Note: This takes place right after "The Treasure of Zeus" Trilogy when Young Iolaus has just met Ares for the first time.

Iolaus half-heartedly tossed his fishing line back into the water. His mind  wasn't on fishing. It was too busy replaying the events of the past  couple of days. He, Herc and Jason had gone up to the phoenix's cave to  steal the chalice that Zeus had made for Hera. Seemed simple enough.

That's when all Tartarus broke loose. First Strife showed up posing as a cadet and framed him for stealing money from Kora. Then Ares showed up at Alcmene's house and tried to kill Hercules. But that wasn't the worst part. The worst part was he found he couldn't stop thinking about the God of War.

So when Herc decided to stay with his mom for a couple days and Jason went to Corinth, Iolaus decided to go fishing. Fishing always help him to clear his mind and set things straight.  And the thoughts that ran through his mind about Ares were definitely not straight.

He'd never had thoughts like this about a guy before. Well maybe a passing one about Herc or Jason but that was it. With Ares, just hearing the God's name made his heart skip a beat and his hands sweat. Iolaus had vivid images in his mind of him running his fingers through the God of War's thick locks of black curls. The feel of the God's lips against his own, against his chest, around his...

Iolaus jumped as a tug on the fishing line jolted him from his erotic thoughts. " Get a grip, Iolaus," he muttered, trying to loosen his ever tightening pants. Jabbing the finishing pole into the ground, he pulled off his boots and vest. " A nice dip should solve the problem." He unlaced and removed his pants. Taking a deep breath, he ran and jumped into the lake.

He hit the water with a splash. He surfaced with a gasp as his whole body complained of the icy greeting. " Oh," he shuddered, swimming back to the shore. " Maybe that wasn't such a good idea." He started climbing out of the lake but was stopped by a pair of black boots. The boots led up to a pair of tight, muscular thighs, which turned into a bulging crotch and then a black vest that gapped open just enough to see the firm, solid chest attached to the biceps of rock. Iolaus licked his lips as his eyes finally met those of the God of War.

" I don't know. I quite enjoyed the show."

" A...Ares." Iolaus' voice trembled from the cold, the fear and the desire.

The God of War held out a hand to help the young mortal out of the water. After a moment's hesitation, his offer was accepted and he easily pulled Iolaus from the water, setting him on his feet on the bank.

Iolaus looked around frantically trying to find something to cover his naked and cold body. With a wave of his hand, Ares covered him in a soft animal fur. Iolaus looked at the God in surprise, tightening the warming fur around him.

" I was enjoying the view," Ares smiled. " But I understand how you mortals need to stay... warm." On the last word, he reached out, gently wiping away a drip of water that ran down Iolaus' face.

Iolaus' had no idea if it was the god's powers or his hormones but the chill inside him vanished the moment their flesh touched. He stepped back, before not even the thick animal fur could hide his body's reaction. " Wha--what'd you want, Ares?"

" You of course." The God laughed as the curly haired mortal sidestepped quickly out of his way. " No, no. Not to kill. I don't normally take a liking to young male mortals, but there's something about you that just-- tickles my fancy, shall we say."

Iolaus shook his head. Maybe he had water in his ears and wasn't hearing this right. " Excuse me?"

" You heard me. And don't try to deny you've taken a liking to me either. That's why you jumped into the lake, isn't it? To...relax after thinking about me?"

" M--maybe." He stumbled back a few more steps, not sure why he admitted to the thoughts.

Ares swiftly closed the distance between him and the nervous young mortal. " Look, I'll make you deal. One kiss. That's all I ask. If you don't like it, just say so and I'm gone."

Iolaus started to tremble again. Ares was so close to him. He could just reach out and touch him. The God's eyes gazed down on him, looking right past the wall he had up and straight into his heart. " If... if I don't like it, that's it? You'll go?"

" You have my word. But I think you'll more than like it. I know what you're feeling, Iolaus." Ares brushed the curly hair from Iolaus' face. His hand slipped behind the blonde's head, tilting it upwards. Leaning down, Ares' brushed his lips against Iolaus'.

Closing his eyes, Iolaus let go of one side of the animal skin. It slid down to the ground and his hand entangled itself in the thick black hair of the War God. His heart raced as the kiss deepened, Ares' tongue probing gently into his mouth. How could someone normally so violent be so gentle? Ares' hand ran slowly down Iolaus' back, cupping and kneading his ass. " Ares..." he moaned, pulling away for air.

"Shhh..." The God of War touched a finger to his lips. " I know this is all new to you. Maybe I should leave and let you think. I want you to be sure this is what you want." He turned to leave.

"No, Ares! Wait!" He grabbed for the God's arm. " Don't go."

The God of War cocked his head to one side. " You're sure you don't want me to let you think about it?"

"I don't need to think about it or you. I've done nothing but that for the past couple days now."

"I'm glad you feel that way. Now let's go some place a little more... special."

The pair disappeared in a flash of light and reappeared in a lush bedchamber. Iolaus blinked and wavered, trying to regain his balance. A strong hand steadied him.

"Sorry. I should have warned you about that." Ares touched his cheek. " Feeling better?"

"Yeah," Iolaus nodded.

"Good." Ares took the young mortal's hand and led him to a dark bed of plump pillows and furs.

Iolaus turned, looking up at the God. This time it was he who pulled Ares into a kiss. How wonderful it felt, the God's lips against his, their tongues stroking each other slowly and passionately. Then the God pulled him closer and Iolaus realized they both were naked now. Ares' hot golden flesh pressed tightly against him, his strong warm wrapped securely around him. Iolaus had never felt safer.

Before he knew it, he was down on the bed of pillows and the God of War's hand wrapped itself around his cock. His whole body jerked, overcome by the flood of sensations; the lips caressing his neck, the fingers that toyed with his nipple, the hand that stroked rhythmically on his cock. He began thrusting his hips, trying to increase the pace. Then it suddenly stopped. "No," he groaned. " Please, Ares! Don't stop!"

"Relax, Iolaus." Ares quieted him with a kiss on the lips. " All in due time. I want our first time together to be special." He stared into the blue eyes. " Have you ever given a blow job?"

Iolaus shook his head. He had rarely been on the receiving end of one much less actually giving one.

Ares rolled onto his back. "Looks like tonight will be full of firsts. Get between my legs."

Iolaus looked from the God's face to the massive cock between his legs and back his face.

"Don't you trust me?"

"Yes, I do." Without further hesitation, Iolaus slid down between Ares' legs. He grasped his cock with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. He stroked and massaged much like what Ares hand been doing to him.

"Oh, yes..." The God leaned his head back. " Now, use your tongue. Lick me."

Iolaus' tongue stretched out, lightly licking off the drop of glistening fluid from the tip. The taste was different, not like anything he'd tasted before, but definitely not unpleasant. From that point on, it was almost as if instinct took over. He licked the entire shaft over and over and then moved on to the swollen head, while hands kept stroking up and down, faster and faster.

"Take me in your mouth, Iolaus! Now!" The God of War writhed under the inexperienced mortal's touch, surprised at how good of a job he was doing. He slowly pushed himself in and out of Iolaus' mouth, letting his jaw get used to the size. The sheer pleasure became more than he could handle after a few moments. " Faster!" he ordered.

Iolaus obeyed. His hands and mouth moved faster, stroked harder, sucked more. He was rewarded with a deep growl from Ares and a mouth of the God's warm seed. He swallowed every drop, enjoying the strange new taste then licked the remaining traces off the Ares' cock.

"You are a natural," Ares sighed, the last traces of the orgasm melting away.

Iolaus looked up at the content expression on Ares' face and smiled. Crawling up the God's body, he kissed him long and passionately. Hands roamed his body hardening his already stiff cock. " Oh, please Ares..." he moaned softly into the God's neck.

"I told you, this will be a night of firsts for you." In Ares' hand appeared a vial. " Take it and pour some in your hands."

Iolaus sat up. Pulling the stopper from the vial, he poured a small amount in his hand. A sweet, fruity smell rose from the liquid. It smelled good enough to eat.

"You'll need more than that. I want you to rub it all over your cock." He smiled at Iolaus' hesitation. " Don't tell me you've never... relieved your frustrations yourself?"

"Well, yeah of course. I mean on occasion. When I really need... to..." he trailed off realizing he was making himself look even more foolish.

" Ahhh," the God of War nodded. " Just never in front of anyone. Trust me, Iolaus," He took the vial from him and poured most of its contents into the mortal's hand. Ares then guided it down between the mortal's legs to Iolaus' waiting cock. " It's very stimulating. Now, stroke yourself slowly and not too hard. I wouldn't want you to cum before you feel what it's like to make love to a God."

Iolaus stared into the eyes of his lover. His hand pumped slowly at his cock making it harder than he'd ever felt it. Hearing Ares say that he would be making love to the God made his heart soar. Not only would he be making love to a man for the first time ever, he felt what it was like to love, truly love, for the first time.

"Very good."

The God's deep, velvet voice gently pulled Iolaus from his intense thoughts. " You were right. I've never been this turned on before."

"Emotion mixed with hormones will do that." Ares pushed himself up onto his hands and knees. " Get behind me on your knees." He watched over his shoulder as Iolaus' positioned himself. " Good. Press your cock in between the cheeks of my ass and rub it up and down."

"Oh gods!" Iolaus threw his head back as the tip of his cock glided across Ares flesh.

"Concentrate on what I tell you. Try not to think about what it feels like just yet. That and the oil you have on will keep you harder a short while longer."

"I hope so cause I feel like I'm gonna explode right now." Iolaus closed his eyes, trying to focus just on what the God was telling him to do.

"Grab my hips. Pull me toward you as you push into me. But go slow."

The swollen head of the young mortal's cock slipped past the tight ring of muscles. Both God and mortal let out a gasp of pleasure.

Iolaus gripped Ares' hip tighter to steady himself. He'd never felt anything so tight and hot wrapped around his cock before.

"Push yourself into me, as deep as you can," Ares groaned, resisting his own urges to impale himself on the mortal. " Yes!!" He arched his back, giving Iolaus more depth. This mortal filled him up quite well.

"Oh, Ares..." Iolaus sighed. " This feels so... so... incredible!" Without prompting, he began thrusting in and out of the God, easy at first for fear of hurting him. But then, the thrusts got harder and faster and uncontrolled. " Gods, yes!!"

Ares reached down to his cock, stroking it at the same pace Iolaus stroked the inside of him. " Harder!" he snarled.

"I can't... I can't hold it... I'm gonna... cum!" Two more thrusts and Iolaus exploded. Every ounce of his cum and energy drained inside Ares. The spasms in his muscles subsided and he withdrew, collapsing next to the God.

Ares sat up next to Iolaus and finished stroking out the last of his orgasm. He brushed the back of his hair with his free hand. "Did you enjoy that, lover?"

Rolling onto his side, Iolaus snuggled up next to Ares. " You have no idea."

"Good." The God slipped down a bit and kissed the top of his head. " I hoped I could make it special for you. But now you've got to get back to your Academy or your friends will start to worry."

Iolaus jerk his head up. " But what if...what if I want to do this again?"

"You are my lover. All you have to do is call my name and I'll bring you here." Ares stood, helping Iolaus to his feet.

"One last kiss before I go." With both hands, Iolaus pulled the God of War's head down so their lips and tongue could say their own goodbye. Ares pulled away after a moment and Iolaus smiled. "I love you, Ares."

Nodding, Ares smiled too and with a snap of his fingers Iolaus was gone.


Over the next three weeks, Iolaus called for Ares every chance he got. He would make any excuse not to go with Hercules and Jason to Corinth or Alcmene's or even to see Kora. All he could think about day and night was feeling Ares next to him, around him and in him.

Hercules and Jason knew something wasn't right with their friend. No matter how hard they tried though, Iolaus would tell them nothing. They tried following him into the woods but always lost him. It just wasn't like him to keep secrets.

The day after they had been together for three weeks, Iolaus called to Ares. Instantly the God brought him to the familiar bedchambers. Iolaus rushed to embraces his dark and handsome lover but Ares stopped him.

"Wait, Iolaus. There's something we need to talk about."

"What? What'd I do?" Iolaus began to panic. " You can't tell me it's over. Please don't say that!"

"No,"" Ares shook his head. "It's not quite like that. Let's sit down." He led Iolaus over to a couch and sat down with him. "I don't want to see you leave any more, lover."

"I don't understand."

"I want you to stay here with me, at my temple. We'll never have to be apart again. We can make love anytime we want without having to worry about who's going to find out." Ares caressed Iolaus' cheek.

The curly haired blonde stared, stunned at what the God of War suggested. "Are you serious? You want me to live here with you?"

" Yes. You can sit by my side on my throne, lay by my side in my bed. But you have to leave your friends and the Academy."

Iolaus got up and started to pace. This was a part of the relationship he'd never considered. He loved Ares, more than he'd ever thought someone so dark and evil could be loved. But that was a side of the God he rarely saw. Ares had been nothing but tender and kind and gentle to him.

"You do love me, don't you, Iolaus?"

Iolaus whirled around. The God's eyes had grown sad. "Of course I do! It's just... well, the Academy's been my home for awhile now. It'll be hard to say goodbye."

Ares rose. He walked over and gave Iolaus a comforting hug. "I know it will be. But I'll make it up to you. I promise." He held him quietly for a moment. "Will you stay here with me?"

Iolaus nodded against Ares' chest. " Yes. I'd love to."

"You have no idea how happy you've made me Iolaus! Now, go and say goodbye to your Academy so we can celebrate."

"Why go back?" Iolaus pulled away. " Why can't I just stay?"

"Because, lover. A mortal's life is like a scroll. You can't start a new one without finishing the old one first. If you don't say goodbye, you'll regret it later."

"Okay," he replied reluctantly. " Send me back."

"Call me when you're ready to return."

Iolaus reappeared in the forest a short way from the Academy. His stomach knotted up like a ball. How could he face Hercules? How could he tell his best friend about the feelings he had for the God of War? Hercules despised his half-brother. But this was what Iolaus wanted, what he felt would make him happy. Hercules had to understand that.

Summoning up all the courage he could, Iolaus started for the Academy. He found Hercules and Jason playing ball outside.

Hercules was the first of the two to see Iolaus approach. "Jas," he nodded in Iolaus' direction.

"Well, well. Look who's back." Jason grinned as his friend approached.

"No sneaking in after curfew this time?" Hercules teased. "What happened? She dump you?" He and Jason laughed but stopped when the look on Iolaus' face remained serious. "Iolaus, it was a joke."

"Yeah. I know." He tucked a stray strand of hair nervously behind his ear. "There's something I need to tell you guys. And... it's not gonna be easy."

"Were your friends, Iolaus." Jason replied. " You can tell us anything."

"I hope so. I really do." He folded one arm across his chest, scratched his chin with the other and paced. "I... I uhh... I met someone, you guys."

"You met someone?" Hercules exchanged a confused shrug with Jason. "What do mean you by that?"

"I mean I've met someone. You know, fallen in love with, want to spend the rest of my life with."

"Iolaus, what's wrong with that?" Jason breathed a sigh of relief.

"Yeah. That's great. Why don't you bring her around?" Hercules asked.

"Well, see... that's just it." He chewed on his lower lip, keeping his head lowered and just glancing up at his friends. "It's not a... girl."

Jason and Hercules started wide-eyed at him. "Not a girl?" they repeated. "Okay. Umm..." Now Hercules stared to pace. "That's a bit of a shock."

"But we can deal with it." Jason quickly added.

"Yeah, yeah. Of course we can." Hercules paused. " Is it anyone we know?"

Iolaus scratched his eyebrow. "You could say that. Yeah."

Hercules thought for a moment but couldn't think of anyone Iolaus appeared that close to or that went missing whenever he did. "Well, who is it?"

"Before I tell you who it is, I just wanna say that I've never been this happy. He makes me feel... special. When I'm with him, nothing else matters to us but each other. He treats me like a... king."

Hercules and Jason nodded with every word. They glanced at each other as Iolaus turned his back to them and continued to ramble on about how wonderful and sweet and gentle this person was. The look on each of their faces said the same thing. They were dying of curiosity and if Iolaus didn't tell them who it was soon, they'd strangle it out of him.

"So," Iolaus concluded, "I know this strange and all for you cause it is for me but I just want you guys to be okay with this."

Hercules sighed. "Just tell us who it is."

Iolaus took a deep breath. " It's... Ares."

Jason stood speechless.

"WHAT?!" Hercules' arms dropped to his sides and his jaw fell. " A... Ares? My half-brother Ares? The one that just tried to kill me? Are you out of your mind, Iolaus?!"

Iolaus stepped backwards, shocked at the sheer anger and hatred in the voice of his friend. "I thought you said you could deal with this?"

"If it was another cadet or... or some guy from the next town, yeah maybe. But this is Ares were talking about, Iolaus. He doesn't care about anyone but himself!"

"He cares about me! That's why he wants me to go and stay with him. At his temple."

"He's using you! That's the only thing he knows how to do! He doesn't know how to love or feel." Hercules paused. "I can't believe you and him have been..." He wrinkled his face in disgust and shuddered. "Ewww! I can't even think about it!"

"You're just jealous!"

"What?" Hercules laughed. "Why would be jealous?"

"Because you don't even know what it's like to have sex much less know what it feels like to be in love!"

"That's a low blow, even for you." The son of Zeus turned away, trying to control his anger. How could Iolaus be so stupid? Ares must have put a spell on him of some kind.

Iolaus folded his arms across his chest and scowled at his friends. He was happy, why couldn't they see that? He didn't know why he expected Hercules to understand. He couldn't see past his own hatred. He couldn't see that just because Ares disliked him, it didn't mean Ares couldn't like or love anyone else. All Iolaus wanted was for Hercules to be happy for him.

When he felt a little more in control, Hercules faced his friend once more. "Iolaus, we've known each other a long time. Why would I lie to you?"

"Why can't you just say that you're happy for me and you wish me well?"

He threw his arms ups in defeat. "Because I don't want to see you hurt, Iolaus! Tell him, Jason. Talk some sense into that thick head of his!"

Jason looked from one friend to the other. "He's right, Iolaus. I can only see you getting hurt in all this."

"What makes you so sure I'm going to get hurt? I've been with him for three weeks and noshing happened."

"Because I know him! He doesn't do anything unless there's something for him to gain. And I can't see him gaining anything by being with you."

"Oh, well thanks a lot... *buddy*!"

"If you were really my buddy you'd listen to me. You go wanna go through with it? Be Ares' little plaything? Fine but you're gonna do it without me. And don't come to me for help when you find out I was right!" Hercules whirled around, storming back into the Academy.

"Yeah?! Well who needs you anyway?!" Iolaus turned and marched off, grumbling to himself.

Jason was left standing in the middle of the grounds wondering what in Tartarus just happened.

The further Iolaus got from the Academy, the more he felt something inside breaking. He sank to the ground against a tree. "How could he just... leave me?" Folding his arms across his knees, he leaned his forehead on them and let the tears flow. He'd just lost the best friend a guy could ever have. Never in his life did he think anything could come between them. " I'm sorry, Herc," he sighed. As he lifted his head and wiped his eyes, an idea struck him. What if Ares told Herc how he felt? Made him realize that everything would be okay? "Yeah! That's it!" He jumped to his feet. "Ares!"

Instead of reappearing in Ares' bedchambers, Ares, arms crossed in front of his chest, appeared in the forest in front of Iolaus. "You bellowed?"

"Ares, I was wondering if you could do me a favor?"

"A favor?"

"Yeah, ya see Herc seems to think you're just out to use me or hurt me or something. I know you two don't get along real well, but maybe if you could like... I don't know... Tell him how we feel about each other. That we love each other..."

"Whoa! Stop right there little boy. I *never* said I was in love with you. All that pathetic drivel came from your mouth."

"What? I thought... but you said we were lovers. You said you wanted me to stay with you at the temple so we could make love any time we wanted."

Ares laughed. "I really deserve an award for that acting, don't you think?"

Iolaus watched as Ares' lips, the ones that had explored his entire body and brought him so much pleasure, curled into an evil smile.

"I was looking for new and exciting ways to torture that annoying half-brother of mine. And while I must admit, you are quite good in the sack, you're just not my type."

Iolaus' mind and body went numb, trying to fight off the pain. "I loved you."

"Mmm, yes, so you said. Quite often."

"How could you hurt me like this?"

Again Ares laughed. "I am the God of War. What did you expect? Besides, you know the saying, no pain, no gain!" He threw his head back, his menacing laughter echoing through the woods. When it died down, he looked back at Iolaus. "Maybe next time you'll listen to Hercules." As quickly as he had appeared, Ares was gone.

Iolaus sunk to his knees, pound the ground with his fists. "NO!! You can't do this to me!" He roared in anger and pain then leaned over, falling on to his side. Curling up in a ball, he cried. He felt like he just wanted to die. He thought he found the most spectacular love of his life. And in a matter of moments it, and his best friends, we gone. How could he have been so stupid? So gullible? He should have listened to Hercules. And now what was left for him? Nothing. Hercules never wanted to see him again. And by now the news was probably all over the Academy.

He was nothing but a fool.