KSA:  Homonyms
Mostly Ares and Strife's Guide To Often Confused Words
by Shamenka

Ares had to accept that he was hated by everyone, except Strife.

To access Ares' bedroom Strife had to get around an excess of guards.

Ares loved the moods Strife would affect as an enhancing effect on their wild sex.

Ares asked Strife if they were finally all ready to see that he was already hard.

When Strife's sexual habits were taken all together Ares got an altogether more fun Godling to play with.

Ares sometimes saw Strife's behaviour as amoral, but he now knew Strife did know better; he was merely immoral.

After Herc's latest unwelcomed ascent of Olympus, Zeus gave his assent to Ares punishing him.

Using Heph's best auger to bore holes in Ares' bedroom wall did not augur well for Strife's well being.

It was no test to anyone's aural abilities when Strife gave Ares a little oral fun:  he was loud enough for the both of them.

Ares always suggested Strife rest awhile after fucking for a while.

Ares loved it when Strife hummed a bass note with his lips tight around the base of his cock.

Ares' anger was too great to be borne when Hercules, the latest half breed, was born.

Strife had to buy Ares a wonderful birthday gift by nightfall or it was good bye forever!

Ares was always so callous as to drag a rough callus over sensitive flesh.

Take it as canon that Ares never fired a cannon in his life.

Ares had to compliment Poseidon on the complement of his favourite battle ship.

Iphicles hated it when his council offered their counsel when he hadn't asked for it.

When in mortal guise Ares often had to curb Strife's rush straight off the kerb without looking where he was going.

As a child Strife had often raced currants in river currents with Ares. Ares even let him win.

Strife hated being dependent on Ares seeing as he wasn't one of his dependants.

Strife finally learned a valuable lesson:   never sit in a desert to eat cold desserts.   They melt.

Ares tried not to let Hercules distract him when the hero's comments would detract from Ares' credibility as a God.

Strife could dissemble all the while he disassembled your life. Little wonder Ares liked him so much.

The eminent King Iphicles' orgasm was imminent. Little wonder he believed his Ares was immanent in the universe. (That last one means all-pervading)

Being careful, Salmoneous liked to ensure he was insured before travelling with Hercules.

When Ares' cock hardened Strife would exalt its magnificence; when it came he'd exult in his delight.

Sometimes even Ares was fazed by Strife's behaviour; he could only hope it was a phase he was going through.

Strife flouted good taste when he flaunted his naked body during Ares' religious ceremonies.

Looking for a grill to cook a meal on Hercules used the grille from the wall.

Being an inept hero tended to make Joxer's plans somewhat inapt.

While Herc was ingenuous with his honourable, open nature, Iolaus had to learn to be ingenious just to keep pace.

Ares despaired of Strife. He never learned the difference between interment and internment and kept burying their prisoners - alive.

Herc's main problem, as Ares saw it, was that his half brother was loath to loathe people - except for him.

Ares would lose his temper with Strife every time he let Cerberus get loose, because he was always blamed instead.

Hercules freed half the work-force since they were still minors, too young to be forced to be miners.

Ares did wonder if the commander of the Persian naval fleet found his plans in his navel fluff.

Hercules faced Jason's students.   He'd passed the same exam in the past; now he wasn't so sure he could.

Herc hated to have to let Iphicles precede him in their entrance, but protocol forced him to let it proceed as dictated.

When his councillors prescribed his need for an heir, he feared it would proscribe his affair with Strife.

Jason's basic principle was simple: as principal of the academy he was always right.

For Strife, Ares' sensual delights in bed were matched only by the sensuous delight he conjured in his own mind with his memories.

When Strife lost sight of the site of the battle he had to cite his loose grasp of geography as an ally.

Experience taught Strife that it is better to be stationary while writing on one's stationery; it made less mess that way.

Ares had to finally admit that manifesting with a taut physique was not something that could be taught in God class.

The first time Ares ever saw Dahak he looked like a rather vicious viscous liquid.


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