Ares Sestina
Am I so weak, to be trapped by your gaze?
I ache---no, dread!--to hear your voice
You brush back your hair
I am undone!
I'd see the smile on your lips,
If I could look higher than your thighs!
Trembling, my head at the level of your thighs
What would I see, if I met your gaze?
A muted sigh escapes my lips
Speak! I must hear your voice.
Now how did my blouse get undone?
In blushing confusion, I hide my face in my hair.
You brush away my wayward hair
I hide my face against your thighs
A flick of my hand, and your pesky pants are undone
That which I sought now within my gaze,
I fall silent, deserted by my voice!
But you have a better use in mind for my lips.
You bend and plant a fierce kiss on my lips
I sink my hands into your hair
"Now"à one word, in that commanding voice!
You slide a hand-- so slowly!--- Up my thighs
I raise my eyes to meet your gaze
MY jeans were already undone!
And I, too, am quite undone!
What fire burns hotter than your lips?
Only the smoldering embers of your gaze!
I run my hands down your chest, through soft dark hair,
And stop, teasing, when I reach your thighs.
"I tell you, NOW!" Is that need in your voice?
Before you can further give it voice,
I slide away the pants I'd already undone.
Nestling my face between your thighs,
Softly-so softly!--- I take your cock in my lips
I feel your hands twine in my hair
And raise my eyes to meet your gaze.
By your gaze alone I am undone!
No word, no voice escapes my busy lips
My hair fans out, across your thighs.

Ares's Acrostic
It seemed a dark vision
When you first called my name
All was still
Night was falling
Never would I have believed it
As from the shadows, you came
From the deepest corner of midnight
Unchecked by daylight sense
Capturing me with your gaze
Keep still! My pulse took flight.
A glance, a smile
Resistance died, unvoiced.
Even now, you merely watch
Sure of the outcome, all the while.
Barely able to think, I fall to your feet
Reason, weakened, flees
As you lay a hand upon my cheek
I tremble...such fire!
Never had I known this
So fierce, to be so sweet.
Only a vision! Can it be?
Under the dawn, I sit alone
The dream, so real, but there's no-one here but me.

Clue:  For an acrostic, read only the first letter of every line