Lisa's Challenge: Let's bring Ares into Our Time and let him visit each of us and see who comes up with the best stuff.
Sometimes I have the attention span of a hyperactive ferret on crack.

This afternoon, for instance. I was watching VIDEO GIRL AI with the sound off (after all, it's subtitled, and I don't speak Japanese anyhow, so...) and listening to it as well, singing along with the radio. That Corn Nuts ad was playing--if you've heard it, you know the one I mean. I've only heard it twice, but I couldn't resist singing along with the chorus. "Bust a nut, Bust a nut--Enjoy yourself, we won't tell!" Nice to see a company with a sense of humor about itself. On the screen, Ai was pining for Youta, Youta was pining for Moemi, and Moemi was pining for Nimaii-kun.

Apparently today's Flashback Lunch had a theme--Berlin's "Sex" was followed by the Divinyls.

"I don't want anybody else--when I think about you, I touch myself..."

Now there was a thought, at that--why be bored, when you can plug in, turn on, and forget about everything outside your skin?

I reached for my 'toybag'. I wonder if Good Vibrations gives Frequent Flyer Miles. The radio was getting on my nerves.  I switched the sound back to the TV. The purr of my Windermere coil joined the piping soundtrack of the all-but-ignored anime playing itself out on the screen. I closed my eyes, laying back on my folded-out futon. I started slow, teasing myself, enjoying the tingle when I touched the vibrator to the rings in my labia. With my other hand, I stroked my inner thighs, digging in with my nails just a little at first, then harder.

I almost jumped out of my skin when I felt the hand on my shoulder.

"Oh, don't stop now," a familiar, too luscious to be human voice whispered against my neck, "It looked like you were just getting to the good part."

I opened my eyes, tilting my head back. It wasn't a hallucination brought on by Drixoral and sleep deprivation--Ares was half-sitting, half-kneeling on the futon behind me. He rested his chin on my shoulder, and snaked an arm around my waist, up and under the t-shirt I hadn't bothered to remove. I sagged against his chest as he brushed the palm of his hand across my nipple. "You know," I murmured, "I've always wanted to fuck a god."

I felt his deep, rumbling chuckle as much as heard it as he pulled me up and back against him. His cock, hard and hot, pressed against my ass. I wriggled my hips, grinding against him. He buried his face in my neck, nibbling gently, then biting down hard enough that I cried out. He ran a caressing hand up along my leg, circling the tattoo on my hip, before reaching for my clit, circling it lightly with a single, teasing finger.

I couldn't remember the last time I'd been this wet--I swear, my knees were slick! His cock slipped between my legs, the pulsing shaft pressing maddeningly against my labia. I bucked and swivelled desperately, aching to feel him inside me.  He tried, tauntingly, to evade me at first, but his heart wasn't in it, and with an anxious flip of my pelvis I had his cockhead trapped, and with a hard backwards thrust, I had him buried inside me to the hilt.  He groaned once, wordlessly, and then he was on me, pushing me down, trapping me beneath him, fucking me hard, hard, driving into me, grinding my face against the futon, and I was pushing back against him, rising to meet each thrust, slamming against him even as he was slamming into me, and yes, yes, oh YES I needed this, and then I was coming, coming, coming so hard the world went away, and all I could do was ride it, ride it...

I must have fallen asleep for a bit, because I woke with a start, certain I'd find myself alone, but no, Ares was sprawled on his belly on the floor. He'd evidently found my bookshelf full of Destroyer novels; he was reading AN OLD-FASHIONED WAR with a broad smile on his face.

"So", he purred, "Was fucking a god all you'd hoped?"

"Being fucked by you was marvelous," I said, smiling, reaching once more for my 'toybag', "But I don't think you quite grasped my meaning..."

The End