Cheering Up
By Adri

 PART: I -- Cupid's Efforts

Cupid, GOL walked into the bedroom expecting to find his lover gushing with stories about the KSmithAres Chat Session that had taken place the night before.  Instead, he found her lying face down, head in a pillow, crying.  Quietly, he climbed onto the bed and lay down beside her.

"Adri, what's wrong?"  He asked.

"Mmmphhhgrrr."  She replied.

"Take your head out of the pillow and answer that again."  He said.  Adri did as he asked and rolled over onto her back so that her words were understandable.

"They made me miss it!"  She replied.

"Who, and what?"  Cupid asked, a little confused.

"The Yahoo! people!"  Adri said, a little exasperated with her air headded, but thick cocked lover.  "I missed the Chat Session!"  Cupid was astounded.  She had been looking forward to this for days!  She had spoken of nothing else but the night long PWP, and how much fun it would be to chat with her list sisters.  And they dared to take it away from her?

"What happened, Lover?"  Cupid asked.

"I was in, and we were having a great time.  Someone, I can't remember who it was because I had gotten kicked right before I could read the entire story, told Tham a story about a greedy woman named Thamiris who kept Ares all to herself.  Then, mom wanted to check her E-Mail, so she got on the other computer and that knocked off my connection!  When I finally got back into the Yahoo chat, and waited 20 minutes for the slow server to get my request to Tham, I clicked on the 'accept' button for the invite and nothing happened!  I couldn't get back in touch with her, or anyone else, either!  At 12:30 I had to go to bed because I was asleep at the keyboard!  It was terrible, Cupie!  I missed all the fun!  I hope someone logged it!"  Adri broke down in uncontrollable sobs.

"I know, Lover."  Cupid said as he held Adri and stoked her hair.  "It wasn't fair.  But we could always make our own PWP."

"It's not the same."  Adri sniffed as she settled against his chest.

"I know.  Strife, Ares, Joxer, Iphicles, Iolaus (both young and old) and the other me aren't around, but we could still have fun."  Cupid said.  "You like fun, especially fun with me."  He kissed her and reached back to untie the ribbon that held her long red braid in place.

"Yeah."  Adri said.  "OK, I'm game."  Cupid grinned as Adri stradled his stomach and began kissing his neck.  She worked her way from his neck down this chest, and then down to his well muscled stomach.  It was then that she realized that Cupid's clothes had disappeared.  Man, how she loved fucking a God.  They were so easy to unclothe!  She kissed each well defined stomach muscle before moving even lower.

Cupid moaned loudly when her lips touched his cock.  Adri grinned when he grabbed onto the blanket in an effort to control himself.  She laughed and began licking his shaft from top to bottom.  He moaned again.  They continued this a few more times before Cupid had had enough. The next thing Adri knew, she was lying underneath him, both arms tied loosely to the headboard with the blue silk ribbon that had been in her  hair.

"Hope you're not attatched to this dress."  Cupid said, and in one yank the cotton fabric was ripped in two.

"Couldn't you have just made it disappear?"  Adri asked as she looked at the remenants of her favourite dress.

"I could have."  Cupid said as he began kissing her collar bone.  "But this was much more fun."  He moved his attention to her breasts and licked a path around each nipple.  Adri closed her eyes and smiled.  Cupid, deciding that her breats had been properly worshipped, moved down, licking a path from between her breasts to her navel.  Adri giggled when his tongue moved inside.  Cupid continued with his journey and finally stopped when he reached his desired destination.

Adri arched against his mouth as he began to lick each of her folds and then finally plunged his tongue inside her awaiting warmth.  Slowly he stroked her clit with his tongue, enjoying the moans and groans Adri was trying hard to stiffle.  Cupid did his best to keep her on the edge of coming, and then pulling her back.  Tonight was her night, and he didn't want it to end too quickly.  Finally, when Adri was completely wound up from being thrown to the edge, and then quickly pulled back, Cupid ended her torment.  Rising above her, he positioned himself between her legs, his leather pants disappearing, freeing his large, erect cock from it's painful restraint.  Giving Adri a brief look to make sure she was all right with the pace he had set, Cupid entered her quickly, burrying himself completely inside her.

Adri moaned his name as he began thrusting inside her.  First hard and fast, then slow and easy.  She did come this time, and the sounds of her moans, groans, and mindless babble brought a smile to Cupid's face.  After a few more minutes, he climaxed himself and then collapsed on the bed beside Adri.  Her eyes were closed and her breathing was deep, but he knew she wasn't asleep.

"Did you have fun?"  He asked his exhausted lover.  She nodded.  "I know it doesn't compare to the orgy, but I think I might have a solution for that."

"What?"  Adri asked, opening her eyes.

"Can't tell."  Cupid said as he pulled her against him.  "But suffice it to say, you'll have a good time if I pull it off."  He kissed the top of her head.  "Keep an open calendar for the next few days."

"OK."  Adri said, a little excited at this new surprise.  She drifted off to sleep with pleasant ideas running through her head.

PART: II -- Ares' Efforts

Cupid walked into the halls of war and looked around.  The throne room was down the hall to his left and that was where Ares would most likely be.  Taking a deep breath, he swiftly made his way to the large room.  He had been right: Ares was sitting on the throne, one leg thrown over the arm, looking quite bored.  He looked down at Cupid with mild annoyance.

"To what do I owe this visit?"  He asked gruffly.

"Adri."  Cupid said.  Ares raised his eyebrows in intrest.   The tall redhead?  The one with the killer body who was always complaining about her work at the museum?  Little Adrianna her family called her, which was understatement at its best.  Nothing about her was "little", especially when it came to her appetites.

"What about her?"  Ares asked, remembering the time he had helped her out with her 'homework.' (See EXTRA CREDIT).

"She missed the Chat Session."  Cupid said.  There was no need to specify which session she had missed.  Ares smiled as he remembered the events.  Oh, the fun he'd had!

"So?  Make it up to her.  I'm sure you know how to do that."  Ares said,  taking his leg from the arm of the throne.

"I've tried that, Ares."   Cupid said.  "It's not the same.  She was looking forward to one long, hot time with everyone.  This is where you come in."  Ares hiked an eyebrow.

"What?"  He asked.

"I want you to pay Adri a visit."  Cupid said.  "It'll make her happy.  Might even cheer her up.  If not, then there's going to be one sad girl not making offerings at your temple.  Ares grinned when he remembered just what she offered to her favourite Gods.

"I'll do it."  He said.  "Any special requirements?"   Cupid thought for a moment.

"That Choco-Flavoured Flesh Paint she likes so much."  He said.  "Thanks, man.  Be at her house at noon."  Ares nodded and Cupid left.  Noon, eh?  That meant he had two hours to wait.  Throwing one leg over the arm of his throne again, he tapped his heel against the throne impatiently.  What was he supposed to do for two hours?!

He paced, sat, paced, sat, sampled the Choco-Flavoured Flesh Paint, paced, and then sat on his throne some more.  The time was passing so slowly he thought he would go mad.  Finally the time came, and he eagerly disappeared from his throne room, jar of paint and brush firmly in hand.  He appeared in Adri's living room just as the clock struck noon.  He looked around.  Adri wasn't in this room.  Maybe she was upstairs.  Slowly and quietly he made his way upstairs, dodging scattered cat toys and baby things her nephew had left behind.

~Does this girl not know the number to "Molly Maid"? ~  Ares asked himself.  Obviously not.  Every time he paid her a visit, her house was a disaster.  He sighed.  It had been awhile since he had last seen her.  The last time had been when she'd  made an offering at his temple, herself being the offer.  He loved the way this girl thought!  Turning the corner he saw Adri then, seated at her vanity table, wrapped in a towel.  She was brushing her wet hair.  Ares stood in the doorway a moment, waiting for her to notice him.  When she did, she dropped the brush.

"Surprised to see me?"  Ares asked.

"So, you were Cupid's surprise?"  Adri asked.  Ares nodded and set the jar of paint on the bed.  He retreaved her hairbrush from the floor and began brushing her hair.

"Yeah."  Ares said in her ear, as he brushed her hair slowly.  "Did you miss me?"

"Yeah."  She replied, closing her eyes as the hairbrush glided through her thick hair.   Ares carefully maneuvered the brush through the tangles in her hair.  A few minutes later, all tangles were gone and Ares set the brush down.  A gentle tug on her arm brought her to her feet and they stared at each other a moment before Ares made the first move.

The kiss was soft and sweet.  Ares was the one to end it, sensing that that Adri needed to breathe.  He grinned at her and pulled the towel off her.

"You seem to be overdressed, my dear."  He said with a smirk.

"I'm overdressed?."  She asked, looking at his leather pants and vest.  "What does that make you?"  He grinned at her and lifted her up, depositing her in the middle of the bed.  She saw the Choco-Flavoured Flesh Paint and grinned.  "My favourite flavour!"  She exclaimed, twisting open the jar.  Ares laughed and took it away from her.

"That's for me to use."  He said.  Adri raised her eyebrows but said nothing as he twirled the brush in the jar, working the paint into the bristles.  With a wicked grin, he began to smear the substance on her collar bones.    When he was satisfied with the coating, he began to paint a line between her breasts, down to her navel, and then traced the tattoo around her navel*.  He worked the edible paint around for a few minutes before reloading the brush.  He traced the curves of her breasts and then grinned wickedly.  Setting aside the jar and brush, he positioned himself over Adri.

He lowered his head and slowly began to lick off the chocolate.  Adri closed her eyes and ran her fingers through Ares' hair.  She smiled as his tongue came to the hollow below her throat.  He lingered there a moment before continuing on his journey.  He slowly licked off the path down to her belly button and then set to work on the chocolate covered tattoo.  When he was done there, he went back up to her breasts. Ares made sure to take his time as he sucked and licked all traces of chocolate from her skin.

Adri's eyes had been closed all this time, savouring the feel of Ares' tongue on her body, her hands through his hair, his leather-clad knee between her calves.  When the leather disappeared, and she felt flesh on flesh, her eyes opened to see a spectacular site that made her open her eyes a little wider every time: the naked God of War.

Ares positoned himself a little higher between her legs and Adri eagerly wrapped her herself around his waist.  Grinning at her enthusiasm, Ares thrust into her in one fluid motion.   He closed his eyes as Adri moaned deeply, clenching her legs around him tighter.  Ares let her get used to his size before he began to move within her.

Adri's back arched and she pulled Ares' head down to kiss her.  The kiss was deep, frantic and very thorough: Ares left no spot in her mouth unexplored.  Adri moaned his name  loudly as she neared orgasm and then screamed it as the climax hit her.  Ares came a short while after, and then fell back against the bed, pulling Adri close to him as he rolled over onto his back.  No one said anything for awhile as they both regained their breath.

"So, did that cheer you up?"  Ares asked.

"Sort of."  Adri replied as she closed her eyes.

"'Sort of'?"  He asked, astounded.  No one had ever said that to him before!  "What do you mean, 'sort of'?"

"It's just not the same, Ares."  Adri explained.  "All the girls who got into the chat were able to sit in on the other PWPs."

"You want to be a voyeur?  I can arrange that."  Ares said.

"No, I don't want to be a voyeur.  I'd probably start giggling.  It's the variety that I was referring to."  Adri said.  "Oh, never mind.  Thanks for the effort, though."  She kissed his cheek lightly.  Closing her eyes, she soon fell asleep.

"I'll 'sort of ' you one."  Ares said as he got out of the bed, being careful to not awaken Adri.  "If you want variety, that's what you'll get."   In a flash of flame, he was gone to find Cupid and run his idea past him.