How Do I Thank Thee
By Arami

Iphicles, King of Corinth, was greatly troubled.  All his ministers could see it, yet they could not get him to speak what was on his mind.  Although none would say it, he was driving them crazy with his constant pacing about the throne room.

Iphicles suddenly stopped and turned to face the others. “Leave me,” he ordered.  Before any could intercede, he spoke again.  “I want to be alone.”

None would argue with their king and they began filtering out.  Iphicles slumped into his throne.  As the last person left the room and the doors were bolted, the throne room was filled with a blinding flash of light.

Iphicles shielded his eyes from the brightness, but it soon faded and he found himself in the presence of Ares, God of War.

“Good, you came,” stated Iphicles.  “I hoped you wouldn’t be too long.”

Ares looked at Iphicles and walked towards the king.  “ You said it was urgent.  What’s wrong?”

Iphicles smiled.  “Nothing is wrong, Ares.  It occurred to me that I didn’t properly thank you for rescuing me from Caesar’s clutches.”  He stood up and moved towards Ares.

At the mention of Caesar’s name, memories came flooding back to Ares.  Memories he denied.  Memories of his traitorous body and the masterful Roman emperor who’d brought him to such pleasure.  Ares shook his head to clear away the thoughts.  No.  What he did, he’d done only to get Iphicles released, nothing more.

“You don’t need to thank me,” replied Ares.  The two men stood within inches of one another.  They were both of equal height and similar build.

“Yes.  Yes, I do,” said the king and before Ares could argue, Iphicles lunged forward and locked his lips to those of the god.  Iphicles hands gripped Ares’ leather-encased shoulders and fought for access to the other man’s mouth.

Ares gripped Iphicles’ golden streaked hair and gave him the access he so hungered for, intensifying the kiss to unheard of limits.  Ares pushed Iphicles back until they met the wall.  He pulled away, both men gasping for breath.

In one fell move Ares ripped away Iphicles’ royal robes, letting them puddle at their feet.  The God of War dipped his head and left a trail across Iphicles’ very muscular chest, his tongue bringing the two pink nipples to hard straining peaks.

Iphicles said nothing, only leaned against the wall.  His eyes were closed and he tried unsuccessfully to control his breathing.

Ares moved his hands to Iphicles’ naked hips and pulled them toward him.  Ares ground his own leather-clad erection hard against Iphicles’ throbbing straining one.  Iphicles grabbed the back of Ares’ head and brought their mouths together in a violent kiss.  Their tongues met and battled for supremacy within, mimicking movements older that time itself.  Moans escaped their lush lips, but neither could tell if it was just one or both of them.

For the second time, Ares pulled away from Iphicles.  “Are.  You.  Sure,” he gasped.

“Y-Yes,” Iphicles managed.

Ares snapped his fingers and he shed his confining clothing.  He gathered Iphicles up in an embrace.  Their straining cocks were very evident between them.  Ares captured Iphicles in yet another all-encompassing, soul-shattering kiss.  He turned Iphicles against the wall, planting kissed down the king’s back and blazing a trail with his tongue.

“Damn it, Ares!  Just do it!” growled Iphicles.

“That’s not any way to thank me for saving your life,” smugly replied Ares.  Before Iphicles could complain, Ares pushed into him slowly, making sure not to hurt the mortal.

“By the Gods…. “ groaned Iphicles.  He felt hardly any pain and knew Ares had something to do with it.  He could care less whether it hurt or not--all he could sense was Ares going deeper and deeper with in him.

Iphicles steadied himself, using all his strength to keep from being plowed through the stone wall.  As Ares pushed, so did Iphicles, pushing back to meet the god.

“Oh.  Gods.  Yes!!!” hissed Ares.

Harder and harder he thrust, as if their lives depended on it.   Iphicles felt as though he were being ground straight through the wall.  Ares increased his speed and as he did, he reached around, finding Iphicles’ throbbing manhood.  He began pumping it to the same tempo their bodies were moving at.  Iphicles let out a moan from deep
within his chest.

Faster and faster Ares went, both men grunting and moaning with each thrust.  Each man was covered with sweat and Ares bent down and licked a line of it off of the king’s back.  Ares knew he was nearing completion and moments later his whole body tensed and he came hard within Iphicles.  He thrust three, four more times before pulling Iphicles down to the floor so they were both sitting, Iphicles impaled on Ares’ massive cock.

Ares continued to pump Iphicles’ manhood, while his other hand reached around and pinched the overly sensitive nipples.  Iphicles didn’t last long with the dual stimulation and soon came, releasing his seed all over Ares’ hand as well as his own chest and thighs.

Iphicles lay back against Ares, almost playfully.  Ares gently rubbed his hands over Iphicles’ chest as both men struggled to bring their breathing back down to normal.  Finally Ares spoke, breaking the silence.

“You’re welcome.”

The End