A Letter from Ares
By Amoreena
There was a light wind blowing the soft blonde curls as he lay on the beach, the heat of the sun warming his naked, glistening body from head to toe.  Apollo lay languishing in the hot sand, the perfect lines of his naked body on display for all the world to worship.  His ass raised slightly from the soft carpet of fine sand beneath him.  His breathing even and steady, the muscles in his back, legs and arms rippling as he moved slightly.

Slowly, Apollo turned on his side; lowering his hand to his groin he began to stoke his burgeoning cock.  Soon he moved onto his back to give himself greater access and moveability.  Pumping his cock furiously, groaning loudly at the pleasure surging throughout him, hips thrusting madly, his orgasm exploded through him sending shudders careening through his body as he came.  Semen shooting up in strings and showering gracefully over the God's body as it fell back to earth. Relaxing, he lay there sedately, hands now behind his head; his long lean body covered in semen and rivulets of sweat from the combined heat of the sun and the heat of his passion.

Apollo didn't know what hit him.  He felt large, strong hands groping at him as he was unceremoniously lifted and deposited back on the sand on his stomach.   He couldn't move; the weight on his back was keeping him immobile.  He had been mounted; someone was sitting straddled across his ass, their cock rubbing against his back as they leaned over him.  Apollo ground his cock  into the soft sand under him as he tried to shift his position.  He felt nimble fingers as they began to explore the exposed surfaces of his body.  A tongue, licking a path up his spine, leaving a cool wet streak as it progressed up toward his neck. Fiery hot breath on his neck, soft wet lips kissing just beneath his ear driving him to distraction, one sigh in his ear and he thought he would lose it.  When the fingers once again started to fly with agility all over his aching body he once more started to grind his pelvis into the sand.

He was hot, in more ways than one, he wanted release and he wanted it now.  Apollo moaned loudly as he felt the fingers reach his ass and start to probe.  Suddenly the weight was gone and Apollo found he could move.  He got to his knees and bent forward allowing access to whoever was behind him.  A hand reached around and began stroking his throbbing cock, thrusting his hips he came into contact with the huge, hot cock that was poised to enter his ass.

Apollo moaned in delight as the thick cock finally entered him and began thrusting faster and faster.  Bucking his hips, he forced the great length of the cock in as deeply as it would go and let out a blood curdling scream as it pounded repeatedly into his ass.

His cock was slick and the hand slid easily up and down over it.  The dual sensation of being fucked and jerked at the same time was too much for him and he came, shuddering, his seed shooting wildly into the sand beneath them.

He was still being fucked and the thrusting was now starting to intensify; long, hard, deep strokes, as the enormous cock continually plunged into his passage.  The thrusting suddenly turned jerky and sporadic as the body on him neared its orgasm.  Gripping his waist, with one last ruthless thrust, his lover came, shooting his hot seed deep within Apollo's ass.

The God of War had appeared on the beach and sat watching his brother pleasuring himself.  He was far enough away, and Apollo, so engrossed in himself that he didn't notice he was being watched.  Ares had to admit his irritating brother was a sight to behold.  His lean, golden body was as sculptured as his own and he suddenly found he desired it.   The heat of the early afternoon sun beating on his already hot body made the decision easy.   He was going to have some fun at his brother's expense.

Ares moved away from Apollo and slapped his naked ass hard.  "Not bad Golden Boy, not bad at all."

Turning, Apollo looked at his brother and said, "You just couldn't resist could you?  I knew you were there, watching, wanting me.  The lightness and the darkness, opposites do attract don't they?  We'll have to do this again soon.  You're a good fuck Ares."

"You're on, I love a good fuck as much as the next God and I must admit, you aren't too bad yourself brother," he said as he vanished in a puff of blue smoke.