"My flesh crawls as I listen to them pray.  The day of doom has waited long.
They call for it." -- Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers

Part 29 by Amoreena

Iphicles rose and walked toward the gods.  “I know what I have to do.  Ares you and Hades will have to help me.  Can you reach the rest of the Olympians or are your powers to weak?”

“Why, what is it that you think you’re going to do?”  Hades asked smugly.  “You think that by using that body you’ll be able to accomplish something that we’ve all be unable to do so far?”

“There are many things I’ll be able to do using this body, and yes, I *KNOW* I’ll be able to end this once and for all.”  Iphicles massaged his arm as he spoke.  “This body is in a weakened state and I will need assistance to make this work.  We are going to require the concerted effort of *ALL* the Olympians; to overpower and take control we must all work together.  Both of you will have to make the contact and harness the powers of all the others.”

Ares and Hades concentrated,  the energy they had to expend for the contact made them even weaker and just as they both were about to collapse from exhaustion they felt a new force enter and the contact became stronger.  The thoughts of one soon became the thoughts of all.   The twelve Olympians were finally one strong unit, with a twist, there was new blood in the mix.  It was an outsider, some recognized the new entity, most of them didn’t.  With the extra energy being provided by the newcomer, they would be able to do what Iphicles had planned.  As they all came together as a unit the force surrounding them began to glow.  It encompassed all ten of the Olympians still in Greece and the two in Rome.


This couldn’t be happening.  Mithra was siding with the Greeks, applying his powers, giving new found hope to a Pantheon that was about to be wiped from the face of the earth.  Through all their struggles, through all the centuries, Mithra had never once before dared to go so far as to side with the underlings, and that is exactly what these Greek godlings were, underlings who deserved no better fate than the mortal scourge that shared the earth with them now.  When he was finished destroying all the other Pantheons, he would be ready to replace them with his own.  He had begun to create a new race of gods, all bred from his loins and they were nearly ready to be unveiled.  Then Mithra had to ruin everything!  First he foiled Mihr’s plans and brought him down, then he overstepped his authority and started along a path that was surely to be his undoing.

Mithra was all goodness, God of Truth, and Lord of Heavenly Light to Ahriman’s darkness and pure evil.  The evil that had beguiled Mihr into taking the place of Mars, and attempting to infiltrate the Greek Pantheon and merge with Ares, thus giving Ahriman a clear path to destroy the Greek gods.  Then Mithra had taken it upon himself to ally himself with these Greek dogs.  Now, all his plans were about to be laid waste, all the planning, manipulating and maneuvering was all for naught.

Ahriman snorted his disgust as he felt the power of the Greeks surge once again.  He had to rethink his strategy, quickly before it was to late to accomplish his fete.  He would not fail.


Ares felt the energy surging through his body, rejuvenating him and restoring him to all his godly glory.  Able to free himself physically yet still keep the contact strong he moved away from Hades and embraced Iphicles in the body of Augustus.  “Two for the price of one.”  He moaned as he kissed the lips of his lover.  The sudden return of his power had brought with it an urgent need to possess Iphicles.

Ares ran his hands down the length of Iphicles/Augustus’ body.  Feeling fully regenerated he wasted no time with foreplay, he wanted to fuck and he wanted it now.

Sensing Ares’ near desperate need, Iphicles leaned into the god and palmed his cock through his pants. The pressure he applied took Ares by surprise and he forced the king to the floor and straddled him.  Leaning over, he took possession of the ripe lips beneath him and kissed them with rediscovered raw passion.  The rejuvenated god moaned as his passion overtook him and he moved so he could tear the kings clothes from his body.  Iphicles quickly positioned himself for Ares’ entry and was not disappointed.  Ares thrust his cock into the kings’ ass in one hard swift motion, pounding furiously, faster and faster, riding the waves of ecstasy that were pushing him to the limit.  The sound of flesh smacking against flesh echoed throughout the room and the two enjoying the act were oblivious to their surroundings.  Iphicles’ cock danced against his belly as Ares thrust in and out, faster and harder with each penetration.  He reached between their bodies and began to pump his own cock.  Slow long strokes giving way to short fast ones the closer  he got, keeping pace with Ares’ thrusts he soon lost all control, his seed showering them both as it streamed up hitting Ares’ belly and falling back in puddles on his own.

With one last savage thrust Ares came, the guttural groan that escaped from him was enough to be heard back in Greece.  The god once again took possession of Iphicles’ lips and he kissed his lover hard.  “I needed that!”  He said as he pulled away and sat up.  “I’m ready to kick ass now, and I’m taking NO PRISONERS!”

* * *
Part 30 by Kobra

Hades sighed. His nephew really wasn’t getting this. Ares heard the sigh and felt a whisper of the thought.

Iphicles, drawing on Hecate’s wisdom, spoke, as he affectionately  fastened and smoothed the war god’s clothing into place, “But not alone, love. You can’t not win this battle by yourself.”

Darkness slid into the room like a velvet carpet and flowed into Iphicles’ corpse.

“You think you can defeat me, Greek?” a voice of scales hissed from the broken throat, and the King of Corinth stood, head dangling at an impossible angle. The head was flicked violently back into place. Eyes of black fire glowered at Iphicles’ spirit. Iphicles reached and took hold of Ares’ hand.

“You should not have been able to do that, mortal.” The darkness flickered. A shadow of impenetrable blackness fell across the floor. “I know you’re helping them Mihr”. The last word spat out. “Come out and face me.”

“Whoever you are your fight is with me,” Ares snarled back. His rage and loss at Iphicles’ death were still raw. He hurt and he needed to hurt.

“NO!” Iphicles and Hades yelled. Iphicles held onto the war god with all his strength.

Iphicles seized Ares’ beard and dragged his face round to meet his own determined gaze. “Not alone. We need a third.”

“I am Ahriman,” the darkness said. “The end of all.”

Suddenly the door swung open and Livia stood framed in the doorway backed by a large, dark-haired, sullen man in a general’s uniform. His sword was drawn and two guards could be seen crumpled against the wall.

“Well that explains a lot,” she remarked, coolly. “Tiberius! Stay outside. Don’t let anyone else in. And don’t come in yourself. If no-one comes out seal the room. There’s a will naming you Augustus’ heir in my study. Philo knows where.”

The general looked for a moment as if he had questions, but he muttered an obedient “Yes mother” and left.

“And why is the lord of darkness interfering with the management of Rome?” Livia asked. “You really are a nuisance.” She looked critically at Augustus’ form holding Ares hand and nodded, “You’re not Augustus.”

Hades chuckled quietly, and a voice by Ares joined him.

“We heard Augustus banished you from Rome,” Ares began.

“And you were dreaming and you told me what to do.” Iphicles added.

Livia looked at them as if they were mad. “Augustus could never banish me. He’d never manage on his own.” she said simply. “I needed time to think, so I stayed in my rooms.”

She faced the darkness inhabiting the King of Corinth and said, “You should leave. You are not welcome in Rome.”

The body took a step towards her and looked slightly surprised when she didn ’t flinch. “ I am the terror in the night and I go where I will. I am the destroyer and I have come to end your gods. You will worship Me!”

The voice whispered like ice breaking and ended in the roar of a glacier moving over rock.

Ares started as if to charge but Iphicles held his hand firmly. “Not yet,” he murmured. “Not yet.”

Ares took a deep breath, and asked, “How can mortals worship a god they can’ t see? When I walk on a battlefield my warriors know me. But you skulk in corners, hide in borrowed bodies, because you’re too much of a coward to show yourself.”

“Does my use of your lover’s body distress you?” a purring torment. “ I wonder how your pain would feel if I took you in this form? Or would you enjoy being my slave if I kept this face? I think I will have you as my slave.”

Ares smiled, without the humour entering his eyes. “ Well you talk a good fight. When do we see some action?”

“Very well, Greek.” Iphicles’ mouth opened and the blackness swarmed out coalescing into a vaguely human shaped figure made of nothingness. This wasn ’t black but the total absence of light.

Hades caught Iphicles body as it fell and laid it gently on the ground. He was surprised to notice Ahriman had repaired it.

“At last!” Iphicles cried out. Augustus’ body crumpled and two streams of light – one dark silver and the other copper flew from it. The copper circled Iphicles’ corpse. Hades opened its mouth to let the light in. Ares moved to stand beside them, looking anxiously down. Augustus lay unconscious where he fell.

The dark silver became the old crone Hecate and she face the Darkness.

“At last our enemy stands before us.” she said eyes glittering.

Livia still stood bemused in the centre of the room. Hecate pushed her over to Hades.

“You can’t stand against me,” Ahriman snarled. “Dark cannot fight dark. You’ re as much a creature of night as I am.”

“Wrong!” Hecate answered, gleefully. “I am of the night yes. But my night has the light of the moon to give hope in the darkness. She is born, she ripens, she wastes, she dies and she is born again. That is the way of all things.  You are jealous so you annihilate what you cannot have. You wish to create but you are one...”

“And you need two to create life,” Iphicles continued, slightly dazed. “You need male and female together.”

Ares helped him to his feet and stroked the copper curls as he cradled the king’s head to his chest.

“That’s right!” Hades said. He took Livia by the hand and held out his free one to call his wife. Persephone appeared with the thought, smiling at her lord and crowned with spring flowers.

“We need Athena,” Iphicles explained to Ares.

“Athena! I can fight without...”

Iphicles placed a finger on the soft lips “She is your other self. That’s why you fight so much.”

He echoed Hades’ gesture and Athena appeared on his other flank in her full panoply of aegis and helmet.

Hecate now faced Ahriman backed by her two trinities.

Part 31 by Lorraine

Hecate stood center flanked by her trinities, until with a growl Ares charged the darkness that formed Ahriman.  Hades' quickly yelled, "Not that way!" was lost as Athena followed Ares into battle.  They flanked Ahriman's darkness striking with the speed and power only gods' possess.  Falling back briefly, Ahriman drew his sword, a thing dark beyond blackness and its blade pulled light from the room.  Ahriman parried Ares and Athena's blows meeting them.  His laughter echoed in the room when the two war gods staggered and fell back.  He moved forward taking the fight to them.  Dark mist rose filling the room and the ground beneath vanished while the battle waged

Cursing Hades released Livia's hand to grab Hecate's.  "The boy doesn't listen, he just doesn't listen."  Darkness grew around the battling trio forcing the others back from the encroaching power.  Backing away with the others Hades attempted to track the battle.  Finally, he relied on the bright cutting light of Ares and Athena's swords.  They slashed through the darkness as the three fought, but each with each exchange Ahriman gained ground and the darkness spread and the mist rose.  Muttering curses, Hades poured power to Hecate and Persephone helping them build a shield.  The shield complete, he called out, "Break off and retreat! We can't win by fighting him!"

Ares and Athena ignored him instead attempting to press forward.  A sudden blow broke through Athena's defense sending her flying against a wall.  The darkness followed exploding outward; Hecate collapsed falling to her knees. Hades pulled her up and dragged her as they fell back to the wall. Persephone maintained their shield as it flared, flickered and held ... barely.  Athena vanished into the dark mist.

Ares continued battling Ahriman staggering with weakness as the dark god drained him.  Finally, he heard Hades' frantic cry, "Ares stop fighting him!"  He fell back raising his sword in an instinctive parry as Ahriman struck for his head.  The dark blade struck his sword shattering it.  Metal shards flew through the room the fragments glowed brightly as the spun and twisted in the darkness.  Ares gasped his power fragmenting.  His mind tracked the fragments and Ahriman's next blow sunk deep into hip.  With a sudden howl of pain he fell to his knees his leg collapsing under him and he too disappeared into the mist.

Iphicles rushed forward flinging himself into Ahriman's darkness and breaking their shield.

The sword shards fell their light fading, dying completely as shard after sword fell into the mist.  Darkness grew, until only a single shard remained aloft slowly fading.

*Aphrodite, now would be a good time.*  Hades called his niece as the last shard of Ares' sword fell into the mist and darkness fell.


Aphrodite looked up at Hades' frantic call, pulling her breast from Hephaestus' mouth; she frowned, or was that Vulcan's mouth now.  Shrugging she stood and summoned clothes.

"Blue?"  She frowned at the blue silk camisole, shorts, and mesh robe.

Venus' thoughts echoed through their shared mind, "I like blue."

"Whatever, sweetie."

She looked around, the sexual mergers quickly had turned into a general orgy, and she shrugged, briefly considering that her and Venus' spell might have been slightly overpowered.  She briefly soothed Hephaestus, directing him towards Apollo and the Muses' intertwined bodies.  She skirted the Furies/Erynies, who as always stayed with each other, Artemis/Diana' face was buried in Hestia/Vesta's cunt, and a sudden moan kept her from tripping over the intertwined forms of the Poseidon/Neptune and Hermes/Mercury as the smaller god pounded into the Lord of the Seas.

At the far end of the room Minerva stood with Mars both young gods trying to ignore the ongoing orgy.  A few feet away Hera, Juno, and Jupiter stood in a small corner, clearly arguing.  Slowly making her way across the room she continued looking around the groups of moaning, writhing, fucking gods and goddesses.  Finally, she spied him.


Her son looked up his wings fluttering uncontrollably as Dionysus/Bacchus pounded into his ass and he thrust into his wife Psyche.  With a sudden groan the three came and collapsed together.

"Cupid!"  Aphrodite summoned her son.  She waited until he squirmed from between his wife and lover.  Standing, glowing with energy, and stretched his wings showing off their rejuvenated beauty and power.  "Deal with those three," she order, gesturing to Hera, Juno, and Jupiter, "and get them together somehow."


She interrupted his complaint.  "I'm getting those two to the battle."  She walked over to Minerva and Mars, knowing that Cupid would figure out some way to get three leaders together.

"Okay kids, time to go."  Aphrodite held out her hands.

Minerva looked hesitantly at her brother.

Slowly, Mars spoke, "Ahriman completely defeated me before.  He controlled me utterly.  I could do nothing to stop him.  I can't face him again."

"You have to."  Aphrodite looked at them sternly, then her eyes flashed and the younger Venus stood before them, "Brother, sister, we have no choice, we must fight Ahriman."  Venus reached out her hands and slowly the two gods grasped them.  Another flash and Aphrodite stood holding the younger gods' hands.  With a gentle squeeze of support she transported them to join Hades.


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