hand and bringing it to his lips, kissed it, while looking passionately into the God's eyes.  "Please don't leave.  I want you to stay," he said to Ares, for Hercules' benefit.

Ares gave Hercules a feral grin and said, "Looks like you lose brother.  I'm staying right here."  The God took Iphicles into his strong muscular arms and planted a sensual kiss on his full, red, come fuck me lips.

Hercules found himself being drawn into the scene unfolding before him; his two half brothers together, one so dark and deadly, the other so hot and yielding, it sickened him to watch any longer.  Hercules, disgusted with his brother's choice of lovers, turned on his heels and left.

Ares, with a bemused expression on his handsome face looked at Iphicles, "Was it something I said?  He never even said good-bye."

Part 3

Hercules stormed into Ares' temple, stopping as he reached the throne.  "Ares.  ARES! Damn you."  He walked over to the huge statue of the God of War and with one powerful heave knocked it over.  It crashed to the floor, breaking into pieces; the head of the War God rolling across the temple floor.  Hercules put his foot out to stop the head from rolling.  "Too bad it's only a statue,"  the demi-god said as he continued his path of destruction around the temple, trying to get the God's attention.

Ares appeared and flew across the room at his half-brother.  "Just what do you think you are doing?  Enough already!  Must you always desecrate my temples?  If it's my attention you're after, you've got it.  So start talking brother."  Ares spat the words at him.

"What do you think you are doing with my brother?  He doesn't need you around to cause him grief.  Can't you just leave my family alone?"

"As I recall, we've had this conversation before.  If Iphicles needs or wants your help or advice, I'm sure he'll ask for it, but until then, butt out!  This doesn't concern you.  Your brother is a big boy and he's fully capable of choosing his own friends.  So, if you know what's good for you, you'll leave him alone.  He doesn't need you looking over his shoulder and holding his hand.  Leave him the fuck alone, he doesn't need you meddling where you have no business in the first place."  Ares stalked over to his throne and sat down, casually flinging his leg over the arm rest.  "Now ... Get out of my temple before I decide not to be so hospitable."  Ares leaned back in this throne and crossed his well-muscled arms across the vast expanse of his chest.

"Hospitable?  Yeah, Ares, your hospitality is legendary.  You're about as hospitable as one of Hestia's virgins in a brothel."

"Ow, that hurts, and here I'm trying to be civil!"  Ares sneered at him.

"Look Ares this is between you and me.  Leave Iphicles out of it. He can't handle you Ares; it's not in his nature.  He doesn't know how cold and calculating you can be and I'll not stand by and watch you use and manipulate him for your own sadistic purposes.  So back off.  I'm not going to warn you again."  Hercules turned to leave.

Ares laughed.  He'd never seen Hercules like this before.  It had definite possibilities.  "What's the matter bro, got your nose out of joint?  Does it bother you that Iphicles chose my charming company over yours?"

"Ares, I'm warning you for the last time.  Leave Iphicles alone!  He's been through enough.  He doesn't need your interference."

"Iphicles has made his decision.  You lose.  End of discussion.  Now, if there is nothing else, you can be on your way.  Thanks for visiting, it's been a slice, we'll have to do it again soon," Ares said, dripping with sarcasm.

"Ares, for a God you're pretty thick sometimes.  I've warned you.  Now stay away from Iphicles, if I catch you any where near him again, I'll make you stay away, permanently."

"If your brother desires my company, who am I to deny him.  He was lonely, hurt,"  Ares started.

"and ripe for the picking,"  Hercules finished for him.  "I know you too well Ares.  You're just using him in an attempt to get back at me."

"Here we go again.  Everything always has to revolve around you, doesn't it.  Well, let me set you straight, this is all about Iphicles, not you.  You, I could care less about.  I'd have rid the world of you ages ago if not for that pesky little rule.  But one of these days Hercules, you ARE going to suffer my wrath!  Take heed of my warning little brother.  There won't be another one!"

"Ares you are so full of yourself.  Me suffer your wrath?  You've never even been able to win a fight with me.  What gives you the idea that you could actually hurt me in any way?"

Ares' eyes were glaring now.  "NEVER WON A FIGHT?  My dear brother, up until now, I've only been toying with you.  If I ever gave my all, I'd have killed you in an instant.  What fun would that have been?  No.  This has been much more satisfactory. Much more fulfilling."

"Well, if you think that getting your ass kicked every time you turn around is fulfilling, so be it.  To each his own as they say.  You are definitely not worth wasting my breath over."  Hercules stormed out of the temple not at all happy with the outcome of the visit.  Ares could be such a pompous ass sometimes.

Part 4

That arrogant son of a bitch; just who did he think he was talking to?  It was time someone taught that miserable bastard some respect, and Ares knew the perfect person for the job.  That lesson in respect would just have to wait until he had the teacher readied for the job.

Iphicles was once again attending to his royal duties and things seemed to have gotten back too normal.  They attributed the change in the king's demeanor to Hercules.  His talk must have hit a nerve because things returned to normal almost immediately after his visit.

Iphicles suddenly found himself in a strange room.  It was dark  and the air seemed stagnant.  Set against the far wall was the biggest four poster bed the King had ever seen.  It had huge wooden posts, one at each end of the head and footboards, depicted on the boards were various scenes of copulation.  Iphicles moved closer to examine the carvings; he wouldn't have believed it if he hadn't seen it for himself.  It was amazing, the attention to detail was fantastic; it looked so real, right down to the smallest detail.  The images seemed to leap out at you, their eyes following you as you moved.

"Hmm, beautiful, isn't it?"

Iphicles jumped at the sudden intrusion.  Turning, he came face to face with the God of War.  "Very.  It's um, interesting."  He looked back at the carving.  "Fantasy."  He said looking closely at the scene before him.

Ares laughed.  "Ah, Iphicles, if I didn't know better, I'd think you were toying with me.  Which one is your fantasy?  Just tell me and I'll make your fantasy a reality."  Ares walked over and placed his hand on the king's shoulder.

"Just one?"  Iphicles smiled at the God.

"My, my, I think we're about to have some real fun.  OK."  Ares rubbed his hands together in front of his chest.  "Where to start?  Any of them of particular interest to you?" he asked the King.

"You're not telling me you can actually do all of them.  Some of those positions don't look humanly possible."

"My dear Iphicles, I am a God!  I invented some of those positions.  Can you guess which ones?"  Ares laughed at the expression gracing the king's face.

"Let me just hazard a wild guess here, that you'd be only too willing to personally introduce me to each and every one of those positions."

"Hey, I'm not one to boast, but, I am good!  Besides, it helps to pass the time, immortality can be such a bore sometimes."  Ares gave Iphicles a pat on the back and sat on the bed.  "Well, what are you waiting for?  Where do you want to start?"

Iphicles walked over beside Ares, "You're not serious?" he asked.

"What's the matter Iphicles, not up to it?  Come here."  Ares pulled the King down onto the bed.

"Wait a second, just what are you going to do?"

Ares straddled Iphicles and just gazed down at him.  "Relax, give in to your deepest desires.  Close your eyes and go with it."  The War God leaned over the King and brushed his full lips briefly over the mortal's under him.  He was tense; Ares wanted him more relaxed, to let loose and enjoy himself.  The God spoke into Iphicles' ear in a soothing voice hoping to help calm him.  "Come on, breathe easy, relax, that's it."

Iphicles pushed at Ares trying to dislodge the God from on top of him.  "Ares, I can't, get off me."

Ares got up and stared at the King.  He stood beside the bed and righted himself.  "Nobody, and I mean nobody, pushes the God of War and then has the audacity to say NO!  I don't take kindly to being refused.  I suggest you remember that for future reference."  Ares snapped angrily.

"Don't be snotty Ares, it's nothing personal. I'm just not in the mood for your games."

Ares glared at the mortal lying on his bed.  Lowering his gaze to the growing bulge in the leather pants, he reached down and cupped his lover's burgeoning cock.  "Not in the mood?  Well, it looks to me as though your cock has a mind of its own."  Ares looked at each of the four posts on the bed and as he did so, Iphicles found himself bound. Climbing back on the bed Ares positioned himself between the widely spread legs of the mortal.  "We won't be needing these any longer," Ares said as Iphicles clothes disappeared.

The King struggled against his bonds, "Ares, I'm not into this."

"Your cock begs to differ.  Look at it Iphicles, it's just bursting for attention."  Ares lowered his mouth over the king's pulsing cock, lightly trailing his tongue over the head.  He encircled the shaft with his left hand and started stroking it.

Iphicles groaned and shut his eyes against the feelings stirring in his groin.  "Ares, let me go, I don't like this!" he demanded.

Ignoring the outburst Ares licked up the length of the hard, thick, cock in his hand.  Hovering over the tip, his tongue dancing back and forth, lapping up the seeping liquid as it appeared.  Ares took the king's cock into his mouth, sucking gently.  Unable to control himself, Iphicles thrust his hips, forcing his engorged cock deeper into the warm, wet haven of the God's mouth.  Ares opened his mouth wider; accommodating the turgid, throbbing cock being thrust down his throat.

The War God pulled back and looked at the mortal before him.  "So, you don't like this?"

Iphicles rolled his eyes and stayed silent; he just lay there in all his naked glory and looked up at the God.

Ares rose and walked away from the bed.  Still facing away from the bed he spoke.  "Maybe a little time to reflect on your situation will help.  I'll give you some time to think about what you really desire.  When I come back you can fill me in.  I would suggest that you use your time wisely.  I won't be gone long."  The God faded in a burst of blue light.

"Ares. ARES!  Damn you to Tartarus.  Why did you bother to go the trouble of bringing me here if you were just going to leave again?  Are you trying to humiliate me?"  Iphicles struggled against the bindings hoping to loosen them, only succeeding in pulling them tighter.  "Ares, please, come back and let me loose.  I don't like your little game and I'm not going to play."  It finally dawned on Iphicles that he was alone; the God had really left him.  'Shit!  Why did I let myself get into such a state?  I should have just done what he wanted, it's not that I didn't want to, I just have a tendency of playing hard to get, oh shit, what in Tartarus was I thinking.  I've pissed off the God of War and now I'm stuck here at his mercy.'  Iphicles said to himself.

Ares, leaning invisibly against the wall, laughed.  'Now, may be he'll do as he's told.'  He left for real this time, planning to return soon to continue his game with the King.

Part 5

Iphicles had fallen asleep by the time Ares returned.  Standing by the side of the bed he watched the sleeping mortal; his cock springing to full attention at the sight.  Ares reached down and freed his raging erection from the confines of the tight leather.  Using his right hand he began stroking himself.

The King yawned, licked his lips and pulled the restraints painfully tight as he tried unsuccessfully to turn over.  The sudden biting pain in his bound wrists and ankles woke him instantly.  His eyes opening to the sight of the God of War pleasuring himself.

Ares climbed on the bed, straddling the king's chest, his robust cock poised to enter the voluptuous lips before him.  He thrust his hips forward, roughly shoving his engorged cock through Iphicles' lips and deep into his throat.  Holding the headboard for leverage, Ares, lost in the throes of his desire, hammered his cock deeply, building momentum until he exploded, his seed pouring down the king's throat.  Grunting, the God withdrew his slick cock and lay beside the King.

Iphicles, cum dripping down his chin, looked over at the reclining God.  "Let me loose."

Ares smirked, "I'm not done yet."  Ares said as he moved down to the king's groin.  The God grasped Iphicles' growing cock and pumped vigorously causing the King to groan.  Reaching over he swallowed as much of the shaft as he could and began to suck and lick the King into oblivion.

Iphicles moaned and thrust his hips up sliding his aching cock deeper into the God's throat.  Bucking wildly he came calling Ares' name in the heat of his desire.

The God sat up and looked longingly into the king's eyes.  "By the Gods Iphicles, I want you again."

"You are insatiable!"  Iphicles complained.

"Hmm, you say that like it's a bad thing," Ares said smugly.

"Come on Ares, let me loose and I'll show you insatiable," Iphicles said seductively.

Ares' eyes lit up and he leaned over slightly.  "So now you're ready to play?" he asked.

The bindings vanished and Iphicles swiftly rose and straddled the God.  Positioning himself high on Ares' chest; his firm throbbing cock dancing against the God's full, sensuous lips.

"Open wide and say aw."  Iphicles grinned down at Ares.

"Aren't we the comedian," Ares mumbled.

As the God opened his mouth to speak Iphicles thrust his full, firm cock between the open lips.  He ran his long fingers through Ares' ebony locks, grasping a handful as the God began to suck.  Iphicles unmercifully pounded his engorged cock into the hot welcoming mouth beneath him.

Sensing the King was about to cum, Ares tossed him over like a rag doll, landing him on his back.  Iphicles, too stunned by the sudden change in his position to move, lay there not knowing what to expect next.  The darkly handsome God had no such trouble; with one quick thought, the king's legs were loosely tied to the headboard's two posts.

Iphicles watched as Ares manipulated the ropes until he had the King in the position he wanted him.  Legs high and spread wide, his beautiful ass begging to be fucked hard.

The God of War moved stealthily between the open legs and lightly touched the ring of muscle encircling the king's asshole.  Oiling his cock with a thought, he gently smoothed it over his lover's opening.  Using his finger he gently spread the small hole and rubbed the oil inside.  With one swift thrust he was deeply embedded within the tight passage. Ares grasped the king's cock and began stroking it using the same tempo as his thrusts.  Iphicles bucked his hips forcing the God's hard cock deeper.

Iphicles moaned, a deep throaty sound, as the War God speared him repeatedly.  With each thrust Ares' cock connected with the king's pleasure point and causing him to scream out in ecstasy.   There was nothing in all of creation that could compare to the feeling of having Ares' amazingly skillful cock thrusting deeply within him.  The rest of the world be damned, when he was with Ares like this, nothing else mattered.

His thrusts became harder and more sporadic as Ares' orgasm soared through him.

At the same time, the king's engorged organ shot a stream of creamy white semen over his stomach and Ares' hand.

The God of War withdrew his cock from the king's cum slicked ass and lay down beside his lover.  He ran his fingers through the cum on Iphiclesí stomach, bringing them to his lips he licked them clean.

"Umm." Ares licked his lips.  "You're as sweet as nectar, as delectable as ambrosia," he told the King as he released the bindings.

"Next time Ares, I'm going to fuck you.  I want to give you back some of what you have given me."  Iphicles purred in Ares' ear.

Ares laughed and ruffled the King's hair.  "For now my funny little King I'll be the fucker and you'll be the fuckee.  For now."

Iphicles started to say something but Ares silenced him with a kiss.  "I said for now, Iphicles.   Maybe one day I'll think about it."  Ares kissed him again and then got up.

"Ares," Iphicles said.

Putting a finger to the King's lips Ares said, "Don't Iphicles.  Let's not ruin the afternoon we've just spent with your whining.  I've told you I'll think about it so let's just leave it at that.  OK?"  Ares asked.

Iphicles looked up at Ares through lowered lashes and said "OK.  But one day soon Ares, I am going to fuck you, and that is a promise."

"OH goody, something to look forward to!"  Ares declared sarcastically.

"You can be such an ass you know that.  Sometimes it's easy to forget that you are a god when you start acting like a woman!"  Iphicles grinned at the glaring god.  "You always want your own way and if you don't get it you pout and carry on until I can't stand it any longer and give in just to shut you up!"

"You are an impudent toad and" Ares said but was interrupted by Iphicles.

"You love it!  Who else would have the balls to tell you the truth?  When you don't get your own way you act just like a woman!"

Ares reached down and grabbed the king's cock, leering at him he said "I act like a woman do I?  You need to be a bit more respectful of your God!  Maybe it's time for a little lesson."  Sensing imminent danger, Iphicles tried to move out of the way but Ares jerked him back.  Iphicles soon found himself lying under the God, pinned to the bed, Aresí knee pressed firmly against his groin.  The King mustered all his strength and gave the War God one powerful thrust, his muscles rippling from the exertion required.  Ares was firmly planted and didn't budge.  The God grabbed the King by the chin and stared menacingly into his eyes.

"Don't push me Iphicles!" he warned.

"Get off me Ares.  Either fuck me or get off!"  Iphicles tried to roll the God off him again.

Ares obliged and sat beside the King.  Turning to look at his handsome lover he grinned and raised his hand. The War God sent a bolt charging through the King's cock.

Iphicles screamed out in agony, his hands flying to his tender, aching cock.  "Holy FUCK Ares, what are you, some kind of sadist?"  Iphicles hit Ares' hand sending it flying and turned away from him.

Gloating, Ares said "Now who's acting like a woman?"

Part 6

Ares hadn't been around for a couple of weeks now and Iphicles was not ready to give in and visit the God's temple.  There was a time when he would have run over there immediately and begged forgiveness, but those days were over, thanks in part to Ares himself.  Iphicles was not the same man he had been when Ares had made that first appearance in his bedchamber a few scant months ago.  The King had since developed a thick skin; he was stronger and more in control than he could ever remember being in the past.  He lived in nobody's shadow these days, including Ares, and if the God was waiting for the King to come crawling back to him, he would have a very long wait indeed.

They had spent much of their time together discussing the way King Iphicles ran Corinth.  Ares was supportive and not overly critical. In certain instances, he contributed valuable insight that proved critical to the success and prosperity of the Kingdom.  At first Iphicles was overly cautious, not ready to accept Ares' word at face value. Afterall, the God did have a reputation for manipulation.  Given time, Iphicles began to see that what Ares was proposing could indeed be just what Corinth needed.  It was a way to strengthen his position, and to become known as a 'Great Leader', one who genuinely cared for his people.

Their relationship grew stronger slowly.  Iphicles found himself seeking the God's insight more and more often and also beginning to trust in Ares implicitly.   In return, the God allowed Iphicles to get to know a side of him that not many knew existed.  The side that loved, cared and consoled.   The two, man and God, worked so well together. Although they did have their moments.  As the King's demeanor grew stronger, they had some intense arguments between them.  This was all part of the growing process that Iphicles was undergoing, and in the end, a major part of the newfound strength of will he developed.  They were comfortable, in sync, two pieces of the same puzzle finally locked together the way they were meant to be.  Fated to be together?

Iphicles was preparing for a series of trade talks that were scheduled to take place in Corinth the next week.  There were people coming and going all the time and the palace was a bustling hive of activity.  Loud voices and regular household noises were echoing throughout the halls and Iphicles loved it.  All of a sudden the blood froze in his veins as he felt the familiar displacement of air that heralded the arrival of a God.

"Aren't you going to say anything?"  Ares inquired.

"What would you like me to say?"  Iphicles answered without even looking up at the huge imposing figure standing before him.

"I don't know, I thought maybe you might have missed me."

"Disappointed?"  He questioned the God.

"In what?  That you don't have anything to say to me or that you won't admit you've missed me?"

"You presume too much.  I've been so busy these past few weeks; I never even had time to think of things that are important to me, so why would I spend time I don't really have, thinking about someone who has such little respect for his friends and lovers, that he can just ignore them for weeks on end in a fit of temper?"  Iphicles' voice rose an octave during his little speech.

"Have you forgotten that I too have a job that has to be done?  It's not all fun and games you know.  There are wars to be waged and I like to be involved personally in some of the major skirmishes.  Anyway, I didn't come here to argue with you."

Ares looked at the King.  Sensing Iphicles' discomfort at his presence he continued.

"What is it Iphicles?  Why the cold-shoulder?  I too have been extremely busy the last few weeks so I decided to take the time to give you some space.  I thought you might like to re-think our 'friendship' before we go any further.  You were very angry with me when we parted company.  If this relationship is to continue we need to get some things straight."

The God ran his hand along the king's arm; bringing it up to his shoulder and then to his neck before caressing his face tenderly.

"I'm a possessive God and I DO NOT SHARE.  I want you, and make no mistake; if we are together there will be no room in your life for anyone else.  I'll keep you satisfied in every way imaginable and all I ask of you is that you be yourself with me.  Don't pretend to be something you're not.  I want you.  The way you are now.  Stronger and more self-assured then ever and ready to take on the world.   I also expect to be obeyed.  There is no room for negotiation.  You will do as I say when I say it and you will never betray me.    Can you live with that?"

Iphicles had sat quietly listening to Ares' speech.  He wanted to throw the God to the floor and fuck his brains out right there and then.  His black leather pants were so tight every inch of him rippled as he moved.  Bringing himself out of his reverie he looked up at the God.  "You don't want much do you?  Look Ares, I want you too, there is no denying that.  Every time I see you I want to fuck you."

Ares smirked at him.

"I have that effect on most people."

"Your ego is bigger than your cock, and that's saying something!"  Iphicles retorted.

The God smiled seductively at him. "Yeah, well, If you've got it flaunt it, I always say."

"Fine.  I have a few things to add to your little speech. You can kill me if you want and I can't do anything to stop you, but I'm going to have my say here, with no interruption from you."  Iphicles waited a moment before continuing.  When Ares made no move to speak, Iphicles took a deep breath and continued.

"First off, I'm not and I repeat NOT going to be your little fuck toy.  I want you too, but that doesn't mean I'm going to lie down at your feet and beg to be fucked by the great God of War.   I will not be told what to do by anyone, and that, I'm afraid, includes even you.   I want to be an equal partner in any relationship I'm involved in, and if you can't handle that, I'll go and find someone who will.  That means equal time. I do you as well as you doing me.  Got it?  No more of that 'I'll think about it' shit.  I want it agreed to before hand.  I want to fuck you as well as be fucked by you."  Iphicles watched Ares' face for any trace of emotion, ready to defend himself if needed.

Looking up directly into Ares' eyes he continued.

"I want to remain in control of my own life and I'll not be manipulated.  I know that's your favorite pastime, after war, but I'm not going to have anything to do with your little games.  If you want to play with mortals, go find another one.  This one is not going to be pushed around by the likes of you or anyone else ever again.  Do I make myself clear?"  Iphicles' finished, his hands clenched so tight against the arm of the chair that his fingers were red.  He wondered if maybe he had gone too far, but so far Ares hadn't said or done anything except stand there listening to him.

Ares moved closer to Iphicles and bent over him, placing one hand on either side of the throne, their faces mere inches apart, his breath hot on the King's face.  "I want, I want, I want.  You're starting to sound like a child!  But since I'm in such a good mood today, I'll compromise, and that's not something I usually do.  If you want to fuck me and be equal partners, then you have to earn it.  I have something I want you to do for me.  For us actually.  I think you're ready to take on this little matter and when you're finished you'll be stronger still.  You'll get to take your revenge for a lifetime of living in someone's shadow.  This is the opportunity you've been waiting for all your life.  Take advantage of my offer, and my help, and then when you're done, come back and take your rightful place at my side.  That's where you belong.  It's where you've always belonged."

"What do you want me to do?"  Iphicles asked the God.  He had a pretty good idea that it involved their brother, and that put a little bit of fear into him.  He knew Ares had been trying for years to get someone else to take Herc out of the picture; he couldn't do the job himself for various reasons, the least of which was Zeus' rule.  But could Iphicles harm his own brother?   Did he want to be with Ares enough to betray his own flesh and blood for a piece of ass?  Albeit a piece of ass that looked like Ares and had the stamina that could keep him in ecstasy day in and day out.  But could he do it if he were asked?

"I want you to get even with your brother, our brother.  Make him pay for what he's done to you, for what he caused you to become.  I want you to fuck his brains out, and then when you're done with him, I want to fuck him.  What do you think he'd say about that?"

Iphicles stared at Ares.  That was certainly not what he had expected.  This could be interesting, very interesting indeed.

Part 7

Getting even with Hercules was one thing, but what Ares had proposed was, well, it was preposterous.  There was no way Herc would ever let Ares anywhere near his ass.  He hated him with a passion, always had, and probably always would.  If this were to happen it would be a long and drawn out affair.  Iphicles hadn't given the God an answer yet.  How could he?  Ares wanted to watch. He hadn't said so, well, not in so many words, but that was what he meant.  He wanted to watch as Iphicles seduced, then fucked, their brother, and then watch to see Herc's face as Iphy handed him over to Ares.  The main question Iphicles had to come to terms with right now was, did he hate his brother enough to do this to him?

Iphicles thought long and hard about the plan.  It was true he had always lived in Herc's shadow, how could he not?  Herc was a demi-god, a hero most people looked up to.  Iphicles was always referred to as Hercules' brother.  Until he became King he had virtually no identity of his own, always living in his brother's shadow.  Ares had a point, but did it warrant such drastic action?

No.  It was simply not worth it to him.  His brother was annoying and sometimes his holier than thou attitude really pissed Iphicles off, but no, he couldn't do this to him.  Not for those reasons anyway.  If Iphicles decided to seduce his brother, it wouldn't just be for Ares amusement, it would be because he WANTED to, not because he wanted to get revenge.  Now, he had to tell the God.

Ares had THAT look on his face.  He had been listening to Iphicles for close to an hour now.  Sometimes the King just didn't know when to shut up.  He kept going on and on, giving reason after reason why he felt he couldn't betray his brother, even for Ares.  The King had it all wrong.  He thought that Ares wanted him to do this for the God. OK ... well maybe he WAS right, but somehow Ares was going to have to convince Iphicles that this was all for the King, not the God, if he wanted it to happen.  Iphicles just didn't understand the situation. Ares would have to explain it to him.


Ares raised his hand to Iphy's mouth and gently placed a finger against the full sensuous lips.  "Shhhh. Listen to me."  Ares said as he removed his finger.  "I don't want you to do this for me.  This is for you.  This is for all the times he's used you, abused you, made you feel second rate.  It's time he was held accountable for what he did to you.  You can finally make him pay for the years of self-loathing you lived through.  You are a wonderful, sensuous man and deserve to have the best of everything.  I can give it to you.  We can do this together.   I'm going to be there all the way, guiding you.  You can do this.  I have faith in your ability."  Ares pulled the King towards him and kissed him passionately.

"Together?"  Iphicles questioned.  "You'll be there the whole time?"

"If you want me to be there, then I'll be there.  I want you to be comfortable with your decision.  Don't do it just because I asked you to, only do it if it's truly what YOU want.  This has to be your own decision."

Ares smiled at the King. 'Gods but I am good' Ares thought to himself.  'I've nearly convinced myself that this is all for him.'

"You still plan to use him when I'm done, don't you?"  Iphicles asked.

"Is that a problem?"  Ares grinned.

"No. Just how do you propose we do this?  He won't come easily you know."

Laughing, Ares said, "Oh, he'll come all right.  He'll be coming, I can promise you that."

"Very funny.  I meant it will be hard to persuade him to ... oh forget it," Iphicles said as he watched the amused expression on the God's face.

"So what's the verdict?  Do we have a deal?"  Ares asked.

"I suppose so.  I must admit, I've always wondered what it would be like.  I used to watch him when we were kids.  He was ... let's just say he was amazingly agile."

"Oh, do tell!  Don't leave it at that.  You've got me curious now."

"No.  I'll leave that for you to discover on your own.  Give you something to look forward to as it were."  Iphicles smiled and kissed the God.

"Well, I guess in the meantime, I'll just have to make do with what's available.  You do look like you need a good fucking my king."

Ares embraced Iphicles and pushed him up against the wall.

"It has been a while.  You've been a very negligent lover these past few weeks.  You do intend to make it up to me, don't you?"  Iphicles asked between kisses.

"Oh yes, and then some."

Ares ran his hand down the length of the king's body, the clothing disappearing as he did so.

"Ummm, I've missed you,"  Iphicles said as he touched the bulge in the God's tight black leather pants.

"I can think of something better that you could be doing with that mouth of yours."  Ares said as he pushed the King to his knees.

"Really?"  Iphicles said sarcastically.  "Like what?  I thought you liked the sound of my voice.  What could I possibly do with my mouth that you'd like better?"

"Suck me."  Ares ordered.  His leathers were gone and his cock was suddenly free and planted right in front of the king's lips.

Iphicles took the God's cock into his mouth and sucked hard.

Ares thrust his hips forward, his engorged cock sliding easily in and out of the king's hot mouth.  Holding Iphicles' head, the God's thrusts became more forceful. As he neared orgasm, the God moaned, his handsome face betraying his usually cool, calculating demeanor.  Ares came, flooding the king's mouth with his seed.  The War God slowly withdrew from Iphicles' mouth and pulled him to his feet.

Iphicles, the God's cum still dripping down his chin, kissed Ares, the taste of the God's seed passing from mortal back to God.  The King was ready, he wanted to feel Ares' cock in him now, pumping hard and fast.

Ares knew what his lover wanted and, wasting no time, he obliged.

Iphicles was suddenly bent over the table that had been across the room, Ares' cock oiled and set to enter him.  Hot with anticipation of the intense pleasure he knew was to follow, he thrust his ass back as Ares began to insert his huge cock in Iphy's tight ass.

The King groaned and bit his bottom lip as the God impaled him.  The sudden rush he always felt at first entrance was somehow, this time, much more intense.

As the God pumped his cock in and out, the King moaned repeatedly. As the tempo of the thrusting increased so did the level of Iphicles' voice.  The table beneath them squeaked with each thrust, it's legs screeching against the floor as the table was slowly inched away from it's previous position by the force of the God's thrusting.

Iphicles reached down to his own hard, aching, throbbing cock and began to stroke it to release the pressure building in it.

God and King came together, panting, soaked in their own and each others sweat and cum.

Ares stood and moved a few steps back.

"If you stay in that position much longer, we won't be getting our plan together any time soon," Ares said as he lovingly smacked Iphicles across the ass.  "Please, Iphicles, have mercy.  Get up."  Ares practically begged.

Part 8

Hercules wondered why Iphicles wanted to see him, they weren't exactly close these days.  After the escapade with Ares, Hercules was surprised to get the message that his brother desired to see him.  Maybe he shouldn't have been so surprised.  The message he received had been rather formal, announcing that 'The King of Corinth' [not your brother, or Iphicles, but the King of Corinth!] requests an audience.  That certainly didn't sound too brotherly.

Herc entered the castle and was taken straight to the King's office.  Iphicles was seated behind a massive wooden desk, writing furiously on a scroll unfurled on the desk in front of him, the quill skipping effortlessly across the page.

"Hercules, I'll be with you in a moment," Iphicles announced, not even bothering to look up.

Hercules sighed.  'He didn't even look at me.' He thought to himself.  'He's still mad at me.'

Pushing the scroll to the side Iphicles finally looked up at his brother.  "I imagine you are curious as to why you are here?"

"The thought had crossed my mind," admitted Herc.

"I thought we should talk about ..." Iphicles ran his fingers across his lips.  "your last visit."

"There's really nothing to talk about Iph.  It's your life, if you want to ruin it letting Ares influence your every move, that's up to you.  I just don't happen to agree with your decision.   It's obvious you plan to keep company with him no matter what I say, so why keep on about it?  Just don't expect me to be supportive of that aspect of your life, because, quite frankly, I can't be."  Hercules looked directly into his brother's eyes as he spoke.

"I don't want my 'friendship' with Ares to come between us.  You have to understand, he supports me in my decisions and gives me valuable insight into the running of Corinth.  You may not believe it, but he has become a trusted advisor as well as a friend and lover.  I know you don't approve, but I'm not asking for your approval.  I'm old enough to make my own life decisions and this is one I am proud of."  Iphicles rose and walked over to his brother.  Placing his hand on Herc's shoulder he continued,  "I had hoped we could make amends.  This tension between us is not healthy."

"I don't know Iph, I just don't know if I can handle the ramifications of you being involved with that manipulative bastard.  He will stop at nothing to get what he wants, and right now, it looks as though you're it.  He's filling your head with what he thinks you want to hear.  You are a King, you don't need the likes of him pulling your strings."

"That's enough!  I'll not listen to any more negative comments about my relationship with Ares.  It's a done deal!  Now, let's move on to a more pleasant topic, shall we?"

"And that would be?"  Hercules questioned.

"Us," Iphicles said, leaning in to his brother and caressing his face. "We need to rebuild our relationship and I know just where to start."

"Oh, and just what do you have in mind?"

"I thought we could ..." Iphicles ran his hand along the length of his brother's arm, "get to know each other, all over again.  Develop a new perspective."

Moving away Hercules looked at Iphicles as though he had two heads.  "Just what are you proposing?"

Iphicles moved forward and kissed Hercules on the lips.  "Just what I said, two brothers, rediscovering each other."

Hercules backed away again, further this time.

"I think I'd better be going.  I don't like the direction this conversation is taking," he said, as he walked toward the door.

"He's leaving.  It's not working.  You are going to have to try harder Iphicles.  If you really want this to happen you are going to have to force the issue.  Make him do it!  Take what you want from him, just like he always took what he wanted from you."  Ares whispered into Iphicles' ear.

The King, fighting with his conscience, quickly decided that Ares was right.  If he wanted this, he was going to have to force it.  Reaching out he grabbed the invisible God's arm, "Help.  You promised you would help."

Hercules turned and faced his brother.  "What are you doing?" he questioned.

As Iphicles crossed the room Ares appeared on the other side of Hercules.  They had him trapped.

"OK, enough.  I'm leaving.  You two can play this little game without me."  Hercules said as he tried to leave.

"I don't think so."  Ares said as he grabbed Hercules and pulled him into an embrace.  "Iphicles is trying very hard to be nice and yet you continually ignore his attempts."

Facing the King, Ares continued.

"Iphicles, we need to go somewhere else. This is not working here."

"My chambers?"  Iphicles questioned the God.

"No.  I'm not doing him in your bed!"  Ares declared.

Struggling against his hated half-brother Hercules said "Sorry to spoil your plans Ares, but nobody is doing me, especially you!  Got that?"

Laughing Ares responded, "I don't really think you are in any position to decline the invitation you are being issued.  Do you Iphicles?"

"Hercules, don't fight this, it's going to happen, so you might as well enjoy it.  Ares is a very skilled and considerate lover."  Iphicles told his brother.

"Thanks for the information, but that's a bit more than I really needed to know.  I'm not interested.  If you'll just let go I think it's time I was on my way."

"Maybe he would prefer to do it outdoors.  He is, afterall, an outdoorsy kind of guy."  Ares laughed looking at Iphicles.

"Iphicles, why are you letting him do this?  Is this what you really want?"  Hercules asked his brother.

"Yes, I want you," he told him as he looked at Ares.  "We can go to the west wing.  There is no one there."

"Sounds good."  The God responded as he relocated the three of them in an instant.

Hercules found himself lying flat on his back upon a huge bed,  Ares straddled across his stomach.

"Now, who would you like first?  Iphicles is quite a talented lover, he's learned a lot from me.  Or would you prefer me to go first?"  Ares grinned at his half-brother.

Iphicles moved onto the bed and sat beside Ares.  "You told me I could have him first." He pouted.

"Hmmm, I suppose I did, didn't I?"  Ares smiled at him.  "Oh all right, go ahead, you go first."  Ares said as he got off Hercules, still holding him down with one well placed hand on his stomach.

Iphicles quickly straddled his brother, settling higher up on his chest.  "Ares" he said, looking at the God for help.

Ares removed all their clothing instantly and moved down to the bottom of the bed.

Part 9

Ares sat at the bottom of the bed watching his lover and his half-brother.  Iphicles was taking his damn time and if he didn't do something soon Ares was going to do it for him.

"Iphicles, what are you waiting for?"  Ares questioned impatiently.

The King turned slightly so he was facing the God.  "I was waiting for you to do something.  You're usually so in control. I thought you would be trying to control this situation and be telling me what to do now as well."  Iphicles grinned at the God like a Cheshire cat.

Ares moved up the bed and wrapped his hand around Iphicles' cock and started stroking him.  The king moaned and leaned back enjoying the feel of the God's powerful hand riding up and down on his shaft.  He wanted to feel the softness and warmth of Hercules' mouth on him.  Moving up, Ares still stroking him, he thrust his hips forward moving his cock closer to his brother's mouth.  Ares removed his hand and Iphicles rubbed his swollen cock against Herc's lips.

"Open your mouth."  Iphicles' ordered his brother.

Hercules looked at Iphicles, none too happy with the turn of events, but he opened his mouth just enough for Iphicles to thrust his engorged cock deep into his throat.

As Iphicles fucked his brother's mouth, Ares moved back down the bed and positioned himself between his half-brothers' suddenly wide open legs.  Ares ran his hand along the inside of Herc's leg following closely behind with his tongue.  The God watched with amusement, as his half-brothers' cock seemed to grow in anticipation of what Ares had planned for it.  The God reached forward and grasped Herc's cock firmly between his fingers.  Gently, he began stoking him, slowly at first, building speed and increasing the tension as he continued.

Hercules was lying still beneath his two half-brothers' ministrations.  He couldn't believe this was happening, and what's more, he couldn't believe the feelings his traitorous body was flooding him with.  He had always wanted Iphicles; he had just never thought his brother felt the same way. But Ares, that was definitely another story.

He and Ares had been at each other's throats for as long as Hercules could remember.  It had always seemed to him that they despised each other equally. So why, all of a sudden, was there such a flood of emotion running through him where Ares was concerned?  The War God was between his legs and just the close proximity was making Herc hot.  When Ares finally touched him, there, he felt like he would explode.  The years of silent longing finally surfaced, enough for Hercules to know that deep down, no matter how much he tried to tell himself otherwise, he really wanted Ares.  Was all the fighting of years past just a portent of what was to come?  Unable to believe he was actually turned on by Ares' touch, Hercules found himself giving in to the feelings and letting go.  Ares would get his, but later!

Ares licked his way up Herc's shaft, nipping at the tip before taking it all deep into his mouth again. The unexpected groan that escaped from Hercules' lips was the icing on the proverbial cake. Ares knew the groan was in response to his touch.

Iphicles, his hands braced firmly to the bed on either side of Hercules' head for leverage, increased the tempo of his thrusts. When Hercules groaned, he thought it was in response to him. Then he felt the movement lower on the bed, turning slightly just in time to see Hercules thrust his hips sending his huge cock down the God's throat.

"You just couldn't wait, could you Ares?"

"Why wait when he was rising to the occasion?  It would have been such a waste to ignore it." Ares said smugly.

Iphicles just looked at Ares. In two swift, graceful movements, he removed himself from his position atop his brother, and, with one powerful backhand, sent the God sprawling to the ground.

Lying stunned in an undignified heap on the floor Ares shook his head in bewilderment.  Rising to a sitting position he turned to face Iphicles and roared, "What the Fuck was that all about?"

Iphicles yelled at the God. "You never change.  All that talk about me, about this being what I want. 'Only do it if it's what you really want', you said.  You never gave a shit if it was what I wanted.  All you were thinking about was yourself as usual.  You wanted to fuck Hercules and knew the only way that would happen would be through me.  You were manipulating me the whole time and I was too fucking caught up in your bullshit to notice."

Ares opened his mouth to speak but Iphicles didn't give him the chance.  Before Ares knew what hit him he was lying on his back on the floor under the irate King of Corinth.  Holding a handful of jet-black hair between his tightly clenched fingers Iphicles pulled and twisted until the God's head jerked in response.  "You fucking Gods are all the same.  I thought YOU were different.  I thought you really cared.  You care all right but not about me!  All you care about is how you can twist and manipulate things to your own purposes."

Turning back to the bed, Iphicles motioned to Hercules.  "Want to have some fun at Ares' expense?"  He asked his brother.  "He wants to fuck, so let's give him what he wants."  Iphicles pulled Ares' head up by the hair again until his lips were pressing against the God's.  Kissing him deeply, his tongue finding it's way inside the warm moist mouth of the God.  Pulling away, Iphicles sneered through clenched teeth, "I told you I'll not be your fuck toy and I meant it!  I told you I wouldn't put up with the shit you try to pull!  I told you I wanted to be equal partners and I meant that too!  Now you're gonna find out just how much I meant it."

Iphicles turned to his brother.  "Will you get over here, please."

Hercules moved off the bed and made his way to the scene on the floor.

Iphicles raised his hand to Hercules.  "Herc, change places with me.  Don't let him up."

Iphicles and Hercules traded places.  Hercules sat on Ares, pinning the God's arms on the floor above his head.  "Just stay still.  I don't know what he's gonna do."  Hercules informed Ares.

"What I'm gonna do is what someone should have done long ago.  Teach Mr. Manipulation some humility."  Iphicles walked quickly across the room and opened the cabinet against the far wall.  "I've watched you Ares.  I've seen how you operate.  I've learned many things about you.  One thing in particular that should be of some interest to you, right about now, is the fact that I know where you've taken to storing your sword these past months."

Ares, finally realizing where this was going, started to struggle under Hercules.  "Iphicles, if I were you I wouldn't even go there.  You have no idea what you are doing."  Ares said with loathing.

Moving to the main door, Iphicles turned and looked back at the God.  "Oh, but I do.  I know exactly what I'm doing."  Reaching for the doorknob the king opened the bedchamber door.

Standing on the other side of the door was one of the King's guards, Ares sword laid majestically across the palms of his hands, outstretched to his king.  "Sire, the War God's sword.  It was exactly where you said it would be."

Iphicles reached for the sword and looked back at Ares again.  "I wonder what will happen now, now that you are no longer in control of your sword."  Iphicles closed the door and quickly retraced his steps across the room.  Reaching their position he knelt down until his face was mere inches away from an irate, mortal Ares.  "Now we can play."  He informed him.

Part 10

Iphicles rose and twirled the small jar he had removed earlier from the cabinet.  "Bring him to the bed Hercules."

Hercules slowly rose and brought Ares up with him.  He didn't seem to have much trouble propelling the former God to the bed.

Iphicles sat on the edge and patted the space beside him.  "Come and lie down Ares."

Ares looked at the king and did as he was told.  "I will not forget this.  You will be held accountable for your actions.  I suggest you remember that."

"Yeah, yeah.  I know.  Just lie down and shut up."  Iphicles pushed Ares on his back and then rolled him over onto his stomach.  He moved closer and ran his hand along the smooth rounded surface of Ares' ass.  "You know Hercules, he's never let me fuck him before."

Hercules was still standing at the side of the bed silently watching his two brothers.  "You sure you know what you're doing Iphicles?  He's quite capable of killing you when he gets his powers back.  You do realize that don't you?"  Hercules asked, concern evident in his every word.

Iphicles poured some of the oil into the palm of his hands and began to oil his thick cock.  He then oiled Ares' opening and indelicately inserted two fingers.

Ares moved slightly and turned to look up at Iphicles.  "Just remember King.  Paybacks are a bitch, and you are going to get yours."

Iphicles moved over Ares and kissed his perfect ass.  "I've been accused of doing that on numerous occasions in the not so distant past."  The king commented to Hercules.

"Iphicles, he's not worth it.  I've told you that before.  He's going to kill you when you give him his sword back.  You know he's unstable."

Ares suddenly thrashed his arms and legs as much as he could in a show of force.  "Not stable.  Not stable!  I'll give you not stable, you, you, arrogant momma's boy. "

"Calm down Ares.  Roll over onto your back."  Iphicles told him.

Ares didn't make a move so Iphicles, with a strength Hercules didn't know he possessed, flipped the mortal Ares over onto his back.  "There, that's much better."  The king noted as he picked up Ares legs and placed them over his shoulders.  In one thrust he was deeply imbedded in Ares' ass.

Hercules sat on the bed and watched as his brother's fucked.  "Cozy."  He said as Ares turned his head to look at him.

Iphicles held onto to Ares legs as he fucked him.  Moaning, he looked down into Ares' eyes and stared into them for an instant.  "Oh Gods, Ares.  I've never been in anything so tight before.  It feels so amazing."  Iphicles continued his thrusting, building up speed and moaning loudly with each thrust.

Ares groaned, the deepest guttural groan Hercules had ever heard, then roared, "Somebody touch me.  Now.  Hercules, make yourself useful for a change."

Hercules looked over at his brother with such an expression on his face.  "Huh," he said, stunned.

"Now.  Take me in your mouth.  Suck me.  Oh God's, why do you choose now to prove that your head is as thick as your cock?"  Ares asked in disbelief.

Hercules leaned over Ares and licked his throbbing cock.  With one hand he began stroking the beast.  "Just remember, this was your idea, not mine."  Hercules told him matter of factly.

"Yeah, whatever.  Just get me off, or...."

"Or what?   You haven't forgotten already have you?"  Hercules asked sarcastically.

"Just do it!"  Ares sneered at him.

"Some things never change."  Hercules said as he went back to Ares' cock."

Iphicles, lost in his own passion, hadn't been listening to most of the talk between the two brothers but the last line caught his attention.  "What do you mean, some things never change?  You say that like this is a normal everyday occurrence for you."

Hercules pulled away and continued stroking Ares' cock as he spoke.  "No, it's just that he never stops trying to give orders.  No matter the circumstances.  He's a control freak of the worst kind."

"Hmm.  You do like to be the one in control, don't you?  But this isn't so bad is it?  You can't tell me you're not enjoying yourself."  Iphicles said, taking a break from his thrusting long enough to speak.

"Don't stop.  Fuck Iphicles.  Fuck me.  This is what you wanted.  You've got it, so stop talking and just fuck me!"  Ares thundered.

Iphicles resumed his thrusting, building up speed again until he was close to coming.  He pulled nearly all the way out and then plunged back in so fast and hard that Ares yelled out in surprise.  Iphicles, getting off on Ares reaction, grunted and shot his load deep into his lover's ass.

Hercules had moved closer to Ares and had taken him completely into his mouth.  Bringing his teeth gently into contact with the flesh he slowly backed away from the throbbing cock in his mouth.

Ares thrust his hips and sent his cock further down Herc's throat.  Groaning, he grabbed hold of his brother's head and thrust in and out until he too came, shooting his seed deep into Hercules' throat.

Iphicles removed himself and lay at Ares side.  "If you promise to behave yourself Ares, maybe Herc will let you have a go.  What do you say Hercules?  Are you game?"

Hercules sat up and looked at Iphicles.  "Why can't I fuck him?"

"Because, dear brother, it's only fair.  I fucked him, you fucked his mouth, he should get some action too, don't you agree?"

Ares lay back on the bed thinking to himself  'Hercules don't be such a moron, just agree.  This will have all been for nothing otherwise.'

Part 11

Hercules lay back on the bed and looked up at Iphicles with his big blue eyes.  "What guarantee do I have that he won't pull something?"

The king reached down and picked up the sword he had earlier placed under the bed.  Moving closer to his brother Iphicles answered, "What's he gonna do without this?  I'll wager that right now, you have greater strength than he does."  Iphicles pointed at Ares and grinned.

Hercules moved his head closer and whispered in Iphy's ear, "Yeah that's all fine and dandy for right now, but what about later?  He hates me Iphicles.  He'd just as soon kill me as fuck me."

The king laughed.  "Oh, believe me when I tell you brother, at this precise moment in time, he would much rather fuck you than kill you."  Iphicles ran his hand along Herc's leg and stopped just short of his massive hard-on.  "You want him, you can't deny it any longer.  Just give in to the feeling and go with it.  If it makes you feel any better you can always pretend he's someone else."

Ares coughed and sat up.  "Pretend I'm someone else?  I heard that Iphicles and I'm not amused either!  So what's it gonna be?  I'm getting restless here and you look like you could use some release yourself.  Hercules, I give you my word, I won't come after you when he gives me my sword back, I'll be too busy getting even with the King here."  Ares smirked in Iphicles' direction.

"Keep this up Ares and it will be a dark day in Tartarus before I let you sheath your sword again!"

"Enough!  I'm going to fuck somebody and I really don't care which one of you it is.  Somebody get their ass over here now."  Ares roared.

"See what I mean?"  Hercules retorted.  "Always trying to take control of the situation.  He never learns, does he Iph?"

"What's it going to be Herc?  Are you going to give it a go?  Like I've told you before, Ares may be many things, cunning, controlling, self-indulgent, egocentric and maniacal but by the God's he's the best lover I have ever had.  He can make you cum by just looking at you."

"With a salespitch like that how could I say no?"

Hercules reluctantly went to Ares and settled on the bed beside him.

Ares got to his knees and turned his head to look at Iphicles.  "I want you here, beside me."

Iphicles moved so that he was on the other side of Ares.  "Get on your hands and knees Hercules.  I feel like fucking you hard from behind."

Hercules did as Ares requested and positioned himself directly in front of the god.  Ares, finally happy with the way things were progressing, grinned from ear to ear.  Ares looked down at Iphicles; his copper curls layered around his handsome face, and nodded to him.

Iphicles moved so that his head was directly under his brother.  Reaching up, he started stroking Herc's rigid cock.

Ares was admiring the perfectly rounded curve of his half-brother's ass.  He raised his hand and the jar of oil suddenly appeared in it.  The god quickly oiled his cock then proceeded to oil Hercules' opening.  Inserting two slick fingers, he slowly started to finger fuck the ass in front of him.

Iphicles changed position so that he was at eye level with Herc's cock.  Gently, he licked the tip and slowly made his way down the underside.  Reaching back he cupped the balls and began to massage them.

Hercules closed his eyes and let himself enjoy the sensations his two brothers were causing.  He moaned and moved his ass to force Ares' fingers in deeper.  Ares pulled his fingers out and thrust them in Iphicles' face.

Iphicles stretched his tongue out to lick the fingers clean. Returning to his brother's balls, he began licking a path around them.

Ares placed his hands on his brother's shoulders and thrust his hard cock deep inside.  Too hot, and with no desire to be gentle, he pummeled Herc's ass unmercifully.  The friction from the constant in and out motion was generating enough spark to light a fire and Ares kept increasing his speed and plunged deeper with each thrust.

Feeling Hercules jerk in response to their actions Iphicles quickly lashed his tongue back and forth across his balls until Herc grunted.  The king quickly made his way up and took the entire length of his brothers massive cock down his throat just in time to catch the shooting semen.  Hercules bucked his hips forcing his cock deeper into Iphicles' mouth.

Ares dug his fingers into Hercules' shoulder blade and little beads of blood began to pool there.  With a deep spine tingling groan, Ares rammed his cock into Herc's ass one last time as he emptied his load deep within the confines of one of the tightest asses he'd ever had the pleasure of being in.

The three bodies were in a tangled heap comfortably ensconced on the bed.  Ares rolled over and patted the king on the ass.

"Now it's your turn king.  I'm going to fuck you so hard you won't walk for a week!"  Ares grinned.

Part 12

Iphicles shifted, edging himself away from Ares.  "Too tired."  He yawned as he turned over and closed his eyes.

Ares looked at his lover in amusement.  His laugh echoed throughout the castle.  "Do you believe your brother?"  He asked Hercules.  "Heís too tired!  Sometimes I forget heís only mortal.  He usually has such stamina, he puts most of the Gods I know to shame."

Iphicles glared at Ares through lowered lashes.  "Make fun of me.  Go ahead.  But just remember who knows all your secrets.  You probably could use some rest yourself about now."

Ares decided to humor him and let him get some sleep. 'After all', he thought to himself, 'he always wakes up with a raging hard-on.'

"Go ahead and get some sleep then.  We could all use a break.  But when you wake up, I expect to be rewarded for my patience. "

By the time Ares had finished talking, Iphicles was already snoring lightly.  The War God lay back and watched the king sleep in silent adoration.  Things were working out much better than he had planned.  Hercules was here, right where Ares wanted him, and the king was where he belonged, at Ares' side.  Ares wanted Iphicles to finally come to terms with his true feelings towards their mutual half-brother.  There was a deep seated jealousy that had been eating away at Iphicles for so many years that he didn't even realize it any more.  Ares knew that Iphicles had always believed that Hercules was better than he was, and still, to this day, hadn't found a reason to change his perception.  That was about to change.  Ares was going to force a confrontation between the two brothers.  A confrontation that could possibly end in disaster, but this was one mortal the God truly cared for.  If only he could bring himself to be forthright enough to tell him.

The thoughts careening through Hercules' mind were anything but peaceful.  His body had betrayed him, badly.  The fire burning deep within him raged for one reason, and it was not the usual one.  He was finally coming to terms with the shock of the emotional response he had felt as Ares had fucked him.  It was the last thing he had been expecting.  All the years of animosity between them gone - in one passion-fueled instant.

The demigod was lying between the sleeping forms of his brothers.  As he lay there he reflected on the possible ramifications of last night.  His eyes lazily caressed the dark and deadly beauty that was Ares.  He slept still, peaceful, if one can successfully use that term to describe the War God.  His face wore not its usual mask of scorn, but one that could easily be construed as innocence.

'Gods, he is beautiful,' Herc thought to himself.  The sudden realization of his hidden deep desire for his mysterious brother was soul wrenching for Hercules.  They had been at each other's throats for so long now it just seemed the natural thing to do.  Yet, the feelings stirring deep within him now were anything but natural.  The inner turmoil was quickly overcoming him as was his need to deny the pure unadulterated lust he felt when gazing at the sleeping god.  His body was perfect, sculpted and toned, the finely chiseled features calling out, demanding to be worshipped, adored.  Looking at him like this, it was easy to forget how ruthless and just plain annoying he could be.

Ares stirred, causing the huge bed to squeak in protest, as he stretched his left leg and then nuzzled into Hercules' side.  The rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, a constant reminder that he was real, that this was real.

Hercules wanted to get up and make his escape before either brother woke up.   To make a run for it while the god and the king slept.  He didn't want to have to explain his actions, or more importantly, his feelings, to anyone, especially not these two.  How in Tartarus had he let this happen?  To let his most despised enemy turn him into a weak kneed sap.  He thought he should leave, and soon, but the message wasn't getting through.  His body refused to acknowledge the signals his brain was sending.

Ares' hand had clamped on to his own cock and he worked it as he slept.  Herc was watching, wondering, hoping that Ares would wake and make him feel some of what he had felt last night.  There was no doubt left that what Iphicles had said was true.  Ares was a very skilled lover.  He knew exactly what to do and excelled at doing it.

Hercules moved slowly, first he freed himself from Ares' grasp, then lowered himself on the bed.  He removed Ares' hand and replaced it with his own.  His brother moved slightly and wriggled into the bed.  Ares' cock was huge and Herc wasted no time in swallowing it.  He sucked in deeply and then slowly pulled his mouth up its length still sucking every inch of the way.

The War God groaned and reached down to force Hercules to intake even more of him.  He held his brother's head in both hands and exerted just the right amount of pressure to get Herc to do what he wanted.  Ares began to thrust his hips, forcing his now raging erection deeper into Hercules' throat.  Each thrust sent it deeper and deeper until Ares couldn't hold back any longer and with a gut wrenching groan he came, his semen escaping the confines of his brother's mouth, dripping down the demigod's chin.

Iphicles had awoken to the War God's groans.  He lay back and watched as his brother gave Ares what he had wanted for so long.  The look on Ares' face was enough for Iphicles to know this was what the God had been after all along.  That realization was causing the King great pain.  Right now, Ares was oblivious to Iphicles' presence in the room, let alone on the bed.  He was so enraptured by what Hercules was doing to him, that he saw or heard nothing else.  Iphicles felt the old familiar pangs of jealously as he watched his lover and his brother.  Hercules was doing it again. Taking from Iphicles something that he had started to think of as his.  He lay there silently as things were heating up between the two of them.

Ares pulled Hercules up to eye level and kissed him.  The gloating look in his eyes gave Herc cause to question his earlier reaction to his brother once again.

The God threw his head back and laughed.  "Well brother, you certainly seem to have changed your tune.  One night of raw passion and you're all ready to wake me up my favorite way."  Ares leaned back and pointed to his burgeoning cock.  "How about an encore?"

Hercules suddenly felt uncomfortable.  'What in Tartarus am I doing?' He thought to himself.  'You've played right into his hands.  Given him what he wanted.  It's the same old thing with Ares, if you can't kill it, might as well fuck it."  Hercules sat up and threw his legs over the side of the bed and started to stand.

"Going somewhere? "  Ares questioned.

"It's time I left.  I should never have stayed this long.  This is wrong Ares; you know it as well as I do.  It'll never happen again!"

Ares reached out and grasped Hercules' hand.  "Never is a long time."

"Not long enough."  Hercules responded as he pulled his hand away and headed toward the door.

Ares lay back down, his eyes wandering lasciviously over the body of the King of Corinth.

"You know Hercules, it almost seems to me like you're protesting too much.  You hate the feelings I've evoked in you.  You're not even sure if this isn't just all part of a greater plan.  Well relax bro...don't give it a second thought.  I wanted to help Iphicles come to terms with his hatred of you and thought I'd enjoy myself in the process." Ares stood and blocked Hercules' only exit from the room.  "I don't think Iphicles has had his say yet.  He has so much bottled up inside him.  Time for the two of you to have that long overdue brotherly chat."  Ares gestured to Iphicles and forced the king to his feet, drawing him closer with his powers.

"I'll leave you to it then."  Ares said and then he was gone.

Hercules looked at his brother.  "What's he talking about?  Why would he think you hated me?"

Iphicles remained silent but his eyes spoke volumes.

"Oh Iph, please tell me you haven't been spilling family secrets to HIM!"

Hercules was growing more agitated by the minute.  He did not like the thought of Iphicles telling family secrets to Ares of all people.  Ares would stop at nothing to ruin Hercules.  He had been trying to thwart him all his life and Hercules had had enough.  It was going to stop and stop now!

"Iphicles think.  He's using you.  He's using you to get at me.  He's putting words in your mouth.  Now he's trying to convince you that you hate me.  That you've always hated me.  He's playing you for a fool, pulling your strings, telling you what you want to hear until you'll believe anything he tells you."  Hercules had placed one hand on each of Iphicles' shoulders and they were standing face to face.

Iphicles was fuming inside.  'How dare he!'  He thought to himself.  He spun away quickly and crossed the room in record time.

"You presume too much!  Under normal circumstances I'd have thrown you out by now, but *he* is not about to let that happen.  He thinks he's doing me a favor by forcing the issue, and I'm not going to be the one to cross him.  And since he brought it up, there are a few things I'm going to get off my chest once and for all!"  Iphicles hadn't taken his eyes off his brother since he started his tirade.

Hercules had never seen Iphy this angry before.  The most frightening part of it was the fact that his
facial expressions were reminiscent of ones Hercules was used to seeing, usually on Ares' face.

'He's been spending so much time with Ares that he's starting to imitate him.  Thank the gods he doesn't have any powers or I'd be in real trouble.  Between him and Ares, they'd make short work of me.'  Herc thought to himself.

"OK, Iphicles, let's sit down and discuss this like adults.  There is no need to stoop to Ares' level."

Iphicles leered at his brother.

"You continue to try my patience.  You may be my brother, but I'm warning you, you are treading on thin ice.  I will not listen to any more of your lectures on my friendship with Ares, and I will no longer tolerate your holier than thou attitude where he is concerned.  He is a God and it's about time you started showing him the respect his position affords him!"

Iphicles had balled his fists as he spoke and his fingers were balled so tight he was losing the feeling in them.  Slowly he uncurled them one finger at a time and stretched them as he did so.

Hercules was shocked at the venom in his brother's voice.  It was as if he actually believed what he was saying.  There was definitely more going on here than meets the eye.  He had to get to the bottom of it before it was too late.  Ares was surely up to something, the question was, how to find out what and how to stop him.

Part 13

Hercules had always been aware of Iphicles' jealousy toward him, but Ares' accusation of hatred had unnerved him.

Iphicles had not denied it either, and so now, Hercules was wondering if his brother did indeed hate
him.  The king had been spending a lot of time in the War God's company and certainly his deep feelings of hatred toward Hercules had rubbed off.  Ares was a clever manipulator, and Iphicles, in the state he had been in, was a decidedly easy target.  No matter how many times Iphicles had protested the fact that Ares wasn't manipulating him, the more sure Hercules was that that's exactly what was happening.  Ares lived to torment Hercules.

Hercules and Iphicles were both silent.   The king's heavy breathing was the only sound in the large room.  They were avoiding eye contact and each was waiting for the other to make the first move.  The tension in the air was so thick you could slice it with a sword.  Finally, unable to control himself any longer, Iphicles broke the silence with an outburst of emotion, the likes of which Hercules had never seen from him before.

"You have no idea what it's like to have lived your whole life in someone else's shadow.  To be constantly referred to as 'Hercules' brother', or 'The Hero's brother'.  After so many years it's quite easy to forget that you have your own identity."  Iphicles' voice was wavering as he screamed out to his brother with years of frustration breaking through to the surface and spewing forth from within.

"Then even mother, in her own subtle way manages to make me feel inferior.  In her eyes you were the favorite, her favorite and she could never see any of the problems you caused for me.  According to her, we are all the architects of our own demise and I was building my own roadblocks every step of the way.  She could never see when you took things from me, time and time again, starting with play things when we were younger and then you even managed to steal my first real girlfriend from me.  Now, you're trying to take something from me again, but this time it's not going to happen!

"You really seemed to be lost in the heat of passion with Ares last night, and then this morning you finally figured out that he was up to something.  He was doing it for a reason and although you knew it, you just couldn't bring yourself to admit to the fact that he really does care for me, that he would prefer to be with me than you.  I've got to admit though, I sometimes lose my focus and start to waver.  Like this morning when I woke to your little display of brotherly love.  I - and only for the briefest instant - thought you were trying to replace me in Ares' affections.  Then I realized what he was doing and actually laughed.  But then when you realized it yourself, you were so quick to jump back on your high horse to point out how you believe he's just using me to get at you.  Now I've had time to think.  I must admit, I find it rather amusing how while Ares was fucking you everything was just fine.   Then you discovered he was just having a bit of fun at your expense and you decided to turn the tables yet again and revert the situation back to Ares using me to get to you.  What an ego you have.  In my own humble opinion dear brother, it's you he was using, not me.  I'm the one he keeps coming back to, it's me that he cares about and you just can't stand that can you?  The fact that Ares wants me, not you, is just driving you to distraction isn't it?"  Iphicles was on a roll and he didn't want to stop.  'Get it all out before you change your mind.  Come on Iph, you're doing good here.  Let him have it full force!'  He thought to himself.

Hercules was taken aback at his brothers outburst.  He had no idea how Iphy felt, never had really.  The thing that surprised him the most was that Ares actually had Iphicles believing that the god actually cared for him.  Ares care for someone? Not in this lifetime.  The only one he has ever cared about in his eternal life was himself!  He had masterminded this little plan of his to pit brother against brother.  It had nothing whatsoever to do with whether or not he cared for Iphicles.  It all boiled down to him manipulating mortals, thatís all it was to him.  A game of manipulation.  He's a master manipulator and he gets off on pulling people's strings.  Iphicles was just too blind to see it yet.  He'd come around, in time they always did.  Hercules decided to let Iphicles have his say, he just knew that his brother was nowhere near finished his little tantrum yet, so he'd just humor him a while longer, maybe finding out more information in the process.

Iphicles had stalked halfway across the room when he suddenly turned and made a beeline right back to stand directly in front of this brother.  He was so close that Hercules could feel his breath on his face as he began to speak again.

"Not one to give up easily, you decided to try to convince me again of Ares' evil ways.  You continued to try so very hard to convince me that he's manipulating me.  That his whole seduction of me was all just part of his great plan.  His life's goal to ruin the great and mighty Hercules' life.  You never stopped to think that he might actually want me for myself, that it has nothing whatsoever to do with you.  But wait - Iphicles, don't be an asshole - you know as well as everyone else in Greece that the world revolves around your tight-assed hero brother!  You have delusions of grandeur that are bigger than Ares' cock, brother!  If only you hadn't come barging in on us that day.  You might never have found out.  But no, you had to come in uninvited and instantly decide that he was using me to get at you.  The thought never crossed that wide expanse of nothingness you refer to as your mind, that we enjoy each other's company and spend much of our time together.  I am so sick and tired of everyone assuming that I've got no redeeming qualities, that I'm useless, of no good use to anyone.  Well, let me tell you brother, I am not useless - far from it in fact.  I've got potential that you could never even dream of!  The God of War is my lover and if it wasn't for him, I most assuredly would have lost everything.  I was sinking deeper and deeper into despair with each day that passed after Rena and mother died.  If Ares hadn't come along when he did, I can't even bring myself to think about what would have become of me, not to mention Corinth.  Ares made me realize I was not the failure I had been led to believe I was.  I was a King and a bloody fine one at that!  I am not the whiny little weakling you seemed to prefer for a brother.  I am stronger than I've ever been in my life and I know exactly what I want out of life.  I'm happy being with Ares and nothing you say or do is going to change that fact.  So, if what you claim is true, then tell me why he would have even bothered to rescue me from my self imposed prison?  Well brother, let me enlighten you.  Ares is not now, and never has been, using me to get at you.  He cares for me and when he sees or hears you carrying on the way you do about our relationship it annoys him.  You of all people should know enough not to annoy the God of War.  In fact your whole attitude toward him leaves something to be desired.  It's time you realize that the world does not revolve around Hercules.  For your information, Ares and I do not plan our days around how much turmoil we can bring down upon the head of Hercules, although in future we might just start to, since it is what you have accused us of over and over again.  The things you have said and done have hurt me deeply and I don't know if I'll ever be able to forgive you for the lifetime of pain you have put me through.  I might not have had such a hard time to forgive you if you didn't seem to enjoy it so much. Now, I think you had better leave.  You're not welcome here any longer as long as you continue to harbor this grudge against my relationship with Ares.  Goodbye."

Iphicles quickly left, leaving Hercules standing in the middle of the room with his mouth hanging open, unable to comprehend the magnitude of what had just taken place.

Part 14

Hercules knew he couldnít let it end this way. Iphicles was his brother and maybe, just maybe, he was right.  He had certainly given Hercules alot to think
about.  The demigod hadnít realized just how involved Iphicles had become with Ares.  He knew they had been spending more and more time together; had been so sure that Ares had an ulterior motive that he had closed his mind to the minute possibility that the War God actually cared for the king.  It was just so unlike
Ares to care about anyone other than himself.  It was much easier for Hercules to believe that this had all just been part of Aresí plan to hurt him any way he could.

Iphicles stormed out of the room letting the door slam behind him. He walked through the cold dark halls without thinking; it was much too painful to think right now.  Hercules may have been his brother but it was high time that someone put him in his place.  He had to learn that the world, although grateful for his contribution, did not revolve around him.  It was time that he learned to respect the office that Iphicles
held.  He was the king, damn it, and deserved to be treated as such.  Iphicles had released most of the tension that had been building up inside of him since they were children.  He had let him have it, all out, straight from the heart.  It was all over now, there was no going back; it was too late to turn back the sands of time.

Before he knew it he had reached his bedchamber.  The heavy wooden door swung open of its own volition, creaking as it did so.  Sprawled seductively on the kingís huge bed, in all his godly glory, a satisfied smirk on his face and a hard on the size of Mount Olympus jutting straight out in eager anticipation, lay  - Ares.

ďI should have known  youíd be here waiting for the spoils like a vulture!Ē  Iphicles spat at the god.

ď, we still have quite the temper havenít we.  Maybe you left too soon.  You apparently have an abundance of hostility inside you.  It might not be such a bad idea for you to go and face off against him again.Ē

ďHave you lost your mind?  I think I pretty much said everything that needed to be said.   If there is *anything* left to be said, itíll be on his part.Ē  Iphicles walked toward the bed. ďYou know Ares, there is something to be said for cleansing the soul.  I do feel better now.  Maybe you should try it next.  You have a lot more hostility burning inside you than I ever did.  It might do you some good to get it out.Ē

Ares laughed.  ďDonít worry about the hostility burning within me, just be thankful it doesnít burn in your direction.Ē

 ďIt just got me to thinking.  While I was getting all my anger off of my chest, that you have just as much if not more bottled up inside you than I do.  You thought it was so important for me to get my feelings out in the open, so tell me, why are the rules
different for you?Ē

Ares shifted uncomfortably on the bed.  ďI think weíve dwelled on this subject long enough, donít you?  The  time has come to talk about something else! Ē  Ares looked directly into the kingís eyes as if daring him to press any further.

Iphicles knew that look so very well.  Ares was not going to discuss his feelings and that was that!  End of story!  Sometimes the king wondered just what the god was up to.  It was all like a big game to Ares; one he had been playing since the dawn of his time.  Over the millennia he had been alive, the game had stayed the same, only the players had changed.

Iphicles braced himself and prepared for the worst.  He knew he was about to risk everything on his next question. ďAres, are you playing with me?  Is Hercules right?  Has this all been a part of the game you call your life?  I need to know right now; before I do or say anything else, do you really care for me?  I need you to spell it out for me.  Tell me, either; yes, Iphicles I care deeply for you, or, no, Iphicles Iíve
just been using you to get at Hercules. *NOW* Ares.  No more games, just the truth.Ē  Iphicles let out a deep sigh as he waited for Ares to answer.

The War God, taken aback by the kingís words, contemplated his answer.

Iphicles was sure he was about to breathe his last breath on this earth.

As Ares rose from the bed and turned to face the king, Iphicles thought it was all over, that this was it, the ending of a long and drawn out affair.  He felt for sure that Ares was about to wipe out his existence.  As he waited for Ares to respond, he held
his breath.

ďIphicles,Ē Ares said quietly.  ďIím not used to having to explain myself to anyone.  Iím not very good at expressing my feelings.  Just suffice it to say that I have found myself becoming very drawn to you over the time we have been together.Ē  Ares walked back over to the bed and sat down, not looking at the king. ďMaybe at first, back in the beginning, it was about Hercules.  I had always felt an attraction to him and I know he felt the same thing.  Neither one of us had dared to admit it, until you came into my life.  I knew then.  I knew that I had to come to terms with my lust for him, and make no mistake Iphicles, that is all it ever was.  It was pure lust.  Nothing more and nothing less.   I wanted to fuck him and I would have done anything to achieve it.  I thought that by getting close to you I would be able to achieve my
goal.  The problem was, you touched me in a way no one else had ever been able to.  As time wore on, I found myself looking forward to the time we spent together.
 Wanting to spend as much time together as we could.  But there was something always getting in the way.  Your hostility towards our brother.  I had to find a way for you to rid yourself of these feelings.Ē  Ares shifted on the bed and looked directly at Iphicles for the first time.

 ďIphicles, I care for you more than I have ever cared about anyone.  I want you to understand something here though.  Iím the God of War.  I canít appear to be weak.  It would be my undoing and I canít have that.  No self respecting God of War would have it any other way.  I always have to be on my guard.  In my position people are always trying to use me.  They use me to try and win their wars, they use me to try and strengthen their positions, and, believe it or not, they even try to use me for sex.  So if it seems to you that Iím always using people, maybe itís because itís the only thing I know.  I donít think that I do, but you have certainly made your point of view clear to me.  Maybe, hopefully, together we can change that.  I donít want to be thought of as a master manipulator all the time.  I do have another side, even if it
doesnít see the light of day very often.  It does exist.  I have feelings too!  I care.  I hurt.  Being a godís not all itís cracked up to be you know.  I always have to look over my shoulder to protect myself from over zealous underlings.  There are always others ready to step in if you fuck up too much.  I canít be seen as too soft or as too hard.  I had to somehow decide on a happy medium and stick with it.Ē Ares
gently touched Iphicles' shoulder.

 ďIphicles, as Zeus is my witness, I'll  never let anything happen to you.  I want you and I will stop at nothing to have you.  Hercules means nothing to me and I hope that now youíll believe me and have a little more faith in yourself.  Itís you that I want. Iím not chasing after you to get even with Hercules.  Not any longer.  Now Iím after you because I want to be with you.   Iím not going to offer any excuses or reasons except to say that I mean what I have said and thatís the end of it.Ē  Ares, without waiting for any response from the king crossed the room without another thought.

Ares slowly turned and faced Iphicles once again.  ďSo, where do we go from here?Ē

For once in his life, Iphicles, the King of Corinth, felt like he belonged.  He had finally, somehow, gotten the feared God of War to admit he wanted him, that he needed him.  Hercules had been right; Ares was using him, in the beginning.  But, things change.  People and gods change too.  Maybe he owed the same chance to Hercules.  Maybe they both did.  Iphicles wasnít naive enough to believe that Ares was willing to go that far on his behalf.  Not yet, at least.  ďNow that I understand you better, things donít have to be that different.  I want you too, but I think you were right before when you said I might need to face off against Hercules again.  I canít leave it the way it is now.  I didnít really give him much of a chance to defend himself.  I did all the talking.  Actually it was more like yelling really.  He was so surprised
by my outburst that I donít think he could have said anything even if he had wanted to.  Iím going to go and find him before he leaves.Ē  Iphicles put his arms around the god and smiled at him.  ďI wonít be gone long.  Please wait for me.Ē  His lips gently brushed against those of the war god, tenderly kissing his lover.

Ares kissed him back.  Tenderness soon being replaced by passion, as they  acknowledged the change that had just taken place.  In their relationship, they were
now equals.  Each knowing how the other really felt, what he wanted.

Part 15

Hercules was sitting in the garden, going over and over in his mind that scene with Iphicles.  His brother was no longer the man he used to be.  This king was strong and knew what he wanted.  There was no denying it any longer.  Ares had brought about the change in Iphicles and if Hercules really thought about it, he had to admit the change was for the better.

Iphicles found Hercules there, lost in thought.  His brother didnít even hear his footsteps as he approached.  "Hercules, we need to talk.  We canít let things stand the way they are now.   I want to be with Ares, but I also need my brother.  Youíre the only family I have left.  I rarely see Jason since mother died.  I donít want to be alienated from you."

"Iphicles, I donít want there to be this animosity between us, but you have to realize, I canít just forget everything Ares has done to me over the years.  I just canít do it!    I sincerely hope that's not what you're asking of me Iphicles, because if it is, I have to turn you down.  I cannot simply forgive and forget, especially where *HE* is concerned, so please  don't ask me too. "  Hercules looked at his brother with pain in his eyes.

Iphicles knew he was right.  There was no way Herc would ever be able to forget about the things Ares had done over the years.  It wouldnít be fair of him to ask such a thing.  But, he could ask him to put up with him.  To take him as he was.  To not expect any more than Ares was capable of, more than either one of them was capable of.  They could learn to get along for Iphiclesí sake; they just had to.  They were brothers after all.  "Hercules, all Iím asking is that you donít judge Ares to harshly.  You have no idea of what itís like to be him.  Iím asking you to accept him the way he is and to try to get along.  Iím not talking about socializing, just being civil to each other for my sake."

Hercules had a big grin on his face when he looked up at his brother.  "Youíre asking me to be nice to *HIM*?  The biggest pain in the ass Iíve ever come across - next to Hera.  Iphicles, Ares has gone out of his way to try and make my life miserable since I was a child.  I canít figure out why you believe him so easily.  He is a master manipulator, there is no other who can twist things and people to do their bidding as readily as Ares.  All Iím asking of you is that you are sure of what you are getting yourself into. Once youíve opened yourself completely there is no going back.  I just donít want you to make this big of a life decision without contemplating the outcome."

"Look, I know exactly what Iím doing.  *We* know what we are doing.  Iím a grown man who finally knows what it is he wants out of life.  I want to rule my kingdom and I want to be able to rely on my lover for advice when I need it.  I need to know that I have the support of my brother and that the two of you arenít going to keep trying to kill each other.  Hercules, Ares gives me what no one else has ever been able to, not even Rena.  He gives me peace of mind.  I know now, I can trust him and I do, implicitly.  I trust him with my life, and yours."

Hercules looked at his brother, rather surprised by his last remark.  "You trust him with my life!  I donít know how you can.  He has threatened to kill me at every chance he gets!"

"You know as well as he does that that will never happen.  Your father put you under his protection, no god, even Ares, would defy Zeus.  Besides, if he really wanted you dead I think you would already be that way."

"Oh, well, thatís a big relief Iphicles.  I canít believe that you would trust him with anybodyís life, especially mine.  He has proven time and time again that he canít be trusted, yet all of a sudden you decide that he is trustworthy.  Iph, Iím going to need some time to think about this.  You canít possibly throw something of this magnitude at me and expect me to give you an answer straight away.  I need to think.  Give me some time OK.  Iíll get back to you in a couple of days.  I can see how heís influenced you.  You are *NOT* the same person you were, of that much I am sure, and to be totally honest it looks like his influence has been for the better,  but as for trusting him, I donít know.  Thatís asking a lot."

"All Iím asking is that you give him another chance.  Donít let your past influence your decision.  He really cares for me, Herc.  It was one of the hardest things he ever had to admit, but he did.  Please, donít judge him to harshly.  I want - no, I need you both in my life.  Please donít disappoint me."

Iphicles turned and slowly retreated back the way he came.  Back to Ares.

The War God was waiting for the king to return.  He motioned him over to the bed and pulled him down into his embrace.  "So?"  He questioned.

"Heíll think about it.  I gave him a lot to think about."

"Iím sure you did.  Iím sure you gave him plenty to think of.  Iím sure heíll be thinking of nothing else for days on end.  I hope he sees it your way, for your sake, Iphicles.  He does not like me, never has."

"You know Ares, in many ways you two are very much alike.  You are both too stubborn to see the other oneís side.  Iím just so lucky to be surrounded by such interesting characters." Iphicles said as he reached over and kissed Ares.  "I think Iíd like to get some sleep. Iíve had a rather long and involved day."

Ares couldnít argue that fact.  Iphicles had had a long and involved day indeed.  Heíd let him sleep now, after all, Ares knew Iphy always woke up with a raging hard on.  ĎTill tomorrow, Iphicles.í Ares thought to himself.

Part 16

Iphicles was asking a lot.  How was Hercules supposed to forget everything that Ares had done to him over the years?  Then again, he wasnít asking him to forgive the bastard, was he?  Just to try to get along with him for Iphiclesí sake.  Things could stay more or less the same as they were now; he could tolerate the God of War when times called for it and he could totally ignore him the rest of the time.  If Ares got in his way, heíd remove him the same way he had in the past.  His involvement with Iphicles would change nothing.  ĎI can do this!í  Hercules thought to himself.  ĎIíll prove to Ares that Iím the better person.  Heís probably counting on my not accepting the situation and demanding that he leave my brother alone.  Well, if this is what Iphicles wants, this is what heíll get.í

Iphicles was waiting in his throne room when Hercules was announced.  He sat casually upon his throne, eyes shut, one leg draped unceremoniously over the arm, chest rising and falling easily, peacefully reliving the intense passionate sex he had just experienced with Ares.

Hercules entered the room and gazed upon the king.

"Ach hm."  Hercules cleared his throat to announce his presence.

Iphicles jumped.  Righting himself, he quickly sat up straight in the throne.  "Hercules, Iím glad youíre here.  I hope you have some good news for me."

"I thought for a moment that Iíd come to the wrong place when I first came in here and saw you draped over your throne like someone else.  As for good news,I donít know if thatís how youíll view what Iíve decided, but, this is my decision and Iím sticking with it!"  Hercules looked straight in his brother's eyes and then continued.

"I donít think things need to change from the way they are now.  Ares and I donít like each other; in fact you could go as far as to say we hate each other.  But, Iím willing not to make a big deal out of this involvement between you and let things stand as they are, as they always have been.  I wonít try to separate the two of you but Iím certainly not going to celebrate your union.  Iíll tolerate him for your sake, but, Iphicles, donít ask me to socialize with him, it isnít going to happen.  Things will continue to go on pretty much the way they have, Ares and I will continue to co-exist, if we happen to get in each others line of fire then what happens - happens.   Iíll not give up trying to stop his wars and heís certainly not going to give up trying to kill me every chance he gets.  But for your sake Iím willing not to make a big deal out of all this.  I still donít agree with your choice of lovers, but, as you have so often lately pointed out to me, it is your life.  I have one question though?"  Hercules waited for his brother to respond.

"Whatís your question?" Iphicles had a pretty good idea what the question would be, but let Hercules ask it anyway.

"What about a Royal heir?  You need to think about that Iphicles.  Right now, there is no heir to the Throne in Corinth.  You know that they expect you to marry and produce an heir.  How are you going to manage this one?"

"Jason didnít have an heir and it didnít seem to be a problem for him."  Iphicles grinned.

"Well, if Jason did have an heir, you most certainly wouldnít be king now, would you?   Iphicles, itís just another thing you really have to think about.  Give it some serious thought.  Maybe you should talk to Ares about it, see what he has to say since you seem to value his opinion so much."

"The decision on whether or not I produce an heir belongs to me.  It is none of your concern.  Iíll
mention your thoughts to Ares, that should give him a chuckle!  As for the rest of it, I just donít want the two of you trying to kill each other in front of me.  I understand the animosity that is between you and that itís not something that either one of you can just forget.  Hopefully this will all work out in the long run.  You are my brother and he is my lover.  Iím not ready to give up either one of you just yet.  This is my life and if you want to be part of it fine, then you need to realize that Ares is also a big part of it.  I wonít have the two of you acting like spoiled children.  I control my own destiny and I wonít let you interfere anymore.  Thatís my final word on the subject.  Now, Iíve got to go and talk to Ares.  Iíll see you later."  And with that, Iphicles rose and walked regally out of the room.

Ares was waiting for Iphicles when he returned.  "You look pleased with yourself," he announced.

"You should know."  Iphicles walked over to the god and put his hand on his shoulder.  "After all, you were there."

"I didnít think youíd notice."

"I did.  So, what did you think of his reaction?"  Iphicles asked as he sat beside the god.

"Typical Hercules!  He had a point about the heir though.  That is something to which you should give some serious thought in the near future."  Ares was looking at the wall as he spoke.

"We can talk about that later.  Itís not something I care to think about at this moment in time.  So, how do you feel about his reaction to our Ďinvolvementí as he called it?"  Iphicles laughed as he asked.

"What else could he do?  If he didnít agree to your terms, heíd loose you.  Youíre the only family he has left that likes him!"  Ares laughed.

"Funny, Ares, very funny!  I hate to be the one to remind you but he still has Zeus, and he likes him, isnít that part of the problem between the two of you?  The fact that you think Zeus likes him more than you?"

Ares coughed.  "You donít even want to go there Iphicles."

"Well, things are looking up around here.  Hercules has finally agreed not to interfere in our relationship, you actually responded almost civilly to my last remark and if things go the way Iím thinking they will, Iíll be fucking the god of war before the night is through!"  Iphicles leaned over and kissed Ares pushing him down on the bed forcefully.

"Tonight youíre mine.  We do things my way!  No thinking about anyone or anything except each other.  We can always talk tomorrow."  Iphicles reached down and caressed Ares cock through the tight leather.

"Right now I don't care if tomorrow ever comes, "  Ares said as he reached up and pulled Iphicles down on top of him. "Being here with you is more important."