KSA Round Robins

Read the fic below at your own risk. We're looking at a variety of different authors, so be prepared for some radical shifts--and some wonderful stories. Some of these are unfinished, and if anyone wants to have a go at concluding them, feel free!  Note that all the stories here are NC-17.

Round Robin I
The first one...This unfinished story is rife with het-sex (including Mary-Sues) little bits of slash and lots of adventure.  Here was the original proposal, issued by Nemetona:  "each section must introduce one new character from the Hercules / Xena universe and one member from our list (not yourself). Preferably the list member mentioned would then take up the story. People have a 72-hour time limit to post the next section.  It was our first effort, and was certainly a lot of fun for those of us involved.

Round Robin II 1-5
This RR was also begun by Nemetona, but is very different from the previous one.  Ares has lost a game, and must perform a series of tasks with a series of other characters from HTLJ and XWP.  It's often hysterical, very slashy, with some het.  Each chapter essentially reads like a individual story, so you can always skip one and move on to the next. A really good read all around.

Round Robin III  1-9
"Nothing more need be said:  Ares god of war is dead."  That's the title of this plot-heavy, twisty-turny story.  It goes everywhere, involves everyone, and is really a masterpiece of plot (there's sex, too, of course).  Some great writing in this one.  Slash, het, violence.

Primal Need
There is some plot here involving the Eye of Naxos, but mostly it's the chance for Ares and Iphicles to have a lot of sex. Mostly slash, some het, some implicit n/c.

The Albatross
Ares, with help from Iolaus, among others, battles the demon war-god Dev.  Lots of adventure, some sex.  One of the most cohesive of the RRs, and often cited by others as one of the best.  Slash.

Pirates and Captives
Nebula, Ares, Herc, Iolaus and Iphicles battle sandsharks and Discord, having sex along the way.  Adventure.  Fast and fun.  Het, slash.

Destiny's Dragon
Iphicles is transformed into a dragon, and Ares looks for his true love. Also features Herc, Iolaus, Autolycus, Cupid and more.  Fantasy.  Bestiality, het, slash.  Roo has written a wonderful sequel to this, but be forewarned: it's very dark and contains character death, cannibalism and suicide.

The Coming of Ares
Iphicles and Ares have a contest.  Joxer, Hercules and Ares GOL appear. This one, as the title suggests, is very heavy on sex, low on plot.  Slash.

The Fire Down Below
Someone steals the source of Hephaestus' power, his hammer, and Ares arranges for Autolycus and Iolaus to find and restore it.  Slash.

The Heat of The Night
A furious Ares brings his lover Iphicles to Hephaestus for protection while he seeks revenge against Hercules and Iolaus.  Slash.

Right Hand Man
Ares' plan to confess his feelings to a lover is thwarted by a stray arrow from Cupid's bow.  Comedy. Slash.

Iphicles is pursued by the Bacchae.  This round robin is different than the others:  each author was allowed to contribute only 55-word segments, even if that meant stopping in media res. To keep the story coherent, it's presented without the usual divisions indicating authorship; the listing of authors at the top of the page is purely alphabetical.  Violence, slash.

Oh Boy!
Shamenka opened this one, borrowing heavily from Deja Vu.  It moves back in time, turning into a plot against one character's life.  Each writer had a 110-word limit this time around, and, as with Obsession, the usual divisions indicating authorship have been omitted.  Comedy.  Slash, het.

Ares tries to assemble an army against an old enemy.  This RR, and the one that follows, were written making a concerted effort to follow the tone of the original chapter, which gives it an impressive unity.  Violence, slash.

Doom 1-28
Doom 29-?
When the Olympians begin dying, they search for a cause.  Includes a wide cast of characters covering several pantheons, and some very beautiful writing.  Each writer had a two-page limit--and these writers are some of the best in this fandom.  Violence, het, slash.

Dark Horse I
Dark Horse II
Ares pays an unusual price for his transgressions.  This story developed from an onlist discussion about centaur anatomy and sexual practices.  Take that as a warning.  Slash, f/f, incest, bestiality (if you consider centaur/god sex to be bestiliaty).

Dry Bones
Iolaus talks to the Delphic oracle.   A/U.  Slash.

Go Tell It On the Mons Veneris
Aphrodite sends Ares, Iphicles, Joxer, Jace, Hercules, Iolaus, Discord, Nebula, Autolycus, Draco, Salmoneus, Xena and Gabrielle on a sex-toy scavenger hunt.   M/m, f/f, m/f.

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