Part 1
She found her days to be full and her new life to be
very fulfilling. Between caring for Arianna and Ares
she had little time to dwell on what might have been.
She was truly content, (for the first time that she
could remember), spending her days like that of any
other typical woman of the time, catering to the
wishes and desires of the men and their children. She
made sure Ares never regretted his decision to bring
Arianna here to live with them.

She was a happy baby and the bond shared between the
three of them was growing stronger. Everything seemed
perfect. Maybe too perfect. There had been no sign
that the Ares of the future (we will call him Ares2
from now on) had been around. Ares had apprised
everyone of the situation and they were all biding
their time waiting, for they all knew it was just a
matter of time before he made his attempt to take
Arianna back.

Hercules hadn't been back since he had brought Arianna
to Ares. Amoreena was worried that Ares2 had done
something to him for his part in all that had
happened. Ares couldn't disagree with her, knowing the
animosity between them. He feared she was correct in
her assumptions, although he didn't think Ares2 had
physically hurt Hercules, just restrained him somehow.
There had never been any love lost between the
brothers and Ares had done many things through the
years to show Hercules just how much he cared. The
fights they had had were legendary. Although it seemed
that Hercules bested Ares at every turn, the War God
could have crushed Hercules like a bug if he had
desired it. The main reason he chose not to, of
course, was Zeus' protection order. But there were
others. Ares enjoyed the battles with his brother -
although you'd never hear him admit it. Hercules
always gave him a good fight, it was just too bad he
was such a do-gooder. He could have gone places. Under
Ares tutelage he could have been a great warlord,
leading Ares army.

From what Ares knew of the future, Hercules had
managed to become a God. Ares knew how strong he had been as a demigod, and, given the extra powers he
would now possess as a full God, he doubted there was
too much that Ares2 could do to him, other than make
his Godly life difficult. After all this time, Zeus
still upheld the "No God can kill another God" rule,
and, if the truth be told, Ares (both of them) was to
much of a coward to risk trying it. So, he was fairly
certain that good ol' Herc was still in the land of
the living - he just had to find a way to convince
Amoreena of that.

Ares was the God of War and he had a job to do. He
hadn't told Amoreena yet, but he would soon be leaving
to oversee a war that was about to begin and could
very well turn into a long and drawn out affair. The
two factions had been enemies for many years but had
been living in relative harmony. Now one side accused
the other of encroaching on their land and all hope of
peace was quickly fading. Ares needed a good war and
this had the makings of a great one. He decided he
needed to be there personally to guide things along in
the right direction. It had been quite a while since
his last great battle, and just the thought of all the
fighting, blood, death and mayhem that was to come,
was bringing out his battle lust - it was giving him a
hard-on. He always got excited at the thought of
carnage, and it had been too long between wars for his

He was in his throne room, reclining casually on his
throne, one leg draped over the arm, the other in
front of him. He was hot just thinking about the
coming battle. He needed release and he needed it now.

He called for Amoreena, his voice thundering
throughout the temple. She heard him at once and
hurried to see what he wanted. Everyone else kept on
going about their business as usual. It was as if they
all expected such behaviour from the God. They all
knew that when Ares called, you had better be home.
This God wouldn't ask twice.

She found him sprawled lazily on his throne. As she
neared him she noticed he looked different. There was
something intoxicating about him - he was oozing
pheromones. He looked so erotic sitting there on his
throne that Amoreena knew instantly why she had been
summoned; there was no mistaking it. The look of raw
lust in his eyes scared her for a moment. Looking him
over, she couldn't help but notice the way the leather
was stretched to its limit over the enormous bulge in
his pants. She had trouble concentrating on anything
else. She couldn't keep her eyes from wandering to the
tight leather. Ares shifted, and she thought the
leather would give out if it had to stretch any
further. He just sat there not saying anything. He
didn't have to, his body was speaking loud and clear.

Amoreena knew what he wanted and slowly, very slowly,
she edged her way over to him. She leaned over careful
not to let any part of her touch him. Placing one hand
on either arm of the throne she just leaned there
looking into his eyes. Her breasts were close enough
to him that she could feel his warm breath on them.
Their eyes were locked together, and she gently kissed
his lips, then moved away. He reached out, but she had
moved out of his grasp. Their eyes still locked
together, she slowly backed away. Ares sprang out of
his throne without warning and grabbed her, forcefully
pulling her to him. He held her close, rubbing himself
against her, bringing her face to his, kissing her
roughly. She had never seen Ares like this before and
it excited her. He was pushing her across the room
toward the altar. He lowered his mouth to her neck and
licked it, then began to suck and kiss it. His hands
were roaming her body, stopping at her breasts, and he
forced his hand beneath the light material covering
her ample cleavage. He cupped her breast, squeezing
it, then removing it from its confines, lowering his
mouth to taste her. He took her nipple into his mouth
and rolled his tongue over it, giving it a little nip.
Amoreena moaned and arched her back, forcing her
breast against his lips. Ares smiled and forced his
knee between her legs. He pushed her up against the
altar and reached down, lifting her, and sitting her
atop it. He placed her legs on either side of him and
raised her skirt.

She leaned back and Ares moved his hand between her
legs, removing her undergarment without a thought. He
spread her lips with his fingers and thrust one
inside. She gasped and reached to him pulling his face
back to hers and began to kiss him. Ares pushed her
onto the altar, lowering himself between her parted
thighs, until his mouth made contact. He ran his
tongue along the length of her slit, inserted another
finger and began pumping in and out. His mouth found
her clit and he started to suck it, pulling it, taking
it between his teeth. Amoreena thrust her hips against
his mouth in response, and he felt himself getting
harder, while sucking on her clit.

He rose and removed their clothes with a flick of his
wrist. He had moved himself so that she could take him
into her mouth. She licked along the length of his
shaft and then back up the other side stopping to take
the head between her lips. She sucked and licked and
pumped him with her hand until he pulled himself away.
He positioned himself between her legs once again and
with one brutal thrust he entered her completely. Ares
was thrusting with all his might, the force of each
thrust smacking her ass against the altar, kneading
her breasts as he pumped into her. He moved one hand
back between her legs and began to rub his fingers
hard against her clit. Amoreena was thrusting her hips
to meet his and she screamed out his name in ecstasy
as she came. He grunted and pulled himself nearly all
the way out only to plunge forcefully back in as he
came along with her.

She threw her arms around his neck and kissed him
deeply. She went to sit up but found it painful. Ares
had never been so rough with her during sex before.
She felt like her ass was on fire and she was sore
from the friction and the sheer size of him. Ares
reached down and touched her between the legs and she
jumped ever so slightly. He inserted two fingers and
she could feel a slight tingling sensation, when the
tingling stopped, the pain was gone.

Ares still had her on the altar, just looking at her
naked form and touching her had him rising to the
occasion again. He kissed her and without warning he
plunged his engorged organ back inside her. This time
he was more sedate; he rode her slowly, taking his
time, pacing himself. He wanted to see how long before
she couldn't take any more and begged him for release.
He was teasing her - he would get her to within
seconds of release then he would stop - waiting for
her to come down a little and then taking her up even
higher the next time. Ares kept this up until she
couldn't take it anymore - she tried to use her own
hand but he stopped her. He wanted her to beg him for
release - he wanted to be the one to take her over the
edge. Just when she thought she couldn't survive any
longer, Ares touched her clit and sent her over the
edge. She screamed and arched her back, wanting him to
stroke harder and deeper, moaning and panting and
tears of joy soaking her face. Ares kissed the tears
away and after he came he just lay upon her, keeping
himself within her tight passage. Amoreena ran her
fingers through his damp hair and kissed his face
lovingly. "What was all that about?" she asked him.

"War," he answered. "I've got to go to work. There's a
war to start and I've got to be there." He kissed her.
"I was just saying goodbye. I'll be gone for a while
and I wanted to make sure you had a proper goodbye."
He finally pulled himself out and moved off of her.

"Why would you need to say goodbye? Why don't you take me with you?" She kissed his lips as she asked.

"Because it's war. There will be constant fighting and
I don't want you to get hurt."

"Ares you've seen me use a sword. I'm perfectly
capable of protecting myself. I want to be there for
you. Be there when you come home after the days
battle. Look Ares, I'm not blind. I can see how it
affects you. Look at how we just spent the last couple
of hours. You took me on your altar my love. You were
so excited by the thought of the forthcoming war that
you were rabid with lust. I'd like to be there for
you. Ares, I love you, and I want to be there so that
you know you can come home and I'll be there to take
care of your lust." She held him close and cuddled
into him.

"Why would you want to be there?"

"Because I love you. I know how you are and I want to
be there for you. It will be OK. I can help out. You
know that I'm a good warrior."

"You're not getting anywhere near any fighting! You
have to think about our daughter. You need to be there
for her too. If I let you come, you have to promise me
that you'll stay out of the way. I'll not have you
putting yourself in any danger. I'll have you and
Arianna guarded whenever I'm not there to protect you
myself. Alright. I'll take you both with me. We'll
leave tomorrow, get Arianna ready. I'm not leaving
without her in case *he* shows up while we're gone,"
Ares said. He touched Amoreena's face tenderly. "I'm
glad you'll be coming."

"I love you Ares. I'll always be there for you. Never
doubt that. I know who you are and what it means. I
know how war affects you, and if it means we're going
to have repeat performances of what just happened,
baby, I'm saying, lets go to war." She kissed him
again and smiled enticingly at him.

Part 2

The room was large and had a beautiful view of the
surrounding lands from the window. The window covering
was held back on either side by a narrow length of
fabric. The room was bright, and sunlight flooded in
through the window, drenching the immense bed in a
veil of dazzling radiance.

Off in the corner, the baby's bed lay broken. It had
been thrown down with such force that there was an
indentation in the floor beneath where it lay, as it
had fallen; on its side, off kilter, the other side
hanging loose, its trestles jagged and splintered.

There was no sign of Amoreena or Arianna. The temple
was bustling with activity but there was no sign that
the God was present. People were coming and going and
it seemed everything was normal. Where were they? he
wondered to himself. It was painfully obvious that
they had been here, there were many signs announcing
the fact that both she and the child were living here.
The thought of the two of them together was
intriguing. He remembered full well what he had been
like in those days. Things were different then. Ares
was much less tolerant and always demanded obedience.
He was curious to see how she had fared with him.

He remembered this temple. Walking around he knew
where things were, everything right where it was
supposed to be. It was as if he had never left. He
wanted to find Amoreena. Someone here must know where they were. Suddenly he remembered about the war which was about to begin. He knew then that was where they would be. He had them in Thrace. They would be at the temple there. The thought excited him, he was anxious
to see how Ares was treating her. Hopefully she would
be more under control.

He missed her, and the thought of seeing her again so
soon was overwhelming. He was still seething over her
betrayal - the fact that his half-brother kept
insisting that it was all Discord's doing, had only
served to enrage him further. Hercules had been taking
things from Ares2 for centuries. Why would now be any
different.  When he first got here he had just planned
to get his daughter and leave quickly, but the more
time he spent here, the more he wanted to look in on
Amoreena. He figured that she wouldn't be too happy to
see him. He knew from Hercules that she had still not
regained her memory, and the only details that she
knew of her life, were what Hercules had been able to
tell her. That couldn't have been too much because he
wasn't aware of most things about her life with Ares2.
It would be interesting to see her again, to see how
she had fared in this ancient temple he had banished
her to.

Amoreena had Arianna in the bed with them. The child
had been having a fitful night so her mother had
brought her to their bed. The child slept with an
angelic look on her face and Ares reached over to
brush a loose strand of hair from her eyes. Arianna
woke and turned to look at him. She smiled her big
toothless smile and tried to talk.  Looking right at
Ares she said "Da Da." Ares woke Amoreena.

"Did you hear that?" he asked her.

"Hear what?" she yawned.

"Our daughter just called my Da Da!" he answered
sounding so pleased.

"She was probably just gurgling," she said smiling at
Arianna, "weren't you sweetie?"

"Da Da," Arianna repeated. Loud and clear.

Ares picked up the baby, and smiling he said, "See,
what'd I tell you. She called me Da Da. She's smart
for her age, like her father."

"Well, I'd have to agree that she certainly does take
after you in some ways, my love, that's for sure. She
has your cute nose and she's just as stubborn, for

"Stubborn? Me?" Ares asked innocently.

"Maybe I was thinking of someone else. Let me see..."
Amoreena looks at him, and pretends to think. "Nope,
she definitely gets her stubborn streak from you."

"I don't think she's that stubborn." He turned Arianna
around to face him, "Mommy thinks we're stubborn. What
do we say about that?" Ares put his ear close to
Arianna's mouth and feigned surprise. "Really, you
think we should do that?"

Amoreena sat up and turned to face Ares. "Are you two
finished? Come on Arianna, come to mommy," she reached
to take the child from Ares.

"Not so fast. We were having a father-daughter talk.
We weren't finished." He pulled Arianna back toward

Amoreena shook her head. "Oh, excuse me, My Lord, I
wouldn't presume to interrupt such an important
conversation. But when you're done
might consider tending to her other end."

Ares looked down at Arianna and smiled wickedly. He
held her out to her mother, saying, "I don't do

"I guess it would look kind of funny seeing the God of
War changing diapers. Do you think it's beneath you?"

"It's not beneath me I'm worried about, it's what's
beneath her," he said, pointing to Arianna.

Amoreena took Arianna and crossed the room to get her
daughter washed, changed and dressed. Ares joined them
at the small tub. "Here, watch this," he said. He
passed his hand over the bath and the water started
gently rolling. Arianna began to giggle and kick her

"She loves that...look," Ares said. "Just look at
her." Arianna smacked both arms into the water full
force soaking Ares. He backed away brushing water from
his vest.

Amoreena glanced over at him, "Are we still having
fun?" she asked.

"Oh Arianna, you gave daddy a bath too! Ares, you look
so cute with water dripping off your nose," she said
as she leaned over to kiss his wet nose. "She got you
good. You're soaking wet."

Ares grabbed Amoreena around the waist and pulled her
to him, enveloping her in his muscular arms. "Seems to
me I'm not the only one" he said.

She leaned into him and rested her head on his chest.
"Everything seems so perfect now. I feel like I belong
here at your side and always have. I can't imagine
being anywhere else." She reached up and put her arms
around his neck and nuzzled her face into it. He
kissed the top of her head and sighed.

"I'm glad you feel that way." He kissed her on the
lips, a long, lingering passionate exchange between
two people who seemed to genuinely care for each
other. Arianna picked that precise moment to remind
them that they were not alone. She started talking
baby talk, demanding attention. Both Ares and Amoreena
turned to face her and Ares picked up the child and
wrapped her wriggling form in a towel.

"I'll take her for a while. I'll be leaving soon so I
want to spend some time with her." Ares turned and
moved away from the bath. As he did so he dressed his
daughter and they faded from view, leaving Amoreena on
her own.

Part 3

Ares2 had been watching them for some time. He
couldn't believe his eyes. They were playing house and
she seemed to be happy and content, having a good
time. This wasn't how it was supposed to be. She was
supposed to be suffering. She was supposed to be more
submissive by now. How in Tartarus had she managed to
achieve this?

She had no idea that she was being watched. She
decided since Arianna was with Ares she would indulge
and have a bath herself. She had the bath prepared and
removed her night-gown. Ares2 sat down and watched
with renewed interest. He had forgotten how
captivating she could be. They were always hot
together, until, that is, she made the mistake of
befriending Hercules. Watching her was making him
remember just how good they were together. He still
wanted her. Even after everything, she still affected
him the same way. He hadn't come here for this, he had
come for Arianna. He should be looking for her, not
spying on Amoreena. He remembered the first time he
had ever seen her. She had been able to keep his mind
off his duties unlike anyone else. She was so
beautiful and spirited and he had wanted to possess
her. He dedicated himself to the task of seducing her
and learning whatever he could about her. Finding out
who she was turned out to be no challenge at all for a
God. But getting her to submit to him was another
story. All of a sudden his thoughts came racing back
to the present with the sound of knocking. Someone was
knocking at the door to the bedchamber.

Amoreena grabbed the towel and quickly dried off.
Stepping out of the tub she reached for her robe and
called out "Yes."

"My Lord Ares requests your attendance in the throne
room My Lady. He has demanded you attend" A
voice intoned from the other side of the door.

"Tell Lord Ares I shall be along presently." Amoreena

"Uh...My Lady...I beseech you, he was quite specific,
he said I was to escort you post haste. I would
suggest that you accompany me there now My Lady. Lord
Ares does not like to be kept waiting."

"Very well." Amoreena said. She opened the door and
saw the Priest. "Well let's not keep Lord Ares
waiting," she declared and headed for the throne room.
"What is so important that he could not wait?"

"I don't know My Lady. I'm just the messenger. Lord
Ares didn't see fit to enlighten me any further. I was
told to bring you to him and that is all I know." He
told her as he followed along quickly behind her.

When they arrived at the throne room she was about to
open the door when he reached out to stop her. "I must
announce you My Lady." he explained.

"Why? He's expecting me is he not? He knows full well
I'm coming so why bother?" she replied.

"Sorry My Lady, but Lord Ares expects all visitors to
be announced" he told her.

"Very well, announce away."

He opened the door and declared, "The Lady Amoreena,
as requested My Lord," then bowed to Ares who was
perched regally on his throne, Arianna sitting
contentedly on his lap.

"That will be all" he told the Priest.

Amoreena noticed that they weren't alone and decided
to humour him. "My Lord. You requested I attend you.
How can I be of service?" she asked him with a twinkle
in her eye.

"I just wanted to see you before I leave to remind you
to be careful. I'll be gone most of the day. Two of my
best warriors will be here to guard you." Ares
motioned to the two men standing to the left of his
throne. "This is Anthos, and this is Juris" he pointed
out the two men. Then directly to the men she said,
"Guard them well, if anything happens to them, you
will pay with your lives. Do you understand me?" he
was deathly serious in his tone and they knew he meant
every word.

"We will protect them with our lives My Lord." Anthos

"Remember, if anything happens to either one of them,
I WILL KILL YOU MYSELF. Do you understand?" Ares reiterated.

"Yes Lord Ares," they both responded at once.

Ares handed Arianna to her mother and hugged them
close. He kissed Amoreena and said "I'll see you
tonight. Be ready" and he stepped into the aether.

Ares2 stood listening outside the door. Plotting how
best to get Arianna back and trying to decide whether
or not to confront Amoreena. She looked so enticing.
She always did have that effect on him. She always had
him thinking with the lower part of his anatomy. He
wanted to grab her and ravish her right there. She
must have the same effect on the Ares of this time.
Even though he was furious with her he still wanted
her. He should have sent someone else to retrieve
Arianna. He should have stayed behind where he was
free of his inextinguishable desire for her. Seeing
her again brought all his passion to the surface. Why
did she have to do this to him and how could his body
circumvent his brain.

He was thinking again about how she had ingratiated
herself into the life of Ares in this time period. He
knew that he had been cruel and manipulative
throughout his long existence, but, he seemed to
really care for her. It didn't look as though he was
trying to manipulate her and this was causing Ares2 a
great deal of righteous indignation. There had to be a
way to deal with this. He shouldn't have sent her back
in time, he should have dealt with her in his own
time, for himself. Well, he was here now, and he'd
handle it himself, from here on in. Her days of
effrontery were over. He would see to that. She would
soon learn that he wasn't the spineless being she had
taken him for. He would show her. He would get the
respect he deserved one way or another.

Part 4

Part of the initial appeal of this whole situation to
Ares2, was the fact that if he played it right,
Amoreena wouldn't even know who he was. He could make her believe that he was the Ares of this time. It
could be very interesting indeed!

All he had to do was restrain himself for a little
while. Let himself have some fun with her before he
got his revenge. Then afterwards, he could take
Arianna back home where she belonged. With him.

It was perfect. Who better to take the place of the
God of War than the God of War. The thought was so
delicious. Who would suspect. OK. Maybe she would,
but, it would be so easy to convince people she was
just paranoid.

He needed to formulate his plan, to decide if this was
to be a one time thing, or if he needed to enlist some
aid and take Ares right out of the picture...for a
while at least. Maybe he should just give it a try and
see what happens. If everything went smoothly, then
maybe he would think about replacing Ares for a while.
Now would be a good time for a trial run since Ares
had just left.

Ares2 changed his attire to match that of his
counterpart. Looking at himself in the mirror he
decided he looked perfect. "You are divine in black
leather. She could never resist me when I wore it. The
tighter the better," he said, and adjusted the pants
so that they were skin tight. "That's better," he
said, admiring his handiwork. She'd never be able to
tell the difference. They were identical. It was time
to try it out on her.

Amoreena was still in the throne room. He appeared
right behind her, placing his arms around her. He
lowered his head to her neck and kissed it. She sighed
and reached around for his hands. "I thought you had
already left" she said.

"No. I was just about to leave now. I knew you were
still in here so I thought I would just come back for
a little...inspiration." He turned her around to face
him and brushed his lips against hers. He wanted to
take it further but knew that would cause suspicion.
So far it looked as though it was working. He just had
to remain patient. He would get everything he desired
soon enough.

"I'll see you tonight" he said, kissing her once more
before leaving.

Amoreena loved her life, and had fallen deeply in love
with Ares. She felt so safe and content when she was
with him, and he had accepted Arianna without a second
thought. He was loving and caring with them, yet she
had seen his other side; the dark side of him. He was
like a totally different entity when dealing with some

She had to keep reminding herself that he was a God,
and such a position demanded respect. She knew how he
was with her and Arianna, and he certainly treated the
other women at the temple well, showing that he
genuinely cared for them all. They had all seen his
other side. The side of him that hated, that didn't
tolerate most mortals, the side that intimidated and
mortified. Ares was a powerful being and he was not
afraid to use his powers to get what he wanted. He was
also very controlling. (deleted sentence) He did not
seem to adjust too well, the few times that she had
been told of, when he lost his powers. She also knew
there were a few people that he despised. He had no
use for his half-brother Hercules, although he had
worked well with the one from the future. She knew
well enough not to mention his name around Ares,
especially after what had happened to her before.

Amoreena had wondered to herself many times since
arriving here in this time, what would happen if the
two Ares' ever came face to face? The Ares from this
time was certain that it was a given, that they were
going to come face to face, and soon. He knew Ares2
would be coming to try to take Arianna back. They just
had to wait and see. Amoreena still had not regained
her memory but she knew it was going to be big and she
didn't want to be the one who got in their way. Ares
was strong, and with the powers they had at their
disposal, it could prove to be an earth moving

Part 5

The Beginning - Ares’ and Amoreena’s Past

He had seen her once before. She was stunning. He
couldn't get her image out of his mind, it was as if
it had been etched there. She was always with him, he
couldn't forget a face like that.

All it had taken was one glance and he was entranced.
He wanted her and deigned to discover who she was and
to possess her. He had to have her and he wouldn't
stop until she was his...completely. What Ares2 didn't
know then, was that his possession of her was going to
cost him dearly in the future.

Amoreena was very young and carefree the first time
she came into contact with the God of War. She was
innocent and he could sense that a mile away.

They were in Athens to attend a play when Ares2 spied
her from across the way. She was deep in conversation
with another woman, who Ares2 would later find to be
her mother. Her hair was of the softest shade of brown
and it was long and flowing. When the sun shone on it
the gold and red highlights shimmered as though they
were jewels. Her eyes were large, the deepest blue he
had ever seen and he felt as though he could drown in
them, they were so enchanting. She moved so
gracefully, that it almost seemed as if she were
floating on the air.

It was a few days before he saw her again. He had been
intrigued by her and set about to discover who she
was. It didn't take him long. They spoke a different
tongue. He had heard it before and had learned enough
of it himself to be able to converse in it. He had
discovered that they were mother and daughter. The
daughter lived in Greece and hadn't seen her mother
for a long time. The visits had been few and far
between. He had been interested enough to delve deeper
and was pleased with his findings. They could provide
him with a means to become more acquainted with her.
Ares2 had found that she was being raised in Greece by
friends of the mothers, being kept away from a family
that knew nothing of her existence. Her mother had
fled to Greece shortly after discovering herself to be
with child. She stayed until after the birth, and
after she was recovered, she left the child to be
raised by her trusted friends and returned home. She
had visited a few times over the years, but couldn't
risk anyone back home discovering her reason for her
trips to Greece.

Amoreena was a child of love, but it had been a
forbidden love. Her mother was a Goddess and her
father had been mortal. Her dalliances were well known
throughout her homeland but if it was learned she had
borne a half mortal child there was no telling what
would happen. Although she surrounded herself with
other women, it was perceived that she took many male
lovers. One such lover was a Greek soldier she
encountered on one of her journeys. Dareius was brave
and strong and he loved her with all his being, but,
he was still a mortal. When her parents were informed
of this fact, she had been forbidden to continue
seeing him. She loved him, but not enough to go
against her parents, so she abided by their wishes and
stopped seeing him. He headed back to Greece
heartbroken and was killed on the way back during a

She stayed home until she discovered her condition.
Fleeing to Greece, she began to look for Dareius. She
learned of his death from his best friend Perseus, who
then took her in, and along with his wife cared for
her during her pregnancy, and then agreed to raise the
child for her. Amoreena always knew they were not her
parents and that it was difficult for her mother to
come to her. So it was extra special during the
limited amount of time they did manage to spend
together. Amoreena was not told much of her family
history until much later. She didn't find out until
years later that she was descended from Gods. Once she
learned of the truth she wanted to know everything
there was to learn. Her mother decided to enlighten
her when Amoreena turned sixteen. So Amoreena learned
of her heritage, of the circumstances surrounding her
birth, and of why she lived away from her mother. She
was a wise child, and, after much thought, realized
she understood her mothers reasons for keeping her
apart from the family.

Some nights as she lay in bed, Amoreena would think
about the family she had never known. She was
descended from powerful Gods. Her mother was herself a
Goddess. The Goddess of the Moon; Arianrhod, daughter
of the great Beli Mawr and the Goddess Don. She
dreamed of one day travelling to Cymry to take her
place within this family of Gods, but knew that it
could never be. She knew that Arianrhod was afraid for
her daughters life and would not risk letting Amoreena
meet her grandparents and other relatives. It was just
too much of a risk and she wasn't willing to take it.

It was not too long after this that Amoreena first met

Part 6

The Present

Well, it had worked. Ares2 was pleased with himself.
She had had no idea that he had conned her. This was
definitely going to be fun. All he had to do was find
a way to get rid of 'Mister Personality'. There were
ways, after all, it had been done to him before. He
just had to find the right trap, then spring it on his
unsuspecting prey.

Ares2 was aware that there would be a good opportunity
coming up soon during this war. He was trying
desperately to remember the exact details, it had been
so long ago. The best way to be sure was for him to go
home and consult the hall of memories. Zeus still
keeps it up to date so it would be easy. Perfect! He
could choose the exact moment when Ares would be the
most vulnerable, catch him off guard. If he remembered
correctly, there were a few times, when he had been so
preoccupied with his half-brother, that could easily
be used to his advantage. Ares2 was gone quickly, he
wanted to get the information and be able to utilize
it soon.

He went straight to the Hall of Memories not wasting
any time. He quickly found the area he needed and
watched intently the scenes playing before him. It was
a long time ago. Things had really changed, he thought
to himself. Just thinking about how a war used to be
fought; one-on-one, hand-to-hand combat, swords drawn, daggers at the ready, he was relishing the idea of
being able to dive right into the action again. Soon,
he told himself, very soon. Then there right in front
of him was the scene he had been searching for.

Hercules and his pesky blonde sidekick had once again
thrown themselves into the midst of one of Ares2
finest moments. He had been so caught up in the battle
raging all around him that it had taken him some time
to realize that his brother - the paragon of virtue -
had arrived on the scene. It was during these initial
moments of realization when Ares2 felt he should
strike. His mind had been pulled in two different
directions and he had left himself open - if only for
a moment - but the moment would be all he needed.

Ares2 had re-watched this particular scene so many
times that it was now engraved in his mind. All he had
to do was wait, it wouldn't be long now. He just had
to take himself backward in time again and wait for
the fun to begin.

Ares was standing high up on the hill watching the
battle below with great interest. Things were going
well...better than he could have hoped for. Then in a
matter of minutes things changed. His army had been
winning - the battle progressing in their favour - and
now, it was changing. They were being pushed back,
forced to withdraw. Ares blood began to boil and he
brought himself - sword drawn - into the midst of the
fighting. He appeared in front of a small and rather
timid boy of maybe 14 or 15. He had skewered him upon
his sword before he realized that he was but a child.
The boy clutched at his wounded chest, and, as Ares
withdrew the crimson tainted blade, the boy sank to
the ground as his knees gave way beneath him.

"Well, well, isn't this a sight to behold. The mighty
God of War killing children. So Ares, I see you've
added the slaughter of innocent children to your long
diabolical list of accomplishments." Hercules had
appeared to the left of Ares and couldn't do anything
but watch as the child sank to his knees before the
War God.

Ares looked at his brother with loathing "I DO NOT
JUSTIFY MY ACTIONS TO ANYONE, LEAST OF ALL YOU!" he said and thrust his sword in the direction of Hercules. The brothers fought with gusto. Hercules
looked at the form of the small boy - just for an
instant - but that was all the time Ares needed. He
kicked out at the demi-god, connecting just above the
ribs, the force sending him careening backwards,
knocking down the men in his way like sticks. Hercules
was only winded, and he rose and began to head back
towards Ares.

Ares stood revelling in the fact that he had finally
pulled one over on his goody-goody brother. He was so
busy congratulating himself that he never felt the
dispensation of air as Ares2 appeared to his side.
With one swift movement the sword was removed from his grasp and was held firmly in the clutches of...HIM!

"You" he said.

Ares2 smiled his evil smile and admired the sword.
"You've been expecting me?"

"I knew you'd come. I just didn't know when." Ares
told him.

"Hmm, well now you know" he stepped forward and
touched the sword gently against Ares chest. "So, you
knew I would be coming. I'm touched." Ares2 said, all
the while scrutinizing the carnage all around them.

"Of course we knew. We've been waiting for you to try
something." Ares said, he tried to move away from the
point of the sword but Ares2 wouldn't allow it.

"tut, tut, tut, I'm not done with you yet," Ares2
grinned. "My, my, we are anxious aren't we?"

"What do you want? Why come out here to the
battlefield? You won't find what you're looking for
out here!" Ares trailed his hand through the air
encompassing the area all around him for effect.

"Maybe, maybe not. Maybe what I came for is right in
front of me." Ares2 said and jabbed the sword harder
into Ares chest. A small bead of blood appeared just
above the tip.

"Oh dear!" Ares2 said with mock indignation. "It seems
you're bleeding. How ever can that be? Gods *don't*
bleed." he taunted. He then pulled the sword back and
tossed it lightly from one hand to the other. He
brought it slowly up to his lips and licked the blood
off it. "Umm." He said, then kissed the blade,
savouring the moment. He looked straight into Ares
eyes and the whole valley began to shake with his evil
laughter. "Have I got a surprise for you!" he
announced. He grasped Ares arm and the two of them

Across the field, still near where Ares had kicked
him, stood Hercules. He had just witnessed something
he found hard to believe. There had been two of them.
As if one wasn't bad enough! He knew something wasn't
right. The second Ares had taken the sword off the
first and had then held it against his chest. When he
heard that sinister laugh - the one he had heard so
many times in the past - he knew something was very
wrong. Then they had both disappeared. He feared the
worst. He and Ares had never even come close to being
friends and the thought of suddenly having two of them
to deal with caused him major concern. He had always
had enough trouble dealing with one Ares, he didn't
even want to think of what trouble two could

The two Ares reappeared in a cave some distance away
from the fighting. Ares2 had Ares backed into the
wall, he was holding a long linked chain in his hands.
Ares looked around the cave taking in everything his
eyes came into contact with.

"What are we doing here?" he asked.

Ares2 turned to walk away, then suddenly faced Ares
again. "What are we doing here you ask? Well, my
friend, let me tell you a little story. First, where
should I begin, hmm."  He rolled his eyes, then sucked
his cheeks in one at a time, right one first, then the
left, then shook his head.

"I assume that by now, you've heard the whole sordid
tale - the Hercules version - not quite the whole
truth, I can assure you. So you know that they had
been shall I put this...oh yeah, an
intimate <Friendship>. I don't know when they first
became lovers but they did. One afternoon I came home
early unexpectedly only to find them in *my* bed. Of
course later, Mister Muscle tries his damndest to
convince me that it hadn't been my wife with him, but
my sister - someone he has hated his whole miserable
life. I went to Amoreena to try to get to the bottom
of it, but she played me for a fool again - pretending
she knew nothing of what I was talking about. So I
ended up accosting Discord. She may be a lot of
things, my younger sister, but she would never do
something like this to me. Besides, she had a very
convincing alibi. So much for trusting my wife. So,
after some mindful thinking I decided to send her
here, to this time period, so you could teach her what
it meant to belong to the God of War. Little did I
know that she would be able to pull the wool over your
eyes so damn easily! I arrive to get my daughter back
and what do I discover? You two have set up house
together. You treat MY daughter as your own and you
FUCK my wife! Nice touch. I've got to hand it to you.
I was always fast with the ladies, but you sure didn't
waste any time. By the way, just how long did you have
to wait before you slept with her?" He paused, letting
this information sink in, and continued. "So, getting
back to why we are here. You see, I stopped in to
visit Amoreena earlier today. She was so happy to see
me - of course she thought I was you - I didn't want
to ruin the moment so I played along. She was
so...receptive. It was so hard to pull myself away,
but I had to. I had to come and find you. You see
where I'm going with this?" Ares2 stopped to watch
Ares reaction. "No. Well I'll be happy to tell you. I
figured what better way to have my revenge than to do
it myself. She is so trusting of you right now. So I
thought...why not become him...just for a little
while...just long enough to teach her that she belongs
to the God of War and he doesn't like being FUCKED

Ares thrashed out at Ares2 but was too slow to make
contact. Ares2 just stood back and laughed. "Don't
worry. You can have her back when I'm done with her,"
he said, laughing his evil laugh again.

"You are crazy if you think this will work. What do
you propose to do with me? We are Gods you know," Ares said.

"Well, I'm a God", he flashed the sword in front of
them, "but without this" he held it up in front of
Ares face for effect, "you're more mortal than God.
You couldn't have forgotten that little fact already
could you? Oh come now - its been much longer for me
and I've never forgotten. I personally never let it
out of my sight." He walked around the cave and came
to stop in front of a large hole in the outer wall of
the cave. "Well, this is not good." He waved his hand
across the open space and before Ares could move, it
was sealed tight. "Oh well, I guess you'll just have
to stay put until I see fit to release you."

Ares came charging at Ares2 and kicked him much as he
had done to Hercules a short time ago. Ares2 was not
ready for the surprise attack and he went flying,
hitting the cave wall full force. He fell to the floor
and raised his hand to blast Ares. The lightning blast
struck just to the left of his last position as he
rolled out of its way. Ares2 lunged toward him
throwing another warning bolt to get his attention.
"If you can behave yourself, I won't chain to the
wall. One stupid move and you'll be sorry," he picked
up the chain and thrust it in Ares direction. " Just
so you know - there is no way out of here unless I let
you out. So don't expend too much of your energy
trying to find an exit. Just relax...and make yourself
at home, you'll be here a while. You'll have to excuse
me right now. I have to go home to my wife and
daughter. Don't worry about her Ares, she'll enjoy
most of what I've got planned for her. I'll be back to
check in on you tomorrow." Ares2 was gone in a burst
of blue light. He hadn't been gone all that long when
he reappeared. "Oh yea, I nearly forgot. You're mortal
right now, you'll need provisions," he waved his hand
and a large supply of food, drink and other items
appeared in the cave. "I don't want you to be too
uncomfortable, after all, its not you I'm really
pissed with. Anything you want me to tell her for
you?" he asked.

'FUCK YOU' was all the response he got.

"Oh, don't worry, she will. I'll tell her you said
so!" Laughing, Ares2 once again stepped into the

"Damn you. You better be gone back to that gods
forsaken fucked up place you crawled out of when I get
out of here. You dumb fuck! Just wait till I get my
hands on you! You'll rue the day you decided to stick
me in a cave." Ares roared. He was pacing around
inside the cave like a caged lion. "Do you hear me
ASSHOLE! You better keep looking over your shoulder
once I'm outta here, cause I'm gonna send you back to
where you came from in a box. Are you listening to me?
I know you can still hear me you twisted jackass."
Ares raged. He finally leaned up against the wall of
the cave and slid down until he was sitting. He just
sat there quietly for a while, letting the whole
episode sink in. "This is great. Just FUCKIN' GREAT!"
he said to the air. "How in Tartarus did I let this
happen. I've got to get my sword back. Stupid Fuck. Oh
Zeus help me I'm gonna kick his godly ass from here to
Britannia. They think I'm bad now, well I wonder what
they'll think of him - Psycho God from the future. Oh
shit, they'll think he's me. They're gonna think I've
lost it. Great. I'm stuck in a FUCKIN CAVE while he's
out there parading around as me in my domain with my
people. Okay, okay, stop it. Just relax. Calm down
Ares." He stretches his legs and takes a really deep
breath. "Ok, I'm calm now...I have to think
straight...I need to have a're calm
now Ares...thats right...breath...easy...I'm gonna
KILL THAT STUPID FUCK WHEN I GET MY HANDS ON HIM!!!...Okay, that felt good. I'm really calm now.

Part 7

The Beginning

Amoreena enjoyed the time she spent with her mother
immensely. The older she got, the closer they became.
Arianrhod had arrived weeks ago and still planned to
stay a few more. She was becoming more concerned with
her daughter. Amoreena was a young woman now and she
was beautiful. Arianrhod was worried about leaving
her, afraid of what could happen. She had spoken to
Perseus about it and he had given her a suggestion. It
had surprised her at first, but he made a good case
for it.

Being a warrior he was loyal to The God of War - Ares.
He explained to Arianrhod that he believed that Ares
could be the best choice to take over the care of
Amoreena. Who better than the God of War to protect a
young impressionable girl? At first she didn't think
it even warranted a thought, but the more he went on
about it, the more she began to warm to the idea.
Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. But why would the God
of War even consider this. Perseus explained further;
one day not to long ago, he had gone to Ares' temple
to pray about this very issue, the God had appeared to
him and suggested that he be the one to take up her
guardianship. Perseus had promised to bring the
suggestion to the girls mother, so here he was.

Perseus *had* been at Ares temple one day, and the God
*had* appeared to him - just not the way he had told
Arianrhod. Ares was interested in the girl. He had
questioned Perseus relentlessly about her, then
continued to question him about his own health. He
told Perseus that he was concerned that he was frail
and questioned his ability to protect the girl. He
suggested that it might be beneficial to him, if she
were to come to the temple where she would fall under
his protection, then Perseus would not have to concern
himself with her well being any longer.

Ares connived and manipulated Perseus until he had him
right where he wanted him.  He had succeeded in
convincing him that his health could continue to
deteriorate if he did not do what the God wanted.
Perseus, being faithful to Ares, could not resist the
God, so he readily agreed to speak to her mother about
the offer of guardianship that Ares had made for

Perseus wasn't sure how Arianrhod was going to react
to his suggestion. She knew of his devotion to Ares
and had never once questioned it. Ares was his God and
she had accepted that. He had no knowledge of her
feelings toward Ares, or even if she had any. They had
never had cause to discuss her feelings towards other
Gods and Goddesses. So he brought up the guardianship
when the chance presented itself.

Arianrhod had listened to all he had to say on the
subject. She had never thought of entrusting the care
of Amoreena to anyone other than Perseus. He did make
some good arguments in favour of the War God. She had
never even seen Ares before and was not about to hand
her daughter over to a complete stranger, God or no
God. She wanted to meet this Greek God of War for
herself, to form her own opinion of him before making
her decision.

Perseus made the arrangements for the two deities to
meet. She was to visit Ares at his temple. That way
she could see for herself just where her daughter
would be living if she agreed to allow Ares to become
her guardian.

She found his temple to be dark and cold. There was a
certain frigidness that permeated throughout its
halls. It was so unlike any temple she had ever seen
before. He was waiting for her in his throne room and
as she entered he straightened himself in his throne.
He had been lounging in it as was his custom, leg
sprawled nonchalantly over the arm, his head resting
against the back.

'He looks every bit the mischievous child', she
thought to herself while looking at him. It seemed to
her that he was deep in thought, maybe planning his
next great coup. He greeted her politely enough and in
her own tongue. He was very clever this Greek God. She
could sense his great powers and was wishing fervently
that her own powers not be in this weakened state. If
he had ulterior motives, there would not be too much
she could do to stop him.

Ares got right down to business - not one to mince
words - he got right to the point. He told her that he
knew the story of Amoreena's birth and the reason she
had been hidden away in Greece. He explained that he
understood her reasoning, him being a father himself.
He assured her that he would have done the same thing
had he found himself in similar circumstances. He
continued telling her things he thought she would want
to hear - including how concerned he was for the
well-being and safety of her daughter. He continued
about how important he felt it was for a young woman
of Amoreena's age not to be allowed to follow the
wrong path, or to carelessly allow herself to be
charmed by young men with one thing on their minds.

'Oh, this guy is good!' Arianrhod thought to herself.
'He must think me to be an idiot'. She studied Ares
without saying a word, just letting him continue with
his prattling. She wondered why he was trying so hard
to win her favour.

"Ares" she said to him, "I have but one question."

"What?" he replied.

"Why do you try so hard to convince me to let my
daughter come to you for protection? You are the God
of War, do you not have enough responsibility already
without taking on the added burden of guardianship?"

"Arianrhod, please let me do this. I want to be of
help to you. I would consider it a great honour if you
would let me take care of Amoreena for you." He smiled
his most enchanting smile for her benefit.

"Amoreena is a very wise young woman. And that is
where my main concern lies. She is still very young.
Sixteen years in the life of an immortal is nothing.
To me she is still a child. If I do agree to your very
generous offer, I will fully expect to extract your
promise that you will personally see to it that no
harm comes to her, either physically or mentally - and
further - that you yourself will not take advantage of

"I'm hurt you would think I would take advantage of a
child." he said to her, looking sad.

 "Ares, I'm sorry, but this is my daughter we are
speaking of. She means everything to me and I do not
want anything to happen to her. Do I make myself
clear?" she questioned him.

"Loud and clear." he responded.

"If you agree to my conditions, I will agree to try it
out." She informed him.

He didn't say anything for a long time, he just seemed
to be thinking it over. Could he agree to her terms?
Well, it wouldn't be forever, now would it, and he was
only agreeing that he wouldn't try to seduce her - she
never mentioned that he couldn't take what was offered
to him now - did she? He had a way with women and he
figured that it wouldn't be too long before he had
Amoreena begging him to come to her bed. So, he
readily agreed to Arianrhod's terms.

They agreed that Amoreena would take up residence at
the temple by the end of the week, that she would stay
for three months until her mother returned. They would
then reconsider their options. If things seemed to be
working out Amoreena would remain on indefinitely. If
things had not worked out so well, Amoreena would
return to Perseus' home.

Arianrhod left the temple and returned to the home of
Perseus to advise her daughter of the new plans she
had made. Amoreena was not in the least bit amused
when told of her new living arrangements. She couldn't
believe that her mother would have agreed to send her
to live with someone as lecherous as Ares. She had
never met the God but had certainly heard rumours
about him. His reputation preceded him. She wondered
just what he had done to her mother to make her agree
to trust him with her daughter.

Part 8

The Present

Ares2 arrived at the temple shortly after listening to
his captives tirade. Ares wasn't happy in his
confinement and was threatening to get even - but he
had to get out first.

Ares2 made his way to their bedchamber where he knew
she would be eagerly awaiting his return.

Amoreena was patiently waiting for Ares. She knew he
would come straight here looking for her. He got so
excited after a day on the battlefield. She would be
ready for him. She had lit the candles throughout the
bedchamber for ambience. She had just had a nice hot
scented bath and had oils and creams brought in to aid
in her foreplay. She planned to give Ares a massage he
wouldn't soon forget. She walked around the room one
last time surveying her handiwork, making sure
everything was perfect.

Amoreena was reclining on the bed when Ares2 appeared.She went to get up to greet him.

"Uh, Uh, Uh," he shook his finger at her. "I never
gave you permission to move, did I?" he said
seductively. He moved closer to the bed and put his
hand on her chest and with one quick movement, shoved
down upon it. He quickly got on top of her and kissed
her passionately. He let his weight pin her beneath
him as he ravished her mouth. He sucked her bottom lip
into his mouth and bit down on it drawing blood. She
cringed against him in pain.

"Ares, take it easy, that hurt." she said. she tried
to move her hand to wipe away the blood, but Ares2
wouldn't let her. He pinned both of her hands to the
bed with his own. "Ares, you're hurting me again."

He ignored her protests and continued on his mission.
He released her hands and their clothes vanished soon
after. Ares2 forced his knee between her legs and
quickly positioned himself for entry. He savagely
plunged his engorged organ into her unprepared
passage. She screamed out in agony and racked her
nails down his back in protest. She felt as though he
were tearing her apart. Ares was enormous and he
hadn't given her body the time it needed to adjust to
his penetration. He was brutally thrusting into her
without any concern for her feelings. When she tried
to speak he covered her mouth with his and kissed her
roughly to quiet her. He continued his heated assault
on her body until he was fully sated and had filled
her with his seed. He kept himself within her and
tenderly kissed her lips, bringing his hands to her
face he gently caressed it as he kissed her.

"Oh, baby, I really needed that. You're amazing, you
know that," he kissed her again and noticed the tears
in her eyes. He wiped the tears away and smiled into
her blue eyes. "Was it good for you too? Oh, by Zeus
you felt so tight I couldn't help myself." He kissed
her passionately again, finally pulling himself out
and rolling off of her to lay on his side beside her.
She was surprised by his fierceness, although she had
known that battles excited him, she had not expected
this. It was so one-sided. He was so quick, only
interested in satisfying himself. This was so unlike
the Ares she had come to know. She put it down to
battle lust, after all they had spoken about it and
she had been expecting him to be horny, but this was
going a bit to far.

"No Ares, it wasn't good for me. I told you you were
hurting me," she told him.

He reached over and brushed her hair from her eyes. "I
guess I kinda got carried away."

"I guess you did. You ruined all my plans. I had plans
for you and you came charging in here and took over. I
wanted it to be a special time for us. I wanted to
please you, I was going to give you a massage. Make
you forget all about the war and concentrate on me."

Ares2 pulled her to him and held her close. He kissed
her tenderly and said, "I'll try to remember to be
more careful next time."

She lay in his arms quietly reflecting on the scene
that had just played itself out. She was still sore
and wondered why he hadn't stopped the pain as he
usually did if he caused any. She wasn't about to ask
him. She closed her eyes and tried to sleep,
eventually succeeding.

Ares2 lay basking in the afterglow. He was pleased
with the outcome of this first attempt at revenge. He
would continue his assault, all the while using battle
lust as a convenient cover. He was so pleased with his
efforts that he was nearly purring. He watched her
sleeping within his arms anxiously awaiting his next
turn at revenge.

Part 9

The Beginning

Amoreena arrived at the temple in the early evening.
She was still not pleased and had made her feelings
perfectly clear, but, she was at the temple and might
as well make the most of it.

She entered the main doors and was greeted by Ares

"Welcome Amoreena. I'm glad you're here. Come on in,
I'll show you around." Ares started to move in to the
temple, followed cautiously by Amoreena.

She moved slowly, trying to keep as much distance
between them as possible, yet staying close enough not
to get lost.

"You'll be safe here. I'm going to take special care
of you. You can wander the temple at you leisure but
if you want to go out, I would like to be informed
before you leave," he smiled a fatherly smile at her.

"So, I'm under house arrest. Where's my room, in the
dungeon? I presume you do have one." Amoreena asked
dripping with sarcasm.

"No, I would just like to know where you are. If
you're going out I'd like to know in case something
happens." he replied.

"I though you were a god. Don't you have the ability
to sense where a person is, its called God sense isn't
it? Or are you Greek Gods just pretty window
dressing?" Amoreena couldn't help being a bit snippy
under the circumstances.

"You know I can. You know full well just what a god
can do." Ares told her.

"That's what I'm afraid of," she muttered to herself.

"Excuse me?" Ares intoned.

"Nothing. I was just talking to myself."

"Come on, I'll show you to your room. I've put you in
a new section, you'll have privacy there." He walked
to her and took her hand in his and they both
vanished. They reappeared almost instantly in a
corridor. Ares opened the door to her room and ushered
her in.

"You should be comfortable here. If there is anything
you find that you need, all you have to do is ask. I
want you to feel safe here. Think of it as your home."
Ares said in the most fatherly voice he could manage.

Amoreena entered her bedroom and was amazed. He had
somehow managed to create an almost exact duplicate of
the room she had always dreamed of. She found it
particularly unnerving because she had never told
anyone about it. The room was all done in satin, silk
and lace and looked more like something you would find
in Aphrodites' temple certainly not Ares'.

"I take it by the expression on that pretty face that
you approve." Ares grinned.

"It's beautiful. I've always dreamed of a room just
like this one. How could you have known? I never
mentioned it to anyone including my mother." She was
wandering around in the room loving it. "Why? Why go
to all this trouble for me?" she questioned.

"I just thought it might make you happy, having
'girlie stuff'. I want you to be happy here, I want
you to feel safe and I want you to want to be here."
He reached for her hand. "Try to believe me, I'm doing
this for you."

Amoreena looked around the room as Ares held her hand. "It is beautiful. Why are you so concerned with making me happy. Why do you even care? You know nothing of me." she said.

"I know more than you think. Like you said before, I
am a God. Besides, I promised your mother I'd treat
you like family," he said to her.

Amoreena just looked at him like he had said something
in a foreign tongue. "You said that to my mother, that
you would treat me like family?" she asked.

"Of course. I let her know I'd think of you as one of
my own family," he answered.

"And she still agreed? Oh my. I guess my mother hasn't
heard about you Greek Gods and your families."
Amoreena told him.

Ares looked amused. "What have you heard?" he asked, a big grin gracing his handsome face.

Amoreena couldn't help but notice how good looking her
new guardian was. He seemed to be going out of his way
to be pleasant to her so she didn't want to push him
too far or offend him on her first day here, but he
was expecting an answer. "Just what everyone knows
really. About how 'close' your family really is.
Aren't your parents brother and sister?" she finally

"So. Do you have a point you're trying to make here?"
Ares asked.

"Well, which part of your family do I fall into?
Daughter?" she questioned.

"Uh, I don't think so" he replied.

"Oh, I get it." Amoreena said.

"Get what?"

Amoreena gigged. "You want to consider me as you would a sister, right?"

"So, what's wrong with that. I look out for all my
sisters!" he said defensively.

"Well Mister God of War, Sir, I can promise you that
if you attempt to treat me like one of your sisters,
my mother will not be pleased."

Ares was enjoying this.He actually had her talking and
she was having fun with him. She could have come right
out and said what she meant, but, she was teasing him
and he loved it. She was flirting with him. He was
well pleased with the direction this had progressed
in. He felt he was on the right track. Keep this up
and he'd be in that bed with her sooner than he
thought. "What are you saying my dear, don't you like
the way I treat my siblings? Are you trying to tell me

"It's just that I've heard about you and two of your

"You have, have you. And what exactly do you think you
heard?" he quizzed.

"You know perfectly well. Why make me repeat it." She
turned away from him.

"Because I desire it and it embarrasses you."

"Well I'm not wasting my breath to please you. You
already know anyway."

"Say it."

"No!" Amoreena said and then went to leave the room.

"I didn't say that you could leave!" Ares said as he
grabbed her by the arm. "One thing you are going to
have to learn is respect. You don't leave my presence
without my permission. Remember that in the future!"
Ares said forcefully. He stood for a lot of things but
she was beginning to irritate him now.

"Touchy, aren't we," she flung back at him.

"Enough of the games for now. Get yourself settled.
I'll come back for you when you have had a chance to
reflect on your behaviour. I have killed people for
less insolence than this, so consider yourself very
lucky." Ares said as he stepped into the aether.

"No wonder he put me in a section of the temple that's
so deserted. No one will hear me scream when he
tortures me later for my insolence." Amoreena giggled
out loud. "Oh, behave yourself. You're going to end up
getting the God of War mad at you and that really
wouldn't be a good thing. Maybe it won't be so bad
here after all, he is kinda cute." Amoreena said to
herself as she plopped herself among the soft and
fluffy pillows on her bed. She rested her head on one
of them and sighed. "This is nice." She closed her
eyes for a minute and the minute turned into a couple
of hours as she fell asleep.

Ares smiled to himself. She was warming up to him
after all. This was going fine. She liked him, he
could tell. She was going to be no trouble at all. He
watched her sleep for a while and then left to attend
to other matters.

Part 10

The Present

Amoreena woke to find herself alone in the huge bed.
Ares2 had, at some point during the night, left to do
whatever it was that Gods do. She was glad to be
alone. She loved Ares with all her heart, but he had
acted so strangely last night. 'Oh well, you wanted to
be here with him, you told him you understood, so
don't go getting soft and wimpy on me now' she chided

Ares2 had left her sleeping and went to his daughters
room. He appeared in a blaze of blue light beside her
bed. Arianna was sleeping like the little angel she
was, he reflected to himself. He reached into the
cradle and gently picked the child up. She flopped her
tired little head on his shoulder, and slept there
contentedly. Ares2 loved his daughter and was glad to
be here with her. "Daddy missed you my precious" he
cooed to his sleeping child. "Your brothers miss you
too. I'm going to take you home soon. It won't be much
longer now, daddy's just gonna have a little fun
first," he kissed her head and then tucked her snugly
in her bed. He watched her sleeping so peacefully,
unaware of anything that had happened. This child was
innocent and he wanted to make sure she stayed that
way. He left her sleeping soundly and went back to
their bedchamber.

Amoreena had fallen back to sleep and lay there
looking so lovely, it was all he could do not to touch
her. It was especially trying for him, he was so angry
with her, yet, last night while partaking of her
pleasures, he remembered just how much he loved her.
He still loved her, but, he was bent on teaching her a
lesson. He wanted to jump back into the bed with her
and make passionate love to her, but he was here to
punish the unfaithful bitch. He couldn't let himself
fall under her spell again. He had let it happen once,
so long ago, and he had been completely and utterly at
her mercy.

He thought he would go and look in on the days battle
preparation and 'pop' in to check on Ares before
coming home that night. He had been looking forward to
getting his hands dirty again. The smell of blood and
death had always been satisfying to him and he
couldn't wait to experience it again. Yesterday had
only served to tease him. He got a good whiff of the
stench of death and then had to go and trap Ares in
the cave. He had so much to do and so little time to
do it in. He knew it was only a matter of time before
he would have to return home. He had a job to do there
as well and things would not take care of themselves

He appeared in the tent of his general and proceeded
to pace. "Someone fill me in on whats been happening
this morning," he said.

"Lord Ares. We are just going over todays manoeuvres.
We lost a lot of ground yesterday and if we intend to
make it up today, we'll need an early start. We have
called for reinforcements which should start arriving
tomorrow." He was standing in front of a large map of
the area, battle sites clearly marked. "Yesterday, we
lost ground here, here and over here," he pointed to
three areas on the map. "Today we are concentrating on
this valley," he ran his hand over the map to show the
valley he spoke of to Ares2. "Our scouts found two
units positioned between the hills," he showed Ares2
and continued "and two more skirting each side of the
valley, here, and over here." He covered quite an
expanse of the map with his hands. Ares2 brought his
large hand to his face and began to massage his beard.

"So exactly where are you planning to attack?" he
questioned, keeping his eyes on the map.

"If we take them out here at the entrance to the
valley, we can have units move in from the east and
the west and move forward to take out both of their
rear units. Their biggest numbers are located here on
the west side of the valley so we will focus on them
first." He waited for Ares2 approval before launching
the days attack.

"What about the men they have positioned up in the
hills. You'll be leaving yourselves wide open. You did
think about them didn't you?" Ares2 pointed to the
hills running along the perimeter of the valleys
southernmost side. "If you come from this direction,
you could come up and over the hill, then head back
down here," he pointed to show where he meant, "and
meet them head on. You have to get them out of the way
first or the rest of your plans won't matter. I will
NOT tolerate another fiasco like yesterday." Ares2

"Yes Lord Ares. I can assure you that today will be
different indeed."

"Yeah, well it better be." Ares2 snapped as he

Ares2 appeared in the cave to check up on his captive.
He found him sleeping up against the wall. He walked
over to the sleeping form, crossed his well muscled
arms over his chest and proceeded to kick Ares in the

"Good morning my handsome friend. Did we sleep well?"
Ares2 snidely asked.

Ares growled and stretched his arms and legs. This
being mortal thing sucked. It felt like every bone in
his body was aching. All he had done was sleep sitting
up. Big deal. Now he was sore all over. He rubbed his
eyes and looked at the mirror image of himself
standing in front of him. "Tell me that you're a
figment of my imagination and that this is all a
really bad dream" he said as he tried to stand.

"Sorry, no can do. This is your reality, as sorry as
it is. How does it feel? To have so much and then have
it all ripped from you and be left with nothing? By
the way, just in case you're wondering, she had no
idea it was me last night. It seems I ruined her
little party. She had this whole big seduction number
planned, candles, oils, creams, the whole nine yards.
Then I came in, saw her reclining so seductively on
the bed - what was I supposed to do? I threw her down,
jumped on, and fucked her hard. Does she always cry
when you fuck her? She never used to. Sure she'd get
tears in her eyes and all, but I mean real crying? Oh
well, she did last night. She's just so damned
alluring, made me remember how much I loved her. But,
the whole time I'm in her, she thinks it's you. She's
pretty fuckin' pathetic, don't you think? First, she's
with me for eons, decides I'm not enough for her and
takes up with my brother too. She gets caught, denies,
denies, denies everything - a bit too much denying if
you ask me - then comes here and before you can blink
she's in your bed. Well, she likes sex so much, so
that's exactly what she's gonna get. All the sex she
never imagined. The things I'm going to do to her.
Well, you don't want to hear all the details. Revenge
can be so sweet. Gotta go. I've left her alone long
enough today already," he said. He stepped back and
was about to leave when Ares stopped him.

"Wait," he said. He had never stopped to think about
it until now, but Ares2 was jealous of the
relationship he had developed with her. He had not
planned for them to fall in love. He was madder at her
right now because of that than because she supposedly
slept with Hercules.

"Did you ever stop to think that she doesn't remember
you. You made sure of that when you erased her memory.
It still hasn't come back. She only remembers small
bits of her previous life. She remembered the baby,
but not until she saw her. Then it all came flooding
back. How can you possibly be angry at her for a
situation you put her in. You sent her here. You said
yourself you wanted us to get together. What was it
you said? You wanted me to teach her what it meant to
belong to the God of War. Well in my opinion, she
knows perfectly well what it means. She loves me. If
you hadn't taken her memories away it would still be
you she loved. But you did take them away, and now she
is here with me, loving me, and you have no one to
blame but yourself. If you loved her half as much as I
do, you never would have doubted her no matter what
you thought you saw."  He paused, gathering his

"For Zeus' sake Ares, you of all people should have
known exactly what Discord is capable of. Remember
Evander? She wanted to kill the baby because she was
jealous we had slept with Nemesis. She is a jealous,
deceitful and very vindictive Goddess. Why in Tartarus
would you ever take her word over that of someone you
claimed to have loved so much and for so long? You
never even gave Amoreena much of a chance to defend
herself. You took her memories away and then got rid
of her. You never stopped to consider the possibility
that we would love each other. We felt the bond the
first time we set eyes upon one another. You fucked up
big time. It's your own fault but you'll never admit
that. You have to blame someone else and who better
than someone who can't remember her previous life.
Well, it won't work. She's here in my time now. She
loves me now, not you and I'm going to protect her and
Arianna at all costs. So you might as well reconsider
your plans."

Ares walked away to cool down. He had to control
himself. After all, for the time being he had no godly
powers. He had to control his temper and play along
with Ares2 sick little game long enough to come up
with a strategy to get his godhood back and then to
save Amoreena and Arianna. Just the thought of this
future version of himself in his bed with her was
driving him crazy, but he wasn't going to let Ares2
know that. He had to be strong. If he let his mortal
emotions overcome him, it would ruin everything. He
had to be stoic for Amoreena. She needed him and he
couldn't fail her. He had to keep calm so he could
make his plans to rescue her.

Part 11

The Beginning

Amoreena woke from her nap and stretched like a cat.
She felt so refreshed. It would be nice to go and do a
bit of investigating, she thought to herself. She
hopped off the bed and went to find her belongings.
She wanted her brush. Her long hair was kind of messy
after her nap. It was dark outside, she hadn't
realized just how long she had slept for. Amoreena
found her brush and started running it through her
long, thick hair. It was time to go wandering. 'He
said to think of this as my home' she said to herself,
' so fine, lets go check out this place.'

She made her way down the corridor. There were weapons of all descriptions hanging on the walls and dark
tapestries hung in the few spaces bare of weapons. The
air was thick and she could sense fear within these
walls. This place was so dark and dreary, how had
someone who lived and thrived in this sort of
atmosphere ever have created the room he had for her.
It was just such an extreme opposite, it was hard to
comprehend the dark God making something so light and

She soon found herself at the top of a long winding
staircase. Amoreena began to descend the stairs slowly
at first. It was so quiet in this section of the
temple she could almost hear her heart beating. She
was midway down the stairs when she looked over the
handrail to see how far down they went. All she could
see was more stairs. She looked up and saw the same
thing, more stairs. 'Great, I'm stuck on a never
ending staircase' she said to herself. 'I wonder just
how far down they go?' Amoreena sat down and rested
her arms on her legs. Raising her arms from the
elbows, she rested her face in her open hands. 'Now
what do I do? If I call him will he come to me? Has he
already sensed I'm stuck?' she questioned herself.
'OK, I'll ask for his help. Ares, Ares if you can hear
me, I could really use your help about now.' She sat
waiting, hoping he would come and help her get off
this staircase.

Amoreena felt a slight dispensation of air directly
behind her. Next, she felt something pressing against
her back.   She turned and found Ares sitting on the
step above her, his KNEE touching her back.

"You came!" she sounded surprised.

"You doubted me?" he pouted, his full sensuous lips
begging to be kissed.

"I wasn't sure you would hear me, or if you would
care," she rose and turned on the step to face him.
"Maybe I shouldn't have come down here" she shrugged
her shoulders.

"You would have eventually reached the bottom, its
just very far down. Not many would try to walk it.
There's nothing down there you'd want to see anyway."
Ares informed her.

"Thanks for coming. It's kind of spooky here. I can't
recall anyplace that is as quiet as it is right here.
Where do these stairs lead?"

"Those dungeons you thought I'd put you in. It's not
somewhere I'd suggest you visit," he told her.

"Are you forbidding me to go down there?" she
questioned him.

"No. All I'm saying is you might not like what you
find. It's not a nice place. There are some very
un-ladylike things down there," he told her.

"So, you're saying that you wouldn't necessarily stop
me if I really wanted to see it?" she pressed further.

"I won't stop you, but, just remember, I tried to warn
you. Its not pretty down there" he warned her.

"So what are you saying, you think its pretty up
here?" she asked incredulously.

"I wouldn't exactly say that. Pretty is not a word I
would use to describe anything in my temple" Ares told

"I don't know Ares, my room is very pretty. But that's
the extent of pretty around here.  The rest of your
temple seems to be dark and mysterious. From what I've
seen so far, you really need to lighten it up a bit.
It needs a woman's touch." Amoreena said, looking down
at Ares.

"A womans touch, huh. I like things just the way they
are thank you very much. Its been this way for
centuries. Why mess with perfection. If it's not
broke, don't fix it, I always say. Anyway, this is a
temple to the God of War, it's supposed to look like
this. It's perfect just the way it stands."

"If you say so. Although it could use a little colour.
Black is so ... dismal. But if you like it this way
... who am I to try to change you, after all, it is
your place. You're the God." she conceded.

"Let's go. I've wasted enough time on idle chit chat.
Where would you like to go. I have business to attend
to, I'll take you there, then I'll see you again
later." Ares stood and waited for her response.

"So sorry to have wasted your precious time, Oh Great
One," she retorted sarcastically. "If you could just
take me back to my room, that would be fine."

"You really have to learn to mind your tongue, woman!
I don't normally take that sort of impudence from
mortals. This is the second time I've let you get away
with such behaviour. THERE WILL NOT BE A THIRD! You have been warned. I would suggest you not try me
again." Ares sternly informed her before he deposited
her alone at the top of the stairs.

Amoreena headed back to her room, as she walked she
reflected on his warning. "I did it again. Why must I
say these things? He is so obviously trying to be
patient with me. If I keep it up I'll be getting a
closer look at those dungeons than I wanted to." She
stopped and decided she should maybe find out where
Ares went, it was time to appease him. He wouldn't
take much more, so maybe if she apologized, he'd
forgive and forget - on the other hand, it was
probably more likely that Tartarus would freeze over!
She headed to the hall that would lead her to the main
hall. She would undoubtedly find someone there who
could tell her where Ares had gone. As she neared the
main hall she soon discovered exactly where he was.
She could hear him bellowing at someone in that deep
sexy voice of his.

"You dare to dishonour me? You had better think again.
I will not stand for a priestess of mine to be so
disrespectful, and you chose to do it in front of an
audience. Leave me! I will call for you once I've
decided on your punishment. Now Go!" he thundered.

Amoreena waited nervously until the unfortunate
priestess left the room, then walked over to it. She
didn't want to just walk in - especially with him in a
mood like that - so she knocked.

"WHAT?" he barked.

"Ares, it's Amoreena," she said in her sweetest tone.
"Can I please come in to speak with you? I won't take
up much of your time, but it is important."

The door opened. As she looked in she saw Ares
sprawled upon his throne. "You may come in!" he told

'Better make this good' she told herself. When she got
to his throne she knelt in front of him. She bowed her
head. "Ares, I know I was impudent earlier and for
that I apologize. You have been kind enough to take me
in and I've done nothing except antagonize you since
I've been here. I hope you can forgive me. I don't
want to have you upset with me. I think I'm going to
like it here. There's so much I can learn from you.
Please don't be angry with me." She lifted her head,
looking up at him with those great big eyes of hers.

Ares looked at her and found himself melting into her
beautiful blue eyes. He reached for her hand and
pulled her up to her feet.

"I'm so glad you've come to me. Of course I forgive
you. Just promise it won't happen again. I want you to
be happy here. I want you here." He stood up and
caressed her face. "I can make things wonderful for
you. You'll never want for anything and no one would
dare to ever lay a finger on you. You are under my
protection now," he smiled his most charming smile and
sat back down on his throne.

"I'll never do it again I promise," she replied.

"Good," he said. "Now that that's settled, we can
become good friends. Is there anything you would like
to do? Some place special you would like to see?" he
asked her.

"Would you show me you favourite place? Where you like
to go to get away from things. You do have a favourite
place don't you?" she asked him.

"The Halls of War. It has so much history. I find it
very ... soothing. We could go there if you want. We
could spend some time getting to know each other
without any outside influence. There's so much I could
tell you, show you. How does that sound to you?" he
asked her cautiously.

"I'd like to get to know the real you," she responded.

Part 12

The Present

Ares hated being mortal. Every time he came up with a
plan to break out of the cave, it would suddenly come
crushing down around him - the fact that he was a
mortal now, without the capabilities he normally took
for granted. Under normal circumstances, he would have
been able to will himself out of this situation. Ares2
knew him well and had taken everything into account.
There had to be a way, he should be able to outsmart
himself and get his sword back.

Ares sat there, deep in thought. He began
unconsciously playing with his ring. He wore two these
days. He still wore his long silver ring and now he
also wore a new seal ring that Amoreena had just
recently given to him. He ran his finger over the seal
on the rings top. It was made to match his earring and
the chain he wore around his neck. It was of the
sword. Ares had loved it as soon as he set eyes upon
it. Amoreena had asked Hephaestus to help make it for
her, she wanted to give Ares something special, and,
as it turned out, it was. Ares had been surprised by
her gift, even more so when he discovered his brother
had helped her make it. Ares wore the ring proudly and
as he sat here, looking at it, he missed Amoreena
more. He had to find a way to get back to her and
soon, before Ares2 did irreparable damage.

It was late and Ares hadn’t come back home yet.
Amoreena had waited up as long as she could but she
had had a long exhausting day. She fell asleep waiting
for him.

Ares2 stood naked at the side of the bed and watched
her sleep. He walked around to the other side of the
bed and reached down to gently touch her face. In one
swift movement, he removed the blanket with his other
hand. He got on the bed and moved down near her feet.
The movement woke her and she started to sit.

"Lie down and relax," Ares2 whispered.

Amoreena obeyed and lay back down.

"There’s a good girl" Ares2 said, then abruptly pulled
out a small knife, its blade gleaming as the moonlight
shone on it.

Amoreena tried to move away from him but found herself
suddenly unable to move, her arms and legs securely
tied to the bed posts. Panic began to well up in her
as Ares2 slowly moved between her widely spread legs.
He slowly started to cut a slit in her nightgown,
slicing his way up her opened legs - the nightgown
stretched tight because her legs were spread so wide -
stopping when he reached the top of her thighs long
enough to run the knife along her slit and cup her
mound, then return to his slicing. He sliced all the
way up to her neck and then roughly yanked it open
with both his hands, rendering her naked and
vulnerable before him.

He leaned up and kissed her lips, placing his hands on
either side of her waist to support himself.

"Relax" Ares2 said as he felt her tense up beneath
him. He continued kissing her, thrusting his tongue
hungrily into her mouth. He lowered himself until his
engorged cock pressed up against her slit, not
attempting to enter her. He ran the backside of his
hand down the left side of her face and then traced a
path from her left eye down to her top lip with the
point of his silver ring. He kissed the tip of her
nose and then went ravenously back to her mouth.

"What are you doing?" Amoreena questioned.

"Just relax and enjoy yourself. Don’t pull against the
bonds and it won’t hurt. Stop struggling," he told her
as he kissed his way down her body.

Amoreena was leery of Ares’ strange behaviour, yet she
couldn’t stop her body from responding to him. As he
lowered his hand between her legs she strained against
her bonds and tried to move herself closer to his
mouth. Ares2 laughed and moved in closer until his
tongue made contact with her clit. He licked it then
began to probe her with one finger. He was sucking
hard on her clit and pumping his finger faster and
faster, then he abruptly stopped and moved away from
her. Amoreena lay writhing on the bed, tied up and
unable to relieve herself. Ares2 raised himself up
until his cock was at her mouth. He pushed to force
her to open her lips and allow him entry.

"SUCK IT," he demanded.

Amoreena did as she was told and began to suck him. He
began thrusting, fucking her mouth with abandon. He
was so big and he was forcing her to take him in
completely. Ares2 started to grunt and thrust more
sporadically as he began spurting his divine seed down
her throat. Ares2 once again brought his face to hers
and kissed her possessively. He rolled off of her and
sat up. Looking down on her naked body he licked his
lips and said, "You look good enough to eat," then he
proceeded to get off the bed. Amoreena just looked at
him, unsure of what he had planned. Ares2’s leathers
reappeared and he brushed his hand through his jet
black hair to smooth it out. He walked around the bed,
leaned down to touch her face, kissed her lips and
said, "don’t go anywhere." Then he was gone.

Amoreena lay there tied to the bed, fully naked. She
was in a daze, unable to believe that he had just left
her there naked and tied to the bed. She was hot and
wet and wanted him badly and he just left her there -

"ARES! she yelled, and started struggling against her
bonds. He had her tied so tight she could hardly move
and the more she fought, the tighter the bonds became,
cutting into her soft flesh.

Ares2 stood leaning against the door watching her
struggle. Her arms and legs were raw where the bonds
had been tearing into her flesh. He was getting hard
just watching her wince in pain. He was invisible to
her right now and was enjoying her discomfort
immensely - she deserved it damn it! He left her -
this time for real and went to check on his army’s
progress for the day. He would continue with her later
- much later.

Part 13

The Beginning

The three months passed so quickly. Amoreena had grown very fond of Ares, he was good to her, and, much to her chagrin, he had not so much as laid a finger on
her. Oh, the innuendoes were there all right, and the
looks that passed between them would ignite one day
soon. There was definitely something growing between
them, that was for certain.

Arianrhod arrived at the temple early in the morning.
It was a beautiful summer day, not a cloud in the
azure sky. As soon as she entered the grounds she
could see a difference. There were flowers blooming
everywhere, and bushes, trees and fragrant shrubs were
in abundance.

As she neared the temple doors she grew the tiniest
bit apprehensive. She wasn't sure what to expect, or
what she would find within these doors. It had been
three months since she left.

Ares was in an extremely good mood these days. The
three month 'probationary period' was over, and, he
had successfully managed to keep his hands to himself.
He wanted her, but, as time went by, he discovered he
was really starting to care for her. The last thing he
wanted to do was hurt or scare her, so he decided to
back off. She would come to him, in time, he had no
doubt. He spent many days daydreaming about the day
when they would finally admit the mutual attraction
and consummate the relationship. He was brought back
to reality by Arianrhod's arrival.

"Ares, it's good to see you. How have you been?" she

"Well. I've been well. Things have been going
splendidly. Amoreena is such an enchanting girl, it's
been a pleasure having her here, and I hope you'll
agree to let her stay on indefinitely," he informed

"Speaking of my daughter, where is she?"

"She'll be along shortly, I've sent for her. Tell me,
what do you have planned for her future?" Ares

"I would like to reserve any decisions regarding her
future until I have had the opportunity to see her and
speak with her ... alone ... I'm sure you understand."
She smiled at him.

"Of course," he replied.

Just then Amoreena made her entrance. "Mother!" she
exclaimed, running into her mother's open arms. "I've
missed you."

"And I've missed you. Let me look at you," she said to
her daughter. Amoreena did a full 360 turn and laughed
her sweet girlish giggle.

"Do I pass inspection?"

"You look lovely. I can see you've been well taken
care of." Arianrhod admitted.

"Oh yes mother, Ares had been taking very good care of
me. He has some of the most exciting scrolls here and
I've been reading them all! You should see my room,
it's so unlike any other room in the temple, and I've
got my own special place in the garden. Ares let me do
whatever I wanted out there. It's beautiful now,
everything is blooming." Amoreena said excitedly.

"I saw the garden, it was very beautiful, and I'd like
to see your room. Why don't you show me. We can have a little talk." She kissed her daughter on the cheek and
turned to face Ares. "Do you have any objections?"
Arianrhod asked Ares.

"None at all. You're both free to go. Enjoy your time
together. I'll see you both later," he told them.

"Come my dear, lets start with this wonderful room of
yours, shall we?"

"You'll love it mother, just wait until you see it.
You'll never believe Ares did it, but he did. He did
it specially for me."

Arianrhod followed her daughter to her room. She was
impressed with the change in her attitude since she
last saw her. She had originally been appalled at the
very idea of living here, and now, she seemed so

They went into Amoreena's room and immediately her
mother was amazed. This room had been done up
beautifully. It was so feminine, all lace and pink
silks and satins, so much so that she thought for sure
she had been transported to Aphrodites' temple. "Ares
did this?" she asked incredulously.

"Yes! Isn't it fabulous? I couldn't believe my eyes
the first time I saw it. Oh mother, he has been
wonderful to me. He's really not as bad as I thought.
He's all tough and hard on the outside, but underneath
all that is a side of him I don't think many people
know exists. A side I don't think he wants everyone to
see. He can be so caring and compassionate when he
wants to be." Amoreena wore such an expression on her
face as she spoke about Ares, that her mother started
to worry.

"He hasn't ... done anything ... improper, has he?"
she asked.

"M O T H E R! How could you think that? I would never
have let him if he did, but no, he never did anything
that could even remotely be construed as improper. He
has been a perfect gentleman!" Amoreena said aloud,
but in her heart she wished he would do something. She
knew they were beginning to have feelings, you
couldn't miss the looks that they shared, but he
hadn't made a move in that direction...yet.

"You were so aghast when I first told you I'd arranged
for you to come here. The God of War had a reputation
you told me. What do you think now? You seem to have
mellowed in your opinion. So what do we do now? Do you wish to stay on here or go pack to Perseus' home?"
Arianrhod knew what the answer would be, she had no
doubt that her daughter, now seemingly smitten with
Ares, would want to stay here with him.

"I want to stay here. It's not such a bad place, and
he does watch over me, he really does. He promised you
he would take good care of me and he has kept his
word." Amoreena hoped her mother wouldn't make her go back to Perseus'. She wanted to stay with Ares with
all her heart. She couldn't stand to be away from him,
even for a day. They had grown so close. She believed
she was starting to love him. She better not tell her
mother that one, or she'd be out of there in no time

Part 14

The Present

Amoreena was awakened by a slap across the face. She
opened her weary eyes only to find herself looking
into the smirking eyes of Ares2.

"Did you sleep well my love?" he asked. She just
looked up at him, afraid of angering him she said
nothing. "No, oh well, nap time is over." He climbed
on the bed beside her and lay down. He eyed her up and
down; reaching out he cupped her left breast and
squeezed. "I love your tits" he informed her as he got
on top of her. "I just can't get enough of you," he
said as he thrust his rigid cock inside her. "Happy
now? This is what you have been begging for isn't it?
You don't look too happy. Do you want me to stop?" he
asked as he continued pumping in and out of her. "I
can't hear you. What did you say?" he looked at her

"No Ares, why would I want you to stop? I enjoy
feeling as though I'm being split in two. Go ahead,
have your fun. I'll just go back to sleep. Wake me
when you're done, OK." Amoreena answered

Ares2 was surprised that she could be so 'cocky' under
the circumstances. He ran his silver ring along the
side of her face stopping midway between her eye and
her mouth, and poked the sharp tip into her skin,
drawing blood. "You do like to antagonize me don't
you?" he asked. "You just never know when to stop.
It's always been the same with you. Always pissing me
off and getting under my skin at the same time. I
never knew if I should kill you or fuck you. Maybe I
should have just killed you the first time and none of
this would ever have happened."

Amoreena winced in pain as he cut her face. "Ares
please! What do you want? Why are you doing this? What
are you talking about. When have I ever antagonized
you or pissed you off? You're not making any sense."
Looking at the hand on her face she soon noticed he
wasn't wearing his new ring.

Ares2 licked the droplet of blood from her face. "What
do I want? Why am I doing this? How's, you, and
because I'm horny! Good enough answers?"

"Where's your ring?" she asked.

He formed a fist with his hand and brought it to her
face again, showing her the ring. "It's right here,
want a closer look?"

Amoreena turned her face away thinking her was about
to strike her. When she realized he was only showing
her the ring, she turned to face him again. "No. I
mean your other ring?"

"What other ring? I've only ever wore this one, you
know that."

It all finally made sense to her. The sudden change in
Ares, all his accusations, his hurtful words and
actions. It had finally hit her. "YOU!" she accused.

"Me what?" Ares2 asked.

"Oh my Gods, get off me." she cried.

"What is it with you today? I'll get off when I'm done
and not before," he told her as he continued to fuck

"WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH HIM?" she screamed at Ares2.

"Done with whom? What are you talking about?" he
replied, still pumping furiously.

"Ares, what have you done with my Ares?"

He stopped suddenly as he realized what she was
saying. She knew. How in Tartarus had she been able to
tell, and so soon? "How did you know?" he asked her.

"The ring. You're not wearing the ring. Ares vowed he
would never remove it!" she informed him.

"A ring! I never thought to check for a stupid ring.
You think you're pretty clever now, do you? Well
honey, the fact that you know doesn't change anything,
except I guess you'll just have to stay tied up a
while longer. Oh well, them's the breaks, as they
say." He said as he began thrusting into her more

"Ares why are you doing this? Haven't you hurt me
enough?" Amoreena asked between tears.

"Oh here we go again. Why do you women always have to
start with the waterworks? Crying isn't going to
change anything. In fact it only serves to make me
more excited. I've made up my mind. I should never
have sent you here, relying on someone else to punish
you. That was one mistake I'm about to rectify. Now
you're going to find out what real pain is." He had
slowed his pace to speak and now was starting to pound
relentlessly into her again.

"How ... AH ... can you PUNISH me ...OH GODS ... for
SOMETHING I ... OH MY GODS ... can't even remember?
You made <gasp> sure of <gasp> that ...OH GODS ... by
taking ...<gasp> my memory <gasp> away. Why hasn't it
<gasp> come back? ... OH, BY THE GODS ... It's ... not
... fair!" She screamed at him. She wanted so badly to
hit him right now. He was hurting her with his words
and actions and he didn't give a damn how much. He
just kept thrusting harder and faster with each
stroke. "I want <gasp> to remember. ... GODS ... They
tell me ... OH ... we really ... UHH ... loved ... AH
... each ... OOH ... other. So how could this have

Ares stopped thrusting. He was too angry to continue
for the time being, but he kept his cock deeply within
her. "You know how it happened! This is starting to
have a familiar ring to it. You are so good at denial,
you had yourself convinced it never happened. But I
saw you. I saw the two of you in our bed, going at it.
You were like a bitch in heat. Have you no shame? How
could you say you weren't there when I saw you?!" He
was yelling at her now. His face just inches from
hers, his eyes alight with the fury burning deep
within him.

"Ares look, I can't argue the facts with you or defend
myself properly without any memories. Give me back my
memories, and I swear if I did as you accuse, I will
admit it, and I'll willingly accept your anger and
your punishment but, if I didn't do it you have to
agree to leave me alone. Let me live my life here in
peace with Ares." Amoreena offered.

"Oh get real! There is no way! You are a piece of work
you know that. Just shut up." Ares2 looked her in the
eyes and before she could say another word she was
gagged. "When I'm done, maybe then we'll talk. But I
may be a while," he said as he resumed thrusting his
thick hard cock into her. He was working himself into
a frenzy, pumping harder, deeper and faster with each
moment that passed. Amoreena, unable to speak, lay
writhing beneath him, whimpering against the gag as
Ares2 savagely fucked her.

He finally stopped after what seemed to her like
hours. He rolled off her and released her bonds.
Standing by the edge of the bed he told her
forcefully. "Don't think about trying to escape from
me. If you're gone when I get back, I'll hunt you down
to the ends of the earth and when I find you, I'll let
my army have you when I'm done! Understand?"

"Yes." Amoreena told him. She wanted to tend to her
wounded arms and legs but Ares2 was still standing
there watching her. "Are going to let me go about my
regular duties? I do have responsibilities you know. I
have Arianna to think about." She informed him.

"Fine, just don't get any ideas about leaving.
Remember, your number one duty around here is to
please me." Ares2 took her hand and pulled her up from
the bed. "Go and see to your other duties then. But
remember, don't go too far. I want to know where you
are at all times."

"You always know, you are a God. Look Ares, I meant
what I said earlier. I want the chance to defend
myself properly. Is there a way to restore my memory?
I thought this was only supposed to be temporary.
Can't we speed up the recovery process? I'm offering
you the chance to redeem yourself. What have you got
to lose? If it turns out you were right, you've got
me. I won't fight you with your punishment, but if I
never did it, you have to let me go. I think that's
fair. Please think about it." She begged.

"How do I know that you would admit it if you discover
that I was right? What's stopping you from lying?"

"Why would I lie? I want this to end. I want to be
able to go on with my life. Right now, I can't
remember any of it. If I find out that I did what you
accuse me of, you have my word I won't lie about it.
Ares, we need closure, this could give it to us." she
said. "Ares please, just think about it. You have
nothing to lose by agreeing. I, on the other hand,
could lose everything."

"I'll think about it, but I'm not saying I'm going to

"One more thing, please, what have you done with my
Ares? Where is he?"

"He's fine, and he'll stay that way as long as you do
as you're told. I'm going to be gone a while so do
whatever it is you have to do while I'm gone. When I
get back, I'll be expecting some special treatment and
a more welcoming greeting than last time. Come, give
me a kiss before I go." he ordered.

Amoreena leaned closer to him and placed a light kiss
on his lips, then abruptly pulled away.

Ares2 put his arms around her and pulled her back
toward him, crushing her against his chest. "What do
you call that?" he asked, then lowered his mouth to
hers and gave her a passionate, yet gentle kiss.
Amoreena couldn't help herself from responding. She
kissed him back, wondering at the feelings that were
once again awakening within her. When they parted he
kissed her nose and said, "See, I'm not so horrible,
am I? Be a good girl and you might enjoy yourself." He
grinned as he spoke. "Until later." Then he was gone.
Amoreena stood transfixed to the floor staring into
the space that had been Ares.

"What am I doing?" she asked herself. "I've got to
keep my wits about me. I have to find out what he's
done with Ares. I'm going to need help. He'll never
agree with my idea and getting my memory back is the
only way I'll ever know the truth.

Part 15

The Beginning

Amoreena paced around the garden. Arianrhod had been
in private conversation with The God of War for way
too long. ‘What could they possibly be talking about
for so long. They just have to let me stay,' she
thought to herself.

Arianrhod was standing before Ares listening to his
accounts of the past three months. The more she heard,
the easier it was to see she had made the right
decision. If anyone had told her six months ago that
she would be willingly leaving her sixteen year old
daughter in the hands of Ares, the Greek God of War
she would have sent then straight to Annwn (the Welsh
equivalent of Hades). Although she knew he would never
readily admit it, she could see how much he cared for
her daughter. He had said nothing to make her think
this, it was just his body language and those eyes
that gave him away. Arianrhod decided this day that
she actually liked this God. Amoreena was very astute
in her determining he did indeed have another side to
him and both her and her mother had been among the
fortunate few to see it.

Arianrhod had made her decision and now she had to let
Ares and Amoreena know.

"She can stay," was all she said. It was enough.

Ares’ dark eyes lit up for just a fraction of an
instant. "She’ll be happy," he said. "It is the right
decision." Ares smiled at Arianrhod.

"It was the only decision I could have made. You might
not want or be ready to admit it yet, but something
has happened in the last three months. Feelings have
been developing between you, and I won’t interfere.
All I ask is that you please don’t hurt her. She has
grown up a lot in these three months, I can see that,
but she is still young and innocent. Please take
special care of her Ares."

Ares was listening carefully to what she was saying.
She was wise, he’d give her that. Without coming right
out and saying it, Arianrhod was acknowledging the
fact that Ares and Amoreena were headed towards
becoming a couple, she was giving him her daughter.
Something he was going to quickly accept.

"She couldn’t be in better hands. I will make sure she
is happy and that she’s always safe," he told her.

""I know you will. I would not be giving my daughter
to you if I had any doubt. You may not be aware yet or
if you are, you may just not be ready to admit it, but
I know. You have fallen in love with Amoreena, and
Ares, make no mistake, the feeling is mutual."
Arianrhod knew she might be making a grave error in
telling Ares that she knew he loved Amoreena, but it
was a chance that she thought she had to take. She had
seen the love in Amoreena’s eyes whenever she spoke of
Ares, and she wanted her daughter to be happy. "I will
speak to my daughter," she said, then left Ares to
find Amoreena.

She found her daughter in the garden. "Amoreena. Come
my dear. Let’s walk while we talk." Arianrhod took her
daughters hand in hers as they began their walk. "You
may stay. I ask that you don’t rush things, take your
time. Amoreena you are still very young. Ares will
teach you much. He cares for you and I know he’ll
watch out for you always. You must always mind him and
go to him when you require help. I will still be
coming to visit you, that won’t change. Be happy my
love." Arianrhod gathered Amoreena into her arms and
held her close.

"Thank you mother. I promise I will. I’m so glad to be
staying. He makes me feel so special mother." Amoreena
was so thrilled she was beaming.

"One more thing, I have given Ares my permission to
court you. So please, continue to behave in a ladylike
manner. Remember dear, he is much older than you and
he has not lived a sheltered life like you have."
Arianrhod hoped Amoreena understood what she was
trying to tell her.

"I know mother. Ares does have a reputation, but he’s
never been anything other than a gentleman with me.
He’s never even kissed me." Amoreena defended Ares to
her mother.

"I know that Amoreena, if he had, we wouldn’t be
having this conversation. He promised me he wouldn’t
touch you and I expected him to keep his word. I must
admit though, I thought he might have tried to seduce
you, but I was wrong. I’m glad because you seem to
have fallen for him. Don’t try to hurry things, you
have an eternity to be together...remember that,"
Arianrhod smiled at her daughter. "Lets go back. He’s
probably wondering where we’ve got to."

Ares was waiting for them to come back in. They had
been gone a long time. After a few more minutes they
entered the Temple. The three of them spent the rest
of the day together. It was dark when Arianrhod left
to return to the home of Perseus. She was staying with
him and his wife as was her custom.

After Arianrhod had gone Ares and Amoreena started to
head back indoors. Ares took Amoreena’s hand and
turned to face her. "Why don’t we go for a walk? You
love it out here so much, and it’s a beautiful night."
He told her.

"OK" She answered.

They walked for ages before anything more was said.
Ares broke the silence first. "Are you happy?" he

"Very" she responded.

"Good. I always want you to be happy," he told her.
Ares stopped and took Amoreena in his arms. He gazed
into her eyes and shut the rest of the world out. His
lips found hers and they finally shared their first
kiss. Ares thrust his tongue into her hot mouth and
she followed his lead. She started to feel a warmth
inside as Ares kissed her. Amoreena’s legs were
beginning to feel wobbly and she had to hold on
tighter to Ares to keep herself standing. Ares pulled
away and kissed the tip of her nose. He locked eyes
with her again and told her straight out. "You belong
to me now," and passionately kissed her again. "Tell
me you’re mine. Say it!" he demanded.

"I’m yours" she said as she kissed him back.

"We better go in before I do something I shouldn’t,"
he said, kissing her one last time.

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