Ares God of War was sitting on an unfamiliar throne, and for the one-thousandth time was mulling over the reasons he had agreed to do this job. For every reason he had a solid objection, so he still had no idea why he 'did' agree.  Ares stretched out his mind and could feel he was being watched.

* I don't know why he agreed to come here, but he does look spectacular sitting in the bossí chair. Damn! Heís fine,* the offending spy thought.

The God of War, no, he corrected himself, the Interim god of the Underworld. He shook his head that sounded too weird, heíd have to come up with a better title, or better yet, Xena and Gabby better hurry and find a way to make Hades a god again and spare him much more of this.

The place was so dark, and so very boring. What 'did' Hades do for fun around here anyway? Its not like Peri always around and even if she was, Ares was certain that Hades would find a way around Zeusí "thou shalt not kill each other" rule if he ever caught Ares trying to screw his wife. Heíd taken a tour of the Fields, but the truth was that he scared most of the interesting women there out of their minds. He wasnít going to get any there.

He decided to start a war and give himself some work to do. That would help alleviate the boredom. It didnít take long for new souls to find their way to the boat dock. He stood on the opposite shore and watched Charon dicker with his passengers.

"Pay up, no money, no passage." One woman was crying because she didnít have any money and the boatman made Ares laugh when he said heíd "Take it in kisses, dearie." She shuddered and looked like to faint, but anything was better than an eternity on that dock. She reached up and kissed him. It made Ares shudder too. That was just not something he wanted to see. But he kept watching just for the entertainment value, kept watching as the girl shuddered again and not in fear this time. She was liking it. Kissing that ugly mug and liking it. Well maybe Charon could kiss.

It took Ares a bit of time to figure out Hades' convoluted accounting system, something he was certain Hades made complicated just to have something to do, but he got the new arrivals sorted and sent on their way. The girl ended up in the Elysian Fields, although as he watched her depart he couldnít quite fathom the grin on her face.

The boatman caught him looking. "What? Iím not allowed to kiss the passengers?"

"Uh, I...." Ares couldnít think of a polite way to say it.

Charon shook his head and walked up to his bossí temporary replacement. One bone fingered hand came up into the sleek black curls and with strength Ares didnít know the godling possessed dragged his face in. He steeled himself for revulsion, but Charonís mouth was sweet and his lips soft, and the things he was doing with his tongue could give Aphrodite lessons. He wondered how many people had done what he had. Underestimated this manís worth because of his looks.

Charon noticed the change in the god's body he could feel him soften in his arms. He smiled. "So, not so bad right?"

The god actually had the good grace to blush but caught himself quickly. "Um.. no not bad." Ares could not believe his own words.

"What? You think Hades keeps me around for my boat rowing skills? Not hardly. Iíve been here as long as he has, well nearly. Letís just say Iím the only one half-immune to his...charms... If you think I did a good job on your mouth..." the boatman let the words trail off as he stared his way down the Godís leather encased body coming to a stop on his leather encased cock.

Ares grinned, okay he could handle this, as long as he didnít have to return the favor, this wouldnít be so bad. That mouth was extremely talented. "Wait! There has to be a better place than right here on the dock," Ares growled.

"Well boss, the 'other' boss always liked it on his throne in his office, Hades liked reminding me who was in charge. You seem the same type."

Ares grinned. He liked the way Charon was thinking. He moved them to Hades office and walked over to the throne; sitting down he threw one leg over the arm making his leathers disappear, he sat there a picture of beauty.

Charon almost choked. He sat the same way the boss did when he was in the mood. Ares was more like his Uncle than he wanted to admit. He knelt before his current boss, "Ya' know I hope Hades doesnít dump me for doing this."

"Suck me godling. I promise you he won't hear about it from my lips." Ares purred silkily." Ares was amazed at the agility of that long tongue. He drew the first gasp from the God when he nearly wrapped it completely around his shaft and ran it down to the base.

Charon grinned; being the boatman had its advantages. The second advantage was a dead godlingís lack of need to breathe and his ability to swallow nearly anything Including the length of the God of War. Ares had never been taken in so easily, not even by his regular lovers, and not without having to help a little. He tried to resist the urge to leverage up and thrust, but it was too tempting. Charon smiled against him and just sucked harder, if Ares thought fucking him that way was going to turn him off, he had another think coming. And with that, the boatman did his damnedest to make the War God not only cum, but scream when he did. Ares realized he was standing on the edge, but Charon had been doing this far too long to let him off that easily. A little pressure in the right places and Ares was moaning, and trying to thrust again. This time Charon held his hips down and shook his head, which movement nearly made Ares pass out. Neither man kept track of the time, but it seemed like forever when he finally let Ares go and began to swallow what seemed to be an endless stream of cum. He stood up, licking his lips, letting Ares watch that teasing tongue get every single drop of him.

Charon turned to leave, saying nothing, there was nothing to say. Perk of the job as it were. Its not like it meant what it did when the boss was there.

Ares reached out, he had to say something, he wasnít sure what. His hand tangled in the cloak, missing the boatman entirely. Charon didnít notice that he was neatly walking out of the cloak. He gasped in astonishment and that rough, demanding voice disappeared into molten heat.

"Uh...please give me my cloak back," said the incredible voice. Charonís back was rather normal looking, screw normal, damn what an arse, Ares didnít understand what was happening. He put a hand on the boatmanís shoulder.

Charon turned to face Ares. The beautiful godling that stood before him was amazing. Thin, tanned, well muscled his red haired and green eye's glowed with life and true beauty; this was the definition of true godly beauty.

Charon shook his head. "What? You like me better now? Give me the cloak, I canít go without it very long, and Iím sorry, but only Hades gets what little time I have like this." Charon paused looking very sad while he pulled at the cloak. "PleaseÖgive me the cloak."

"Why?" Damn those green eyes they almost made Ares cum just looking at them.

"It's my curse. I was too pretty for your mother and your sisters. They cursed me and I donít think they intended for the curse to kill me but it did. So now I live with your Uncle. Man needed help. I helped. The cloakís the only thing that keeps me here, without it I start to fade away. Give it back before I start to dis-incorporate."

Ares could feel his anger at the vanity of the other gods rising up inside him. He laid the cloak over the godlingís shoulders, and the boatmanís voice was back. "Lesson for you God of War. Donít take everything you see at first look," And with those words he was gone.

The War God slumped, boneless and breathless on the throne, realizing that now he had a 'real' problem.  Just how would he be able to slow down Xena and Gabby in their search to reinstate Hades godhood?  He wanted more time with Charon and one way or another he would get it.

The End