Tham's anti-perv challenge:  Ares/Iphicles, 2 groundhogs, a talking bird, a pie-eating contest, a Spice Girl. No explicit sex or violence.  Max. 500 words

"No! They did NOT kick me out! And I'm not gonna talk to any more bleeding reporters! Got that?" Geri Halliwell slammed down the phone. "I need a nap...."

She got to sleep more easily than she'd expected.


The hall was dark, and damp. She was glad she was wearing such nice fuzzy warm  slippers...

Which were wriggling and nipping at her feet! She shrieked and looked down to see a drop of blood trickling down her ankle and a pair of groundhogs running away.

Soon she came to a heavy wooden door. A crude sign, crayon on yellow construction paper, was thumbtacked to it. The sign read, "Pie-Eating Contest Today"

Without being touched, the door swung open. In front of her was a long table, set with several "pies"... Actually, several fairly attractive people (some male, some female), clad only in whipped cream, laying with their butts resting in piecrusts.  Geri didn't recognize any of them. A darkly handsome man was the only other person standing. When he saw Geri, his eyes lit up. "Just in time for our contest!" he purred.

A raven perched on the mantle, watching, shook his head. "The boss must be distracted tonight" he muttered. "That's supposed to be Atalanta's dream!"