Right Hand Man
For this challenge, the writers were supposed to incorporate some of the
Herc-Xenaverse slash rules.
Part 1
by  Thamiris

Ares liked to jerk off.

Well, maybe ‘liked' wasn't the right word. When he touched his cock, so long and thick, like a pink-hued elephant's trunk, stroked the silk and velvet shaft, something special happened, something incredible and delicious:  a mystical union of hand and penis that deserved commemoration in poetry so that mortals through the ages could shout its glory to the heavens.

As he rubbed the engorged purple head, milking it of silver liquid, Ares tried to remember the name for this particular emotion, the feeling that captured the symbiotic perfection of a foot-long rod of steel and five talented fingers.  Then it struck him.  Love.  Ares, magnificent he-stallion of Olympus, was in love with his cock.

Focusing on his massive erection, the god ignored the nagging sense that all this love crap had another source.  He was here in his temple, about to give himself one helluva good time, and nothing better come between this god and his favorite toy.  Certainly not sickly-sweet thoughts about...

Deliberately, almost defiantly, he smiled his favorite smile, the panty-flaming one, mostly sarcasm with a hint of dimple, aiming it at the magic between his thighs.  Oh yeah.  As more blood distended the skin, encouraged by those practiced strokes, Ares propped one booted foot against the throne's armrest, letting the other dangle above the temple floor.  The perfect position for self-worship.

But even he hurtled toward orgasm, gasping with the sheer, impossible pleasure of it, a realization came hurtling just as quickly, shot from some shadowy corner of his heart.  Knowledge and cum exploded together, and his eyes closed against the parallel flood, hiding in the sensation short- circuiting his brain.  But when it ended, and the spent god reverentially lapped the cream from his paw, it crept back.  His cock, it seemed, that long-time lover, now had competition.

Fuck.  You go through life, starting a few wars, pillaging a few villages, jerking off to your heart's content, and what happens?  Suddenly, it's not enough.  Suddenly, you want someone beside you while you hack off a few heads, torch the first cottage, play with your cock.

Furious, confused, and hornier than ever, Ares leapt to his feet, scattering the priests who'd gathered to watch their god in action.  A quick snap of his fingers and his leathers shifted back into place.  Ok, so maybe he'd somehow developed feeli...feelin...something for his new lover.  Was that a crime?  Love could be butch.  Hell, you could get away with murder when you wore black leather.  So he'd go tell him.  A little emotional communication  was nothing, really.  He'd done it once before, a few decades earlier.  That puppy, Graegus.  If he could confess his feelings to a puppy, he could do it with--

Another snap of his fingers, and Ares burst through the ether, straight into a bustling tavern.  Invisible, he scanned the crowded room for his lover.  Yes, there, near the trio of musicians banging out the latest Athenian dance craze.  With purposeful strides, he marched ahead like a magnificent cat, all quivering whiskers and lithe limbs...

Then suddenly clutched his ass, uttering a muffled cry of dismay he'd later describe as a ‘roar of rage.'

Cupid liked to jerk off.

It was a habit he'd learned from his uncle.  Ares' inability to keep his hand off his own cock had reached legendary status on Olympus.  Hera stopped inviting him to family gatherings because Ares would just find the nearest vacant throne, drop into it, and start a'strokin', no matter who was around.  Usually some of the younger kids started crying, screaming about giant, teary-eyed snakes, while few visiting dignitaries always left in a huff.

From the beginning, though, Cupid thought it looked cool.  He figured if Ares liked it so much, it must be worthwhile, and began his own one-handed marathon.  His mom hated it, of course, and had tried an annoying variety of ways to stop him.  The bout of aversion therapy was the worst: she'd pop out just as his orgasm peaked, shouting, "No!  Find a girl!"  His mom gave it up, however, when Pavlovius stepped in and told her about his research.  Good thing, too, because Cupid had started to find his mother's prominent cleavage a little too interesting.

So here he stood, invisible, in a busy Athenian tavern, jerking off with one hand and trying to fit  an arrow into his bow with the other.  The arrow's sharp head kept scratching his thigh, a not- unpleasant counter to the warm sweetness spreading through him, as his fingers did the one-hand dance of love.

Finally, pushing his swollen cock down between his thighs to keep up the pressure, he reluctantly let go to string his weapon and took quick aim.  About to let his literal love-dart fly, while the other throbbed in expectation, Cupid gasped when Ares appeared about twenty paces before him.  The suddenness of his uncle's apparition, so like his mother's previous intrusions, triggered the usual reaction: an orgasm so intense, so powerful, that he could only lie back and give himself up to it.

As his body relaxed, Cupid lost his grip on the bowstring, and let the arrow fly.  Helpless under the pleasure, he watched it shoot through the smoky air, landing with an odd precision in the right buttock of his uncle's rounded, leather-clad ass.  The physics involved in the shot would've baffled Pythagoras, since Ares had in fact been heading through a densely-populated crowd in Cupid's general direction, but apparently arrows shot by cumming love gods defied all natural law.

Nervously, he waited for Ares' response, surreptitiously licking his palm like his uncle always did, even as he adjusted his leathers with a thought.  The startled shriek made him cringe, and for a second, all conversation, music and beer-guzzling stopped while patrons raised their heads in surprise.  When nothing happened, the action resumed and everything returned to normal.

Except for two immortal champions of five-fingered eel-stroking.

Cupid, still not sure that Ares had seen him through the blur of people, decided to split while he could.  His original target could wait, even if it meant listening to his mom bitch.  In a flash of power-blue light, he left the bar, reappearing in the narrow alley connecting the tavern to the bakery next door.  He barely had time to slide one hand into his pants--some habits are hard to break--before the cool night air broke into shimmering silver lines.

"What the fuck did you do to me?"

Cupid froze, while secretly admiring how anger only made Ares more handsome.  "It...it was an accident," he finally stuttered.  Then, "Why don't you let me see the damage?"  Was that too obvious?  But Ares really had a spectacular ass, and he'd always wanted to see it up close and personal...

His uncle snorted.  "I don't have time for this shit.  I was on my way to tell..."  He broke off sharply, and Cupid eyed him with surprise.

"You were going to tell who what?"

"That doesn't matter," Ares said hastily.  "What does matter is that your goddamn arrow has fried my brain, not to mention bruised my ass, and I can remember the what, but not the who."

Was he blushing?  "The what but not the--Oh...I get it.  Look, that was a special arrow.  Usually, my darts make people fall in love.  But this one makes you forget about your lover."

Ares folded his arms over his chest, tapping the tips of one hand against a well-developed bicep. "Fix me. Fix me now.  I want to get this over with."

Cupid smiled weakly. "There's a slight problem."

Ares said nothing, just kept tapping his fingers.

"You see...There's only one cure."  And you're not going to like it.

"I don't have time for this shit.  Just hit me with another spell, and let me get the fuck out of here."

"It's...uh...not that simple."

"Cupid, if you want to live..."

He took a deep breath.  "It's like this, Ares.  If you want to remember the name of your lover, you've got to...uh...kiss him."

His uncle's dark brows shot up.  "There's just one small problem with that," Ares said with brutal sarcasm.  "I can't kiss him if I don't know who the fuck he is."

"Here's the fun part.  You just keep kissing different people until you find out who it is."  In  a wise act of self-preservation, Cupid didn't stick around for Ares' response.

Part 2
by Amoreena

Ares appeared back in the Tavern.  It was a busy little place, not many empty seats in sight.  From his vantage point he could clearly see the whole room.  The love of his life was someone within this crowd, and all he had to do was kiss him and everything would
be perfect, if only he could remember who. Cupid had said he would just have to keep kissing different people until he hit upon the right one. This could be interesting.

Ares slowly scanned the room; his eyes eagerly searching the crowd for that one special someone he knew had to be there.  As he checked out the room his eyes came upon a solitary figure in the far corner.    His cock throbbed in anticipation as he thought about
those lips encircling his most prized possession.  It was rare to see he without that Golden Hunter attached to his hip; but for once, Hercules was on his own, no annoying sidekick in tow!  A plethora of lustful thoughts was running rampant through Ares’ mind.  Just the thought of a little pre-sex battle between brothers had Ares’ cock straining against the tight leather of his pants.  ‘Damn,’ thought Ares.  ‘I should be looking for my lover and instead I’m all caught up in fucking The Big Guy!’  The war god took a seat across the table from his half-brother and thought himself into the room.

“Oh, well this just makes my day!”

“Well, it’s nice to see you too bro.  Where’s what’s his name?  Will he be joining us?”  Ares inquired.

“Iolaus is visiting his mother.  I’m here to see my brother, so if you’ll just pop back to wherever it was you came from, I can get on with my day.”

“Iolaus is visiting his mother?  Is that what he told you?  Sly old dog!  His mother was looking pretty good for her age then.  I just happened to have seen him before I came in here.  I’m telling you Hercules, he’s still here in this very place, and ...” Ares was
stopped mid sentence by the sudden blow that Herc delivered to his chest.

Hurtling across the room Ares growled, “Now, I’m mad!  Here I am trying to be civil and look at the thanks I get.  I’m though being nice.  Now you’re going to get it!”  Ares picked himself up from where he had landed, threw himself at his brother with such force that Herc couldn’t get out of the way fast enough and the two men crashed to the ground.

Hercules, winded, but not injured, quickly got his bearings back and grabbed hold of Ares by his vest.  “You just never know when to quit, do you?  Just get over it Ares.  I’m not doing this.”

“What?  Not doing what?”  Ares said as he swung his leg down and crashed it into Herc’s chest.

Herc went down.  He was lying motionless on the ground at Ares’ feet.  He couldn’t move.  The god straddled the prone figure and laughed.  “Now, we play by my rules,” he said as he planted himself on his brother's chest.

“What are you doing?”  Hercules muttered.

Ares was sitting on Herc’s chest, his engorged cock threatening to burst through the leather.  He shifted his hips to bring his cock closer to his brother’s mouth.  “You do know how to get a rise out of me don’t you little brother?”  Ares said as he stroked his cock through his pants.

Ares moved back a bit and leaned over and looked directly into Herc’s eyes.  Without a sound he brought his lips down to meet those beneath him and gave his brother a passionate kiss.   Nothing happened.  The realization that it wasn’t Hercules filled Ares with relief.  That just would have been too weird.  ‘Time to move on to the next victim, I mean candidate!’ Ares said to himself.  ‘But first things first.  I’ve got Herc in the perfect position to relieve some of the tension that’s been building, so why waste a golden opportunity?’  Ares kissed Herc again, this time plunging his tongue deep inside his brother's mouth.  The fight must have had the same effect on Hercules and as he kissed Ares back his cock began to fill with blood.

Hercules  couldn’t hold himself back, this time.  He had secretly been lusting after Ares his whole life, and now, here they were, about to consummate their relationship on the floor of this very tavern.  Hercules groped for Ares’ cock; the damn leather was in the way.  Sensing he was about to get lucky; Ares removed both of their clothes with a thought.  Hercules greedily sucked that huge cock into his mouth, deep-throating it in one swallow.  Ares groaned as he began thrusting in earnest.  Herc’s teeth were grating against the cock as it moved rapidly in and out of his mouth.   That familiar feeling began to well up and Ares knew he was about to cum.  The tavern shook as the force of Ares’ orgasm tore through him.  Hercules swallowed as the never-ending stream of Ares’ semen filled him mouth to capacity.  With each grunt Ares deposited another stream deep into his brother's throat.  Hercules swallowed all that Ares gave him,
greedily sucking the god's seed out of him.  With one final guttural moan, Ares shot the last of his load into Herc’s eagerly awaiting mouth.

“FUCK!  Little brother, if I’d had known you could do that, I’d have stuck my cock in your mouth years ago to shut you up! “  Ares rolled off Herc and lay beside him on the Tavern floor.  Glancing down, he couldn’t help noticing the second biggest cock in all of Greece waiting for release.

“Here,” he said as he moved into position.

Hercules moaned as Ares’ hot mouth wrapped around his cock.  The war god ran his tongue over the head, making quick little jabs at the tip, like a snake darting after its prey. Ares ran his tongue up and down the length of the shaft;he brought his hand in to
begin stroking while he lapped.

Hercules thrust his hips forcing his cock deep within Ares’ mouth.     The demi-god pumped his hips furiously, riding the wave that was beginning to encompass him.  Neither man was aware of their surroundings any more.  They were to rapt up in the
raw animal lust that they felt for each other to notice the man off in the corner.


He had been watching the scene with some amusement at first.  The god and demi-god engaging in another public battle,  when would those two ever learn.  But this time things took a different turn when Ares straddled his half-brother.  There was no denying the
lust passing between the two of them, it was blatantly obvious, even to the most innocent observer.  The next thing he knew he was watching a floor show.

He couldn’t believe Ares was minutes away from fucking Hercules.  ‘How could he do this?   Maybe I was right all along, maybe Ares didn’t really love me after all. Why would the God of War fall in love with a mortal, especially one like me?  Look at all the others he could chose from, and seemingly did!’  He was just using me, that must be it.  He surely isn’t thinking about me right now when he’s sucking Hercules.’  He thought to himself sadly.

‘Oh, Cupid, where are you?  You were supposed to meet me here.  I really need you to shoot me with that special arrow.  I need to forget my love before it kills me.  I need to fall out of love with Ares.’  Tears were running freely down the face of the handsome man as he continued to watch his lover.  Heartbroken and in despair, he turned to leave vowing never to return to this place again.

Part 3
by Huntress

Ares finally managed to leave Hercules and it wasn't easy for either man. Neither could believe that they were wanted by the other, and the dark God was enlightened with the knowledge that Herc was a bit of a masochist. He wasn't sure what hurt more...his hand from spanking Herc, or Herc's ass, which he left bright red, or his own ass, which had been fucked more times then he'd thought possible.

'I wonder if Iolaus knows about my baby brothers little...fetish.' Then the thought struck him. 'Iolaus! Maybe he's the one!' A sly smile. 'Now that would really piss off Herc...then again maybe not. I could end up with both of them.' That thought made his cock twitch and he looked down. 'Oh yeah..you'd like some time with Iolaus wouldn't you.' His cock twitched again, and Ares smiled. 'Okay, calm down. Let's go find Iolaus.' A brief thought on the blonde hunter, a wave of his hand and he was gone...

...reappearing a moment later in what appeared to be an inn. Hearing moaning from inside the room, he waved his hand again and he was there, watching, invisible to the two men on the bed.

Iolaus was laying down, legs splayed, with a man in between his legs, sucking his huge throbbing cock, while Iolaus writhed beneath him.

"Oh yeah...you've got such a nice mouth...oh Gods...Yeeesssss!" With a shout Iolaus shot his load, and the man, whom Ares noticed had a very fine looking ass, sucked his cock dry. Ares was amazed at how the men in his country gave such fantastic head. He had travelled all over, and yet had never gotten as great a blow job as he did in Greece. Not to mention the fact that big cocks were rampant, and you could pretty much have sex everywhere...except in Artemis' temple.

The man lifted his head and shifted and Ares' eyes got wide. "Hades!" He shouted, appearing in front of the two men.

The God of the Underworld jumped, tumbling off the bed, glaring at his nephew. "Can I get laid in peace please?"

Iolaus just sat up, walked over to a tray laden with food, stuffed some grapes into his mouth and said, "Hi Ares...what's up?"

"I think I should be asking you that. What is going on here? Hercules said you were with your mother."

"Not that it's any of your business, but I was." A piece of bread, heavy with butter, joined the grapes, as did a long swig of wine. "Hades came by looking for Herc, found me and we decided to have some fun." Iolaus giggled, and Ares smiled.

"Do I get to have some fun too?"

"Why not?" said Hades. "I do enjoy a hard cock every once in a while, but you know how Persephone gets. She is so prudish. But Iolaus...well the times he's been in my domain...." Hades leered at the hunter, who leered back.

"And what does Herc have to say?" Ares asked.

"Herc doesn't care who I fuck...he knows I belong to him so it doesn't matter." Iolaus kneeled in front of the War God, nuzzling his cock through his tight leathers. "Now you...you I'd like to taste." He reached around, grabbing Ares ass, inhaling the smell of the God's leather and the faint scent of sex. Ares only thought was how pretty Herc's golden lover looked on his knees. Iolaus however, abruptly stood back and eyed Ares. "You fucked Hercules!"

"What makes you think that?" Ares asked, a bit taken aback.

"His scent is all over you Ares. You think after twenty years I don't know what he smells like? But if he's fucked you, I think I should too." Another wave of giggles. "Did he let you spank him Ares? He likes that...alot."

"Wouldn't you like to know...." Ares pulled Iolaus to his feet, his tongue finding its way deeply into the hunter's mouth. Although the hunter's sweet kiss made him dizzy, Iolaus was *not* the one. Ares leaned over, pulling his uncle into a hard kiss as well. Though not as intense as Iolaus', it was great anyway, but he sighed. Hades wasn't the one either. 'Oh well,' he thought, 'since I'm here....'

Pushing Hades down to the bed, Ares undressed himself with a thought, straddling his uncle's chest. "Heph says you give fabulous head...was he lying?" Hades grabbed his nephew by the ass and inhaled Ares' cock into his mouth, allowing Ares to deep-throat him, while he played with Ares cheeks. Iolaus watched for a few minutes, then joined them on the bed. Climbing between Hades' legs, he stroked Hades' cock, watching it grow beneath his skilled touch. Shifting, he leaned down, taking it into his mouth, his
fingers caressing Hades' ass, teasing the tight hole, stroking a finger along the outside. Hades began to buck up at him and Iolaus sucked harder, pulling back as Hades shot his seed. His tongue reaching out to grab some, which he did with amazing deftness and agility, but he let some spill into his hand, then returned his mouth to finish Hades. Iolaus sucked Hades dry, and, kneeling behind Ares, he stroked his hard cock with one hand, while his other, soaked with cum, moving to the dark God's ass. He took his hand from
his cock, and reached around, grabbing Ares by a nipple, pinching it hard. Ares thrust harder down Hades throat, and Iolaus couldn't wait any longer. He pushed two fingers into Ares, gently moving them around, finding Ares pleasure center. He stroked the spot for a while, listening to Ares moans of "MORE!" and "DEEPER!"

He removed his fingers, slowly sheathing his cock within the God. Both his hands now moved to Ares chest, and he teased Ares' nipples. Hades brought his hands around and covered Iolaus' with them, and they were both massaging Ares' chest, driving the War God to the edge of ecstasy. Iolaus began to pound into the War God, making Ares thrust more deeply into Hades. They came together with a force that shook the very foundations of the inn, their shouts heard for fifty paces around...

"OH YESSS HADES!! DRINK ME DRY!" Ares shouted, spilling his seed into Hades' mouth, watching and feeling Hades suck him harder.

"SUCH A NICE FUCK!!" Iolaus screamed. "YOU ARE SO FUCKING TIGHT!" He pulled out of Ares just as he was cumming, shooting his load over the War God's ass. They shifted, Ares moving off Hades, laying on his stomach, while the other
two leaned over him.

"He needs a bath," Iolaus whispered.

"I must concur," said Hades.

The two bent down and proceeded to ream the War God, Iolaus with a rough, lusty touch, and Hades with a gentleness Ares didn't know was possible.

By the time they were done, Ares was a satiated pile of mush. He managed to get himself up, and looked at the two. "I'm sorry," his voice cracked, an octave higher then normal. He cleared his throat. "I have to go. Wars to plan, people to torture...you know the usual. Til later guys.' A wave of his hand and he was clothed, and with a thought he was gone.

"I wish he hadn't done that," Iolaus said.

"IOLAUS!" Iolaus jumped and looked in the doorway.

"Herc," he said. "I thought you were in...."

"I was, but I suddenly found myself here. Iolaus, I told you what would happen if I caught you with someone else." The demigod advanced on his lover, and growled at him.

Iolaus backed up. "Herc, if you behave, I'll spank you." Hercules looked at Hades and blushed. "Aww Herc, Ares blurted out what happened. But it's okay. I still love you." Iolaus pulled the demigod into an embrace, motioned to Hades, and a moment later, Herc found himself naked, tied to the bed, on his stomach, Iolaus' hands on his ass. "Now Herc, have you been a good boy or a bad boy?"

Herc smiled at him. "I've been a very bad boy Iolaus...."


Ares found himself outside that same tavern, but didn't know why. Nor did he see or feel the eyes watching him.

"Oh Cupid...help me...I don't know what to do...." The man retreated back to the shadows...

Part 4
by Lady Viper

Ares found himself outside that same tavern, but didn't know why. Nor did he see or feel the eyes watching him.

"Oh Cupid...help me...I don't know what to do...." The man retreated back into the shadows....

Off in the distance you could hear a soft giggling. It seemed to come from the other side village.And a soft fluttering of wings.

"Oh Cupid, why have you forsaken me. The pain of not having his love is tearing me apart." The man slowly leaned against the wall, letting it hold him up as he slowly slid down to a crouch, holding his head in his hands. He looked up at the night sky. Tears flowing. CUPID you have forsaken me!" He looked around swearing he heard a soft giggle.


Bliss watched as the man in the alleyway cried out, for his father. He pulled out one of the small arrows he had taken from his father's quiver. He would make him feel better.


Ares walked to the front door of the tavern. Why was he here again?  He turned when he heard the loud crack of a whip. It was coming from inside. Once Ares had entered he was surprised to find the tavern empty all of the patrons had left. Or it looked empty; he could sense a mortal in the shadows.

"REVEAL YOURSELF" Ares bellowed. Autolycus stepped from the shadows wearing only a smile and carrying a whip.

"I heard you and the BIG GUY put on quite a show." Auto said twirling his mustache and pouting. "And I thought I was to be your new play toy." Auto cracked his whip as Ares started loosening his vest.

He cracked his whip again wrapping it around Ares waist and used the whip to pull Ares closer. They stood there facing each other, so close they could both feel each other's breath. Autolycus couldn't stand their closeness any longer and pulled Ares in to deep kiss. Ares allowed his lips to part, taking all Autolycus had to offer.  Ares' hands roamed over Auto's chest, pinching the tip of his nipples. *Damn! Well another one bites the dust, * Ares thought.

Suddenly wind whirled around them, breaking their kiss. They looked at each other.
"What the-- " they both chimed. The bluish swirl appeared--throwing out a body.  It rolled, landing at the feet of the lovers.

Looking up at the two, his wicked smile grew. "Here I thought I would catch you alone. But I see I was wrong. But I must say the whip does do you Justice Ares. So are you two planning on using chains also?"  The Sovereign smiled holding up his own set of Hephestian chains.

Part 5
by  Jenn M

A grin split the handsome War God's face. It had been a long time since he got to play with Herc's evil lookalike. His always hard and ready cock twitched in anticipation.

The massive bulk of the Sovereign moved closer. An evil glimmer in his eye.

Ares couldn't help himself:  with a thought, the approaching muscle-bound mortal was gloriously naked.

The thief's breathe caught in his throat as he took in the magnificent body. His mouth watered when his eyes fell upon the large cock, hard and ready for action.

Auto was so caught up with looking at the Sovereign's nakedness, he didn't catch the glance passed between the two men. Before he knew what was happening, he found himself bound in the chains of Hephestus.

The King of Thieves struggled in vain. He was at their mercy.

Ares walked behind Autolycus. He ran his hands down the bound man's back. "Well King of Thieves, how do you plan on getting out of this mess?"

Autolycus let out a soft moan when the God massaged his firm ass.

The Sovereign not to be ignored grabbed the thief's face and gave him a punishing kiss. His tongue plundering the warm moist cavern. With his other hand he pinched a hard nipple. He smiled when Auto yelped. "Oh yeah! This is gonna be fun," he said with a malicious grin on his face.

Ares rubbed his aching cock against Auto's backside. Watching the Sovereign kiss the thief made him even hornier. In his hand appeared a bottle of oil. Pouring some on his cock he prepared to impale the mortal on his proud erection.

The Sovereign got down on his knees.  Taking the thief's cock in his mouth he started sucking on it hard. Occasionally he would stop and nip the tender aching flesh.

Auto cried out as he was entered from behind. He was forced to stand on his toes from the force of it. He bit down on his full lips as he experienced the exquisite ecstasy that could only be brought on by erotic pain.

As the Sovereign assaulted him with his mouth and the God with his cock Auto reached a frenzied state. His whole body shook as the most intense orgasm of his life ripped through him. He groaned loudly as his seed poured down the Sovereign's throat.

Ares cried out as his own orgasm came. He pumped wildly into the tight orifice, his hot white brand searing into Auto's body.

When The Sovereign had gulped the last drop he rose. He turned to find the God standing next to him.

Ares leaned over and kissed his brother's look alike. He could taste Auto on his lips. With a tinge of disappointment he knew this was not his true love. 'Pity' he thought "He could really have fun with this guy.

"Well kids, it was fun, but gotta go." With a burst of blue light he left. As he vanished he caught the Sovereign's evil laughter and the crack of a whip. 'Sounds like they were gonna have some fun,' he thought.

Ares found himself outside the tavern in the town square. In front of him was a food stand.

Falfel turned to see a dark handsome man. He licked his lips, staring at the well-defined chest.

For a brief moment Ares considered kissing the repulsive little vendor. Just in case. A shudder of revulsion went through him. There was just no way he was kissing that.

Ares turned and scanned the town square. His eyes lit up as they fell upon the man across the way.

Part 6
by Rhea

Ares turned and scanned the town square. His eyes lite up as they fell upon the man across the way.

'How many people were in the tavern when Cupid had shot me?' Ares was beginning to think he'd never find his one true love as he strode over to the man with the dark brown hair.  The man turned just in time to meet Ares' lips.  'No, not the one.  Ah, who the fuck cares?  He's a good kisser.'

He lifted his lips to get a better angle and heard a muffled, "Ares, what are you doing?"

Ares kissed him again and cupped the man's butt in his hands.  In between love nips he said, "I thought you were hot when you were at the Academy, but I never got around to trying you out."

The man pulled away as much as Ares' groping hands would let him.  "You were always looking for ways to kill my best friend. Why would you want to try me out when you could go after Herc?"

Ares stepped back for a longer look.  He waved his hand and clothed the man in leather.  "That's much better.  Always remember the leather."

Jason began to protest again when Ares moved as quick as a panther to gather him closer.  "Don't distract me, mortal, I'm hot, horny, and ready to fuck.  Did I mention that you're the lucky fuckee?"

Jason didn't have the chance to argue as Ares poofed them to an empty room above the tavern.

The bed had linen sheets, Ares waved his hands and changed them to silk - so much easier to move on, and who cared if they got coarse when they were damp? He wouldn't be the one on the bottom.  Ares planned to get them soaked.

"Ares, let me go."

Ares shut Jason up by sticking his tongue down Jason's throat in an imitation of what he planned to do with his cock as soon as he had the chance.  He drew Jason into a close embrace and rubbed their cocks together using the leather as delicious friction, then made their clothes vanish.  Jason finally grabbed Ares' hair and kissed him back.  Ares' lip split as Jason started biting his mouth.

Ares pushed Jason to the bed, turned him down and tied his limbs to the bedposts with silk scarves.  Caesar had taught him that trick but preferred to use Vulcan-made chains on the god.  Ares had learned quite a lot from Caesar.

Jason began to protest, but stopped when Ares filled his mouth with his cock.  Jason obviously had little experience with sucking cock, though how he'd succeeded in that with friends like Hercules and Iolaus, Ares had no idea.  It didn't matter much because Jason caught on quickly and began to deep-throat his massive shaft.

'No one's sucked me this good since Joxer died.  I really need to find more virgins out there.'

He'd jerked off numerous times, but that was nothing new.  He'd had Hercules, Iolaus, Hades, Auto and the Sovereign but he was STILL hard as a rock.  Jason's tongue was circling the base of his cock and Ares was close to exploding.  He pulled out to the sound of Jason's mewling protest and lubed himself up then opened up Jason's tight ass.  It was disappointing that his cock didn't fit in  to the hilt, but he couldn't expect that every mortal could take it all.

Ares made sure he hit Jason's pleasure spot with each and every blow.  Jason came twice as Ares continued to thrust.  Ares was reluctant to come and leave on his search once again.  Who cared about true love when he had such a tight ass to fuck? By the time Ares finally came, Jason had passed out from the pleasure.

Ares left the former king asleep and went looking for his true love.  He wanted to cuddle.  Then he'd get even with Cupid.

Part 7
by Lorraine

Bliss released the arrow nailing the man squarely in the ass.  Being mortal he didn't feel any physical pain, but a certain lightness entered his heart. He stumbled around the corner running into another man.


Jason slowly roused himself from his sex induced slumber and dressing quickly in his new leathers walked out of the tavern running into another man.  He grabbed the man by the shoulders and gasped recognizing the amber eyes and copper hair.

"Iphicles!"  Jason pulled at the unaccustomed leather, uncomfortably aware that he looked like he'd just been fucked.  Even more uncomfortably aware that he had been - by Ares - and he was now holding Ares' lover.  A man he'd always had a secret passion for.

Iphicles looked into Jason's eyes and forgot all about Ares.  "Jason," he gasped.  Pulling him into a deep kiss.  Jason hesitated for only a moment before returning the kiss.

Iphicles tasted Ares on Jason's mouth and pulled away.  "You just fucked Ares?" he asked in surprise.

Jason blushed stammering out an apologetic, "Yes." He turned to leave.

Iphicles grabbed his arm.  "It doesn't matter, nothing matters, but you and me.  Ares has fucked everyone." He resumed kissing Jason and started ripping his shirt off.

Jason returned the kiss moving them into an alley as Iphicles continued pulling his clothes off.  He broke away.  "We can't do this!"

"Why not?" Iphicles growled tweaking his nipple.

"I'm your stepfather!"

Iphicles pushed Jason against the wall. "This is Greece, everyone does incest."  He continued kissing Jason trying to undo his belt.

Jason pushed him back.  "Everyone knows that you and Ares love each other."

Iphicles ignored his last remark pulling him towards a temple.  He knew that all temples have a polished marble altar just right for fucking and if the temple wasn't available there was always the hot springs or the fishing hole.  There are plenty of both in Greece.  The temple he decided, he loved those marble alters.  Now which was closest.

Jason half-heartedly protested once more.  "Iphicles think about what you're doing.  You and Ares are in love."

"Dite plans to set him up with Joxer."  Iphicles pulled him close again rubbing a hand over his crotch.  "Besides *everyone* secretly loves Ares. He'll have lots of options."  He pushed Jason against a wall rubbing his crotch into Jason's.  "I want you."

Jason tried one last protest, "Hercules won't understand.  He'll think I've taken advantage of you."

Iphicles stared at him then laughed.  "Hercules doesn't understand much, he's not the sharpest quill in the box.  Iolaus is the real brains.  Besides Hercules will accept it if I'm happy.  All I have to do is stop whining." He shrugged.  "I only whine to annoy Hercules anyway."

Jason gave up and gave in.  He pulled Iphicles into a fierce kiss pushing his mouth open with his tongue and moving it across his gums.  Then he allowed Iphicles to explore his mouth.  Iphicles took the kiss down exploring his neck and chest, chewing on Jason's nipples.

He pulled away, certain that Jason would no longer argue and pulled him into a temple.   Jason gasped when he saw the black marble altar.

"Iphicles do you think we should be doing this in Ares' temple?" he asked with concern.

"Jason, I'm starting to understand why you fuck less than Artemis." Iphicles joked, then regretted it as Jason blushed.  "Jason I'm sorry, I shouldn't have teased you like that."  He pulled his new-found love into another passionate kiss. "I love you.  I know that now.  Nothing else matters."

Jason nodded pulling away and standing straight.  Iphicles smiled at the vision of his new lover. He walked forward a pace, ripping off the remains of Jason's shirt then pulled off his own dropping it to the floor.  He continued stripping displaying his body as he removed his boots, belt, and pants.

Jason gulped watching the vision before him unveil himself.  He slowly moved his own hands down, then quickly stripped.  Iphicles dropped to his knees pulling Jason rampant cock into his mouth and grabbing his lover's ass with his hands deep-throated him.  In minutes the temple was filled with Jason's cries of passion as his cum jetted down his lover's throat.

He collapsed a moment against the altar.  Iphicles ran his hands through Jason's cum and guided him around until he stood in front of the altar. Jason slowly bent forward stretching his arms across the altar to grab the other side.  His chest touched the hard cold marble and he shivered.  He spread his legs planting his feet well apart.

Iphicles pushed a cum-soaked finger up Jason's ass.  He quickly added a second then a third, stretching him open.  He brushed a finger against his prostate, smiling at Jason's cry of pleasure.  When his lover was pushing hard against his fingers he removed them replacing them quickly with his cock.  He reached down a hand to stroke Jason's cock and caressed his lover's back with the other.  The quickly found their rhythm and soon the temple echoed with the slap of skin on skin, murmured words of love and passion, and ultimately their cries of ecstasy as they came together.

Still gasping Jason turned in his arms capturing Iphicles in another hard kiss.  They continued making love as the night passed.


Ares continued his search for his true love, kissing and fucking as the night continued on.

Part 8
by Dee

Ares sat in the hot spring. His large chocolate eyes closed as he stoked his piston of love. When his deep thoughts were disturbed by a fluttering sound.

Splashing his way out of the spring, Ares stood in all his wargodly splendor, muscles rippling across his powerful chest. The lucky drops of water caressing his perfect form, till they pooled at his feet in worship.

His long legs striding, he went to face the person who had disturbed his contemplation. Soon he found himself face to face with Cupid the black winged god of war from the other world.

The two war gods were at a stand off. Ares with his experience and cunning, and Cupid with his madness. Cupid made the first move. Taking Ares by the arms, he forced a deep kiss down the willing throat of Ares.

Ares knew with the kiss Cupid was not the one he was seeking, but since they were both in the mood and harder than Hercules' head, why not?

Throwing caution to the wind and Cupid to the ground Ares took control of this
wrestling match. Cupid tried to throw his counterpartt off him but the way
Ares was licking and sucking his nipples he thought the better of it.

Ares worked his way down Cupid's body. His skilled tongue leavening a snail's
trail of saliva. Reaching his goal, Ares took Cupid's throbbing clam digger all the way in to his throat. His tongue swirling as he fondled the heavy sac beneath. Cupid tried to grab Ares by his black curly locks, only to have his hands slapped away.  Ares was soon rewarded by the salty sweet taste of another war God filling his mouth.

Pulling himself up, Ares skillfully flipped Cupid over on his belly. Ares' calloused hands needed Cupid's tight firm ass cheeks like they were loaves of bread dough.  Then, taking his heat seeking moisture missile in his hand, Ares placed himself at the object of his desire. With a push that made Caesar's invasion of Gaul look like a kindergarten field trip, Ares was one with the black winged madman.

His hips bouncing more that Iolaus in a happy mood, Ares gave Cupid all he had, and then some, til both men were screaming out their orgasms louder that Aphrodite with a broken nail.

Rolling off his counterpart, Ares got to his feet (not made of clay) and returned to his bath in one of the many hot springs in Greece.

Cupid crawled till his handsome face was level with Ares. "That was fun. You wouldn't happen to know where Sovereign is, by any chance?"

Ares did not even open his eyes, he just pointed. In the wrong direction.

After Cupid had gone Ares forced himself to leave the spring. Drying and clothing himself with a thought, he continued the search for his one true love.

Part 9
by Jen

Jason left the king asleep on Ares’ altar the next morning.  Iphicles had finally succumbed to exhaustion following his evening of emotional turmoil and then the long night of wild hot sex.  Kissing the king’s sleeping lips, Jason breathed in the sweetness of his breath and briefly reconsidered his decision.  But he knew what he had to do.  He left the temple.

He had always had a desire for Iphicles, as he had confessed to the king last night when they had talked about their feelings, but the problem was that he was secretly in love with Ares.  He’d explained this to Iphicles too, although with some trepidation.  The king however had shown no interest at the mention of his lover, instead sliding deep inside Jason’s willing body in an attempt to persuade the former king to forget his love for the god and to love him instead.  Jason grinned at the memory.  Had he not been
fucked by Ares only a brief while before, he would have said that Iphicles’ cock was the largest in all of ancient Greece, and that was saying something.  As it was, it had been large enough for the former ruler to eye it with some trepidation, yet the king hadn’t hurt him.

He made his way along the alleyway in which he and Iphicles had stopped last night, trying to find his way back to the inn where Ares had left him, hoping against hope that the god might still be there.  Even if Ares didn’t return his love, he should at least warn the god of that conniving bitch Aphrodite’s intentions.

A figure suddenly moved out from the shadows and blocked his way.  A figure with alabaster skin, cyan eyes and the most unusual hair style Jason had seen since Hercules’ early experiments at Cheiron’s Academy.

“Strife?” he queried in amazement.

The godling leered.  “Don’t wear it out, man.”

“But…” Jason’s head was reeling.  “But you’re dead,” he managed at last, trying to ignore the way the dark-haired god had his eyes fixed on Jason’s leather-covered crotch.

“Not for long, and never permanently,” Strife responded absently before continuing, “Hey Jase, dig the new look.  Don’t tell me, you’ve got no underwear on under there.”

Jason’s mouth dried as he felt his cock stir at the godling’s frank scrutiny.

“Er, actually, no,” he got out.  What in Tartarus was happening here?  He spent years not getting laid, and in the space of a few hours he’d had his wildest fantasies come true by being fucked by both Ares and Iphicles, and now it looked as though they were lining up for him.  Not only Strife, but…

“Joxer,” he managed weakly as Strife knelt before him, undoing his pants.

The wannabe warrior carefully took off his helmet and put down his shield before joining Strife on his knees in front of Jason.

And that was the last coherent thing Jason said for a very long time while the two most talented cocks in ancient Greece - Hades, in all of the known world - concentrated their skills on his cock.

Cupid’s hand released his cock from its tight leather prison as he watched his secret lover and *his* secret lover sucking Jason to ecstasy.  He didn’t resent the fact that Strife loved Joxer, just as Psyche didn’t get upset about him and Strife,  but watching the two unbelievably skilful mouths working together had got him at least as hard as Uncle Ares.

Speaking of whom…  A figure was suddenly blocking his view of the threesome, and his cock was being taken in a hand not his own.  Ares’ practised fingers ran over the hard flesh and smoothed across the wet tip, the lightness of his touch causing Cupid to shiver.

“Ares,” he whispered.  “You shaved…”

“And your wings got white and you stopped being a bastard,” Ares murmured against his lips before full warm lips covered his and a tongue slipped between them.  Cupid's momentary disappointment on realising that this wasn't his uncle faded abruptly as that talented tongue stroked against his and began to explore his mouth.  Cupid moaned and pushed himself against the other god, thinking away their clothes with a thought.  Almost
instantaneously, they'd moved.  With the minute amount of attention he could spare from the hard cock pushing against his, Cupid realised that he didn't recognise the place.  The overall impression was pink silk, with the occasional bit of leather accessorising, and the room was completely dominated by a gigantic heart-shaped bed.

Within moments he had pushed the dark god back onto the silken bedding, his mouth moving over the familiar yet unfamiliar body, hearing the god's sounds of delight at the roughness of Cupid's stubble against his skin.  His teeth fastened gently around a nipple as his hand moved between the god's legs, one ready-oiled finger already teasing at his opening.  He was too desperate to fuck this mirror image of his uncle to wait.

"Don't you *do* foreplay in this world?" Ares questioned, the petulance in his voice fading to sudden frantic gasps as Cupid's finger slid inside him and brushed against his source of pleasure.

Cupid raised his head and grinned down at him, a feral baring of the teeth he'd learned from watching his uncle, as a second finger joined the first, probing, stretching, and brushing that spot again.

"Is this moving too fast for you?" he queried.  "If so…" He made to withdraw his fingers, and Ares moaned, grabbing Cupid's head and bringing the god's lips down forcefully hard on his desperate open mouth.

"Just fuck me," Ares whispered when Cupid's lips eventually left him.

"If you insist."  That smile again, fading and being replaced by an expression of intensity as he looked down and saw the head of his dark cock pressing against the god's entrance.  He watched as it slid in, aware of Ares' gasps and moans as he writhed on the bed, but concentrating on watching his cock push in and out of his lover.  Gods, he needed this so badly.  He glanced up momentarily at Ares' face and on seeing the unbearable pleasure on his uncle's face, hearing his uncle's voice gasping his name,
Cupid began to lose it.  Thrusting hard, deeper, groaning as he felt the other god's tightness around him, at the sounds of pleasure escaping Ares, his hips broke their rhythm, his wings extended and he pumped helplessly into Ares.

He slumped forward onto the god, gasping.  After a while he became aware of hands moving lightly over his wings, tracing the feathers in a teasing way that spoke of experience.

"Young gods, always in such a rush," he murmured up at Cupid, shifting so the winged god could feel his erection pressing hard and hot against him. "Let me show you *my* world's way…"

A long time later, Cupid lay in Ares' embrace.  “So what are you doing here?” he asked, his voice hoarse from where he had screamed again and again for Ares to finish it, to let him come.  His tongue darted out and flicked over Ares' nipple.

Ares made a noise of appreciation.  “Mmm?” he questioned.  “Oh yeah, well the Sovereign decided to go exploring on his own, and so we had to follow to persuade him to return home.  No one else can tame him, you know.”

“We?” Cupid queried, somewhat indistinctly as his mouth slid down on Ares' hard cock.

“Me and… oh gods… Iph,” Ares got out, his hips jerking upwards so that his massive cock was all the way inside Cupid's mouth.

An indecipherable mumble from Cupid, the vibrations of his voice sending the dark god into new spasms of ecstasy.  He heard the questioning tone though and answered what he assumed the question had been.  “There’s no rush,” he assured the god when he could speak again, “Iph has a certain… shall we say, knack, with his brother, so I don’t think the Sov’s going to be going anywhere anytime soon.  Cupid, don’t stop doing that, please.”

Meanwhile, back in the town…

Ares God of War stalked through the market square with the predatory grace of a panther.  He was getting more and more uptight.  He was still no closer to finding his lover.  Even fucking that black-winged bastard hadn't satisfied him.  He paused to examine the plump, slightly perspiring mortal in his path, realising that he hadn’t yet tried him, and snorted as recognition dawned.  If Salmoneus was his lover, Ares would rather be without.  His gaze quartered the crowded square where the townsfolk were
going about their business.  It was no good, he’d had all of the men he could see, and some of the women too, just for a bit of variety, and still he hadn’t found his lover.

He stilled as he saw the crowd parting before a familiar figure, some of the peasants who didn’t get out of the way fast enough ending up skewered by the man’s guards.

“Caesar.”  It was a purr of satisfaction.  At last, someone who it could conceivably be.  Caesar would be a worthy lover for the God of War.

He stood and waited for the arrogant figure to come to him, moving forward at the last minute and burying his hand in Caesar’s hair to pull their mouths together.  If he didn’t do this now, it would probably be several hours before he got another chance, given Caesar's habits with chains.  His hot tongue pushed into the Roman’s mouth, needing the release that his games could provide even if the man wasn’t the one.  Then his chocolate eyes opened suddenly wide as Caesar’s tongue probed his own mouth.  Was he…?

He sucked the Roman’s tongue in deep and concentrated.  There it was again, a trace, a hint of recognition but not enough...

And suddenly Ares knew.  “You’ve been kissing my lover,” he accused the Roman.

Part 10
by Aly

"I just don’t want you Caesar, now that I’ve found true love." Ares paused to flex his muscles and shake his glossy black locks. "I wanna tell him how I feel. I want to share my life with him, to rape, burn and pillage together…" He sighed, feeling all sentimental.

"Do you mind?" asked Caesar acidically, trying desperately to control the heaves Ares’ impromptu speech had caused in his delicate stomach. He could almost  hear a string quartet playing a soulful tune to counterpoint Ares’ impassioned speech. "Talking like that: it’s just not natural. Or manly." He paused for emphasis. "Violence. Violence is natural. Not lovey-dovey, ‘I wanna have your baby crap’. Remember the blood, Ares! The screams of terror, of anguish. Sharing a curry while stretching a victim on the rack." He sighed, remembering the good old days.

Ares’ eyes had glazed over during his speech. If it didn’t involve his cock, the god’s attention span was about 45 seconds - on a good day.

"Fuck the philosophy! Who is it? Who’s my lover?"

"*You* don’t remember." Oh yeah, he could have some fun with this, reflected Caesar. He smiled evilly. It was times like this he wished he had a mustache to twirl. "Oh, it’s no secret who you love Ares. Everybody in Greece knows. Senators in Rome know. The lowliest member of the dungsweepers guild know it." He snorted with laughed at the exasperation at the God’s face. "Everybody but you. Love’s rotting your brain, Ares."

"Fucking asshole! I’ll torture it out of ya!"

"Oh, would you? You say the sweetest things," Caesar smirked. "My dear Ares, I invented BDSM. I’ll just enjoy anything do to me."

He stepped closer, running a hand over the black leather semi-clad chest before him, then snuggled up to the scowling god, tweaking a proudly upthrust nipple and groping his groin. Caesar didn’t do subtle sex.

Ares responded by hooking an arm under the Roman’s neck, half-throttling him, and proceeded to drag him through the marketplace to the amusement of the general populace. Caesar’s guards following obediently at his heels. They were used to the Emperor enjoying situations that would have most men screaming in agony. If Caesar didn’t order them to rescue him, then he must be enjoying it. Of course, this didn’t allow for the fact that their supreme leader was slowly turning blue in the face from lack of oxygen, but it *was* much easier than arguing with a very angry War God.

Ares was tired of all the running around. True, he was always rock solid, ready to go but one of these days… If one more quick shag would get him what he needed; he was confident he could fuck the answer out of Caesar. He thought for a moment. Aphrodite’s was the nearest temple and as temples went it was a real winner. Five gleaming marble altars with all the comforts of Olympus meant no waiting at even the busiest times of the day or night. He whistled a marching song as he stepped out, caressing his first love through the tight black leather trousers that encased his mighty
organ. All this love stuff was getting in the way of his hourly self-appreciation.

Detouring past the ornamental lake in the temple’s courtyard, Ares paused to wonder why there were piranha in the Love goddess’ pond but shrugged it off as unimportant. He could consider decorating ideas later. Striding into the temple, he flopped Caesar’s almost asphyxiated form onto the nearest altar, growling at the current occupants, one of the Muses and a turnip farmer from Thrace.

"Fuck off!" he screamed, ripping his leathers from his body.

They did. Quickly.


Panting hard, Ares was finally forced to concede. Caesar was not going to be easy. He’d pounded into the Roman’s ass for hours. He’d only intended to warm his victim up with a little ass-fucking but his chosen position, fucking him from the side, had given the god a great view of his very manly tool ramming in and out of Caesar’s ass and he’d lost himself in contemplating the beauty of his cock. So strong, so durable, so big, so…..gorgeous. From the purple-red mushroom head, down the Doric column-like beauty of the ivory shaft, to the perfect globes of his full golden balls: he just couldn’t decide which was his favourite part. Even the crisply curling sable pubic hair contrasted beautifully against his flesh.

Next thing he knew, it was three hours later and Caesar was still moaning and groaning beside him, swearing undying fidelity to the god fucking him. It took every piece of willpower he had, but he managed to stop.

"Who is it? Tell me!"

Caesar shook his head adamantly. Ares reached round his hip, twisting the man’s cock brutually, hoping to hear a scream or two of agony. Caesar did scream - he screamed his climax to the temple, the city and possibly even a neighbouring city or two. Fuck. Now he had to start all over again.

A noise outside turned their heads towards the group of men boldly entering the temple’s inner sanctum. They spotted Ares and Caesar and arrayed themselves a few metres from the altar that sported the god and emperor. A weedy little man stepped forward. Both occupants of the altar sat up, curious to hear who dared intrude.

"Come along quietly sir."

"Why?" Caesar was all arrogance again, as if he wasn’t sitting splay-legged on the Goddess of Love’s altar with cum running down his leg, getting goosebumps from the cold black speckled marble beneath him.

"You’re being deported," answered the short man firmly. He was an unprepossessing man, balding, possibly a clerk to judge by his pallor and lack of stature. Still, being backed by a cohort of  no-necked men in soldierly formation , the seal of the City Guard on their tunics, made him seem more taller than he was.

"You dare!" Caesar didn’t move an inch, secure in the knowledge that he still had Ares by the balls - figuratively at least.

The clerk held up a measuring stick. "It’s the new law." He thrust the stick under Caesar’s tunic, rummaged around briefly and quickly measuring his cock. His hand came out well short of the mark prominently set on the device. One of the guards behind him snickered, covering his mouth with his hand and the clerk tutted. "Not even close. You have to leave Greece before sundown."

Caesar’s mouth opened but nothing came out. He glanced around for his guards but found them no where in sight.

The clerk turned his gaze on Ares who’d taken advantage of the moment to reaffirm his dedication to his painfully engorged plum-headed power pole. His eyes widened and he saluted respectfully, not to the god but at his cock. Ares appreciated the gesture. It was a thing of beauty, rampant, proud.

"King Iphicles’ edict obviously doesn’t apply to you, sir. You’re qualified enough for two, possibly three."

Iphicles! Even caught up with himself as he was, Ares couldn’t miss the chagrin on Caesar’s face at the name. Iphicles must be his secret lover!

He chortled, smoothed his leathers back into place and pouted sexily at his audience. He waved mock-regretfully at Caesar and even managed a tear. "I’ll miss ya, little guy."

With the clerk, Caesar and the guards still standing openmouthed, he snapped his fingers and disappeared in a blinding flash of coruscating ebony, purple and silver light.

Part 11: The conclusion
by  Shamenka

Ares had centred himself on Iphicles' location, and upon finding the one man in all of Greece that shared his link to a certain brother transported himself there. Was he, could he be his long lost lover? Was he fucking himself? Two Iphicles? Could both of these gorgeous bodies be his true love? Could he be so lucky?

"Do my eyes deceive me?" Ares whispered, his desire warring with his feelings of betrayal, the lost and confused God  dropped to his knees on the very edge of Iphicles' bed.

"Ares!" Two identical voices squeaked in surprise.

"Two of you? Twice the grace and beauty?" Ares leaned forward, towards them. The emotions, so clearly displayed in those darker than night eyes, all the longing, all the desire for joy, for acceptance.

Two mouths parted in anticipation. Two bodies swayed under that mesmeric gaze towards the Godly visitor.

Four hands stroked over the now naked God of War, four identical hands, giving him mirror images of their pleasure. As a reward for their diligence Ares brushed one mouth then the other. Tasting the kisses of each Iphicles. Ares had his poor heart broken, twice more.

Neither man was his man.

"No!" He whispered, his pain so obvious to his mortal companions.

"What is wrong, Ares? What pains you?" his world's Iphicles asked, only to have his plea echoed by his counterpart nodding his agreement.

"I thought, I really thought I had figured it all out! I loved someone, I still do, but Cupid destroyed all that. His arrow made me forget, the only way to discover who it was that I truly loved was to kiss him. It's not in his eyes, they can hide lies: nor in his arms, despite all his charms. If I really want to know he loves me, it's in his kiss!"

"Let us comfort you, we will rock you." The visiting Iphicles leered at the saddened War God.

"Love is a many splendoured thing..." The King was interrupted by a light, musical voice.

"Aren't I just?" The words were accompanied by a very high pitched giggle."Ares?" Everyone, including the resident Ares, challenged.

"I'd like to say the one and only but, well, there are two of us! Each just as perfect as the other. So what has that silly boy been up to now?" Ares, God of Love asked as he knelt, as naked as the others on the other side of Iphicles' bed. A bed that suddenly grew in dimension until it comfortably fit all four of them.

"He robbed me of my true love!" Ares begged himself for help, showing the world the depth of his pain.

"Oh, baby!" Ares, God of Love felt a tear of great sadness trickle down one perfect cheek. He opened his arms and Ares, God of War knew he had found a great shelter from the pains of the world, from such sorrow that the world didn't think him capable of.

Iphicles and Iphicles joined that embrace and four perfectly alike faces joined in one passion. The passion of sharing, of mature beings simply being there for one and other. Of men and Gods who knew how to love.

They also knew how to have great sex while waiting for that great love, which was a skill that frequently came in very useful. Given that, for some reason, their respective brothers Hercules did seem Hades bent on destroying their love lives..

Four identical cocks sprang into omnipresent life. Eight equally charged balls geared up for a long night of fun. Forty twitching fingers ached to probe as many pleasure spots as they could possibly reach in that one night.

"Don't grieve, sweet Ares!" Ares, God of Love purred.

"Soothe me!" Ares, God of War sighed, in a sultry, cock twitching growl.

"Of course!" The resident King whimpered in his eagerness to soothe his God's pain.

"What ever you need!" the visiting King offered, eager for a really good fuck! Almost, but not quite, whimpering too.

Then it happened. Ares leaned forward and touched Ares' lips and the other two on that bed almost orgasmed at the power that sparked from that kiss.

All other kisses were wiped from the War God's mind and body.

All other desired were swept clean from the Love God's soul.

Iphicles and Iphicles looked on in awe.

Ares had discovered that mysterious being he loved above all others, even his own cock!

Ares loved Ares!

After all, who else could he love but another owner of such a perfect face, body, cock? It all made such magical sense to the War God, who could he love but himself?

"Oh, wow, he loves me!" The dazed Love God mumbled, almost rubbing his hands together in glee.

Splitting the group into two pairs, the resident Iphicles helped his Ares to reach for his future. His counterpart guided his own Ares' hand to reach out and take what he wanted.

Stroking his own body, the body that lay in his arms, the war God knew what happiness truly was. Trailing kisses down his chest, nipping with the exact amount of pressure at nipples that he, above all others, knew how to excite. Those dark, budding mounds of flesh reacted perfectly under his attention.

Then those so wise in the ways of Ares' cock fingers found that flesh they knew, and they worship that glorious cock. The God of War repaid the God of Love for the benediction of his cock with a supplication of his own. He took love's cock deep into his mouth and showed the world how to really make it perfect for the God of love before him.

Turning his true love around a little The Love God repaid the favour with the War God's cock. Their sucking finding the ideal counterpoint with the lapping of one Iphicles for the flesh of the other.

Ares, God of Love raised his hips slightly, letting Ares, God of War clearer access to his butt. As one being the Gods each broached the inner body of their counterpart. As one great, sensual being Ares and Ares reached for and found the other's prostrate.

Abandoning two equally enormous erections twin voices cried out their pleasure at that loving invasion. Then regaining their only source of nourishment they fixed back on the cock before them. Licking, nipping, teeth teasing in identical patterns of pure sexual frenzy.

At the other end of the bed the visiting Iphicles was on his back, legs spread, begging the resident King to conquer him.

"Fuck me, I have to have you fuck me!" He begged. "Please Iphy, after all those lack lustre fuckings from that animal brother of mine I need a real man in me!" He let all his desire show on his face, in his eyes, let Iphicles taste it on his lips.

"I know, shh, sweet Iphy, of course I'll fuck you!" The King looked around for the jar of lube they had had earlier but couldn't find it. As his searching became frantic he suddenly knew that the King before him was as ready and prepared as he himself was.

Sliding home he looked into Iphicles' eyes as he started his slow pumping in and out. Pausing before he plunged himself home again.

Beside them two god were finger fuck each other to their first orgasm of the rest of their lives.

The God of War lay over on his back, pulling the God of Love on top of him as the rolled.

"Fuck me?" he begged.

"Never!" the Love God replied. "All I could ever do is love you! Fucking has none of the deeper meaning of loving." He explained his heart to this sexual dynamo lying there at his mercy.

"Love me then!?" the War God begged again.

"Always!" the Love God squealed in delight. Then prepared them both. As his took his beautiful, dark self both Gods declared their love.

"Love you!"

"Love you!"

Each voice identical, each declaration a reflection of the other's truth.

"Rule me, my King!" The Love God's Iphicles cried and came in great powerful spurts that somehow defied all physical laws and stuck to the very roof of that chamber of passion!

The King filled his vassal's ass with such an explosion of cum it could have lubed an orgy!

The Love God pumped and stroked the glorious body below him, determined that Ares would never know anything but perfection ever again. The body below him squirmed against him, raking his back with such perfectly sharp talons. Drawing his blood even as that tighter than tight ass drew his seed.

They came together.

Ares, God of Love poured out pure Love at Ares, God of War, who captured that love and kept it prisoner with in himself..


Much Later... months, not hours or days!

Ares, God of War sat enjoying the sun. The warmth of the day filling him with such a delicious lassitude that he was loath to move. He was hungry, but just couldn't be bothered to even conjure up a meal for himself. Idly he scratched the side of his belly and wondered what his day would bring.

It brought visitors.

His brother Hercules approached his comfortable perch and stroked one gentle finger down his distended belly.

"How you doing?" The hero asked.

"Wonderful!" Ares sighed, and actually smiled at his visitors.

"Wow!" Iolaus whispered, awe-struck at the vision of sensual delight before him. Something about Ares' very pregnant belly made the golden hunter harder that Roman marble.

"Iolaus!" Hercules chastised him, embarrassed that the sight of his unborn nephew or niece could turn his lover on like that. Then he looked at his sexually aroused lover, the wide eyes of deep ocean blue. And he wanted him, despite his better intentions he had to fuck Iolaus, and soon!

Ares, the happily pregnant God of War smiled, a little indulgently. He was gloriously happy, why shouldn't everyone else be happy too?

"Upstairs, there're clean sheets on your bed and lube on the night stand. See ya' later bro' ok?" Ares waved them away. As their rapid foot steps faded a blush flash heralded the arrival of another God.

"Hi Unk!" Strife's cheerful voice cried.

"How are you Ares?" Joxer's quiet voice expressed his very real hope that he found Ares well and happy.

"Hi yourself, and come, feel this!" Ares grasped the mortal's hand and touched it to his belly as the baby within moved. "Isn't that amazing?" Ares asked.

Despite himself Joxer was getting hard. There was just something about a pregnant belly that got mortal men hard so damn quick!

"Usual room?" Strife asked with such an evident glee.

"Hmm." Ares nodded, smiling benevolently at his lust struck nephew.

Strife lifted Joxer into his arms and ran indoors with his lover, laughing maniacally with anticipation, making Joxer squeal in delight.

"Hi honey, I'm home!" his own true love whispered in his ear. "Same room as always boys, go, have fun!" Ares, God of Love waved two Iphicles' indoors as he settled beside Ares and the bump.

The God of Love stroked Ares' distended belly. A look of wonder on his face, a look of 'all my own work' in his eyes. A look any mortal mother would recognise from the father of her children!

"When?" The Love God asked.

"Today, I think!" The war God replied.

"But the others..." his lover challenged.

"Are too busy fucking to interfere! Come on, take me to bed and give my mother a shout!" Ares held his hand out, knowing his love would lift him up.


A couple of hours later ...

"Okay, I'm listening! Just HOW did you have MY son and HIS daughter?" the Love God demanded of his brand new husband, father of twins as he nestled his babies close to him.

"Natural talent?" Ares suggested, knowing his babies would be loved by them as theirs, both of them. So long as HE didn't find out!

"So long as He doesn't find out, everything'll be fine." Ares kissed Ares. "Love you, you handsome brute!" The Love God smothered his husband in kisses, leting him surface to breath eventually.

"Love you too, you sexy fiend!" the War God growled.

Elsewhere in that great house so full of all fucked to a standstill couples.

"Did their daughter remind you of someone?" a querulous whisper asked.

 The End

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