By Jill Rowdy


He was a study in contrasts. He had warm, loving, brown eyes and full lips that could transform him from docile to cruel in mere seconds. His body was sculptured and hard, but the black hair that covered it was soft and inviting.What did I stumble into that night? I was nearly blind with fear and anger. My attacker lay dead at my feet, his blood covering my hands.

September 1970

Ron was the 'jock' of our school, the guy every girl wanted to be with, the one I never expected would want me. I was shocked when he started talking to me. I was a nobody, one of a hundred nameless girls wandering the halls of our school. We chatted about people in our school, our teachers, music, things I'd never have pictured him to be intrested in. He was this tall, blond, hunk! I couldn't believe he would notice me, but there he was, talking to me, putting his arm around me! When he suggested we take a walk, I thought I was in Heaven! We left the party and started walking through the small woods behind the house. The night was clear and there was just a hint of chill in the air. We held hands as we strolled. The leaves rattled in the slight breeze, it sounded like music. As I look back on the night, I pity the poor foolish girl, that thought that Ron was such a great guy.

We stopped after awhile and sat down on a felled tree. When I shivered, he pulled me closer, like he wanted to warm me. When his kisses began, they were filled with the sweetness of youth. I had never been kissed by a boy before. It made me feel all warm inside. I didn't even notice his roaming hands until I felt the shock of his cold hands against my stomach. I jerked away from his touch, only to be pressed back against him. My warm feeling turned to cold fear as he began to rip my clothes. I began to pray as he unfastened his pants. I felt my body tear as he thrust roughly inside me. I could only close my eyes and hope it would be over soon. My hopes were dashed as he turned me over. As he flung me over the fallen tree, he spoke the words that would haunt me forever, "Aww, you're crying, you'll be crying even harder when you get it up the ass bitch!"

Pain made the next few minutes seem like hours. As he grunted filthy words above me, a new emotion filled my body, rage. He believed that I was so worthless, that he could do this to me! I wanted to give him the same pain he was giving me. After he climaxed, he rolled off of me. I didn't cry, or break down. I looked around till I spotted an old piece of metal. I picked it up, it looked like part of an old farm tool. It was thick and had a sharp pionted end. I stumbled over to where Ron sat, with the metal behind my back. He looked up with a leer and said, "Back for more?" As the tool stabbed into his chest, he tried to rise, but couldn't. I felt something inside me as I stabbed him again and again, pleasure. The more I stabbed, the more the pleasure mounted. I could have stabbed him forever. The only reason I stopped, was the bright flash of light I saw from the corner of my eye.

I must have been quite a sight to the large man who appeared in the flash, a small girl covered with blood. I had on what was left of my dress, held a large piece of metal, and was crouched over a very disfigured body. Most would have been horrified, instead he smiled. "Your enthusiasm is great, but your neatness is sorely lacking" he said with a sneer. I knew when he said that, that he was no normal man. "Who are you" I managed to ask. "Ares, God of War. With your lust for this man's blood, you invoked me." he answered.

The sounds of men trampling through the woods, invaided my ears. Ron's friends must be out looking for us. There was no way to hide the carnage I had wrought, there was too much blood. I looked expectantly at Ares, and with a wave of his hand, he set the body ablaze. "You just showed them right where we are!" I screamed. I was so afaid of being caught, the fact that fire had just poured from Ares hand, didn't even surprise me. "Take my hand, give yourself to me and I will get you out of this." he said. I didn't hesitate. Before I knew what was happening, we had appeared in a cave. I looked around, there were candles everywhere, a bed, a table and two chairs, it almost looked like a home. "Why have you brought me here?" I asked. "You are to stay here. You have given yourself to me." he replied. "What do you mean?" I asked. He smiled as he spoke, "When you took me hand, you pledged yourself to me. You are now mine, body and soul. I will train you and later, command you. You will obey my every wish with no pause or question. In return you will have my protection and if you serve me well, immortality."

"The first thing we need to do is clean you up" he said with disgust. He led me through an archway, into a room with a very large tub full of steaming water. He nodded my way and my clothes disappeared. I started backing up as he came near me. He looked me over and grabbed me. As I struggled, screaming, he said, "Stop fighting me, if I wanted to rape you, you would be powerless to stop me. I'm not going to hurt you, I don't rape." I was still stuggling when he put me in the water, but my screams had turned into sobs. The water burned every scratch and scrape on my body. It burned the most where Ron had violated me. In a way it was soothing, as if his touch was being burned off my flesh. Ares handed me some soap and told me to wash, but I could only sit there. It was like I was trapped inside myself, I couldn't move, or speak, just cry. I felt a jolt of fear as he climbed in the tub behind me, but he only took a rag and began to wash me. He seemed very clinical about it, even when he was washing my breast and my groin. After he was satisfied I was clean, he lifted me from the tub. I was afraid as I stood there naked. "I'm going to heal your wounds now, you will feel some heat, but it won't burn you." he said. I watched as he laid his hand on mine. I had a very large cut, I guess from the metal, across my palm. I felt warmth and a tingling, and when he removed his hand the cut was gone. He moved to the various cuts, healing each one. He held against him, as his hand moved down to heal my other injuries. He wrapped me in a large white robe, and lead me back into the other room. The small table had an assortment of food. He poured me a cup of warm, spiced, wine and sat down opposite me. I began to eat a bowl of some kind of stew. As it warmed me, I looked at him, he was looking at a newspaper. I found myself studying his features. He had the face of a god, his eyes were a rich brown color, and his lips were almost too lush. I wondered if that was why he wore a beard. He had very black hair that reached his shoulders. He was very powerfully built. He was not a kind looking man, he was more the type to fear, so why did I find myself fearing him less and less?

After I finished eating, I found myself growing tired. He must have noticed, because he stood up and began walking toward the bed. I was a little nervous, when I discovered that I was going to sleep in the bed with him, but I followed. I laid down and had my back turned to him. I stiffened when he curled up around me, but relaxed when he did no more. I heard his breathing slow as he fell asleep. I realized that I felt safe in his arms. I wondered about my parents and how worried they would be, but I really didn't want to leave this newfound security. My last thoughts as I drifted off, were of the stories we learned in school about the Greek Gods. Ares was nothing like I had had him pictured.

I slept very soundly that night. I think it was because of him and his warmth. When I awoke, he was in another chamber talking to someone.  I went in to see who it was. The sight of the man shocked me, he looked so much like Ron! Ares turned as I walked in, he was obviously angry at the man. "I knew you had a part in this Ares!" he said, "What do you think you are doing with that girl! Why did you kill that boy?" Now it was my turn to get angry! "Who are you!" I shouted. "He's Hercules, my pesty half-brother." Ares said with a near-smile. "I'm here to rescue you." Hercules said. "Ares didn't kill that monster, I did! He raped me! Ares helped me, and I don't want to be rescued!" I screamed. Ares couldn't keep the grin off his face as he said, "You heard her Little Brother, she is here willingly." Hercules could only stare. Finally he shook his head and walked out. Ares turned back to me and looked very pleased. "I was right about you." he said with a smile.

Ares decided that I needed to go talk to my parents. We materialized in a stand of shrubs outside my house. My parents were very happy to see me and seemed really grateful to Ares for bringing me home. They had thought I was burned to death in the fire that had consumed Ron's body. The police thought we were drunk and maybe Ron passed out with a ciggarette and that had started the fire. The joy in my parents faces quickly fled as I started explaining what happened. I told them about the rape and that I had killed Ron. I told them Ares had found me wandering in the woods and had helped me. I had expected shock, but I never expected them to blame me for the rape. They both did! They called me a murderer, for killing Ron! They said they wouldn't tell the police, but they both considered me dead. They told me to leave their home and never come back. I was close to breaking down, when Ares gently grabbed my arm and led me out.

"What now?" I asked, fighting back tears. "Well, I had planned on leaving you with your parents till you were older, but I guess now I will have to finish raising you myself." he said. "What do you mean 'finish raising' me? I'm all grown up!" I said. "My dear, you are 15 years old. That is far from grown up. First things first, we need to pick a place to settle and get you back in school." he said. With a wave, we were back in his cave. He conjured me some breakfast and began to study a map. "Why are we leaving?" I asked him. "If it leaks out that you are alive, there will be questions. Some people might see you as a danger. We need to go where noone knows you." he patienatly replied. Finally he picked a place, and off we went. We appeared outside a car dealership in a town called Ridgeveiw. It was in a vally right below the Rocky Mountains. The air was clean and sweet smelling. As we walked toward the small office, a man came rushing out to meet us. "You folks looking for a car?" he asked. "Yes, we are new in town." Ares said. The man showed us around the lot and Ares carefully looked at each car. He chose a small black Mustang with leather seats. The dealer was surprised when he pulled out cash to pay for it. Ares told the man his name was Frank Aristotle, Ares was his nickname. I almost laughed at that. I did laugh when the man asked where we were from and Ares said Greece. He told the man we were needing to buy a house, and the man told us about a real-estate agent in town. We got in the car and drove over there. A nice looking lady greeted us inside. She was about forty and had brown hair, swept back from her face. I almost fell over when Ares introduced me as his daughter, Silvia. When we later got into the car to follow her to a house, I asked him why he said I was his daughter. "You are obviously too young to be my wife, and anything else would have seemed suspicious." he said. "Why did you call me Silvia? My name is Ellen." I asked. "Well until now, you hadn't even told me your name, your parents kept calling you Honey, and I like the name Silvia. That is your name from now on, so you had better get used to it." he said tensly.

The house that Ares bought, was like a large stone cottage. It was cozy, despite it's size. After the lady left, Ares conjoured up some furniture. It was all very comfortable and all in deep, rich, earthy tones. Dark reds, and browns. The day after he bought the house, we went into town, and did alot of shopping. We bought food, and clothes and other things. I wondered why he didn't just make the stuff. He said it was more fun just to make the money and go buy the stuff. We went from store to store, meeting the townspeople and introducing ourselves. I noticed more than a few women staring at Ares. They would look at him with lust filled eyes, and some even went as far as to flirt with him. He smiled at them all, and was always polite, but never showed any real interest. We went home and looked at all we bought. He had bought me closets full of clothes. There were outfits for everything from school, to formal functions. I think he liked the idea of having a living Barbie Doll to dress up, and flaunt.

That night, as we took our first bath in the huge tub, I asked him about all the women staring at him, and why didn't he respond to it. "I'm waiting for you to grow up" he said with a laugh. I couldn't help but feel a little pride when he said that. I guess I was already falling for him. I relaxed against his chest as he washed my back. After our bath, Ares took me to my room, and tucked me into bed. I had a very pretty bedroom across the hall from Ares. It had a large canopied bed, and was decorated in mauves. I had all the things a young girl could want in that room, but I slept in the bed with him every night. I just couldn't sleep alone. He never touched me back then, just held me in his arms, or cuddled against my back. He was very much like a father. We never talked about the night of the rape, but when the nightmares would come, or I would be reminded of it, he would hold me, or put his arm around me and I would feel safe.

My first day at Ridgeveiw High School, was unexpectantly fun. Ares drove me to school in his car and all the kids were straining to get a look at us. The whole town knew about the 'new people' that had moved in. In a small town, gossip travels fast. Ares laid his hand on my arm and guided me into the school. We talked to the principle, Mr. Havers, for awhile. Ares told him that his wife had died in a car accident and that I was still a little tramitized about it. Of course that story went over well, the poor widower and his young daughter. Mr. Havers nearly wept. Havers took us on a tour of the school and then it was time for Ares to go. I was more than a little afraid, it was the first time I had been seperated from Ares since the rape. I guess he knew how I would feel, he took me away from Mr. Havers and explained a few things. "I'm a god, remember. I can feel you, your thoughts, and emotions. I'm going to give you something to remind you of that. If you get scared or upset, just hold this and you will feel my thoughts as well." He handed me a beautiful golden dragon pendant. The way it was shaped, it fit right into my hand. I felt a small jolt when I held it and heard his voice, "Do you understand now?" I smiled, because I knew he hadn't spoken, but I could hear him clearly in my head. He put his arms around me and gave me a hug. We walked back over to Mr. Havers and Ares gave me a fatherly kiss on the cheek and then left.

The rest of the day, was going to classes, and getting introduced to teachers. They all seemed nice. The students all kept a bit of a distance from me, because I was the new girl. At lunch time I did make a friend. Her name was Danielle. We met when she asked me about my pendant. I told her it was a gift from my father. She said her father gave her stuff like that too. By the end of the day, we were friends. She called me 'Silvy' and I called her 'Danni'. We were standing in front of the school, when Ares came to pick me up. He smiled and was very nice when I introduced her. On the way home, he told me he was very proud of me for making a new friend, and that he would make an effort to get to know her parents. He did cation me about friends, "Having one really close friend like Danni is fine, but I don't want you to be dragging a bunch of teenagers through our home. We do have a few secrets to keep."

The next few weeks went by in a blur. Ares got to know Danni's parents, and she would come to our house after school alot. I guess she might have wondered why we never asked her to stay overnight, but she never really mentioned it. The role of Father seemed to fit Ares like a glove. He would do whatever a war god would do while I was at school, and only left me home alone for a couple of hours once in a while. He surprised me in early October, by asking me if I would like to have a Halloween party. "Well, the town is wondering about us, and if we have this party, their curiosity will be satified for awhile." he said. I think part of it was that Ares just liked a good party. We spent some time getting the house decorated and invitations sent out. I think he invited the entire town! The night of the party, he laid out a huge buffet, I was surpised the tables could hold the weight. We went upstairs to pick some costumes. Ares, of course, was dressed in black leather, he was going as the God of War, I was going as Dischord. I thought that was funny! For me, he created the most revealing thing I had ever seen! It was a black leather dress, but insted of a front, it had a series of criss-crossing strips of leather. It barely covered my breasts! "Ares, I can't wear this!" I said. "Well, that was Dischord's outfit. I guess it is a bit much." he said. I couldn't help but notice the look of desire on his face when he saw me in it. He seemed almost dissappointed when he changed it into a tight fitting black leather catsuit.

When our guests started arriving, more than a few women looked shocked at my costume, but they soon quit looking at me at all when they saw Ares. He was a beautiful sight! His tight black leather moulded to his flesh, betraying every bulge and ripple of his muscles. When Danni arrived, even her eyes filled with lust as she watched Ares gliding from one guest to another. At all times he was nearly boxed in by groups of women. I would have expected the men to be angry, but they seemed as enraptured by Ares as the women. He was such a strong presence, it seemed no one was immune. Everyone drank and danced and had a wonderful time. I had fun, but I couldn't help feeling jelouse when Ares would dance with other women. The last guest to leave was an attractive blond woman. Ares nearly had to carry her to a waiting taxi. She pulled him down and kissed him, before he shut the door. I went nearly mad! As Ares walked back inside, he had this goofy grin on his face. I could have slapped him!

That night, when we were in his big bed, I asked him if he was going to sleep with that woman. His reply hurt me, "I might. She looks like a good fuck." I couldn't believe it! I laid there for a long time, thinking about Ares, and how I felt about him. I came to a decision, he needed sex, he could get it from me. I looked at him sleeping next to me, really seeing for the first time, how desirable he really was. I had took baths with him, slept naked beside him, but had never really saw him before. I had never noticed the powerful shoulders, or the soft hair covering his chest. I started to lightly trace the rippled muscles of his abdomine. He open his eyes and smiled at me. When I started to push down the sheets, to get a better view of his maleness, he stopped me. "What are you doing?" he asked. "I want to look at you." I whispered. "I don't know if you are ready for any of this." he said, "I'm not going to touch you, just do what you feel comfortable with." What he was offering was a way for me to free myself. I would be in control, making the moves. He was giving me the power to heal my emotional wounds leftover from the rape.

I began by removing the sheet. I left me eyes drink in the sight of him. I followed the trail of hair from his abdomin down to his swelling shaft. It was long and thick, with delicate veins that I could almost see throbbing. I lightly traced the underside with the tip of my finger and it jumped in response. I let my fingers glide lower to stroke his sac. It was soft and he drew in a breath as I touched it. I moved even lower and began to caress his thighs. The mucles in his legs were strong like steel. I leaned in and inhaled his scent. I could still catch a hint of his cologne, but what drew me in was his own scent, that light musky male scent. It is so hard to describe, it is like nothing else. I was almost drunk on it. I let my hands drift back to his erection, it was even larger than before. I truely didn't know what to do or how to please him, but nature must have kicked in, because I suddenly felt like stoking him. I couldn't get one hand all the way around his shaft, so I used both. Soon his breathing became faster and I saw the first drops of what I now know as precum appear on the tip. Purely by instinct, I leaned down to taste it. He let out a deep moan and I looked up to see what I did wrong. Ares was watching me, his eyes were dark and filled with lust. He had a light sheen of sweat on his forehead, and his jaw looked clenched. Something inside him seemed to snap, he pulled me against him, and whispered in a low growl, "Your innocence in intoxicating, I have to stop you now, before I loose control of myself."

I felt a little lose when he got out of the bed to sit by the fire, but when he smiled and said he would return to the bed soon, I felt better. I watched him sit and stare into the flames, and wondered what he thought about. Later in the night, I watched as he brought his own hand to his shaft. He started with slow strokes, like the ones I had done, but soon his paced quickened. I could feel myself getting warmer as I watched him. His body tensed, and he glistened with sweat. Nothing on this Earth could compare to the sight of him, caught up in his pleasure, desperate for release. He moaned my name as he began to come, the pearly white juice, flowing from him like hot lava. He sat still for a little while and his breathing slowed. He got up and cleaned himself with a thought. He streached like a cat and smiled in my direction. "This is what a man does when a sweet little girl like you teases him." He knew! He knew I had watched him. He got back into the bed and softly kissed me goodnight.

Many nights after that, Ares would lay and let me bring him to the brink of orgasm. I explored his body and learned every inch of him. He would always stop me before I could bring him to release. He said it was because he could control himself that way. I had become very comfortable with his reactions to my ministrations. I was leading a double life in a way. During the day I was a normal school girl, chatting with Danni and doing my school work, at night I had very different lessons. Ares was teaching me how to please men, but he was also teaching me how to kill. We had started with hand to hand combat. Ares was teaching me skills that I could use later, when I was fully matured. I was to become his assasine, as well as his consort. He said I had a unique ability to seperate myself from my actions, almost like a duel personality. I absorbed his teachings with vigor, I wanted to learn how to defend myself, so I would never be helpless again. He was amused at my early attempts, but as time went on, he became inpressed by my skill and ability to learn quickly. My favorite weapons were a set of daggers that Ares had given me. He seemed to like daggers himself. They were easy to conceal, and quiet to use. We would pratice at night, until we were finally so worked up, we would collapse on the floor and then my 'other' training would begin.

One night after my weapons training, we were laying on the floor in each other's arms. Both of us were trying to catch our breaths, and our bodies were covered in sweat. He made our clothes dissappear so we could cool off. I was startled when he began to kiss my neck. In all this time, he had never done more than kiss my lips. I gasped as he started to move down lower. He looked at me with black eyes and said, "Do you think you are ready for more?" I slowly nodded my head. I had been ready for his touch for a long time. He trailed kisses around both my breasts, and began to circle my nipples with his tounge. When he bagan to suck them my back arched. I never expected it to feel so good. He slid his tounge down the center of my stomach, dipping into my navel, and then slowly traveled lower. I jumped when his tounge entered me. It was like all the warmth that had been building up over the last few months, exploded in that instant.

I could only lay and moan as he licked and teased my womanhood. I couldn't help but tense, when he slid his finger into me. He recognized the tension, and soothed me with his words, "Relax, this won't hurt. Just let the sensation lead you." I closed my eyes and just concentrated on how it felt. He was right, it didn't hurt. Waves of pleasure washed through me. I could feel my walls lightly gripping his finger, this seemed to please him. "When you are ready, you are going to feel so good," he said with half-closed eyes, "I can't wait." I looked at him, he looked so sensual, I said, "Don't wait, take me now!" I leaned down and began to lick along his shaft. I could see his struggle. He wanted me, but was afraid it was too soon. I wrapped my arms around his neck and started grinding myself against his cock, partly to seduce him, and also it felt so good. When I looked in his eyes, I could see his resolve weakening, he was so strong about everything else, but lust was his one weakness. I felt his head brush against my opening, I had to have him inside me, stretching me, filling me completely. I lowered myself onto his head, the tip just barely sliding inside me. He asked me one last time if I was ready, I responded by trying to get him in further. He gently laid me back down, and began to rub some oil onto his cock. He almost hesitated when he put his head at my entrace, but  when I screamed, "Please" his hesitation was lost. He whispered, "This might hurt a little, I will try to go slowly." I felt a brief flash of pain as he entered, but it soon faded. He slowly inched his way into me, until he was deep inside. He stayed still for a minute, letting me become accustomed to his size. Laying there with him buried inside me, I felt complete, like the part of me that I lost with the rape had been found. He began to thrust, with long, sure strokes. I could feel the pressure mounting inside me, I felt like I was getting higher and higher. One look at him, the way his muscles rippled as he dove into me, was enough to speed me to completion. He tensed, and with an animalistic growl, found his release, sending jets of his white hot seed to  scald me.

For a long time, we lay still connected. He laid his head on my stomach and smiled. "It has begun. We will have a child." I should have been shocked, or upset, but instead I felt fullfilled. I knew at that moment, that he had planned to have a child with me all along. He laid his hand on my forehead and I was suddenly filled with knowledge. I saw the past, how Xena had slain his family, how Ares, Aphrodite and Cupid had tried to pick up the pieces and assume the roles of the slain ones. Ares was now the king of the gods, Cupid, the lord of the underworld, and Aphrodite, queen of the seas. I saw the future, how our daughter, Dawn, would become the goddess of war, how she and I and Aphrodite would be the mothers of the new pantheon. I saw the handsome winged god, she was to be joined with. I wondered if it was Cupid, but Ares answered with a smile, "Bliss." That's when I saw Bliss for the first time, hovering in the corner of the room. Ares' grandson, my future son-in-law. Where Eve had once brought the twilight, Dawn would bring a new day for Olympus.

The End