Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down
By Arami

Sunlight streamed through the window slits of the throne room of Ares, God of War.  It was dark and moody, as befitting Ares.  The only sound to be heard was the padding of bare feet on the grey floor.  Quickly materializing from the shadows, you move otherwise silently across the hall.

You wear a simple, gauzy white dress with basic straps and a fitted bodice.  As you move, the skirt flutters around your thighs.

Moving with a purpose, you light the many candles around Ares’ throne room.  You smile to yourself and applauded your ingenious coup.  With willful skill, careful strategy and a lot of luck, you managed to capture three of the most powerful men in the world—Ares, God of War, Iphicles,  King of Corinth, and Caesar, Emperor of Rome.

These three now were chained to the walls of the Hall of War—your trophies.  And it was time for you to play with the acquisitions.  You light the last of the candles above Ares’ great throne, and so into your own thoughts you were that you never noticed the shadows fall behind you.

As you turn to finish the task, you are suddenly pushed back into the seat of the throne.  Your wrists and ankles were immediately bound and you found yourself trapped.  You look up and see the trio surrounding you, all with expressions of anger mixed with amusement.

“Well, now,” began Ares,  “it looks like the captor has become the captive.”  A grin spread across his face.  He stood directly in front of you, with Iphicles to your right and Caesar on your left.  You struggle against the bonds to no avail.  The three looked at you from head to toe.  They all wore lecherous looks on their smug faces, even Iphicles, who was normally so calm and reserved.

“Oh, good.  She’s going to struggle.  It’s so much more fun when they fight back,” smirked Caesar.

“Let me go!” you demand, ever the strong-willed.

“No, I don’t think so.  I think first we’ll play a little,” responded Iphicles.

Ares drew his face close to yours.  His breath was hot on your cheek.  “Let the games begin,” he whispered in your ear.

You are consumed by a bright white light and close your eyes against the glare.  After a second or two, the light was gone and you're now lying down in the bedchamber just off to the side of the throne room.  Your wrists were bound above your head and your feet are spread and ankles chained.  You feel the cool smooth silk sheets beneath you and are shocked to discover that you lie there naked.

“My, what a tasty little morsel,” quipped Caesar from the left side of the bed, leaning in close to run his hand over your exposed hip and down your leg.

“Now, now, my dear Caesar,” interrupted Ares.  “We have all the time we want.  There’s no need to rush.”

Ares quickly relieved the three men of their respective clothing and you take in the enormity of your situation.  On your left stood Caesar.  His short, dark hair was complementary to his darkly tanned skin.  He had a face that was deceptively innocent looking.  He had a muscular body with strong arms and powerful hands.

To your right stood Iphicles, his arms crossed over his powerful chest.  His chiseled arms and chest rippled with tension.  He had copper colored curls that fell about his face and shoulders, casting an almost angelic persona around him.

And then there was Ares, crouching at the foot of the large bed.  His eyes smoldered with emotion, both anger and passion.  His immortal body was sleek and strong.

An impressive sight all three.

As if by silent announcement, the men moved towards you.  Caesar and Iphicles sat on either side, while Ares crawled up between your captive legs.

Iphicles quickly captures your mouth in a punishing kiss.  His invading tongue was unrelenting until it gained access to your own.  Caesar dipped his head and captured one breast in his mouth, while massaging the other.  His tongue rubbed over the nipple, bringing it to a harden peak.  He alternates between licking your breast and
suckling it entirely into his mouth.

You gasp into Iphicles’ mouth at the dual stimulation you're being subjected to.  You feel Ares laving kisses on your stomach and hips and knew there would be more to come.

Ares moves down your body, his black beard tickling your inner thighs  He further dips his head and with agonizing slowness, his tongue makes a trail from your already wet center up to your ultra-sensitive clit.  You arch up and squirm, trying to get away from the torture.  But you only serve in thrusting your hips into Ares’ face, pushing your sensitive breast into Caesar’s mouth and forcing your tongue further into Iphicles’ throat.

Suddenly Caesar and Iphicles stopped their ministrations and sat back to watch Ares bring their beautiful kidnapper to her first orgasm.  They recline to either side of you and eagerly waited for the show.

Ares extended his very capable tongue and thrust it into your hot passage.  You are overcome by instinct and threw caution to the wind.  You continue to pull at the bonds but now it was in ecstasy, and not in attempts to escape.  Ares’ tongue pushes deeper into you, lapping up the flow of sweet juice oozing out.  He removes his tongue and moves on to your clit.  He put pressure onto the nub with his tongue, sending jolts of electricity through your whole body.

You gasped aloud and your breathing has become ragged.  You struggle to keep any kind of control, but are quickly losing out to your wanton desires.  Your body is covered in a sheen of sweat and you moan as Ares latches his mouth around your throbbing clit.

Caesar and Iphicles sat there, breathless, watching the God of War manipulate a mortal woman so completely.  Their own breathing was becoming laboured and beads of sweat had formed on both of their brows.

You finally can't take it any longer.  Your body tenses up against the chains, your back arching  up and you shudder violently as Ares laps up your juices.  You let forth a scream that reverberates aagainst the stone walls.

Then without warning or pretense, Ares moves up the length of your body and kisses you deeply and you taste yourself on his lips and tongue.  Grabbing your hips, he drives into you in one shattering thrust, his hardened cock filling you completely.  You threaten to snap the chains as his large, muscular body covers your smaller one.  You bite down on his bottom lip, drawing blood.  Both grow giddy and more aroused by the taste of Ares’ blood mixed with both of your saliva and your nether juices.

Iphicles and Caesar moved off the bed and stood mesmerized by the scene before them.  Ares’ wide back and shoulders rippled and flexed and he moves harder and faster into your receptive body.  Your cries of passion were infused with his animal-like growls as both of you climb to passionate peaks.  You push yourself onto Ares’ throbbing cock, your chest pressing against his rock hard, bulging chest.

Ares threw back his head and he drives one last, crushing time into your seeping core.  He roared as his seed explodes deep within you.  Your own orgasm soon followed suit.  You come hard, your screams filling the air and your body bucking erratically.

He collapses onto your heaving chest as you both try to regain your breath.  You gladly welcome the weight.  Ares snapped his fingers and the chains were suddenly gone.  Your arms drop to the bed limply.  There is no reason for restraints—you won’t be going anywhere, nor would you want to.

The God of War looked at the other two men and smiled.  He moved off of the bed and watches your motionless body on the maroon sheets, contrasting your fair skin—only your chest moves in rapid compressions.

Caesar and Iphicles were both nearing the end of any control they held.  Caesar sits next to you and pulls you up to him so you straddle his lap.  Instinctively your legs wrap around his waist.  His hands lace through your mussed hair and his lips come down on yours with great force.

Your hand roams over the sweat-covered, well-defined planes of his back.  His hard cock rubbed against the slickness between your legs.  Impatient, you used your feet as leverage and impale yourself down upon his straining cock.

Caesar grunted and the grip in your hair increased.  Iphicles wasted no time in moving in behind you and thrusting his own erect and leaking cock into your ass, pushing Caesar onto his back, driving him deeper into you, now trapped between the two mortal rulers.

Iphicles slowly began to move in and out, causing you to slide back and forth on Caesar’s manhood.  You gasp at the intensely erotic and stimulating feelings you are being subjected to.  Caesar leaned up and takes your right breast in his hot, wet mouth.  You cry out in pleasure as he begins sucking hard.  You throw your head back and push your chest further towards the Roman.

Iphicles leaned forward and nips the junction of your collarbone and neck, biting down hard but not enough to break the skin.  His pace grew faster and faster and Caesar countered every one of Iphicles’ thrusts with one of his own.  He releases your breast when Ares sits beside you and replaces his own mouth for Caesar’s.  Ares places one
hand on your back and the other one finds your pulsing clit and begins rubbing it, using his callused thumb, with steady strokes.

You are quickly losing any last grip of control you might have had.  Your gasping moans mix with the growls and rasps coming from Caesar and Iphicles.  You all move as one at a punishing speed.  You couldn’t do much of anything so you take advantage of the only thing you can.  With your small hand, you reach down, encircling Ares’ massive, bobbing cock, and begin stroking it to the speed at which they were driving you.

All too soon, you tense up, unable to withstand it any longer, your inner muscles clenching Caesar and Iphicles’ cocks inside you as you cum in a violent, soul-exploding orgasm.  You scream so loud, it threatens to be heard all the way to the halls of Olympus itself.  You shake and buck as the three men continue to pleasure your body.

Groans and grunts from Caesar, Iphicles and Ares fill the chamber.  Ares moves up from your breast to your mouth, thrusting his tongue inside to mingle with yours and enacting movements older than time itself.

Caesar thrust up and pulled you down to him.  “Oh, gods!  Yes…. Yes!!”  He screamed as he came, spilling his seed deeply in to your center.  Your internal muscles milk his cock until he was spent.

Iphicles’ own release followed quickly.  His roughened hands grip your smooth hips, almost surely leaving black and blue reminders of the night around both of them.  “Yes!  God, oh, more!” he yelled as he too adds part of himself to you.

You continue your focus on Ares and soon he too could no longer help himself and roars aloud as he cums yet again, his hot juices covering himself, you and Caesar as well.

The four of you fall together, in a heap of skin and sweat and cum, onto the now rumpled sheets.  Caesar lay behind you, his hand gently resting around your waist.  Iphicles’ arms encircle your shoulders and he lightly kisses your cheek, while Ares sat behind him, gently caressing the king’s damp hair.

For a long while no one spoke.  Finally you regain your breath and look at your three seducers.

“Remind me next time to have Hephesteus make the chains,” you say, your laughter filling the room and spreading the men, who join you in laughter.  The King, the Emperor and the God couldn’t wait to see what you--their deviously clever kidnapper would come up with next.

The End