Somewhere, in a far forgotten corner of Greece, dark clouds brewed over a stone temple. Lightning flashed and thunder rumbled. Wind rustled through the trees and across the green grass, carrying with it the dying screams of men. Nothing else dared to stir outside the stone walls.

Inside, the lone occupant stared into a smoky vision of a battle. She shook her dark longhaired head. Before her in the vision lay a defeated army. No. Defeated wasn't the right word. Slaughtered was closer to the truth. Her warriors laid waste to the small group of men in less than two hours. They didn't stand a chance even against her pathetic excuse for an army. The men were farmers recruited in a last ditch effort to save a kingdom. To make matters worse, the kingdom had nothing worth saving.

With a wave of the goddess' hand, the vision disappeared. She rose from her throne, which was merely a large chair someone had halfheartedly tried to decorate with carvings. She scanned the bare walls with a sigh.

"What's the matter, En?"

Enyo looked over her shoulder at the pale black leather clad god that had appeared in her temple. "Hi, Strife"

Strife surveyed the sparsely decorated temple. "You really have to decorate this place."

Enyo's laugh echoed off the walls. "I'm lucky I even have this place. The Goddess of War's temple should be decorated with her spoils of war. My armies have nothing. The people they conquer have nothing. So I have… nothing."

Strife walked up behind her, resting his chin on her shoulder. "You have me."

Enyo smiled. Strife had been with her since it all started. He was the only god who showed concern about her disappearance from Mt. Olympus. Because of that, a special and intimate relationship had formed between the unlikely duo.

Of course none of this would even have been necessary if *she* hadn't come along. Enyo's smile faded and she began to pace. "It's just not right, Strife. I am the Goddess of War! I should be ruling at Ares' side, fighting the war with Corinth and the Centaurs, not some… mortal!"

"Mmm…" Strife nodded. Xena again. The warrior princess had been a pain in Enyo's side for almost two years now. He did owe her a bit of thanks though. Without Ares lavishing attention on Xena, Strife would've never become close to Enyo. He definitely enjoyed being with her even when they weren't in bed. She was the only goddess or god who treated him with any kind of respect. He would do most anything for her. "Sooo… what should we do about it?"

Enyo turned to face Strife. "What is there to do? My army is no match for hers. And if I attack her directly…" Enyo shuddered a bit. "Well, I don't even want to think about those consequences."

"Good point." Strife began to pace too, tapping his chin with his finger. "Too bad we can't go after Xena and not really go after Xena."

Enyo stopped. "Strife, what in Tartarus are you…" Then it hit her. She raced up to him and kissed him passionately on the lips. "Strife, you're a genius!"

"I am?" The god licked the traces of her taste off his lips. "I mean, I am!" He paused. "I don't get it."

Stepping behind Strife, the goddess wrapped her arms around him. She rubbed his chest and whispered in his ear. "We go after what is most important to the warrior princess."

"Which is?" Strife sighed as Enyo hands caressed him through the leather.

"The war with the centaurs and her alliance with Borias."

Strife nuzzled Enyo's ear. "Turn him against her?"

"Very good, my dear." Slowly, she turned him to face her. She tilted her head to one side as Strife nibbled at the nape of her neck. "Borias wants peace with the centaurs. Xena doesn't but he doesn't know that. I will make him a proposition he can't resist. After one night with me he will be more than willing to follow me."

Strife giggled then abruptly stopped. "You're gonna, like, sleep with him?"

"Yes and it's going to be up to you to make sure Xena walks in on us." She saw the look of uncertainty and jealousy fall across the young god's face. She pulled him close to her. "It'll mean nothing to me, Strife. It's merely a means to an end. If I can get Borias to believe Xena is plotting against him and Xena to think Borias is untrustworthy, their alliance and army will fall apart. Ares will have no need for her."

"And then you'll go back to Ares." Strife pulled away, turning from Enyo. "And you'll have no need for me."

"That is not true. I never forget those who are loyal to me. And you have been more than that. Serving by Ares' side may mean having to serve in his bed as well but that won't stop me from being with you."

"Oh yeah," Strife rolled his eyes, folding his arms across his chest. "I'm sure Unc will really go for that."

Enyo ran a finger lightly across the back of Strife's neck and giggled when he jumped. "Ares doesn't seem to mind sharing Xena with Borias or letting her carry his child."

"Yeah well, who's to say it's not Borias that's being shared?" Strife arched his eyebrows at the goddess. "Hmm?"

"Ares. And Borias?" Enyo's eyes grew wide. The thought of being together with the two of them was definitely interesting, not to mention appealing.

Strife threw his hands up in defeat. "See? See? You've already forgotten about me."

"Oh stop it." The goddess shook the thoughts from her head. "Just trust me, will you?"


Wisps of smoke rose into the night. The snapping and popping of the fire drowned out the whispers coming from other tents in the campsite. Borias poked the burning logs with his sword, ignoring a pair of arguing voices coming from behind him. Under most circumstances he would go to see what the disagreement was about. Fighting among the men was not good for moral. This time, though, he didn't. Other thoughts occupied his mind.

Intent as those thoughts were, they did not keep him from noticing the moving towards him in the dark. He jumped to his feet, sword at the ready. "Who are you?" he said as the stranger's blue eyes pierced the black of night and flickered with the light of the fire.

"That's hardly the way to greet an old friend. Or a goddess for that matter."

As the figured moved to be fully lighted by the fire, Borias lowered his sword. He recognized her now. "Enyo."

"I'm flattered you remembered." She drew a finger seductively up the blade of Borias' sword.

"One hardly forgets the Goddess of War." He watched as Enyo's finger went up the blade to the handle of the sword stopping within a hair of his hand. He could feel the heat rising between them already. She should be the Goddess of Seduction, Borias thought.

"I'm glad someone thinks so. It doesn't appear that many have missed me."

"So why have you come back?" Taking her hand from the sword, he brushed his lips against her fingers and kissed them.

"I have a… proposition for you. One which you will not need *this* sword for." With her free hand, the goddess took Borias' sword and drove it into the ground near the opening of the tent.

The warlord looked from his sword to the goddess. Pushing aside the flap of the tent, he motioned for her to enter.

Deliberately brushing against Borias, Enyo stepped into the tent. Some things never change, she thought as she scanned the tent. Her eyes stopped for a moment at the pile of animal furs in the upper corner of the tent. A familiar scent caught her attention. She glanced to her right to a small table. A fair size portion of rabbit sat untouched on a plate along with a full mug of mead. Very unlike Borias to leave his two favorite things untouched.

"So," Borias reached around her, taking the mug. "What is this proposition you have for me?"

Enyo felt her own excitement rising when Borias got as close to her as possible without touching her as he picked up his drink. She watched him settle on the floor next to the bed of furs. He looks incredible for a mortal, she thought. "You are in the middle of a war between Corinth and the centaurs. It is a war you know you will lose if you try to fight them both. So, you are seeking a truce with the centaurs. A wise plan I might add. Except for one thing."

"Which is?"

"Xena." Enyo lowered herself into the pile of furs. Taking the mead from Borias, she took a slow drink.

"She is my ally." He watched the goddess swallow the sweet drink. Several drips rolled down from the corner of her mouth. As she lowered the cup, he wiped them with his finger and drew it into his mouth.

"Not as much as you like to think." Enyo set the mug down. She took into her mouth the finger he'd just sucked clean. Her tongue licked it, slowly and playfully before she pulled it out with a soft pop.

Borias swallowed. She was so good at this game. "What do you mean?" he managed to say.

"She is plotting against you, Borias. She doesn't want peace with centaurs. She hates them too much." Enyo leaned into him, nipping at his lips. "Come back to me and I will assure you of victory against Corinth."

"Xena has Ares on her side. Why would I go against him?" Unconsciously, Borias closed his eyes. Enyo's lips brushed down his cheek to his neck. He felt his heart pound and his pants grow steadily tighter. Feeling Enyo pull away, his eyes flew open.

Enyo chuckled to herself. Mortal men were so predictable when it came to sex. "Because both you and Ares are too blinded by your lust to see what she is doing."

"And you've told this to your god of war?" Borias pushed Enyo onto her back and climbed on top of her, pinning her arms above her head.

Tilting her head back, she looked at her hands held firmly on his. Her gaze returned to his eyes. He knew she could easily escape. She wouldn't though. She enjoyed this kind of playing too much. "I figured that was something you could convince him of. It's obvious you two share more than just the warrior princess."

Borias pressed his straining crotch against the goddess of war. "You're just jealous."

Enyo grinned. "I could have you and Ares together any time I wanted. Besides, I'm not the one with the hard-on the size of a horse right now." She twisted a bit, rubbing against the growing bulge.

Borias leaned down to her ear. "Would you have it any other way?" He released one of her hands and went to undo his pants.

Enyo stopped him. "Swear to me you will be loyal and see to a treaty with the centaurs at all costs. Even if it means betraying Xena."

Borias hesitated. Enyo had always been loyal to him in the past. But he hadn't seen nor heard from her in over a year. Could he still trust her even though peace was of the utmost importance to him for one reason and one reason only?

Enyo saw the doubt in her warlord's eyes. She had indeed been away too long. Now her final winning card in this game had to be played. "I will ensure the safety of your unborn son as well." She let the words sink in. "Swear your loyalty to me, Borias."

He knew he had to take the chance. " I swear."


In another army encampment some distance away, Strife watched the warrior princess toss and turn in a fitful sleep. Morphius' dream worked hard on Xena. It filled her mind with doubts and concerns and the urgency to go to Borias.

She suddenly bolted upright in her bed. Sweat covered her face, which she tried to wipe away. She tossed the covers aside and slipped into her clothes. Grabbing her sword she rushed from the tent and untethered her horse. She swung into the saddle and urged the animal towards Borias' camp.

A sinister, high-pitched squeal emanated from the dark shadows of Xena's tent. "Cool!" Strife rubbed his hand together gleefully. Hopefully Xena would interrupt Borias and Enyo before anything happened. I really hate sharing, the young god thought before disappearing.


Enyo watched Borias' head bob up and down between her legs. His tongue darted in, out and around her tender lips. She moaned and clawed his tan, muscular arms as his tongue dipped deep inside her. Enyo had forgotten what an incredible lover Borias was for a mortal. In fact he could out do many of the gods. She now regretted having told Strife to ensure Xena interrupted them. The voice that halted the actions of the goddess and her lover, however, was not that of the warrior princess.

"Well, well. Isn't this sweet?"

Enyo and Borias' heads both whipped around in the direction of the deep booming voice. "Ares," they echoed each other. Borias started to rise from his position.

"No, no. Please stay there. It looks mighty comfortable," Ares mocked. The sight before him wasn't entirely unexpected. He figured Enyo would get back with her former lover sooner or later. Strife wasn't god or man enough to keep this one satisfied. But, he wasn't ready to let the goddess know he had found out about the affair between her and Strife.

"What do you want, Ares?" Enyo deliberately stretched, enticing the God of War. Borias stirred between her legs. She stroked his thigh with her foot to settle him.

Ares stood next to the pair, towering above them. Having seen this, what he wanted had now changed. He looked down at Borias and the warlord's eyes called to him. "An invitation," Ares finally said.

"From the look on Borias' face, I'd say you already have one." Enyo motioned to the bed of furs.

Before Ares had knelt on the furs his leathers were gone. "You needn't worry about Xena interrupting. I have sent her back to her camp."

Enyo barely heard him as she admired the golden brown, extremely muscled body. Her desires rose once again when the god settled himself across her chest. His gorgeous cock reached out to her, calling for her attentions. She took her prize with both hands, guiding it towards her mouth as Borias returned to his duties.

She licked the tip of Ares' cock ever so lightly and was pleased with his reaction. His head went back and a growl rumbled in his chest. Her attentions were divided between offering Ares his pleasure and the pleasure she was receiving from Borias. She drew Ares into her mouth and pulled him back out with the same rhythm Borias' tongue did to her.

Every muscle in Ares' body tightened as Enyo licked and sucked him faster and faster. The sight of her and Borias when he appeared in the tent affected him more than he had thought. Before he lost control, he pulled himself from Enyo. Climbing off the goddess, he reached down to Borias. Pulling him to his knees, Ares kissed the warlord deeply and roughly, just as they both liked. With a wave of his free hand, a small vial of oil appeared. Without breaking the kiss, he generously poured it into his hands then rubbed the sweet smelling liquid on himself and on Borias. He could feel Borias tense when his hand wrapped firmly around the man's cock. It was plainly obvious Borias found the circumstances just as arousing. "Take her," the God of War ordered.

"Yes, my Lord." Borias moved between Enyo's legs, sliding himself easily into her. She was incredibly wet, warm and tight. Her muscles tightened even more around him as he pressed himself deeper into her.

Behind him, Ares knelt down. Placing a hand on Borias' back for balance, Ares positioned his swollen head to enter the man. Once eased past the tight muscle, he plunged himself full and hard inside his lover.

Borias let out moan of ecstasy and began thrusting harder and faster into Enyo as Ares did the same to him. He had done this many times before with Ares and Xena. With Enyo though, the pleasure was much more intense, much more overwhelming. He was ready to explode within minutes. To his relief, Enyo and Ares both had the same reaction to the situation and all three erupted in an echo of orgasms, moans and groans.

Their rhythms slowed then stopped. Ares withdrew himself from Borias and from Enyo. The warlord rolled off his goddess onto his back in the pile of furs. Swiftly Ares was down on him, licking the tasty mixture of Enyo and Borias from the warlord.

Enyo watched the two, aroused again at the sight. Soon she realized they had forgotten all about her as they entangled themselves together. Wrapping herself in a fur, she left the lovers to do as they pleased, knowing her plan had failed. She stepped closer to the fire for no other reason than to watch it burn and hoping it would burn some of her frustration with it.


Enyo looked around the darkness of night. "Strife?"

The godling appeared on the other side of the fire. "I swear, I gave Xena the dream! I even saw her leave to come here."

Enyo raised her hand to silence him. "It wasn't your fault. Ares got to her."

"How do you know?"

The goddess pointed to the tent. The soft moans and grunts of the lovers could be heard over the dying fire.

"Oh. Bummer" Strife crinkled his nose. He tried to peer inside the tent as he strolled over to Enyo. He wrapped his arms around her and the fur. "So you're not mad at me?"

"No, Strife. I'm not. Just at myself for thinking Ares wouldn't notice what I was doing."

"Let's go back to your place," he whispered to her ear. "I'll make you forget."

Enyo turned in Strife's arms with a grin and dropped the fur. "Make me forget what?"

"Exactly." His eyes twinkled with excitement and the yearning tugged at his groin. He reached down between her legs and the two disappeared in a flash of light.