Death to AOL
By Adri
The executive smiled and leaned back in his leather desk chair.  His evil plan was in motion.  America OnLine was going to do their worst deed yet: They were going to keep the KsmithAres girls (and boys, if there were any) from the Friday Night Chat Orgy!  Oh yes, this was a dastardly plan, indeed.  And he had thought it up.  It all started one day when he hadn't been able to get his "little friend" up.  He had been so angry that he had vowed to stop anyone else from having anything to do with sex.

Oh yes, he was happy.  There was no way the KsmithAres girls (and boys) were going  to pleasure their GOW now!  His crappy product had seen to that!  Sighing, he went back to trying to get his "Little Friend"  to stand at attention.  That was a usual occurrance in the offices of AOL.  What else would they spend their time on, since they weren't making worthwhile software?

The executive was in the middle of his 9 AM tension reliever when the door was thrown open.  There stood one really pissed off God of War.  The executive was stunned, his mouth hanging open.  After a moment of staring, he zipped his pants back up and stood up.

"You're the Evil Executive?"  Ares asked gruffly.  The exec nodded, staring at the bulging muscles that were straining against the black leather the God wore.

"Yes."  he replied.

"How dare you deprive my girls (and boys) of the Friday Night Chat Orgy!  Did you think you could mess with ME and get away with it?"  Ares demanded.  The executice began to shake.  He realized too late that to mess with the GOW's girls (and boys) was a death sentence.  "I've already taken care of your co-workers.  I saved you for last because you're the one who started all of this!  You will wish you had never heard the words 'America Off Line!'"  Ares yelled.

He pointed a single finger at the trembling man in front of him and immediately a wall of fire surrounded him.  The executive screamed and begged for mercy, but Ares listened to none of it.  This pecker had made his worshippers sad, and that was an offence punishable by death.  A moment later, the man was dead, all that was left of him a pile of ashes.  Smiling, Ares looked around the office and threw a fireball in each corner.  In no time, the entire room was on fire, and it was spreading.  The AOL building burned down and all the KsmithAres girls (and boys) were free to find another server and join in on the Friday Night Chat Orgy.