Extra Credit
By Adri
It was raining hard.  Every few minutes, thunder would roar and lightening would flash.  The moods of the people out in the pouring rain seemed to match the weather: Adri had almost gotten run over three times, and had been pushed aside twice by big, burly men in a hurry to get to shelter.  She didn't bother hurrying home, though.  She was wet as it was, and could already feel a cold coming on.  And besides, what was the point of rushing home to an empty three-storey house?

She rounded the corner and saw the hulking structure in the background.  It was her house.  Lightening flashed again and for a second, Adri thought that she saw a figure in her bedroom window.  Lightening flashed again, and she saw no one there.  Shaking her head at her foolishness, she hurried up the walkway.  If she hurried, she may just catch the opening credits of Highlander.  Adri unlocked the door and stepped into the entry hall, flicking on the lights as she closed the door.  She shook her hair, sending little droplets of water everywhere. How her mother would yell if she still lived with her.  Her eyes adjusted to the harsh light, and when the dancing spots disappeared, she thought she was seeing things again.  In the middle of her hall, right in front of the stairs, was a leather vest.

"What the hell?"  Adri said to herself as she picked it up.  There was a distinctly male smell to it, so she knew that it wasn't a joke her sister had played on her.  Maybe her brother had dropped down from Penn State?  She sincerely doubted it, though.  They didn't get along too well and he would have called first.  Before she tried to figure out who had put the leather vest in her house, she decided to get out of her dripping clothes and started up the stairs.  She was surprised to find a pair of leather boots on the first landing.

They were much bigger than any of her friends', so she wondered whose they were.  She picked them up and continued up the stairs.  She turned down the hall and continued over to her room.  She stopped dead when the next thing she found was a pair of leather pants laid out on the floor.

"Whoa."  Adri said to herself.  "There's some guy in his skivies runnin' around my house?"  She dropped the articles she had collected on her trek to her room and continued the last little bit.  On her door handle was a black thong. "Hmm...he's not even wearing his skivies."  She said to herself.  "Hope he's not cold."  She threw  open her door and leaned in the doorway.  There, on her bed amid the stuffed animals and comic books was a naked God of War.

"Ares," Adri said, a little smile on her face.  "I should have known, but I didn't expect to find you here.  Why did you come?"

"I missed you, what can I say?  No one does it as well as  you do." Ares said as he stood up.  Adri thought, not for the first time, that he had a body to die for.  "Look at you.  All shivering and cold.  I can warm you up, you know."

"I'm sure you could."  Adri said as she kissed him.  "But I know you. If I let you do that, I won't be making it to my night class."  Ares took his time kissing her before he answered.

"Oh, skip it."  He said.  "Who wants to learn about any other Greek Gods when you have the one who counts right here."

"I won't get my credit...." Adri protested feebly, not really caring about her credit right at the moment.

"I'll help you with some extra-credit research."  Ares said.  "Wanna meet the others later?  And by later, I do mean *much later*."  He quickly removed most of Adri's clothing, knowing that she would say yes.

"That sounds like a plan.  As long as you promise it's going to be *much* later."  Ares smiled and set about keeping her occupied for most of the night.